Posted: May 12, 2010 in CCW Nation, Humor
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  1. cballsack says:

    This is better than the movie.

  2. littlekingryan* says:

    Hey Guys, make sure you click the picture to open it full size! It’s pretty much impossible to try and read these as they appear otherwise…

  3. tomstewdevine says:

    The next chapter unfolds…..

    This looks great Deemar and LKR. Thank you guys, especially LKR, my new favorite artist.

  4. amazing art deemar good thing you got going

  5. Has anyone figured out who the red-headed ‘mob boss’ is? That’s a big part of the joke. He’s a certain comic-book writer that we all LOOOOVE here in CCW Nation.


  6. IronMuskrat says:

    My favorite comic strip of the week =) Great job Deemar/LKR/Elliott.

    When does the trade come out?


  7. Deemar says:

    Part 2

    Oh yeah!!!

    Thanks for the praise fellas LKR is kicking sweet…ass with them colors and Elliot on spot with them letters.

  8. Pobra says:

    Awesome work guys. You are quite the talented colorist LKR.

    • littlekingryan* says:

      Thanks, Pobra. These strips are the first things I’ve ever done with my graphics tablet, so it’s been a great learning experience, and I’m improving pretty rapidly. I can’t think of a more fun, lower pressure project to be my training wheels, so thanks to Deemar for that. I’m currently halfway done coloring the sixth strip, so these should be coming out at a nice, regular clip…

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