Super Street Fighter IV: Japanese All Stars Trailer

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Geek Culture, Trailer, Video Games
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So, is anyone picking this up next week for the PS3? I never bought the first one and I believe this one will sell for only $40. I’m on the fence fight now but since I just finished Heavy Rain I may be in the market for a new game.


  1. kurumais says:

    why does dan cry?

  2. Mike F says:

    Did the twist in Heavy Rain make you go insane like me? πŸ™‚

    • I liked it. It didn’t really cheat and it made sense. After thinking about things through there were some plot holes and a bunch of red herrings. I did enjoy the game though. There were some really intense scenes that made me quite emotional. I’ve been going through the chapters separately now trying to get the trophies I missed. and seeing how things play out if I chose differently.


      • Mike F says:

        (SPOILERS!) Did you in anyway suspect who the killer was? Cause when I found out who it REALLY was I was so shocked but then it all made sense. Why he’d go around getting evidence, he was just trying to get it all together so he could burn it! I was like damnnnn Scott!! I liked him too, but Geez, what a twist. I knew it couldn’t be Ethan. They made it seem to much like it was suppose to be him BUT SCOTT????? Of all people???? I couldn’t believe it.

        Yeah the plot holes come because like the scene when you see Manfred, your actually in the room before you check up on him. When in fact your the guy who killed Manfred. But they do it to make it more convincing at the end which I still respect cause there was reason to believe Scott was the killer. We just don’t really suspect him.

        I just love the gritty crime of it all. The fact that your the one choosing it all as well. I love the creepy realistic elements of the criminals/suspects/victims and people you meet. Even the nudity was tasteful. Like Sleeper by Brubaker.

        I think its not just a game, its important. Its gonna have its place in history in due time and people will look back at that as a landmark in storytelling.

        • (SPOILERS): I knew it was Scott during the scene in the night club when Jayden gets attacked. The jacket and Fedora the killer was wearing kind of gave it away. I was a little creeped out by how attractive I thought Madison was though. I was a bit relived when I watched the extras and saw that she was based on the real life voice actress who played her. They look exactly alike. To think that that’s how far along video games have come is sorta amazing.

          I hope the game gets recognition down the road. I would rather play that type of game than fucking Halo of Gears any day of the week.


          • Mike F says:

            (SPOILERS!) My fight scene with Norman and Scott was different :\ (another beautiful aspect of HR, its different for everyone) for me it was really hard to tell who I was fighting actually…

            and yes, Madison stole my heart as well. It felt good to beat the shit out of that pimp at the club with the lamp. But to the full effect of the game. You gotta let her strip but I actually restarted the scene cause I didn’t want that asshole pimp seeing her naked lol. I just loved her genuine view in the game. She’s aware of how scummy men are around her. She wants to help Ethan. She’s sexy but she’s more than just a body, she clearly has a brain and knows how to put it to use (bendis take notes please, this is how a REAL female hero acts!)

            I liked Norman. I felt he was the core of morality in the game and I tried to make him as decent and polite as possible but I ACCIDENTALLY made him kill that guy with the crosses in his apartment. I was nervous and hit the R1 button too soon 😦 Its interesting tho, Ethan and Scott have similar qualities to their job (as Norman repeatedly said) “has a lot of free time” “is organized” etc

            • Mike F says:

              and Yes, that game has more originality in its opening scenes than any of the halo trilogy.

              • Did you complete all the trails?


                • Mike F says:

                  Not yet. The ending I got was “best possible Outcome” lol even tho Lauren died.

                  I am working on the one where she lives. Its supposedly VERY different than what most would expect. It makes me intrigued.

                  • I actually got all the way through with no one dying. The only trial I messed up was the one where you were supposed to kill someone. I let him live.

                    Ya, there was some interesting things that happen when Lauren lives. Kinda depressing though too.


                    • Mike F says:

                      (Spoilers) Yeah!!! I let that drug dealer live too! I felt so bad that he had a family and I hit pause and sat on there and thought for like 3 minutes just pacing “what should I do?” I mean Ethan’s son could of died if I didn’t kill that Drug dealer. It was scenes like this that made the game so intense! I literally thought, would anyone kill someone to save someone they love?

                      Man… I’d already made him cut his finger off lol. Drive thru the traffic, I knew something bad was coming… I actually dreaded doing that last one.

  3. Mike F says:

    I am definitely Buying this. My birthday is next Thursday and I plan on buying it with whatever extra cash I get.

    Its a great deal. 40 dollars for all characters unlocked with new settings and all that. Plus its fucking street figther. One of the best fighter games in History! πŸ™‚

    Should you get it Jose, tell me, we’ll do battle. Just a heads up – I’m usually Vega, and I’m rarely unprepared πŸ˜‰

    (lol but I haven’t played SF4 in a while so I may need some training first..)

    • Well, now that you are getting it I probably will too. I’ll let you know next week when I pick it up. I’m now thinking if I should buy Marvel vs Capcom 2 on PSN. One of our commenters has it already. I myself have it for Dreamcast but I don’t have that hooked up to my the at the moment. Plus after seeing that M vs C 3 trailer I’m pumped for it.


      • Mike F says:

        Yeah I need SUPER SF4. I love the franchise so much. Its gonna be fun and plus for $40 that’s a gift. I haven’t seen a new PS3 game for $40 in just about… well I’ve never seen one! lol

        And since M vs C 3 isn’t coming till 2011, (which I’m very pumped for as well) I am need something to keep me training in the meantime! πŸ™‚

        CCW Street Fighter Tourney anyone??

  4. Joseph says:

    Hey, I’m a bit late. but are you planning to buy this? if so, we should have a match online. I’m also getting tekken 6. i think it’s long overdue.

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