Posted: April 21, 2010 in CCW TV, Image, video
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  1. IronMuskrat says:

    Great job on that segment! but I am afraid I must still resist my temptation to pick up Invincible Returns and stick to my plan of only reading the trades in order to maximize my enjoyment.

    Yeah, I’m weird like that =)


  2. This was a great issue.Great review.

  3. cballsack says:

    So I guess I should be reading this book.

  4. vegedge says:

    i read the first few online and stopped after the issue with fighting a alien with one eye on the moon. i have been meaning to buy a trade.

    i keep hearing invincible is amazing.

  5. littlekingryan* says:

    I bought this one. Gotta give my man Kirkman some love.

  6. Rob F says:

    I applaud you Jose for sticking to your guns and continuing to review this book over an over. I’m still opposed to Kirkman because of his Ultimate X-Men but every day I get a little bit closer to breaking down and buying Invincible.

  7. generaldark says:

    i read it and am glad i did, i missed the last issue and i was getting into the pattern of picking it up every time. this was great to get me back on track.

  8. TheMSpot says:

    I think the reason why this book doesn’t sell is because certain people see that it is a Image superhero and assume that it’s not good. If you look at Image United or at Haunt or at the rest of Image superhero roster they are not every impressive. People got burned by a lot of bad Image superhero comics in the 90’s, and don’t want that to happen again. It’s a shame that this comic doesn’t sell better because it works better on so many levels as compared to what the rest of the industry is putting out in regards to superheros. It was a buy for me even though it cost me 7.99 because it was a variant and that was the only copy the store had. It’s that important. Say no to lazy story telling.

  9. AvS says:

    Add me to the list of people who started reading Invincible thanks to Elliott and Jose’s recommendation. Also add me to the list of people who would prefer to not be on any lists in the future. I’m looking at you “” Haven’t read Returns yet… I’m a few months behind on the title on account of this with the other and the who nots and what’s thats and the flavin.

  10. tomstewdevine says:

    Great video, but I don’t read Invincible so I don’t have a lot to post about.

  11. phil says:

    Well I bought two out of three Inv. omnibuse…omnibi… umm big books. Book 1 and book 3 to be exact, and hope to pick omni2 late May/early June. After that the few comics that preceed and are subsequent to the Conquest storyline. When that comes to pass, I figure I will have had my appetite Invincibly quenched.
    Who knows what’s next? I hear he’s been writing stuff about dead people. Well….maybe, as long as it doesn’t conflict with my purchasing the OML trade. 🙂

  12. phil says:


    • Hey, you’re back. Did you figure out what was wrong?


      • phil says:

        not really. I retyped te info back in those boxes and then posted and I was on.
        I then went to a different area and those boxes were also blank, so I retyped
        After that, everything was good to go
        by the time youu see this, you’ll probably will have already gotten my 3rd personal mesaage, that goes into a bit more detail

  13. Morlock50 says:

    Alright, I paid a visit to my LCS, got Superman: Secret Origins, and I had some extra cash. With Jose and Elliott’s voices ringing in my skull, I plunked down the cash for Invincible Returns. My immediate reactions upon reading:
    * I notice that there are hardly any ads in this book, and there’s a letter column to boot. Impressive.
    *This was not a quick 3-5 minute read. Took me a good twenty minutes. Also impressive.
    *Not a bad jumping on point. I kinda know who the major players are, as well as the storyline for the upcoming war. This might turn into a War of the Superman type story; except it might be ….good.

    Okay, I’m sold. Add Invincible to my pull list.

  14. Dre says:

    Are you guys only uploading one segment per week now?

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