Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Dark Horse, DC Comics, Vertigo

Wha happin? Where did all the good comics go? Oh well, looks like I’m saving some money on Wednesday. Here’s what I’ll be picking up:

Doom Patrol #10
I Zombie #1 (Only $1.00!!!!!)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer #35

So, ya, not a lot this week…at all. Anybody have any suggestions for something maybe I should pick up this week since I’ll have some extra cash? Also, do yourselves a favor and pick up I Zombie #1. A Mike Allred comic for only $1? Sounds like a no-brainer to me. See what I did there?

What you getting this week?


  1. kurumais says:

    May 5th
    the awesomeness that is Secret six
    Cap and black panther flags of our fathers 2 i was so pleasantly suprised by issue 1 i was not a fan of hudlin ‘s BP and i thought the cover was pretty shabby but the interior art was top notch
    Batman and robin 12
    Spider girl
    Alice in wonderland
    Red robin

    Brightest day wasn’t crazy about zero

  2. Mike F says:

    I am happy its a small week, I’d like to take some time off.

    Maybe Batman and Robin. But, it depends on if I feel like it. I’m not crazy for the direction its taking. I might use my extra money and find a new manga or something….

  3. Mike F says:

    Jose, you should check out ohikkoshi under Dark Horse Manga. I glanced thru it and it seemed good, I may go back and pick it up later this week.

  4. megamanx4ever says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #630
    Brightest Day #1 (maybe)
    Shadowhawk #1
    Spawn #197

  5. generaldark says:

    givin up on B&R jose?

  6. Superman: War of the Supermen #1

    And I’m considering picking up, Invincible Returns #1. It’d be my first Invincible book.

  7. tomstewdevine says:

    I never get a slow week, and I don’t think I would want to drop any of these books. So that’s fine with me.

    Brightest Day #1
    Secret Six #21
    Demo Vol 2 #4
    I Zombie #1
    Sweet Tooth #9
    Uncanny X-Men #524
    Hellboy in Mexico #1
    Orc Stain #3

    The books I am most looking forward to this week is Hellboy and Sweet Tooth. And this X-Men crossover has been really good (Ya I know what your thinking) so I am also looking forward to Uncanny X-Men, which hasn’t happend in a while.

  8. itsmeMorph says:

    Brightest Day #1
    Secret Six #21
    Thats all im getting, im a little stuck right now idk what books i should get.

  9. mbell028 says:

    hey whats up guys? This week I’ll be getting:
    Batman and Robin 12
    IZombie 1
    Secret Six 21
    Small week for me, but I like it that way. I’m hoping IZOMBIE’s good it’s only a buck and its from Vertigo so it could be promising.

  10. phil says:

    B & R
    THE GR8 10
    oh< I recently picked up Images: 1sts:the walking dead

  11. IronMuskrat says:

    Weird week for me..

    I Zombie #1
    Electric Ant #2 (Maybe)
    Spider-Man Fever #2(Maybe)

    I will see what else strikes my fancy while I am the store.

    Yikes! Late for work!


  12. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    FCBD 2010 LOVE & CAPES #13


  13. generaldark says:

    war of supermen
    secret six
    brightest day

    i gave up on doom patrol. for some reason its just one of those books that feels to smart for me. i find myself having a hard time understanding it sometimes.

  14. Chris says:

    Batman and Robin #12
    I Zombie #1 – A $1 Vertigo #1 is my sort of thing.
    Sweet Tooth #9

  15. aidan mc irish says:

    does anyone know when the first trade for batman robin vol 1 comes out?

    • Venom829 says:

      It’s already out. It was released about 2 weeks ago.

    • littlekingryan* says:

      Is Frank Quitely ever going to draw another issue of that book? I thought he was supposed to do the arc after Cameron Stewart. Now we have Andy Clarke, so I thought maybe he was next. Looks like it’s Frazier Irving next, though. Maybe #16 will be Quitely? Sigh…I’m waiting ’til he comes back before I buy another issue.

      • Venom829 says:

        I beleive he might be doing #16. Originally, he wss to do the Joker arc, (the upcoming Irving one), don’t know how he isn’t. 😦

        • littlekingryan* says:

          Let’s keep our fingers crossed, I guess. I really loved the first three issues of the series, and it’s been consistently good ever since. But I’m kind of monetarily challenged, so I have to be picky about what I actually buy. And when Frank’s doing the art, I buy. He’s got a story in Batman #700 I heard? Anyone know more about this?

  16. thanks venom will be getting this week personally i think grant morrison is one is the best things at DC

  17. oh damn thanks anyway. by the way sorry for being a bit of a dickhead about elliot’s avatar comment you caught me at a bad moment

  18. vegedge says:

    i zombie is gonna be so good. the preview looks gorgeous and i picked up the halloween house of mystery for the izombie prologue. mike allred doing horror is great.

  19. Constantanius says:


    Brightest Day #1 (With FREE White Lantern Ring!)
    Superman War of the Supermen #1
    JSA All Stars #6


    X-Men Hellbound #1
    Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #2


    Buffy the Vampire Slayer #35

    This is a slow week for me so if anyone has any suggestions for some comics I may overlooked new or back issues let me know.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      What is making you get X-Men Hellbound? I haven’t heard anything about this book.

      • Constantanius says:

        Hellbound looks pretty neat but I’ll have to flip through it before I buy it, but from what I understand it’s a group of X-men vs a bunch of demons. Which X-men? I don’t know so it’s a maybe.

  20. Stamps says:

    Batman and Robin #12
    Batman Confidential #44
    Brightest Day 1
    Red Robin #12
    I Zombie #1
    Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #2

  21. Pobra says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #630
    Batman and Robin #12
    Brightest Day #1
    I Zombie #1
    Spider-Man: Fever #2
    Sweet Tooth #9

    You should check out Spider-Man: Fever Jose. For the art if nothing else. And speaking of art (and Spider-Man), Bachallo is drawing the new arc of Amazing that starts this week, if you’re into his stuff. Zeb Wells is writing, his Spidey arcs have been great imo.

  22. comicbookdude says:

    Brightest Day#1
    I Zombie#1

  23. littlekingryan* says:

    If anyone is feeling indy, I recommend checking out Daniel Clowes’ new graphic novel Wilson. Here’s a sample page: http://littlekingryan.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/wilson_page.jpg. You can check out my mini-review by clicking my screen name.

  24. ullar says:

    J., you might want to pick up Spider-Man Fever. It’s Brenden Mccarthy doing a Ditkoesque Spider-Man/Doc Strange story. You’d love it. I’m personally trade waiting it but if you have spare cash grab it.

    Batman and Robin #12
    Brightest Day #1 (With FREE White Lantern Ring!)
    Jonah Hex #55
    The Great Ten #7
    I Zombie #1
    Sweet Tooth #9
    Amazing Spider-Man #630
    Many Loves of the Amazing Spider-Man #1

  25. cballsack says:

    Oh, man, a zombie book by Mike Allred? This looks to be full of win.

  26. Smallmaniac says:

    Picked up Hellboy in Mexico one-shot.

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