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Posted: April 28, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

    • Venom829 says:

      Hey J., how was your day?!

      • Pretty long and quite tiring.


        • Venom829 says:

          Alot of Marvel books to put on the shelves hey?

          • Too many. There was like 30 Marvel variants alone.


            • Venom829 says:

              Oh yeah, how about Invincible Iron man #25, and Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1, I think both books have a combined amount of TEN COVERS FOR TWO BOOKS! WTF? STUPID HIGHWAY ROBBING MARVEL!!!!

            • SMARTASS8 says:

              Jose, do you really think Marvel is in any danger of being #2? You mentioned that in another thread a few days ago and I was wondering, since you’re in the industry, if you’re hearing a lot of customers upset with Marvel’s current practices or if you were just playing devil’s advocate?

              • There are quite a few customers who I know that are upset with Marvel. They complain about too many shitty books and the overpricing of them. I believe that by the end of the year people will be completely fed up with them.


                • Venom829 says:

                  A possible light at the end of the tunnel, it sounds like?

                • tomstewdevine says:

                  I hope your right. But I don’t think it is going to happen. When shitty books sell more than others it’s impossible for Marvel to pull those books, and when people pay 3.99 with no problem, it’s once again impossible for Marvel to change those books. But god damn I hope your right, I am not picking up Ironman this week, it is not worth my 3.99, I hope I make a difference but who knows. I’m still getting 3 marvel books.

                  • DidioForever says:

                    I WISH people would just fuck Marvel off completely and force then to reassess their manifesto and conentrate of the kind of quality and variety they used to put out when Quesada first took over. But I’m worried fans are just congratulating them for this shit by lapping it all up.

                    And as a reader of ASM I’M the guiltiest culprit for this…I love ASM but I hate the overload of spin off titles they’re putting out right now. They’re finding all kinds of shit to throw into the main book (which comes out at an average of at least 4 times a month now if you count one shots and annuals) so they can charge $3.99.

                    I really wouldn’t mind if it was like with the Bat family books where you can basically pick one or two from a wide selection of characters, styles and tones…But with ASM it’s ALL the same shit. ASM Presents American Son, ASM presents Black Cat (A Grim Hunt Tie in!) Web of Spiderman, Peter Parker…It’s all the same shit with a slightly different logo.

                    I’m just waiting for Joey Q to point to these sales to argue that fans clearly don’t mind forking out $3.99 for a bunch of needless shit.

                    ASM has become like a really high maintenance, needy girlfriend. I’m ending my run with OMIT, then it’s bye bye Marvel althogether.

            • Edward2962 says:

              30 variants,reallY?Wow..Didn’t they learn their lesson in the 90’s?

    • SMARTASS8 says:

      Jose, how does Shaolin Soccer compare with Kung Fu Hustle? I loved Hustle but after all the trailers that played for Soccer, the fucking movie never played anywhere near me(or maybe it didn’t play anywhere in Illinois for all I know). I need to track down the DVD but I always forget.

      • If you liked Kung Fu Hustle you will like Shaolin Soccer. I myself love both of them.


        • SMARTASS8 says:

          I was excited for Green Hornet when I heard Chow was going to be Kato but from what I understand, his leaving was the least of that movie’s problems.

          • He was supposed to play Kato and direct the movie. Then he was just going to play Kato. Then he left it entirely. Does not look good for that movie. And now they are making it 3D. I have no interest in seeing it anymore.


            • SMARTASS8 says:

              The 6 Green Hornet related comics from Dynamite are going to have me sick of the character before the movie even comes out. I also can’t buy Seth Rogan as a leading man unless the movie is a comedy.

  1. Mike F says:




    *Brought to you by Capcom*

  2. SMARTASS8 says:

    I thought last year sucked in terms of good movies, but when I look at this year’s releases(either those released so far and upcoming movies that have trailers), I’m starting to think it’s just me. Although, I did see Shutter Island tonight and thought that was great. That’s now 3 for 3 when it comes to good movies based on Dennis Lehane novels.

  3. SMARTASS8 says:

    I just saw a trailer for Iron Man 2. I have 2 questions.

    1) Is the reason Black Widow has no accent a creative choice by Jon Favreau or is it because Scarlett Johansson can’t maintain a convincing one(ala David Boreanaz as Angel)?

    2) Is Whiplash basically just Crimson Dynamo without the metal armor(I know nothing about Iron Man villains)?

  4. Venom829 says:

    Triumph just makes me LMFAO

  5. Deemar says:


    and Pat Morita just in case

  6. SMARTASS8 says:

    When I was a teenager, I thought this was one of the funniest things I’d ever heard.

  7. AvS says:

    Forget the Stones, as far as I’m concerned Devo did it right:

    Who do you think actually gets more no satisfaction now?

  8. Deemar says:

    The Boards

  9. Deemar says:

    Boxy Brown don’t play

  10. Jack says:

    Have you guys seen the Jonah Hex poster? Why they are obscuring his face, I have no clue.

    • littlekingryan* says:

      Oh man, that poster looks like everything I didn’t want that movie to be. And is that Toe Thumbs?

      • Deemar says:


        call back

      • tomstewdevine says:

        I get hiding the face on the poster, so it is a suprise in the movie. But this looks like a poster in the same vein as the Ghost Rider movie. I’m very disapointed in the approach.

        • littlekingryan* says:

          Yeah, I don’t see why this can’t be sold as a more serious Western (with fantastic elements) in the vein of Unforgiven. Instead, we get Wild Wild West. If this is any indication of the actual movie, I think I’ll wait for DVD. Or cable.

          • tomstewdevine says:

            Ya ten years down the road TBS and TNT will have Jonah Hex playing 4 times, I will just ketch it then.:)

    • SMARTASS8 says:

      I LOVE Jonah Hex! If this movie had writers who could actually write above an amature porn level, a director who was actually familiar with something other than animated movies, and any female actress other than Toe Thumbs, I would be extremely excited for it. The way it stands now, I’m about as excited for this as I am Pirates Of the Caribbean 4(or whatever the fuck it’s going to be called).

  11. Venom829 says:

    Hey J., could you do a rant review of Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1 please on the blog or in the vids? Thankxz! 🙂

    • Pobra says:

      Holy shit, I flipped through that sucker at the shop today. The whole issue was just the Punisher offing random goons! Has Millar given up on writing dialog?? The fucking guy isn’t even trying anymore. What some people will pay $4 for…

    • assfax says:

      “I’ve been working my way through their family-chain like the Ebola virus”

      Now I’m drunk and that shit sounded dumb when I read it.

      Also, the art was pretty sketchy. I was under the assumption Lenil Yu was a hotshot, but this just looked sketchy. Those street scenes were weak. The one with all the cabs and the expository shot of a building. A lesser dude would’ve traced some cars or something but this was just lazy. I’m nowhere near the art snob I was as a child. Thinking McFarlane was god and all that other stupid kid stuff. But this was another comic where I objectively view the art as weak. I love that Vertigo style sketchy realism, like Sandman Mystery Theater or Scalped. That shit is like Sienkiewicz plus Ditko. I would dare to call it the Vertigo house style but that would be selling the imprint shore.

      I’m a guy who really appreciates not just technique, but creativity. That’s why I was so blown away by Zenk’s art in Kraven’s Last Hunt as an adult. That shit dropped 4 years before I was reading comics but when I finally got ahold of that I wondered why anyone thought McFarlane was hot shit. Zenk had that great Otomo style draftsmanship with great iconic characterization that actually holds up anatomically. Zenk is so consistent with his form he just knocks anybody else’s dick in th’ dirt.

      Where the hell was I? Man, beer.

      Oh yeah, Ultimate Avengers 2. (which I did not buy) SCHADENFREUDE

      Ultimate Punisher is terrible already and reminds me of my old stereotypical view of the Ultimate Universe*. I was wholeheartedly enjoying Ulimate Spidey and X-Men yet still thought there was a definite formula for “ULTIMATE” versions of characters.

      Punisher as a black ops Captain America is just a weak appropriation of the awesome Winter Soldier Bucky revelations that Brubaker ruled the universe with years ago.

      *It’s like what you already know except shitty and possibly race/gender swapped.

    • aidan mc irish says:

      yeah hear i’ll tell you the first five or six pages are just punisher shooting people in the face

  12. Smallmaniac says:

    So, did Invincible Iron Man #25 have padding or was it worth the money in new content?

    • generaldark says:

      no its was all legit. well worth it. nothing real exciting happens tho IMO but still pretty good.

    • Pobra says:

      I thought it was a very solid issue. There were two or three pages supplemental stuff at the end, but over all it was a pretty meaty book. Totally worth the extra buck. I really enjoyed it.

    • SMARTASS8 says:

      Now that Iron Man and Hank Pym’s actions during Civil War have supposedly been explained away, who’s going to fix Spidey, Mr. Fantastic, and whatever other characters who had their characterizations massacred during that mini?

      • Locusmortis says:

        Hickmans doing well on FF, Spidey is a lost cause till Quesada fucks off imo.

        • littlekingryan* says:

          Apparently, Quesada himself thinks he’s the one to explain what happened with the reveal in Civil War. Just read something in the last ASM letter column about One Moment in Time or something like that. Those who haven’t forgiven the EIC for One More Day will find plenty to love there as well. Personally, I have a hard time really caring too much. The next arc (a Lizard story) with Wells and Bachalo looks like it might be fun, though. I’ve found that Chris Bachalo he can be polarizing (to say nothing of Wells), but I still love that dude’s art.

          • Edward2962 says:

            I dig Bachalo.He kinda reminds me of underground comics artists of the 70-80’s.He started out more representational on Death and Shade(?) for Vertigo,but steadily got more funky.

            • littlekingryan* says:

              Yep, he got more assured, then funkier and funkier. Then he got more manga (look at his X stuff in the late nineties), but thankfully reigned that in and just got more Bachaloier after that. Now that he colors and everything, the guy has the full package. His prologue to the Lizard story looked great, and I thought his Dark Avengers annual (The one about Noh-Varr) was pretty good, too.

              • Edward2962 says:

                Dude!I almost bought that annual,but when I went back to the store the following week,the retailer had 2 copies left and was selling ’em for almost $10!! I said screw it.The next summer event comes they’ll drop it back to cover price.

    • assfax says:

      I also wholeheartedly recommend the new Iron Man. Sure you’re going to have to deal with some “movie coming out” static but this was a solid and large comic book that sets up at least twelve issues of conflict. Ye get another great Reed Richards Neo style “whoa”. Depending on how hot you were on the Extremis modifications you might get a half a squee. New completely independent antagonists introduced.

      It’s got to be 35 pages.

      I’m thinking the new Tony Stark look in this issue is kind of a European David Duchovny look.

      This is also a great jump on point for folks who only really give a shit when the movie is about to come out. I phrased that kind of disparagingly, but there is kind of a mindset when the commercials are running on TV all the time. It’s not even a bad thing. If just one kid gets way into the Marvel Universe or comics in general from getting hyped about the new movie it’s a win.

      No matter how bad circulation numbers for incredible comics are I’m always assured by the fact that good comics endure. Sure it doesn’t help books that get axed before their time but USUALLY the cream floats.

      Woo, another loquacious drunkpost.

  13. generaldark says:

    read iron man 25 today. i liked it. i felt like i missed a few things because i didnt bother with dissasembled. still that heroic age banner looks HORRIBLE!!!! god im going to hate seeing it after seige. also fuck you marvel editorial for starting your heroic age before seige ends and all ready showing people rebuild asgard WTF????

    • Pobra says:

      Yeah, marvel’s editorial (or lack there of) really fucked the pooch on that one (yet again). It’s fucking embarrassing how uncoordinated and disorganized they are. There needs to be a serious changing of the guard at marvel editorial and soon.

      • SMARTASS8 says:

        The sad thing is it was not too long ago that Marvel was doing a much better job at coordinating events than DC(Countdown anyone?). Now with Captain America Reborn and Siege, Brevoort looks like an even bigger fucking idiot than usual by saying Siege would finish before the last issues of Flash Rebirth and Blackest Night ever saw the light of day. It’s a good thing Marvel held him responsible for the mistakes he made at his job. A promotion should teach him to do a better job next time.

        • Edward2962 says:

          They’re following the big banks model..”You screwed everything up!Please don’t do it again,ok?Good,now here’s your bonus.Have fun!”

  14. comicbookdude says:

    Hey anyone availible to chat tonight around 9?

  15. Deemar says:

    Not tonight

  16. Smallmaniac says:

    Does anyone know if Doctor Who is shortened for BBC America?

    • littlekingryan* says:

      No, it just ended that way. I think I know why you’re asking.

      • Smallmaniac says:

        Cool, could you tell me why I’m asking, cause I don’t even really know? I just read somewhere on the internet that the episode seemed shortened to them. I’m just curious, but it didn’t phase me.

        • littlekingryan* says:

          Well, I was probably wrong. The last episode I saw (ripped straight from BBC) ended with a very abrupt action by the Doctor and had no “to be continued” to let you know it was a two-parter. That’s why I thought you might have thought it was shortened. Confused yet? But after seeing Jose’s post, I realized you probably thought it was shortened in parts because it was edited for American television, and the pacing was probably slightly off in some places. Which I cannot speak to, because I don’t watch those versions. Sound about right?

          • BBC America is two episodes behind Ry. They won;t get that episode till next week.


            • littlekingryan* says:

              See, there ya go. You can really tell I know what I’m talking about, can’t you? Man, BBC America is sounding worse and worse. Do they even show Confidential on there? I love the making-ofs.

              • Smallmaniac says:

                No, but they have these little “Inside Look” segments during commercial breaks, which I think may be the same thing. I think I’m going to have to get the whole series if they butchered episodes.

    • Sometimes it is Smallmaniac. That’s why I can’t stand watching it on there.


      • SMARTASS8 says:

        Is that true? Motherfucker! I just finished the first 2 episodes last weekend and now I’m going to have to track them down again just to get the full episode. I hope the companion is nude in the full episode. A little scrawny but she’s adorable otherwise.

        • Smallmaniac says:

          whaaaat are you talking about SMARTASS8? It’s supposed to be a more “darker” Doctor Who, not a more “revealing” Doctor Who.

  17. littlekingryan* says:

    SPOILERS! Jose, I think you’re the one who totally called it on the death of Nightcrawler. Or were you just reading solicitations? At any rate, I’m sure they’ll bring him back in a year or so (or less). Oh, comic books. Your deaths have so little meaning.

    • SMARTASS8 says:

      I don’t read X-Men but Nightcrawler has alwyas been one of my favorites. They should have killed off Scott or Emma instead.

    • Edward2962 says:

      I liked Kurt,but I’m not too surprised.He had no guns or needless pouches.I’m agnostic but I like the fact that he was devout AND a nice guy.He wasn’t haunted or tortured unlike some other “realistic” vigilantes.He was compassionate. I guess Marvel thought they couldn’t sell that to todays fans.

      • littlekingryan* says:

        It may be more that those things would give his death a greater “impact.” Like his favorite Savior, though, I’m sure he’ll rise from the dead after a couple of days.

    • No, I thought it would be Nightcrawler. They didn’t give away the info in the solicits. He’s too clean and nice of a character to have around in the current Marvel U. This is what happens to characters at Marvel when they don’t kill, have a sinister side or feel the need to rape something. Fuck Marvel.


      • Mike F says:

        You should kick their asses like you did to me in Super SF 4. hah, I didn’t realize how rusty I was. Haven’t played 4 in so long… This weekend tho, several rematches 🙂

      • littlekingryan* says:

        Good call, then. It was actually kind of a silly death. I snickered a little bit at his last words. And it didn’t help that he had an arm growing out of his stomach. I am one cynical Marvel-reading bastard.

      • SMARTASS8 says:

        I like how, after killing Prometheus, Green Arrow is the odd man out in the DCU, a place where killing is frowned upon and is rarely used(and only as a last resort). In the current Marvel Universe, Green Arrow would be considered a pussy since all he did was shoot a villain with one arrow. He needed to cut his face off or behead him to be a “real hero”.

        • Good point!

          I’m sick of Wolverine and his killing sprees. Still, Green Arrow should never had killed because ‘Cry For Justice’ should never have been written.

          • SMARTASS8 says:

            I can handle it if killing was reserved for only some of the characters(Wolverine, Cable, Punisher), but when they start turning heroes like Hawkeye, someone who was adamantly against killing, into Snake-Eyes, I have a problem. I do think Cry For Justice was shit and the Green Arrow reboot is unnecessary(as much as I love the character, if his book doesn’t, cancel it. Don’t kill off a member of his family & break up his marriage just in time for a relaunch of his book). Although, as much as it pains me to say, I didn’t hate Arsenal #2 that came out today.

            • SMARTASS8 says:

              “if his book doesn’t SELL, cancel it”

            • tomstewdevine says:

              Even thought the situation is shit, it will make for some good comics. Arsenal 1 and 2 have been interesting. I will admit, I like when things go to shit for the Green Arrow, his character becomes more dense. So I will continue to read these story lines until it becomes TORTURE.

              Not all torture is bad such as this:

  18. assfax says:

    Well that was definitely the weakest issue of Fantastic Four in this whole Hickman run thus far. Disjointed and soggy around th’ edges. I’m sure if I was caught up on my galactic MU stuff I might’ve given a little more of a shit.

    But I’ve also been burning through DC’s 52. Sure it’s old, but I wasn’t reading it then. I can’t believe I’m interested in what Black Adam is doin’. Maybe all that Captain Marvel shit ain’t as musty as I thought.

    Also finally (finally) read the rest of Exiles (the first one). It never got too formulaic but once they could go to any universe willy-nilly they never really used that to their advantage enough. Towards the end though I was really ready for it to be done. Still the best thing involving the 2099 universe I ever read.

    • I liked 52 quite a bit. Doesn’t matter if it’s old. Good is good and god knows that most comics now a days are shit. I really liked Jeff Parker’s short lived newer Exiles series. I guess Marvel doesn’t know a good thing when they see it. Much like Captain Britain & MI 13 and S.W.O.R.D.


      • SMARTASS8 says:

        Since you liked Captain Britain, are you excited for Cornell’s Supermanless Action Comics? I read the first few issues of MI 13 and really liked it, but I was buying so much at the time(and purging myself of Marvel books)that I never got the rest of the series. I’m interested to see how Cornell does in the DCU but I hope the rumor that JMS is stopping anyone else from writing Superman is just BS. JMS is a good writer, but not so good he should be able to give demands. Babylon 5 wasn’t exactly Star Wars or Star Trek popular.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      I liked this issue of FF, we got the forth city, you had Johnny acting like Johnny, You have the Valeria doing her best to be little Reed Richards. As it being disjointed, I can see that, but I feel like that is part of Hickman’s writing style. As for the art, great as always.

  19. So, Harry Knowles spooges all over another Marvel comic movie while everyone else is so fucking meh about it. Sounds like that piece of shit Kick Ass, doesn’t it? I am no longer excited about this flick and truth be told I am kinda glad about it. I am at the point where I just really want to fucking hate Marvel and everything it does. I should probably write about it sometime, huh? Man, I hope for his sake Roger Ebert doesn’t dis Iron Man 2. God only knows the Knowles will probably lead the army of fucking Marvel Zombie losers to his a review online and bash Ebert some more.


    • SMARTASS8 says:

      He may be disturbing to look at, but I never hated Harry the Hutt the way others do. While I sometimes questioned his integrity(his giving the shitty Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake a good review might have had something to do with his “cameo” in it), he often seemed sincere in his love or hatred of movies. I now call bullshit on him after his publically pointing his chubby little finger at Ebert just because Roger had the audacity to disagree with him. While I don’t always agree with Ebert(although I agree with him more than any other film critic) and often find errors in his reviews when he cites character names or plot points, I feel all that he’s done for his field and the hell his life has become in recent years, he doesn’t deserve some fanboy slob making a mockery of his opinion. Whether one agrees with it or not, opinions can’t be wrong. Except for those people who find Bendis to be a good writer. Those people are just fucking idiots.

      • Ah, Smartass…you are indeed the CCW blog voice of reason. 🙂


      • IronMuskrat says:

        Harry Knowles trying to call out Ebert on his Kick-Ass review was one of the silliest things I have seen in some time. It was just the latest attempt by Knowles to stay relevant and useful to his Hollywood buddies. I liked AiCN back in the day when it really was a movie/comic geeky fan site, but now it seems they have just become part of the hype machine machine for certain films and film creators.

        I suppose I wouldn’t have had such a problem with Harry’s views on Ebert’s Kick-Ass review if it wasn’t so completely obvious the AiCN was shilling hard for Kick-Ass, multiple positive reviews, interviews with people involved with he movie. I guess in the end, it’s Harry’s site and he can do whatever he wants with it in terms of hyping whatever movies he wants. But don’t question Ebert’s objectivity in reviewing Kick-Ass when you’ve been gently cradling Mark Millar’s balls in your mouth for months leading up tot the movies release.

        I really don’t have anything against Harry personally, he managed to pull off every fanboy geek’s dream, he was a movie fan who managed to become part of the industry by simply created a fan based website that got the notice of the very people who’s movies he enjoyed. It’s too bad it looks like he let things go to his head and let his site go to shit.


    • IronMuskrat says:

      I think Iron Man will be a good flick, it the only blockbuster movie I plan to shell out money for to see in the theater right now.

      The biggest problem with Iron Man II is living up to the first movie( which I enjoyed a lot, but did have some flaws). It came out of nowhere and became a much bigger hit than most people expected.

      I think the second movie will be as good as the first, which in a lot of peoples eyes will mean it is a failure.

      I am trying to remain positive about the movie, I mean, come on! you got War Machine! You got Scarlett Johansson killing people with her Kegel muscles. What could go wrong?


      • littlekingryan* says:

        I’m with you, IM. I hope it’s as good as the first. It looks like it’s going to be as well-made at any rate. As long as the script is there, they’ve definitely got the actors to pull it off (with the possible exception of Johansson). Only movie I’m looking forward to seeing. Don’t care what Harry Knowles thinks. Don’t care what Roger Ebert thinks. Don’t care what Entertainment Weekly thinks. I’ll think for myself on this one, firsthand and only after I’ve seen the film.

  20. Venom829 says:

    Hey J., what did you think of Deadpool #22?

  21. generaldark says:

    i think oberon sexton is kirk langstrom….

    • littlekingryan* says:

      I don’t know what that is, but I’m definitely enjoying the current storyline in Batman and Robin. Hell, I’ve enjoyed them all, with the exception of the second arc which was marred by Phillip Tan artwork. I just hope Andy Clarke can learn to control his love of small, parallel horizontal lines. He seems to cover everything with them. Walls, cars, butlers, Batmans…

      • Luiz de Mello says:

        Don’t tell me he is making scanlines on paper? If so he is a guy who REALLY loved CRT TVs, I can tell you that.

    • Venom829 says:

      He could be Grant Morrison for all we know 😛

      • generaldark says:

        no morrison even said in a interview it isnt. plus notice how damian says oberon is speaking a fake english like accent so it most likey isnt. btw kirk langstrom is man-bat. BTW i loved the series but did not like the clone arc

  22. Fallows1985 says:

    did I miss something In green Lantern, I mean I read Green lantern and Guy is supposedly plotting against the corp but in Gl Corp yeah he has problems but hes loyal to Kyle and that am I missing something or r Tomasi and Johns writing different stories?

  23. littlekingryan* says:

    Anyone have any thoughts on the newest issue of Thunderbolts? I hardly feel obliged to comment on the writing, but I thought the artwork was some of the worst I’ve seen this side of Koi Pond. Just flat, stiff, truly cringeworthy in spots, and overall a ruination. Sepulveda? Vitti? Segovia? Is Spain to blame for all this awfulness?

    • littlekingryan* says:

      Oops, make that Italy. Are Italy and Spain to blame for all this awfulness?

      • Locusmortis says:

        Spain and Italy have had some of the best artists in comics history, Jordi Bernet, Milo Manara, Hugo Pratt, Vittorio Giardino, Carlos Ezquerra, Jesus Redondo, Esteban Maroto, Jose Gonzalez, Massimo Belardinelli, Alberto Giolitti, Guido Crepax, Jose Ortiz, Paulo Serpieri and those are just the ones from the top of my head.

        France and Italy have some of the most innovative and beautiful comics artists of all time but one problem which I pointed out waaaaaaaaaaaaay back on the video blog is that with Marvel and DC now poaching all the young artists, they don’t have the same training and experience that the older artists had. Younger Spanish and Italian artists are copying american artists now rather than honing the skills of the european schools of comic art like they used to. Now instead of bringing a different view there is a sort of mediocre globalisation of comic book art going on, the comics version of a Mcdonalds in every country you go to.

        • littlekingryan* says:

          Don’t get caught up on the country. I like a lot of foreign artists, too. It just seems like there’s a rash of bad art in comics lately (mostly Marvel comics) from artists with similar backgrounds. But for every Vitti there’s a Caselli. For every Sepulveda a Bianchi. So I don’t mean to discount these countries as a whole. I think you’re right on the money that the training is often just not there, the time has not been put in. Oy Vey, why can’t Marvel hire a few more crappy American artists instead of crappy European ones? I’m way picky when it comes to art in comics, and I only really buy from the very best. These guys just don’t pass muster with me.

          • Locusmortis says:

            I think there are plenty of mature european artists who could do a great job but I think Marvel and DC are looking for people that they can mould into a house style.

            Same goes for some american artists, I mean Norm Breyfogle is working for Archie comic ffs!

    • Venom829 says:

      I just bought Thunderbolts #135 this morning, and I liked his artwork, it has it’s flaws, but it’s decent art to say at the least.

    • Deemar says:

      Flipped through it at the shop, I kinda liked the art.

      Didn’t read a single page though

    • IronMuskrat says:

      Loved the story, but yeah.. the art was pretty bad.. OK, not bad really, just very inconsistent. I liked the first splash page of Nuke holding Odin’s Spear.. but Quicksilver looks very strange to me.. and Luke Cage I would not have recognized if not for the ‘Cage’ name tag on his jacket.

  24. Edward2962 says:

    Hi,this is a little off topic,but here’s the link to my amateur review of Lady Vengeance.I meant to post it a couple of days ago,but I er,um…FINE!I’m absent-minded and lazy!There,I said it!

    Back to the rants…Bendis,Millar,Deadpool,event comics,Argh!

  25. Chris says:

    Incognito film adaptation! Still waiting on the Tom Cruise Sleeper film…

    • Mike F says:

      Yeah I remember hearing that Sleeper film by Sam Raimi, and now Incognito. I think Sleeper would work as a show on HBO or something… but Incognito might be easier to make as a movie. Either way bot will be a hit. Solid crime stuff Ed wrote there.

  26. SMARTASS8 says:

    Well, Jonah Hex looks worse than I thought. I love how Brolin sounds like Karl Childers from Slingblade. It also looks like they might have given Hex supernatural powers. What the fuck?

  27. IronMuskrat says:

    Chick fight!

    • Venom829 says:


    • Venom829 says:

      Can I just say how much of a Huntress fan I am? Not only can she fight and be a bad girl, but she is incredibly HOT! 2 for the price of 1! Thanks IronMusky for providing us with this.

    • AvS says:

      Am I the only one that found that riddled with innuendo? “Keep her busy so I can take her from behind.” Giggity. “You like to watch, but when it comes to getting your hands dirty…”

      That was down right pornographic! Or maybe I’ve just spent too much time at the station and it’s messing with my mind?

  28. littlekingryan* says:

    I’ve been working pretty hard here, so I think I’ll take a break. If anyone’s home tonight, I’ll be in the CHAT ROOM in about an hour at 10 eastern/9 central if you’d like to join me to talk about comics, movies, art, whatever….the link is here: You’ll have to sign up for a Deviant Art account if you don’t already have one.

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