Mellow Monday

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Mellow Monday, Music
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  1. Locusmortis says:

    Only one thing I can listen to today I’m afraid

  2. Edward2962 says:

    However I totally dig the early 90’s as well!For about a day there were no rules and all kinds of bands got singed and got airplay.That ended as soon as the corps figured out how to sell “grunge” pencils,etc..but for a moment it was a good time to be alive…

    Animanaics was a cool cartoon too,there I said it!

  3. Deemar says:

    If anyone is wondering why I’ve been MIA lately from the boards, my presence will be limited here for at least til the end of the summer.

    I’m back in college so wish me luck on that, yet I’m working hard on cranking out another batch of cartoons for the funnies. E & J,LKR check yo inbox!

    I’m planning ahead for 2011, lots more Red&Beans, more collabs with LKR (The lazy bum!), writing the story for the next “Secret Project”, expanding the CCW CARTOON UNIVERSE as coined by Elliot.

    So add all that plus being a family man,job,school and drawing stuff for the blog! I need a clone ASAP!

    So fret not DEEMAR ain’t dead, just dead tired, in the mean time Jose will keep my memory alive with insults upon thine absense.

    D OUT

    • phil says:

      I’m sorry to see you go, D. Even though it’s just a hiatus, your presenncse will be missed,no doubt. So you go ahead, do your higher learning deal and we’ll collectively hold down the fort for ya 🙂

    • Locusmortis says:

      best of luck with everything Deems, the place ain’t the same without ya!

    • Smallmaniac says:

      Just don’t overwork yourself.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      Oh Deemar, you won’t be able to last. I bet you still check the site at least once everyday, and add some posts at least every other day.

    • cballsack says:

      Even if you were dead, you’d come back when it was revealed that you were really lost in time.

  4. phil says:

    mellow is as mellow does

  5. phil says:

    My apologies if this comes up as a dbl post
    In honor of Deemar’s hopefully brief departure
    good luck, D

  6. kurumais says:

    i thought bic would have hit big here in the states

  7. Smallmaniac says:

  8. SmokeyClocks says:

  9. Pobra says:

    Ah, Emily Haines. Canadian Indi goddess! Welcome to my world J 🙂

  10. phil says:

    Dio was someone’s career I never really followed, but this is the one song of his I never ccoul forget. I found out about his ties to BlackSabbath relatively late.

  11. phil says:

    I didn’t follow Ms. Hornes’ career much either, but the trails that she blazed for others to follow her are vast, no doubt.

    • Locusmortis says:

      Its been amazing to see the appreciation for Ronnie Dio accross a whole spectrum of people, it shows that sometimes talent does matter. This video was recorded when Ronnie was 65 years old, he rocked harder than any of the useless cunts who seem to dominate the charts these days.

  12. Luiz de Mello says:

    Is the thread’s picture looks so Silent Hillish to me that regardless of how pretty the girl is it scares me oO

    • Luiz de Mello says:

      Is the thread’s picture = The thread’s picture. Too little sleep, too little attention and not enough coffee!

    • Wow…I didn’t really think of that but you are right. Maybe that’s why I picked it?


      • Luiz de Mello says:

        I wouldn’t doubt that, there is something that attract people to Silent Hill!

        Btw, coincidentally I had woke up like 5 minutes before I posted that. Usually, I don’t remember any of my dreams, but this time for some reason I remember three with more details than I usually do (when I do remember, that is it). At least two of them had some Silent Hillish elements, the last one especially. Then I got up and thought “let me see what is up on CCW to distress, it is always good to stalk there” and the first thing I noticed was that pic. You can imagine my face and my state of mind after that 😀

  13. vegedge says:

    the evens. iam mckaye from minor threat goes folk. i love it.

  14. kurumais says:

    im still in a mellow mood on tuesday probably because of the rain
    im not sure which of the sisters id want marry the most

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