CCW 3.42: Doctor Who & A New CHEW Review!

Posted: April 29, 2010 in CCW TV
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  1. littlekingryan* says:

    I, too, was a bit of a Who-hater. Hate is too strong a word, I just had little time and less patience with a show that looked like it was filmed on cheap video. Now it’s my favorite sci-fi show. Caprica? Taking it’s time so much that I dropped out after three episodes. Stargate Universe? Even though it has Begby, I haven’t gotten to it, but it looks like they tried to make BSG out of the SG universe. I tried to watch the first episode of Fringe last night. Plop.

    • Smallmaniac says:

      Was that plop you dropping a deuce because Fringe was so awesome or a plop as in you really don’t care? These are the things that go through my mind.

      • Because it’s so awesome. I just can’t contain myself sometimes. 🙂


        • tomstewdevine says:

          I like Fringe, but you have to get past the first season, I watched the first 6 episodes and was excited at first but that excitement was gone by episode 6, then I gave it another shot with season two, and it’s great. Plus, I don’t really feel like I missed anything. So give it another shot LKR, just start with the next episode.

          • littlekingryan* says:

            Thanks, Tom. I think I will give it another try. That “plop” sound was me sitting down this time to actually pay attention.

          • Half way into the first season is when things starting picking up in Fringe. I don’t blame people for not sticking with it after only the first few episodes but you are really missing out of you aren’t watching it now.


            • littlekingryan* says:

              Well, I watched the pilot and I rather enjoyed it. Denethor (John Noble) is pretty good. I’m a little afraid of the overarching narrative spiraling out of control and into incomprehensibility like X-Files or Lost, though. Also, dig the title treatment and transitions. Having location names as physical objects embedded on landscapes and such is very original.

    • Deemar says:

      Fringe is my top show, good production

      Dr. Who had to grow on me

  2. Fallows1985 says:

    Matt Smith has become one of my favourite Doctors up to now

    my list being: Tom Baker >< Jon Pertwee
    Matt Smith
    David Tennant
    Patrick Troughton
    Peter Davison
    Christopher Ecelston
    Sylvestor McCoy
    William Hartnell
    Paul Mccan Colin Baker (cos I haven’t seen much of them)

  3. Smallmaniac says:

    I wish I got BBC. Or at least Doctor Who On Demand.
    I got the faint impression that Elliott likes Karen Gillan. You’re not the only one.

    Episode two was amazing. [I don’t even know why I put up a SPOILER ALERT right here. Most everyone who watches the show on this blog is already two episodes ahead of me. So this is for anyone who hasn’t seen the 2nd episode] Amy saved the star whale and the people while the Doctor was getting all self righteous. Kind of put him in his place in a way, I think. I love the philosophy/morality of Doctor Who.

    • Fallows1985 says:

      2bh Elliot mentioned a sort of platonic relationship that could lead to romantic relationship I see this relationship as mo0re brotherly sisterly and a much better one than Catherine Tate….. didn’t really like her as a Companion you know when she shouted seemed like every other generic character she did.

      • Smallmaniac says:

        Well, I didn’t get the whole Father/daughter relationship Elliott mentioned. It seemed more to me like a “night in shining armor fairy tale” type of deal with all the cartoons she did of him. I’m inclined to think that whatever made her leave the night before her wedding couldn’t be something platonic. Even though she could go back the same day, the adventure with him will change her forever. I understand and can see the whole brother/sister, kind of buds, relationship developing instead of romance. That would give her longevity, and mercy in a way.

        • Fallows1985 says:

          i get what you’re saying and I think its more like you like someone at first but then as you spend more time with them you become like brother and sister sort of thing.

          I kind of saw a Drop Dead Fred motif with the first epidsode with Amelia and the Doctor

    • vegedge says:

      people post them on youtube every saturady evening.

      also on bbc america .com you can watch for free. but they cut stuff out for american tv

  4. Venom829 says:

    Just to show you how much of a nerd I am, the last thing I enjoyed on BBC was their dinosaur documentary. YES, a DINOSAUR DOCUMENTARY! And I’m 20 YEARS OLD! Guess some things just can’t leave me 😛

  5. TheMSpot says:

    Fucking Kick-Ass I can’t escape it that’s why I’m in this comment section. Which reminds me, J is there any way you could cover up those Kick-Ass books behind Elliott. Maybe with something like a photo of Christina Hendricks, you know just to class the place up a little,and probably the only way to get more women into

  6. aidan mc irish says:

    am i the only one from the u.k. all i have to do is turn on bbc 1 and watch doctor who not to be bragging but just saying. plus does anyone really like the new daleks?

  7. Deemar says:

    Great review fellas Jose is back to his old self


  8. Deemar says:

    Nightcrawler bites the big one

    I knew it, Heroic Age my ass

  9. TheMSpot says:

    Rage: OVER 9000!!!

  10. Just finished watching the first episode of the new Doctor Who and it was great.Thanks for recommending it.

  11. SMARTASS8 says:

    Even though I’d only seen snippets of the Tom Baker episodes on PBS when I was a kid and the first 3 episodes of “Destro’s” run, I knew I would like Doctor Who. Besides loving so many aspects of its canon(the Tardis, sonic screwdriver, the Daleks, K-9, time travel, creative looking aliens, explaining new actors with the regeneration, one of the best instrumental TV theme songs ever), I love how Doctor Who is a perfect blend of hard science, drama, humor, and action without the air of pretension that BSG had(good call on that Jose) and the feeling that the writers are making it up as they go along(Lost). I like Matt Smith so far but I think I still like Christopher Eccleston more. This is especially due to this great first appearance…

    …and Billie Piper. “Run for your life!” LOL!

  12. tomstewdevine says:

    This is great that you guys did a Doctor Who video. As a newbie to the Doctor, I can tell you that this season is a great place to start. Don’t be intimidated that the show has been running for so long, right now is a great time to jump on board.

  13. Deemar says:


    Pic of Thor from movie on CBR (Comic Book Resources)

    Looks pretty good

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