CCW 3.49 and 3.50: Iron Man 2 REVIEW

Posted: May 10, 2010 in CCW Review, CCW TV, Marvel, Movies, Opinion, Reviews

  1. I can’t say that I disagree with your flaws.I think they are completely valid,but I think that this is the first comic book movie that feels like a comic book and is the best Marvel movie.Don did good with what he was given,but I think Terrence Howard felt more like a friend to Tony.I think Justin Hammer was a guy who wants to be Tony Stark and isn’t supposed to be a villain just a buinessman who wants to be on top.

  2. I understand why they didn’t use the alcholic thing.The general audience would have been freaking out over it.I still would of preferred alcholism though.

  3. Deemar says:

    Good review from the CCW trio

    Jose is the Debbie Downer Ha!

  4. generaldark says:

    i didnt understand the map thing tonys dad made….was that the element he imageined and just wanted tony to make when he had the technology? i thought i didnt care for rockwell because i hated him but thats the thing. i hated him because he played such a good bad guy i really fuckin hated him lol.

  5. Smallmaniac says:

    I can’t believe I missed the Easter eggs on the monitors. Check out the screen caps:

  6. IronMuskrat says:

    I guess I had better get my ass out there and see this movie =)

  7. NoEmoDaredevil says:

    One thing I wish you guys would have talked about was your speculation as to where Marvel is going to go with Iron Man 3. Do you guys think The Mandarin could be pulled off? I’m pretty sure they referenced the 10 rings in the first movie. If not The Mandarin who else could be a villain? I loved the movie but I agree with your points on Rhoadie being able to wear AND use the silver suit, the fact that the final fight with Crymson Whiplash was too short, and that Black Widow (aka Natalie Rushman?) was pointless…she belongs in Daredevil anyway. Great video guys.

    • I hope it is the Mandarin in the next movie. Two movies in a row with Iron Man fighting dudes in armor is enough. Maybe they could throw Madame Masque in there for good measure too.

      Dig your screen name by the way. He he.


  8. cballsack says:

    Wild Wild West? Seriously?

    Is it better or worse than Josie & The Pussycats?

  9. manaconda! says:

    our boy bendis was in the credits, right before they list the creators they thank they have the marvel creative committee or whatever it is theyre called, and bendis’ name was in there

  10. tomstewdevine says:

    I was the first person on the blog to praise Rockwell’s performance. Down with the chumps who think otherwise.

      • cballsack says:

        Elliott raises the point at the end of the second clip that it looks like Stark may not be an active members of the Avengers, given the last conversation with Nick Fury in the movie. But Iron Man 2 apparently takes place before The Incredible Hulk, since in Iron Man 2 he seemingly still knows nothing about the Avengers Initiative, and in the Hulk, he’s schooling Ross on the project. So it would seem like he’s on board.

        • yeah i think the idea is that when you have an avengers movie they have to out and take down the hulk and their divided with thor helping the hulk (by bringing the storm to put out the fires at the university and give the hulk cover to run away) and tony stark and fury saying that it’s for his own good as they were trying to help take down the hulk (in the opening credits for hulk you see stark designed the tech to help the military stop banner and nick fury signed the warrent for banners capture) plus cap wondering what to do as ross used the super soilder formula on blonsky.

    • manaconda! says:

      i love sam rockwell, and i loved him in this movie too, so youre not alone friend.

  11. SMARTASS8 says:

    What a rollercoaster review. I was happy to see Avi(although he seemed to take over for Jose in terms of talking) until he said that Spider-Man 2 is better than the first one(I feel that second Spidey is so flawed, I could spend all day picking apart the script, acting, logic, humor, and flow of that cringe inducing flick). Although he won me back with his opinion of Wild Wild West. It’s not a great movie(might be the last movie I saw starring Will Smith when I still considered myself a fan of his), but I was entertained. I might have disliked it more if I ever saw the TV show, but I’ve seen a lot worse. My favorite scene…

    I also have to agree with Avi’s choice for Black Widow. She doesn’t have Butterface Johansson’s curves, but Kurylenko is a million times hotter!

    • SMARTASS8 says:

      For a positive review, you guys seemed to have a lot of problems with this movie.

    • Avi says:

      The first Spider-Man movie’s failure to do any kind of justice to Green Goblin, arguably the Joker to Spidey’s Batman, makes it come in 2nd place to the superior sequel. I just used alliteration, so it has to be true. Also, nothing in the first movie comes close to the battle on the bank building and the train. NOTHING.

      Or, maybe we can have all have our own opinions because this is all subjective?


      • SMARTASS8 says:

        Goblin’s Power Ranger costume could have been better, but I loved Dafoe’s Norman. Molina’s Doc Ock was the best part of the movie, but not enough to save it in my eyes. I’ll give you the bank battle but I loathed the train sequence. Not only were the extras some of the worst & most distracting “actors” in the history of cinema(although, that’s a problem in all 3 Spidey movies; I figured that was either due to their being Raimi’s friends & family or “Make A Wish” recipients), I also didn’t need to see Maguire make faces reserved for those who’ve been constipated for a week nor his being hoisted up over the passengers’ heads like some Christ symbol.

        I also felt most of the humor was weak and/or cringe inducing. That opening bit in the broom closet, Maguire’s Mentos’ homage(what is it with Raimi wanting musical numbers in Spidey movies), and Bruce “please retire” Campbell’s typical hamming it up scene as the usher made me feel like I was watching bits from one of those “Meet The Spartan” movies.

        Then there was the shitty logic. Doc Ock didn’t know Parker was Spidey. He needed to get info on Spidey’s whereabouts. What did he do? He threw a fucking car at him. Peter Parker, even though he was without powers, turned into such a bad guy that he wouldn’t even try to alert the police to a mugging he witnessed? Also, why the fuck was that bit with the anorexic cake girl left in the movie? It served no purpose. I doubt it would have even made it to the DVD deleted scenes of other movies.

        Obviously we all have our own opinions. I was hardly wishing you were never born because you, a guy who I’ve never met nor probably never will, had a different opinon than I did about a movie from a franchise that’s in the process of being rebooted. None of us that praise or trash things online are contributing to the cure for cancer. We’re either wasting time due to boredom, venting some frustrations, or sharing our opinions with others. Sorry if I made it seem like anything more than that. I enjoy the CCW*TV episodes that feature you whether I disagree with you or not. 8)

  12. i still don’t which movie was better kick ass or iron man 2. in the comics didn’t stark design an armor without the arc reactor. i think the promotion worked because tony stark is a media whore and why does whiplash just build an iron monger with whips but why didn’t he become the crimson dynamo and fight war machine and iron man with the drones. also it would have been nice to have nick fury have an action scene with his agents against a few drones. i suppose if whiplash can build an armor that dosen’t mean you have the arc reactor in your chest tony stark can for rhodey i would have loved to see tony stark have crashed the armor about l.a. and rhodey stop him and then fly of and fury or potts confront stark about his alcohol problem. i still loved it and thought it was one of the best movies this year. but it would be interestng to see the deamon in a bottle or armor wars or the five nightmares for iron man 3

  13. cballsack says:

    I just thought of another minor problem with IM2. You know those metal plates that kept burning out in Tony’s heart reactor? Why didn’t he have that problem in the first movie? They seemed to burn out pretty quickly.

    • i don’t man iron man 2 was good. and kick ass the movie wasn’t good because of mark millar’s comic but because of Matthew vaughen’s direction and there wasn’t any secret formula to make hit girl as strong as ten men and nicolous cage was a cool actor again.

  14. Venom829 says:

    I didn’t think Scar Jo did that bad as I expected her to be. And Sam Rockwell kind of looked a bit like Matt Fraction.

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