The Doctor Who: Series 5 Episode 5 “Flesh & Stone” Thread

Posted: May 2, 2010 in CCW Open Thread, Television
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So, I have only been watching Doctor Who on a regular basis for the last few years but I am really enjoying the new season and it seems like some of our CCW regulars are too. Because of this Doctor Who will be getting a weekly thread through the end of the series (season) as long long as we have enough people participating. Should be fun.


Photo from The Doctor Who Official Website

  1. Mike F says:

    You should sold me. I am finally gonna check this show out.

  2. What a great episode from start to finish. This was probably my favorite scene:

    So, things we learned:

    -Amy is in fact from the present and not from the past (like I originally had thought)

    -The explosion that causes the cracks in time occurs on the day of Amy’s wedding

    -Amy Pond needs to be sorted out right now 🙂

    -Amy Pond tried to pull the Doctor to no avail

    -River Song has killed a good man. The best man she has ever known. Couldn’t possibly have been the Doctor, could it? Surely not.

    -Time can be rewritten

    -The ducks which once swam around in the duck pond have ceased to exist at some time. Poor ducks.

    Anything else you guys caught? What did you think of this episode?


    • tomstewdevine says:

      I like this episode, I couldn’t believe how many things are coming to light so quick. It was fun to see the Doctor try to escape from Amy’s grasp, I don’t think I could do the same, as soon as Amy hopped in her bed I think I would have been right behind her, but I guess that’s the choice you make after 907 years of experience.

    • aidan mc irish says:

      the pandorica is real and will open soon sounds like a space version of pandora’s box.

    • vegedge says:

      prision zero mentions the pandoricer and now river song has also.

      the tardis has malfunctioned before and sent the doctor into a nother dimension.. and right before the doctor met amy the tardis was on fire, regenerating and crashing. maybe he fucked up time and caused the cracks. the tardis coudl have sent him to some other dimension and he doesnt know yet?

      i am pissed about the next episode. seems like a russle t davis thing to do. at the end of flesh and stone big things happen there are alot of questions that they should explore and figure out… but nope. they are gonna go to venice! why cant they jsut keep up the speed of the last 2 episodes and continue the adventures without cute little pit stops that will end in some mini adventure.

    • iqy says:

      i know this might not be a proper point but the big bad villain is meant to appear in every episode, considering its not the crack i think the villain might be the tardis. this is why, in the recent episodes, the angels and the prizoner zero have said the ‘the doctor and tardis cant see’, now this might seem like a big deal but ever since its relaunch, no other villain has mentioned the doctor and THE tardis in the same sentance. I think the tradis plays a huge role other than travelling the doctor.

      -Also i agree with you that i think it could be the man the river song killed is the doctor, becuase of her ‘The best man she has ever known’ hint. Also the soldjer telling the doctor to beware of River song. Why would he warn the doctor that much, if the man she killed was the Doctor. also when the doctor is about to release the suction, song tells the doctor this is not how he is supposed to die.(the general/soldjer character had the best line in the episode ‘ Doctor i think you knew me at my best’

      -This is a huge tangent, but this episode which left more questions than answers, reminded me why i loved batman rip morrison’s run on batman, there were many questions left at the end of rip but most of the answers are soon coming to light. Also moffat(main writer of Dr who)reminds me of Morrison because how each line is a clue and no line is gag. i watched this episode about 4 times just as much as i read morrison’s batman run so i can pick up on the clues.

      • kurumais says:

        dont get sucked in to the river song thing
        remember all those xmen days of future past story lines there must be 2 dozen of them by now they hint at all this stuff and you think oh boy they are going to get to all these massive cool stories tell us the secrets the whole truth but they never ever tell you more the a little
        thats river song she is there to hint and tease the show will never get to picnic at asgard and so forth
        if they ever do tidy it up it will be a short economical knot to tie things up and put it to rest

        • Iqy says:

          I don’t know, the doctor smiles about time being unwritten, maybe that might link into the river song idea but you’re probally right, they may never reveal her spoiler to keep the character best quality which was her mystery of her past and future.

    • kurumais says:

      i love the scene above
      ok one of the posters on youtube pointed this out its not my catch so i dont want to take credit for it
      but after the doctor tell amy later he is just wearing his shirt and when he comes back with the close up of them talking and asks her to trust him and to remember he is wearing his jacket

      was it a production glitch? or are there 2 doctors at work here?

  3. mitiators says:

    Just watched the “Eleventh Hour” and have to admit it was fairly bad ass. Never liked Doctor Who before but I’m going to check it out now. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Fallows1985 says:

    Yeah I reckon, River killed The Doctor or it looked taht way and its part of a plan to keep time in check. Amy was funny in taht scene and yet my god…. her legs, can anything else be said about them lol

    The Doc well shud have tapped that lol

    • vegedge says:

      maybe river song killed the doctor and thats how she gets his screw driver and knowns how to fly the tardis.

      she could be lying about it all. being his wife and stuff. maybe she just learned his name and now his leading him on.

      wow amy got really pushy there at the end. was not really attractive but kinda awkward. doctor said something like ‘i am trying to straighten you out’ and amy said thats what she was hoping for or something. i felt like a sleeze just watching it.

      • iqy92 says:

        About River song learning about his name, the doctor (David Tennant), in that episode, says there’s only one reason why he would tell her his name but he never says that reason. (im not sure what the name of that episode is called, i think its libary something or another, not sure but its one of best episodes of dr who since its relaunch)Also the reason why she has a screwdriver is so she can still be alive in that alternate reality world that was created in the libary beacuse some of her life source is in the screwdriver.
        Also one other thing bothered me about rover song which is in her last appearence she apperently dies at the end to save the doctor, so is the river song here a different one in a different time. she also didnt have a screwdriver, which means i think it could be a different river song.

  5. vegedge says:

    have there ever been any good doctor who comics?

    the ones i see always kinda look like shit

    • kurumais says:

      hey v sorry i meant to reply to your post yesterday but did get to it
      i have read a few doctor comics that i got as freebies and they were ok the best probably being the gallery starring 10 and martha but … and i was going to post something about this and hope someone else could put it better then i could.. comic adaption just dont have the same vibe as the source for me they dont scratch the same itch whethers it dr who buffy firefly
      i want more of that but the comics just dont do it for me i end up going back the tv series

  6. kurumais says:

    this might have been the best episode of doctor who i have ever seen
    and ive seen all of 9 10 11 and a lot of 4 the doctors that is
    you know a good storyteller when they can have high tension roller coaster ride a still fit great character moments like the doctor comforting amy in the forest
    i like how the doctor expects amy to figure things out and get stuff done and he doesnt have the arrogance 10 could have the doctor and amy are a great team

    getting amy pond sorted out was a classic line
    too bad jeff wasnt in the picture he was the doctor best man
    no sign of amy’s aunt yet

    how could river kill the doctor considering the events of the forest of the dead episode? but most of river song doesnt make sense which is why i dont like her
    you think they are hinting she is the rani? a female timelord villain from the old series
    except timelords are supposed to be able to recognize each other no matter what form i think

    anyway great episode super creepy and scary throughout
    moffat double impresses me since he is the guy that gave us one of my favorite britcoms coupling before ever showed us his scary side he on dr who

  7. kurumais says:

    here is some earlier work by stephen moffat with a little who thrown in

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