Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Dark Horse, DC Comics, Marvel, Vertigo

Ahhh…the Agents of Atlas are back and all is right with the world. Well, ok, not really since we still have to deal with Bendis’ bullshit on Avengers but whatcha gonna do? Decent sized week with quality books shipping. Here’s what I’ll be buying:

American Vampire #3
Atlas #1 (Jeff Parker)
Deadpool #23 (Daniel Way)
Gantz Vol 10
Joe The Barbarian #5
X-Factor #205 (Peter David and the best mutant book Marvel has)
Zatanna #1

And maybe Age of Heroes #1 but I haven’t decided yet.

What are all you you getting this week?


  1. Mike F says:

    Son of a bitch, 20th Century Boys got pushed back… Altho last time I checked was like 4 months ago So i guess its my own fault for not checking up. Still, FUCK!

    Yeah, Zatanna #1 for sure. Maybe Gantz, the last few chapters have really disappointed actually…

  2. Chris says:

    Ex Machina #49
    Joe The Barbarian #5

  3. TheMSpot says:

    Joe The Barbarian #5

    Other then that I have not decided yet.

  4. Light week.

    Superman: War of the Supermen #3

    and maybe:
    Zatanna #1

  5. tomstewdevine says:

    Brightest Day #2
    American Vampire #3
    Hellblazer #267
    Joe The Barbarian #5
    Age of Heroes #1
    Deadpool #23
    Invincible Iron Man #26
    X-Factor #205
    X-Men Legacy #236
    God Complex #6
    Walking Dead #72

    Another ridiculously heavy week, I would say I’m most excited for Joe the Barbarian and Brightest Day.

  6. mbell028 says:

    Whats up guy’s?
    This week I’ll be getting:
    Agon 2
    American Vampire 3
    Atlas 1
    Invincible Iron Man 26
    Joe the Barbarian 5
    The Walking Dead 72

  7. generaldark says:

    iiiim gettting AtttlllllAsssssssssssss 🙂

  8. megamanx4ever says:

    Avengers #1
    AvP Three World War #4
    Brightest Day #2
    Deadpool #23
    Haunt #7
    Invincible Iron Man #26
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #2

  9. tomstewdevine says:

    !!!!Reminder to all!!!!:

    When you are getting your new books this week, go back and at least read House of Mystery #25, I haven’t heard anyone talking about it is really really good. It has five writers working on the same book and the way they wrote it is one person started the script then emailed there script to the next to write the next part. That doesn’t sound that cool but it becomes great because the first writer puts the second writer right at brick wall in the story and the next person has to come up with a way to keep the story going. It only gets better with each person.

  10. SMARTASS8 says:

    Brightest Day #2
    DC Universe Legacies #1
    Justice League of America #45
    Legion of Super-Heroes #1
    Superman War of the Supermen #3
    Zatanna #1
    DV8 Gods & monsters #2
    GI Joe #18
    Classic GI Joe Vol 8

    • How is that DV8 book Smartass?


      • SMARTASS8 says:

        I hate to say that I bought the first one but haven’t read it yet. I just thought I’d give the Wildstorm Universe a chance again since it seems that they’ve come full circle with it resembling Jim Lee’s original books more than they have in years.

        • generaldark says:

          i bought the first issue. i might get the second. i wasnt to impressed by the first issue but if it is going towards the direction i think its going then i will keep getting it.

  11. Johnny Cockburn says:

    don’t pick these up till next week, but my vendor will be stashing the following 4 me:

    atlas #1
    x-factor #205 (ps: if you saw the sneak august x solicits today, there’s someone major coming back to the book by 208 and that makes me happy)
    brightest day #2
    legion of super heroes #1

    and that’s pretty much it

  12. kurumais says:

    Marvelous land of oz
    Marvel her-oes
    Streets of gotham
    Ironman 26
    Joe the barbarian

    The avengers books

  13. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    ZATANNA #1
    GIRL COMICS #2 (OF 3)
    X-FACTOR #205 XSC


  14. IronMuskrat says:

    Looks like a brutal week for my wallet this week, my wife won’t be pleased at all =D

    For Sure..

    Atlas #1- Been looking forward to this one for some time, but the $3.99 price tag is troublesome. I will have to check it out and see what extras I am getting for my dollar, but Jeff Parker has always delivered for me story-wise so this should be a good one.

    American Vampire #3- This book is one of my big surprises of the year so far. A vampire story that doesn’t seem tired and played out, cool art, cool characters and Stephen King writing a comic book.

    Zantanna #1- Now that Dr. Strange is floating out there in limbo, I will have to get my magically powered superhero fix from DC.


    Joe the Barbarian #5- 90% sure I will get this book, if I don’t it wil be because I spent my money on something better. But I really like the artwork on this book, and the story gets better every week.

    Age of Heroes #1- I will take a look at this one in the store and see if it looks any good.

    Long Shot..

    Brightest Day #2- I ripped this book pretty hard last week, but I will take a look see at it this week at the store and see if the story moves along at all. If for some strange reason the story actually starts to move along I could, just maybe, most likely not, pick this book up.

    Well, that’s the plan this week.. whew!


  15. MicahSkin says:

    YAY! X-Factor. Have to know how so and so used their power of so and so to escape from the so and sos.

    Some of us don’t spoil things!

  16. variant girl says:

    Not including any of the trades I placed orders for my list is as follows:

    American Vampire #3 Loving this book!
    Atlas#1- loved this title and still do..Yay

  17. Mike F says:

    I might pass up Gantz this week to save up for a Kei Kishimoto ❤

  18. Friedmiester says:

    What up ladies and gentlemen?

    This week I will be buying:

    American Vampire #3 – This is the first Vertigo book I have ever read in issue form, and I am really digging it.
    (Though I don’t like stephen king’s story as much as snyder’s)

    Walking Dead #71 and #72- If anyone here has not read Walking Dead, I HIGHLY suggest catching up. Robert Kirkman’s dishes out some of the most emotionally invested work I have ever seen a comic book writer do.

    Ex Machina Vol. 9 and #49- Y the Last Man is definitely one of my favorite comic books of all time, and Ex Machina is right below it on my list. I’m really excited to see how this book is going to end next month in #50! Brian K Vaughn is quite possibly one of the best comic writers of all time.

    Joe The Barbarian #5- Grant Morrison’s tale of the dying boy has me coming back for more every month. I really like this series.

    Avengers #1- As much as people rag on Bendis and his Avengers, I really don’t mind Bendis’s writing AS much, and as a fan of comic books and a member of the comic book community, I like to stay on top of what’s going on in the big two’s books. Plus I am interested to see how John Romita’s art is go
    ing to be (judging by his art in the thor and iron man book from free comic book day, im pretty excited.)

    Brightest Day #2- There are some beats in this book I am not looking forward to (Martian Manhunter, Hawk/Dove)
    but I am still very interested to see whats going to happen to characters like Aquaman, Deadman, the Hawks, and Osiris from 52. I’m also curious as to what they are going to do with the White Light.

    Invincible Iron Man #26- This is a no brainer for me. I’ve been reading this series since issue #1 and I have continued to love it every month. This is the first and only solo Iron man book I have ever bought and read every month.

    X-Men Legacy #236 (Second Coming)- I love where the X books are right now. Second Coming is turning out to be quite the read, and it being a weekly story makes it even better. Too bad Greg Land is on this book 😦

    Legion of Super Heroes #1- Ever since being introduced to the Legion through Geoff John’s and Gary Frank’s Legion arc in Action Comics, I have been loving where the Legion has been going. I really enjoyed Legion of 3 worlds (even if I had to read it 5 times to full understand what happened) and I liked how they brought the Legion back into the world of Superman lately.

    I also ordered some back issues of Locke and Key:Crown of Shadows from my shop, so hopefully those will be there waiting tomorrow. Locke and Key is a great series, and there’s two trades out if anyone is interested. It’s by Joe Hill aka Stephen King’s son!

    Whew, that was long. Any other suggestions for other books to pick up would be greatly appreciated guys! (and girls)

  19. zcorp79 says:

    Brightest Day #2

    IIM #26
    Deadpool #23
    Atlas #1

  20. Stamps says:

    Batman Streets of Gotham #12
    Brightest Day #2
    Zatanna #1
    Age of Heroes #1
    Atlas #1
    Avengers #1
    Deadpool #23
    Invincible Iron Man #26
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #2
    Haunt #7
    Stargate Vala Mal Doran #1

  21. kurumais says:

    has anyone been keep track of all these what are getting this week threads and numbers? does anyone know what the bbw best sellers are?

  22. For those of you buying Age of Heroes #1 for the Captain Britain and MI 13 story please know that it is only 2 (that’s TWO!!!) pages long. What the fuck…


    • SMARTASS8 says:

      Unless it’s written by Hickman, people can take 1 minute to read it in the stores and save 4 bucks.

    • Locusmortis says:

      WTF?? 2 fucking pages? thats false selling by marvel in that case, they should give exact page counts in the solicits.

  23. comicbookdude says:

    -Atlas#1 (I’ve been excited for this ever since I heard it was coming back and after Jeff Parker talked about it in a panel I attended recently).

    -Invincible Iron Man#26
    -Brightest Day#2 (I’m probably gonna drop this soon, unless something exciting happens).


    -Deadpool#23 (This is another book I may drop soon. It’s not as funny to me anymore…)

  24. Pobra says:

    light but eventful week for me…

    Atlas #1 (This will mark my first venture in to the world of Atlas, based only on CCw’s continuous praise)

    Avengers #1 (This will more than likely mark my final venture in to the world of Bendis, based only on my own ignorance and undying love for JRJR)

    Iron Man #26 (This will be fucking awesome as always, based only on the supreme quality of the first 25 issues)

  25. Constantanius says:

    Another bloody big week for me


    Brightest Day #2
    Justice League of America #45
    Legion of Super-Heroes #1(Maybe)
    Superman Batman #72
    Superman War of the Supermen #3
    Zatanna #1(Absolutely!!! Been waiting for months for this book!)
    American Vampire #3


    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #2
    X-Factor #205
    X-Men Legacy #236
    Avengers #1
    Atlas #1

    Gantz Vol 10

  26. mitiators says:

    Has anyone checked out DC’s First Wave #2- The Spirit? I was wondering if it was any good. Apparently there is a back up story in there by Harlan Ellison and Kyle Baker. That could be crazy.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      It is not that good, but the back up in all the first wave spin-offs are better than the original story, It’s worth just looking in the back at your LCS.

  27. SmokeyClocks says:

    haunt #7

    walking dead #72

    joe the barbarian #5

  28. Mike F says:

    I’m quite excited for Zatanna #1. Maybe its the inner Miyazaki within me that loves a strong independent female role, so I’m really happy to see my favorite DC hero get a monthly 🙂

  29. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Brightest Day #2- story has been very disjointed so far, hope Johns can pull it together
    Joe the Barbarian #5-Arts amazing, story gets better and better
    American Vampire #3-Been amazing so far, and im sure it will get even better
    Invincible Ironman #26-Great as always, Fraction is doing a great job here
    Atlas #1-So pumped to see this finally come out

  30. vegedge says:

    American vampire(good suggestion jose, its fucking great. art is only alright so far )

    age of heroes or enter the heroic age..which ever one is the mini stories one by dan slott.

    i was hoping izombie 2 this week. i think maybe its nextweek?

  31. vegedge says:

    oh and jose, really loving metric lately huh?

    two diffrent mellow mondays AND in the background of the last video? i cant blame you, i have been listening to satelite mind and collect call every day since it came out i think.

  32. SMARTASS8 says:

    Well, I guess not enough people dropped their Marvel books when they started pricing most of their books at $3.99(or at least not enough bought non-Blackest Night books from DC).


    While I’m mad that DC seems to have started pricing 22 paged books at $3.99, it’s hard to blame them when their competition was still killing them in sales even with their price increases. I’m more pissed at the cutthroat opportunists at Marvel who set this standard & their weak minded “Zombie” slaves who would buy 3.99 books with only 20 pages of content.

  33. Adam727 says:

    I was wondering how many Avenger books are coming out?

  34. Adam727 says:

    I was just asking because Marvel loves to flood the shelves.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      Ya I’m not sure the exact number but I think it’s four. plus pet avengers, and whatever avengers books there are on the kids line. I hate to support 3.99 books but I am going to be picking up the Secret Avengers, it has a odd cast of characters and a great writer.

  35. Adam727 says:

    Yeah, I want to check that out myself. I see that it’s a 32 page book.

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