Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: April 19, 2010 in DC Comics, Marvel, Vertigo

Damn it all. Why do so many books have to come out this week? C2E2 almost broke me last weekend and now I have to deal with this!? Sigh…oh well, at least everyone of these books are top shelf in my opinion. Well, most of them are anyway. So, yatta yatta yatta here’s what I’m buying this week:

American Vampire #2
Avengers vs Atlas #4 (Jeff Parker)
Brave and the Bold #33
Doomwar #3 (Best Marvel book this year)
Green Lantern #53
Joe The Barbarian #4
Power Girl #11
X-Factor #204 (Peter David, this issue better kick ass because the last one sure didn’t)

Looking forward quite a bit to American Vampire and Doomwar. Hopefully the high level of quality will continue in those books.

What is everyone else getting this week?


  1. Chris says:

    Slow week – most weeks are fairly slow for me – Joe The Barbarian #4

  2. tomstewdevine says:

    Slow week, but most my weeks are very busy, so I guess I get to buy a trade as well.
    Rebels #15
    Brave and the Bold #33
    American Vampire #2
    Joe the Barbarian #4
    Doomwar #3

  3. Bobcat says:

    Hey Jose and CCW Nation fans what comicbook do you recommend that deals with dr. doom?? Like his origins and stuff but also the man behind the iron mask?? I plan on getting doomwar when it comes out in TPB. Just like the best Doom Story Ever Told. or Doom stories ever told. if that makes any sense

  4. littlekingryan* says:

    American Vampire #2
    Joe The Barbarian #4

    and maybe
    Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill #5

  5. TheMSpot says:

    Brave and the Bold #33
    Joe The Barbarian #4
    and maybe Captain America: Who Won’t Wield The Shield just for the creative team.

  6. Edward2962 says:

    Just because I’m curious,I have to ask…what is Marvel Her-oes?Is it anything like the Girl Comics thing they did?

    • tomstewdevine says:

      CBR had an article, It is basically like famous female characters put in the setting of a high school when they are all young. Sounds fucking stupid to me, but maybe not to that 14 year old female reader.


      • Edward2962 says:

        Having not read it yet I’m not sure if that’s something my niece would like or not,but gee…I’m disappointed.It’s like this,Red Sonja is fine for what it is,but if you put some clothes on her and gave her a day job at Wal-mart would it make her more “relatable” to females? It’s great that they want to expand the readership,but these days it seems like for marvel it’s either doing dumbed down kiddie versions of the same old characters or nc-17 versions of the same old characters. At least back in the day they’d take a chance on something like Star Comics or the Epic Line. I thought DC’s Minx Line was a good step,too bad it didn’t do better.

        • tomstewdevine says:

          Truer words have never been said, Although there are always exceptions to the rule, like Hickman on SHIELD and FF, he is taking very normal Marvel ideas and making them extraordinary.

      • Edward2962 says:

        I meant to say thanks for the link as well.

  7. megamanx4ever says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #628
    Green Lantern #53
    Ultimate Comics Avengers #6
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9

  8. Mike F says:

    Doomwar and Brave and the bold. I was wondering if I should buy all new bags this week. A lady told me today that after a few years comics need new bags for some reason. IDK if thats true but I’ve been buying USA comics for a few years now so I’m still not an expert on it all…

    • Ya, you don’t really need to change your bags that often. She is just trying to scam money off of you. I haven’t bagged my comics for over 10 years and they look perfectly fine.


      • Mike F says:

        Yeah there are a lot of shady people at my comic shop actually. I always have to check twice to make sure they are listing certain variants right.

        I assumed that i didn’t need to re-bag any of them but then again most of my life was just manga, USA comics have only been with me for about 2 years…

        • Mike F says:

          thanks for the reply by the way. now i’ll have enough to get that last volume of Pluto πŸ™‚

          • How is Pluto? I really want to check it out at some point.


            • Mike F says:

              It really is one of the best comics I’ve read in a long time. We all know Naoki Urasawa is a great writer, but this time he really proves himself so universal and so adapt to surroundings and emotional development. It really is up there with 20th Century Boys. Likable characters, clever dialogue, fine artwork. He has a good understanding of German culture I noticed as well.

              Its pretty sad that it ended at 8 volumes. I really feel like Naoki is one of the most solid writers in history. Pluto may be the work that puts his name in the history books.

              • tomstewdevine says:

                One of the many things I like about Urasawa is that his stories don’t go on for endless amounts of volumes, I feel like I can get the full story without having to buy 45 volumes of a book.

                • Mike F says:

                  True. 20th Century Boys is a bit longer, but it has a story to tell.

                  Pluto was short but oh so sweet. But I really feel bad knowing I won’t be able to mark on my calender when Pluto 9 is coming out 😦

        • Man, I have manga back from when Viz and Dark Horse used to release them in 32 page issues. Manga like, Gunsmith Cats, Silent Mobius, Ranma 1/2, Mermaid Forrest, Cannon God Exaxxion, Maison Ikkoku, Oh My Goddess and so on. Did you collect those manga back in the day?



          I’m playing through Heavy Rain right now. Still not very fay but I fucking love it.


          • Mike F says:

            I had Gunsmith Cats. Always fun. Even today I look back at it and enjoy it. Silent Mobius too. I only had a few but I loved them. Battle Angel took up a lot of my time back in the day tho. Oh My Goddess was good too but I never collected it. I had a smaller budget then :\ I still read it every chance I could.

            Good to hear your progressing Heavy Rain. The story puts anything Bendis writes to shame. Have you met Madison yet? I bet if Bendis wanted to write strong female characters he could learn a thing from her. I am so tempted to find Indigo Prophecy now. As Heavy Rain continues the story becomes to clever, and creative, I literally have to pause the game to think about what choice I’ll make.

            • Oh man, Battle Angel Alita. Fuck ya! I have a bunch of those too. I really miss those days…le sigh.

              Yes, I have gotten to the Madison parts of the game. Very, very interesting character so far. I have Indigo Prophecy. It is good but the ending kind of ruins the game. Still worth it if you can find it cheap though.


              • Mike F says:

                Yeah Heavy Rain will prove itself. I’m so certain that I’ll never sell this game. I just love it.

                Battle Angel is so epic. I’m kinda scared to think about James Cameron wanting to make a live action film of it. I feel like Cameron just wants to make movies all CGI cool-looking but doesn’t want the story to stand out. And that’s what I loved about Battle Angel, the story and the action together.

                (and the 2 anime specials were alright too)

                • Ya, I have the anime on VHS and love it. Wish they made more.

                  The thing that keeps holding me back on Heavy Rain is that is I don’t get a trophy for a chapter a have to keep replaying it till I get one. I’m weird that way.


                  • Mike F says:

                    It makes sense. I’m still sad I couldn’t transfer my Yakuza 3 trophies. Just be careful, because if you make any choice incorrectly, you can completely change your character’s timeline. Makes the game’s replayability 100%. I just love the crime writing.

                    I ALSO wish they made more anime episodes. They were great in my opinion. But, lacked some important moments…

          • littlekingryan* says:

            Okay, here’s a question for you Jose when you get a chance away from Heavy Rain….
            I’ve never been that much into manga. Well, really not at all. So what would you suggest for someone who is a manga virgin, so to speak? You know I’m big on art, so that’s a major selling point for me…but not the be-all and end-all. I’m looking for something with great story and great visuals.

            Anime is a slightly different story. I have Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Appleseed: Ex Machina in my DVD collection, and I’ve seen many more. Metropolis sticks out in my mind, and I’ve seen most of the films of Miyazaki. But I never really got into reading the comics….what do have for me suggestion-wise?

            • Well, I would recommend picking up the Akira manga if you haven’t. It’s a lot different than the movie and the art is still some of the best in comics period. If I had to choose one manga with cool art that I think you would like it would be Gantz (sounds like you’re into sci-fi judging by the anime you’ve watched). As for manga with a great story you can’t go wrong with 20th Century Boys or Monster.


              • littlekingryan* says:

                Thanks, Jose. I’m sure with your general taste level and knowledge of manga, these are all pretty stellar suggestions. I am into more than just sci-fi, though, so I would like to read some more personal, intimate, real-world type stories as well. I’ll google 20th Century Boys for more info.
                Thanks again. Butt kissing session is now complete.

  9. Dan Griffin says:

    American Vampire #2
    Joe the Barbarian 4 of 8
    Green Lantern #53

    Amazing Spider-Man #628 (Stern, Weeks)
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9 (Lafuente)

    Top Cow
    Magdalena #1

    Kato: Way of the Ninja #1

  10. heckimlistening says:

    Supergirl #52

    Read in store:
    Magdalena #1

  11. MicahSkin says:

    Gettin me some X-Factor after work BABY!

    However, I will say this. When Mordo died in Sorc. Supreme in the 90’s, the scenes dealing with his remorse and his death were some freakin awesomely written. Then ASM brought him back in 500 I believe for NO F***ING REASON! Just so Doc Strange could have someone mug him. It’s not like he has MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS of people who wanna off him! GWAAAAAA!

    I am not blaming Peter David for this, but he coulda chosen another baddy to do it. Haven’t seen Umar or Mordred lately, use them.

  12. littlekingryan* says:

    Is everyone asleep? Anyone?

  13. DidioForever says:

    Brave and the Bold #33
    Green Lantern #53
    Amazing Spider-Man #628

    Trade waiting on Joe The Barbarian is becoming quite painful. I might end up tracking down the back issues. It looks just amazing

    And if I had spare cash, I’d probably grab the Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol 5 TPB (Love late 70’s JLA) and Showcase Presents Dial H for Hero (never heard of it before JMS’ B&TB issue)

    • littlekingryan* says:

      Joe the Barbarian is amazing. I could never wait.

      • ...dj...sweet says:

        So little happened in the first issue that I had no problem putting it on the backburner. I was thinking about trade waiting Day Tripper , but that gives me such an interesting read every month.

  14. Morlock50 says:

    I haven’t been to my LCS this month (baby registry taking up my time) so I’ll get my books at the end of the month.

    Got a question though: Does DC do full comic books in digital format like Marvel? Anybody know?

    • DidioForever says:

      As far as I’m aware, no, but they’ve mentioned that it’s forthcoming.

      Their previews and #1 downloads (for Vertigo) are in PDF format at the moment

      I would love them to do what Marvel are doing; It’d be nice to be able to dip into some random oldies from time to time

      I don’t think it’s the future of comics though

  15. vegedge says:

    i thought I,Zombie #1 was this week…

    cant wait for some mike allred horror.

  16. Stamps says:

    I’m getting:

    Batman Streets of Gotham #11
    Green Lantern #53 (Brightest Day)
    Deadpool Merc With a Mouth #10
    Doomwar #3
    Ultimate Comics Avengers #6 (like a car wreck I just can’t stop watching)

    Spirit #1 (First Wave)

  17. generaldark says:

    Avengers vs Atlas #4 (Jeff Parker)
    Brave and the Bold #33
    Doomwar #3 (Best Marvel book this year)
    Green Lantern #53
    Joe The Barbarian #4
    REBELS #15

    Is anybody else tired of doughe manke on green lantern? He is a great artist dont get me wrong but its beginning to get painful looking at how he draws faces and his work somehow gives out this…i dont know…”stiff” look to me. im probally alone but this is my own thoughts. does anyone agree??

    • Stamps says:

      oh dude, the way he draws kyle Rayner’s face is appalling. I love the book but God he can’t draw a face to save his life. I’m right there with you. Rayner’s face looks swollen and bland like he’s recovering from surgery or some shit.

    • DidioForever says:

      I personally think he’s amazing as long as he isn’t inking his own art. When someone else inks him his stuff look so slick and polished, like Charles Burns drawing Superhero comics

      I know what you mean though, his figures do look a bit ‘stiff’ at times.

  18. Constantanius says:

    Green Lantern #53 (Brightest Day)
    Justice League of America #44
    Supergirl #52
    Superman Batman #71
    American Vampire #2
    Captain America Who Won’t Wield the Shield #1
    X-Factor #204
    X-Men Legacy #235

  19. Linwood E. Knight says:

    Personally, I don’t think Doomwar is the best Marvel book this year. That’s an understatement.

    It might be the best Superhero Book this year, (so far) period. Especially, when you take out stuff like R.E.B.E.L.S, Secret Six and S.H.I.E.L.D. The quality of writing and story may be beyond anything else we’re seeing right now outside of the Gray Area books (though some might say Doomwar falls into this gray area). Mayberry has really set a high standard for everyone else in the game.

    Should the quality stay at the same point throughout all 6 issues, then Doomwar better be up for its share of Awards in the 2010 – 2011 Awards Season.

  20. HallamG says:

    Hi Im new to ccw watched a lot of your back videos and think they’re great. I was wondering if you’ve ever shown the rest of the store in the video, just curious to see what its like. I live in the UK and dont think we will be getting new books here due to the ash cloud blocking flights.

    • No, we’ve never really shown the whole store. Maybe I’ll take some pictures and post them on the blog at some point.

      Thanks for watching and commenting.


    • vegedge says:

      i always wonder this too. all we see are those green lantern and flash back issues.

    • Stamps says:

      Man that sucks about books getting delayed by the ash. I didn’t even think about stuff like that when I was watching the news coverage. i know a couple of people i work with who are stuck in Copenhagen right now.

      Yeah, I’m curious to see what the store look like too.

  21. saar18 says:

    Brave and the bold #33
    Siege spiderman
    U comics spiderman #9

    GL #53
    X-men Legacy
    U comics Avengers #6
    Iron Manual Mrk 3 #1

  22. Variant Girl says:

    Hey guys, gals this is a small week for me.

    America Vampire #2
    The Tick New Series #3
    Power Girl


  23. Pobra says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #628
    Brave and the Bold #33
    Green Lantern #53
    REBELS #15

    Trade waiting Joe is becoming increasingly unbearable, but back issues are non-existent at my shop, so I’m committed. That is going to be one glorious hard cover though πŸ™‚

    • Ya, I saw this earlier. I was going to put a post about about it but I had to go to work. When I get home I’m going to post the trailer. Looks awesome.


      • Mike F says:

        Yeah we’ll definitely have to play it together sometime. If only more CCW citizens had PS3 instead of 360’s, we could organize a mini online tourney for fun πŸ™‚

        Also, was Juri in it? I thought I saw her in the trailer but I’m not certain. Strange since she’s still rather new.

  24. ullar says:

    Good sized week with some great books
    Batman Streets of Gotham #11-I really like Dini’s work and LOVE Andreyko. Seriously everyone reading this blog should have bought Manhunter.
    Brave and the Bold #33-JMS is amazing, simply put.
    Green Lantern #53 (Brightest Day)-I’m excited for some post BN stuff.
    Rebels #15-The best book that nobody is reading, you guys should READ THIS COMIC!!!!!
    Amazing Spider-Man #628-I’ve been really digging ASM for awhile now.
    Avengers Vs Atlas #4-Jeff Parker, ’nuff said
    Doomwar #3-Thanks to the CCW boys for recommending this, best Marvel event book in years.
    Firestar #1-I’ve been a McKeever fan since his first run at Marvel, didn’t care for his DC work and am psyched for Young Allies.
    Hercules Fall of an Avenger #2-Another quality low selling book.
    Siege Spider-Man #1-What can I say,I’m a corporate shill.

  25. AvS says:

    I think I’m getting:

    Brave and the Bold #33
    Green Lantern #53
    Power Girl #11
    Rebels #15
    Joe The Barbarian #4
    Doomwar #3
    Anchor #7
    Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #15
    J&S #136

  26. Ironmuskrat says:

    A little late to the party this week =)

    A big week for me, I might have to break my $20 rule this time around.

    REBELS #15 – I really enjoy this book and it was one that Jose recommended for me when I first started back into collecting comics. The year long Staro storyline was epic, even if the ending did not live up to everything that happened before it. I am very curious to see where the story goes from here. Oh, and now that Staro is defeated do they still call themselves R.E.B.E.L.S?

    Brave and the Bold #33 – No Saiz this week(he is only doing the cover), but as long as JMS is writing I will be buying this one.

    American Vampire #2 – I told myself, no more vampires.. but the first issue was very well done, and I like the period this book is set in(1880 – 1920’s), I think it is time in history this isn’t covered as much as it should be.

    Joe the Barbarian #4 – I was worried about this book by the end of issue #3, I liked the story and loved the art, but I thought the story was heading down a rather predictable road when the last page made me do a 180 in what I was expecting.

    Avengers vs. Atlas #4 – Last book of the mini and it has been an enjoyable story so far. Jeff Parker is a great writer who instead of ignoring the previous history of the Avengers, embraces it and is crafting a pretty enjoyably story out it.

    Doomwars #3 – I won’t lie, I picked up issue #2 without reading issue #1 and was more than a little confused as to what was going on. After getting a chance to read the first issue and getting filled in on the whole story I am looking forward to seeing what Doom is up to.


  27. mbell028 says:

    Hey What’s up guys?
    This week I’ll be getting:
    American Vampire 2
    Green Lantern 53
    Joe the Barbarian 4

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