CCW 3.40: LAST RANTS! Buffy, Sex and The Eisner Awards

Posted: April 26, 2010 in CCW TV, Dark Horse, video
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  1. TheMSpot says:

    Kirkman is nominated for Walking Dead

  2. AvS says:

    The entire issue? I mean, maybe a few panels or even a full page (on a good night). But the entire issue? Come on now. Another example of comic books making the mortal man look like a schlub.

  3. James Robinson’s current work is trash. Utter trash. I think he was replaced by an imposter. ‘Starman James Robinson’ was great.

    Why is Detective Comics not nominated over Old Man Logan? Rucka and Williams gave us a badass book there and deserve props.

    As for a Marvel book? JMS’s Thor arc should have garnered a nomination over Millar’s fanboy-writing.

    • TheGateJester says:

      What about Power Girl that series has been phenomenal. Scalped is good too. I totally agree with you on Thor. It was probably the best thing JMS wrote for Marvel.

  4. Venom829 says:

    Wow! There FINALLY is an new CCW episode! 🙂 Love the Eisner rants guys.

  5. generaldark says:

    i saw that buffy issue and was thinking about getting it but i realized id only be getting it for the porn lol.

  6. I don’t mean to thread jack or anything but it looks like Elliott had a pleasant time at C2E2.


  7. Mike F says:

    Great video guys! 🙂

  8. Mike F says:

    I don’t hate Old Man Logan. Actually I’d rather it win than Blackest Nite. At least O.M.L. had balls at moments. But that’s my opinion. I’m not a fan of Millar clearly, but yeah I really don’t care for any award show. Its just a way for celebs to get wet over other celebs. I don’t need an award to tell me whats good and what’s shit. Old Man Logan isn’t good but I’d rather it win than B.N.

    • Deemar says:


      what are you doing?!

      OML must never be uttered

      Run MIKE! run

      • phil says:

        What are you doing, Deemar?
        Let Mike have his say, and while Mike has not fully embraced the glory of OML let me just say as I believe The wwe’S Miz would put it…..

        OML was AAWWWWWWWSSSOMMMMMMMMEE!!!!!!!!!(minus the last issue, of course):-)

        • Deemar says:

          Shh…I enjoy OML also, must not let Jose know or he’ll…..

          kill me

          • Mike F says:

            Haha, Yea in the long run OLD MAN LOGAN was a HUGE step up from Wanted, Kick-ass, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Civil War, Nemesis. Seriously, I think OML was the only title from millar with a decent story.

            I understand others thing “Oh its cheap, what if villains story” but I found a lot of it very disturbing. Which is why i like it. I like different stories. Wolverine going so long, and finally just kicking ass. But yeah that’s me.

          • Venom829 says:

            I enjoyed PARTS of it 😦

  9. Deemar says:

    The Golden Loeb could the industries Razzies, just sayin

  10. SMARTASS8 says:

    Here’s hoping Brevoort gets an Eisner nod next year…

    …whatever he’s getting paid at Marvel, it’s too much.

  11. tomstewdevine says:

    So it’s after c2e2 what’s E’s big announcement?

  12. TheMSpot says:

    Farting butterflies need I say more

  13. I really liked Old Man Logan.It was a fun story with great characters and I hope it gets a sequel.

  14. vegedge says:

    post the picture of your eisner award here. i dont have a facebook and refuse to get sucked in. tron style

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