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Posted: May 20, 2010 in Question of the Week

This week’s question:

“Do you think twice about buying a comic that is $3.99 or more?”

For me, the answer is a resounding yes.

Early this week DC announced that it will be raising the prices of some of their standard sized 32 page comics with American Vampire being one of them. At the moment American Vampire has a back up Stephen King story which warrants the extra dollar per issue. Come August though that back up will be done and it is not being replaced by another one but the price will still remain $3.99. I will be the first to tell you that as soon as this happens I am dropping American Vampire and it will pain me to do so. There are only a few books I would consider paying $3.99 for if they had no extra material and sadly American Vampire is not one of them. I have never been a “trade wait” kind of person but looks like I will be becoming one very shortly.

I am not going to go to much more into this subject here because I am thinking that this will make a good topic for next week’s Last Rants segment of the videos.

So what does everyone think?


  1. mbell028 says:

    I do agree with you Jose that I’m not happy if a certain book is $3.99 if the creative team is good and the book itself is good I will buy it.

    For example the books that I currently am buying or plan to buy that are $3.99 are Wolverine Weapon X, which has writer Jason Aaron. I know a lot of people are sick of Wolverine, but this book is really good I’ve been reading it since issue 1 and I think it’s a really fun book that is a lot different from the other books that I’m reading right now. I’m also reading American Vampire, which I’m really enjoying, which isn’t a suprise it’s a vertigo book. Also I plan on picking up Shadowland the Daredevil mini-series that’s coming out in July and I’m only picking that up because I have really been enjoying Andy Diggle’s run on Daredevil. I’m shocked it’s been this good since Brubakers run was also fantastic and he really put Diggle in a tough spot at the end of his run.

    Those are the only $3.99 books that I am currently picking up and for now these are the only ones I plan on picking up. I was reading Punishermax, which I loved the first arc, but the current Bullseye arc to me isn’t that good so I dropped it. I’ll read a book as long as it’s good even if it is $3.99 the trick is to make sure you’re buying books your actually enjoying not because they’re the hot book of the moment.

    Hope this answers the question,

  2. tomstewdevine says:

    It makes a huge difference to me. I have actually picked up more dc books and less marvel books since the switch to 3.99, because I felt like DC was giving me more for my 3.99. Well that was nice of DC, it looks as though things are changing.
    The reason I still buy some marvel is because they pay to have some of the best talent in comics, while I might not care for Loeb or Millar, I do truly love the works of writers like Aaron, Reminder, Fraction, Brubaker, and Hickman.
    I will drop American Vampire after the first arc (as a rule of thumb I will always finish an arc I start) But after that I will not be buying it. I do buy almost every other Vertigo title, it is my absolute favorite comics company, and I love the freedom the creator has while still having good editors to make sure books comes out on time, if any of the other Vertigo titles go up, I will be pissed.
    As much as I would like to say that “I will never pick up a 3.99 book” I can’t, because I love comics too much to drop good books.

  3. Wiglebienie says:

    It has to be not only an all around good book quality wise, but also something that I personally really enjoy. For instance I personally really enjoyed the first few issues of Adventure Comics last fall, especially the art in it. So I was willing to pay the steep price tag, even though I didn’t really care for the Legion second feature. $3.99 is where I draw my limit though.

  4. I try to not buy $3.99 books.

    Today, I passed up on Legion of Superheroes and Atlas due to the $3.99 tagg. I don’t have the cash to shell out on 4 dollar books. Honestly, I’d buy a heck of a lot more if they were cheaper. I dropped all Marvel books due to this.

    In the last year I went from buying an obscene amount of books to maybe 4 a month.

    I did an article on my thoughts of this nature a while back, if anyone is interested.

  5. IronMuskrat says:

    Wow, what is the target audience for comics these days? Lottery winners and World Poker Tour champions? Holy shit, I have a pretty good job and even I find myself balking at $4 a book. I can’t imagine what a kid with no job is suppose to do…

    Kid: Dad, can I have my allowance for the month?
    Dad: Did you take out the trash?
    Kid: Yup!
    Dad: Great job, here you go!
    Kid: Woah, Woah, Woah.. what is this?
    Dad: Ten bucks?
    Kid: Dad, are you kidding me.. 10 dollars doesn’t even cover a weeks worth of comics!
    Dad: How many comics are you buying a week?
    Kid: Three
    Dad: Three comic books cost more than ten buck?
    Kid: Yup!
    Dad: Well guess what.
    Kid: What?
    Dad: It looks like you will only be buying two comics this week.
    Kid: …

    I am guessing that Marvel and DC are targeting adults now as their primary buyers, but like I said that can lead to some awkward conversations also…

    Wife: Did you charge anything on the card today?
    Me: Humm, I gassed up the car..
    Wife: OK, give me the receipt.
    Me: Sure thing!
    Wife: Ah Ha! what is this? Comic City!
    Me: Hummm, yeah, I picked up a few books this week.
    Wife: $23 dollars! what!
    Me: Well, yeah.. I might review a few book for Jose this week(sorry, Jose!)
    Wife: Jose, Jose ,Jose! You and Jose! Who is this Jose?
    Me: He’s my friend on the internet, he does those videos.
    Wife: Oh yeah, Mr. Fuck this and fuck that! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!
    Me: You turn me on when you talk like that.
    Wife: Don’t change the subject!
    Me: What was the subject again?
    Wife: You and your boyfriend Jose.
    Me: What?
    Wife: You heard me, go be with your boyfriend!
    Me: Don’t be mad at me because I have friends!
    Wife: <>
    Me: <>

    So I guess what I am saying is $3.99 comics ruins childhoods and destroys marriages.

    Damn, how many beers have I had tonight? =)

    • cballsack says:

      That really is the big question: who is the target audience? It clearly isn’t young kids anymore, and yet how are comic books supposed to remain viable if you cut that part of the audience out? Quesada has said repeatedly that, despite all the multimedia success that Marvel has enjoyed this past decade, that the printed comic book is still the company’s “life blood.” If that’s how he really feels, he would go out of his way to lower the price of his books. DC as well. In fact, I noticed that DC’s kids’ line of books (Batman: The Brave And The Bold and Billy Batson and the Magic Of Shazam, etc), are only $2.50. Granted, it’s on cheaper quality paper, but so what? Why can’t all books go back to that cheaper paper? I don’t read comic books for their glossy factor; I read them for the story.

      I gave up buying individual issues years ago. I was still buying trades up until last summer, but I’ve stopped that too. Once or twice a week I go to Barnes & Noble or Border’s and sit down and read for a couple hours. I feel shitty doing that because I honestly would like to support the industry, but quite frankly, I don’t have the money for it.

      • Deemar says:

        Agree I don’t mind lower quality paper at a cheaper price, but from what I understand paper cost makes little difference in the finished comic cost.

        • manaconda! says:

          i heard in a word balloon interview with ed brubaker that he looked into printing criminal on newsprint in hopes that they would be able to charge less for the book, but he said after investigating it the conclusion they came to was it was only going to save the consumer a couple of cents at best.

          i dont think ed would lie to us… would he?

          • Deemar says:

            He said he loved me, but he lied

          • cballsack says:

            Then why do comics cost that much more?

            • manaconda! says:

              i dunno, shipping, gas prices, inflation, labour, electricity, greed, sean phillips needs to feed his puppies, it could be any number of things, im just saying what ed said about paper in the siuntress interview.

              independant books, even icon (a marvel imprint for creator owned books) books dont sell nearly as well as top superhero books, and comics that dont have superheroes dont do as well as the ones that do, criminal sold less than incognito, even though its all the same creators and the same imprint, what im saying is for ed brubaker and especially sean phillips to make a living doing what they love they cant always lower prices so much. bru is writing captain america and an avengers book, so he’ll be ok, but sean phillips cant draw 3 or 4 books a month.

              i cant speak for marvel and dc charging out the ying yang/wazoo, yes i said wazoo.

    • Deemar says:

      Lol! aahh!

      That was great musky, that is pretty much the convo I have with the ball & chain.

    • Benicio127 says:

      Those are the greatest conversations ever.

  6. Insideman says:

    I am a “wait for the trade” kinda guy (just fits my lifestyle better now) and I buy maybe 2 – 6 comics a month (if that).

    It should tell you something that I will no longer buy those few books if they are all going to $3.99.

  7. mbell028 says:

    I think that if a book is going to be $3.99 then the first issue of the book should be $1. I know that prevents them from making a lot of money, but I think it would be a true service to the fans to at least give us some leeway. I mean look at Vertigo they have realeased the first issues of Joe the Barbarian, Unwritten, and IZombie for $1 (note these books are $2.99, but you get the point). I feel that by doing this they get a wider audience introduced into the books and if its that good people will pay $3.99.

    Or they could just make every book $2.99 and have real respect for devoted fans lol.

    • Deemar says:

      It’s a drug dealer move is what it is, give’em a taste on the cheap, hook them then jack the price.

      I can appreciate the effort, but c’mon Vertigo makes its money of the collected stories not the singles.

  8. Deemar says:

    Marvel really fucked us all, they set the price standard. DC saw that the fandom would cough up the dough for $3.99 comics and they followed suit simple as that.

    So yeah some DC books will get the axe from my pull list it’s a shame.

    • Actually, I believe that the true Marvel Zombies helped Marvel fuck us all too.


      • Venom829 says:

        I second that.

      • SMARTASS8 says:

        I’m just copying & pasting what I said a few days ago in this week’s “What Are You Getting This Week” thread…

        “Well, I guess not enough people dropped their Marvel books when they started pricing most of their books at $3.99(or at least not enough bought non-Blackest Night books from DC).

        While I’m mad that DC seems to have started pricing 22 paged books at $3.99, it’s hard to blame them when their competition was still killing them in sales even with their price increases. I’m more pissed at the cutthroat opportunists at Marvel who set this standard & their weak minded “Zombie” slaves who would buy 3.99 books with only 20 pages of content.”

      • Deemar says:

        Indeed they didn’t even leave a tip or cuddle

  9. Johnny Cockburn says:

    the only title i pay 3.99 for is features extra material. and on occasion for the art, but that rarely happens these days.
    still i get a good deal at my store with the discounts and the such so it’s not too bad. marvel ruins everything anyway so i try not to support to many of their titles…but i just can’t resist that cosmic shit!

  10. mbell028 says:

    it’s not just comics that are really expensive why the hell are trades sometimes up to $30. It’s ridiculous especially when they sell for $10 in amazon the comic shop I goes to sells them at cover price they should match online offers or at least offer a parcial discount due to the large price difference

    • Don’t blame comic shops for charging cover price. It not our fault that Amazon buys those books is massive quantities and gets a huge discount. Amazon sells their trades sometimes for LESS than what our COST is! I also do not believe that “we” have to match anyone’s pricing. What you get a a good comic shop is good service and product knowledge. If you want to buy trades cheap continue buying them from Amazon but don’t complain later when your comic shop closes because of your actions.


  11. mbell028 says:

    Partial I spelled it parcial for some reason lol

  12. itsmemorph says:

    Yes, money is tight for me i got a job at walmart just for the 10% discount lol. I live an hour away from the nearest comic shop so $20 comes out of my comic cash just for gas to the shop. i try and go at the end of every month but i cant wait most of the time and end up going every other week so i end up having to cut down on the groceries, im already without cable lol. I can probably afford one 3.99 book since my comic shop has a 20% discount, but it has to be somthing i really want.

  13. DidioForever says:

    Quite dissapointed with this news, and I hope it isn’t a sign of things to come because DC have earned a lot of my respect and support over the past couple’o years by keeping 22-page comics at £2.99

    Sometimes I look at their solits and have to rub my eyes when I see best-selling stuff like Batman & Robin still at £2.99. But even then, no matter how much I love that book, I’d probably go to a very painful and gruelling “trade-wait” if they hiked it up a dollar without offering any sort of backup material.

    I point blank refuse to pay more because of who’s creating the product.

    You wouldn’t expect to spend more on a cinema ticket or DVD according to the actors, director or special effects budget, would you?

    It’s the same f**king thing, if not worse because comics aren’t limited by budget or the cost of actors etc; everyone gets the same shot at telling the best story they can.

    F**K any writer or artist whot think’s they’re worth more than anyone else in the industry. F**K ‘EM RIGHT OFF.

    So I’ll actually go as far as to say that I think people who DO happily pay $3.99 for 22 page comics are making it shitty for everyone else – because they are proving to Marvel & co that they CAN get away with it.

    If all comics ends up that expensive in a years time then it’s all your f**king fault, basically.

  14. Stamps says:

    Yeah I do think twice, especially if I’m on the fence about the issue anyway. Then it becomes pretty much a deal breaker.

  15. Rob F says:

    Economically I can understand why prices get raised but it seems like for comics the prices have risen a lot faster than they needed too. I remember my own personal glory days when books were 2.25 on the average. My main gripe with the price increases is that there was no real quality increase on the whole (most of my rant is directed at Marvel who I blame for 3.99 books). Quesada also bullshitted the rationale that shouldn’t really satisfy customers.

    I also draw a distinction between small companies doing versus the big two. If a company can’t have as large print runs, then I would be willing to pay a little more for the product.

    It seems like Marvel is trying to play roulette with their zombies, see how high they can jack the price before they lose enough of their readership. Cause nearly everyone on these boards has cut back and I doubt that we are the exceptions to the rule. I think back ups are a nice idea tho…

  16. Rottenjorge says:

    i hope this does make the next video podcast

  17. TheMSpot says:

    I have one ongoing book in my buy pile currently because it has a back up and I enjoy that writer. But, recently I was conflicted on what book to buy last week either American Vampire or Atlas. I choose Atlas because I enjoy Parker’s writing and I enjoyed his previous Atlas stuff and I hate vampire’s at the moment sorry Synder, I enjoyed reading your book but I just couldn’t bring my self to buy your book.(fucking Twilight) Also, I found out that Atlas will go down to 2.99.

    • TheMSpot says:

      At the beginning of my reply I meant to say that I currently have one 3.99 book in my buy pile, but still stand by the rest of my statement.

  18. Venom829 says:

    All of my comics lowest price is at $3.99. So for me, it’s no, cause if I don’t buy a $3.99 comic, then there is no comics for me to buy. STUPID EXCHANGE RATE!

    • Pobra says:

      Really?? My shop charges $3.25 for books priced at 2.99 and $4.50 for 3.99 books. Does that mean you would have to pay 5 bucks for a 3.99 book? Shite.

      • Venom829 says:

        Yes, the books are that are $2.99 in US dollars are charged an extra buck for crossing the American/Canadian border, and I can only buy comics in my town from convienent stores and the Zellers in our local mall.

        • Pobra says:

          That sucks man. I’m in Canada too, so you would probably pay around what i’m paying if you had a proper shop to go to.

  19. Smallmaniac says:

    I have no job so I’m to the point where I’m getting only 1-2 comics whenever they come out. I’m moving towards a convention-trade wait kind of person. It costs around $25 for one day at the door. Most trades are sold buy one get one free. It’s a gamble cause you’re not guaranteed to find what you want, but I think it’s way more than worth it than buying books new.

    These higher prices will really put a strain on the industry. Dark Horse is putting some of it’s titles at $3.50, so I doubt even indie publishers will be immune to the price hike. I’m just about done with comic books altogether now.

  20. Mike F says:

    I dropped a lot of 4 dollar books as of lately. With all the payments I gotta make, frankly, Captain America and Thor just aren’t worth the extra dollar.

    Another thing is Manga that $13 and not the standard $9 or $10. Almost all the series I read are the #13 so for both eastern and western Comics, I am always putting in more with the ones I like most.

    I understand the economy isn’t perfect but I think raising money only makes it worst. There aren’t enough fanboys who get a high enough allowance from their mommy’s to afford every 4 marvel book… it won’t be long before the industries screw them-self over…

  21. TheMSpot says:

    Captain America #1 back in 1941 cost 10 cent, that was with a 45 page Cap story and a back up feature. Could someone tell me what that would cost today.

  22. mitiators says:

    Yes, I do think twice. That pretty much why I left Marvel by the wayside. I still pick up $4 DC books from time to time, but they usually have been bigger books like Blackest Night and The Return of Bruce Wayne. I recently had to bite the bullet and start a subscription to Batman (because Grant Morrison is returning) in attempt to shave some bucks off my monthly comics bill. I haven’t done this in a while because I like to support the local comic shops in the bay area, but being a student I can’t afford being the huge nerd that I am. These escalating prices are going to push established comic fans like myself away and scare off potential new ones as well.

  23. SMARTASS8 says:

    I don’t do the convention thing, but if any of you go to a convention where JoeyQ is in attendance, ask him where the promised backups in Marvel’s $3.99 books are? All I found were a shitty female Bucky story, reprints of old covers, excerpts from Bendis’ creative writing class, and, as is most often the case, nothing!!! As the current leader of the comic book industry, thanks for setting the standard so high you ugly piece of shit.

    • Will.S says:

      The Incredible Hulk/Hercules books have had back ups, Amazing Spider-Man on occasion, and some mini’s as well. It’s not done uniformly but they’ve been doing them.

  24. vegedge says:

    no. i buy mostly hellboy bprd, solomon kane, izombie and the marquis. and those are all 3 bucks.

    its been common for the smaller companies for a while now.

  25. Pobra says:

    I always think twice about paying 3.99 for a comic. If it’s something I’m really enjoying (Rucka’s Detective run), then i’m willing to shell out the extra dollar, but if it’s not of the absolute highest caliber then forget it. Or if I’m getting plenty of extra content (Iron Man #25). The only other exception is if it’s a slow week and i feel like checking something new out (Atlas #1). Sadly i feel as though I’m being pushed more and more in to trade waiting, which I hate, I rather enjoy my weekly outings to the lcs and being on the ground floor of my favorite books.

  26. Edward2962 says:

    I definitely think twice about the price of certain comics.And I think the excuse of production costs and creator salaries is BS. Have cost gone up THAT much more than the days when Lee and McFarland were making millions?It’s like when AIR JORDANS cost around $12 to make but NIKE charges you $100 cuz it’s the hip thing.

    I think they are marketing at rich teens not adults.Adults (like some on this board have already said) think “Hm,maybe I’ll spend this $12 on gas or food this week instead of 3 mediocre event comics.”

    What kills me is DIDN’T WE LIVE THRU THIS ALREADY? Remember the 90’s implosion?The companies got greedy with the cross-overs,pre-bagged issues,foil covers,and multiple variants and other gimmicks.The fans said,”I can’t afford to buy multiple copies of the same comic w/crappy art,so I WON’T BUY ANY!” The industry is going to shoot itself the the foot again…

  27. Hey folks, Elliott here. American Vampire writer Scott Snyder read Jose’s post and sent us an e-mail. I thought I’d share it with everyone so you can see the issue from the creator’s POV:

    “Hey CCW – Just wanted to share your pain. Everyone on AV wants the book to drop in price, but the fact seems to be that basically everything is soon going to be rising to 3.99, so reducing it and then raising it again would be like a tease (that seems to be the admin.’s stand, though I’m still trying to push the issue a bit). Anyway, I’m sorry about the dent in the wallet. S”

    Which just goes to show that being a creator in the biz can suck sometimes. Jose and I have spoken about this in the past. The current pricing trend in comics is making it difficult for people to read newer titles and stick with them. As a writer myself, I wince when I hear about folks dropping a book due to price and not necessarily because of the content.

    Carry on,


  28. phil says:

    Yes it gives me pause to pick up some comics at that price. Which is why I’ll be moving to trades ( I’m already starting with Invincible )
    As an aside and veering a bit off topic; is anyone surprised by DC’s decision?

    • TheMSpot says:

      Not really, all companies think about the bottom line and how to increase their revenue stream.

      • SMARTASS8 says:

        I can’t really blame DC either even though I’m disappointed by the news. They’re still trailing Marvel even though Marvel charges $3.99 for most books(even ones that are only 22 pages). If it’s not helping their sales, why should DC keep their prices down?

    • Deemar says:

      If you really look at what DC has been doing in the last few years, they really have been gearing up to take down Marvel.

      From greater focus on the movies, Johns getting the corporate bump, DC Entertainment, DC now taking submitions, letting artists write, marketing of the BN rings.

      DC is going full throttle for our dollars, they see Marvel essentially saying “fuck the fanboys milk’em dry” and DC is like “Yeah lets milk them fuckity fucks dry”


      • SMARTASS8 says:

        Making their prices as high as Marvel’s is not going to help DC at all. To be honest, none of what they’ve done since late 2009 has really helped them much. Other than Blackest Night selling well, they’re still “eating Marvel’s rubber”. Since Iron Man 2 doing well at the box office hasn’t led to much in terms of huge comic sales, is Green Lantern going to do any better? I know I sound like a loyal “Zombie”, but as much as I want DC to succeed(as many of their books as I buy, it’s not my fault), I just don’t see that happening long term any time soon.

        • Deemar says:

          I think it will work, mainly since DC is going to start flooding the market like Marvel.

          Marvel’s strength is saturation, they win by sheer volume of comics good or bad they will bludgeon the competition too death, take a smaller company’s space on the store rack, if Image has a brand new 1st issue comic on the stands Marvel will have 6 new #1s etc..

          It’s like a giant greedy grizzly on the rivers edge snatching up all the fish.

          • SMARTASS8 says:

            Marvel also sells better since DC still has the stigma of being an old fashioned universe full of goody two-shoes who all share the personality of Ward Cleaver. While the similar personalities hasn’t been true since the late 70’s, if being old fashioned means that their heroes are not all cold blooded, disloyal anti-heroes, I’ll take DC over Marvel any day of the week. Unfortunately, Marvel’s way of doing things seems to sell better.

  29. Variant Girl says:

    Jose you make a good point about the pricing and I do agree with you. Actually because of the price of comic books these days I have really cut down my list of buys in single issues. I am now a full fledged trader for a couple of reasons.

    1. You get multiple issues in one book
    2. More often than not you can get the trades on discount days and sales online and in store.
    you’re paying less. And if not the prices are reasonable all on there own.

    3. Space saver, you can put you’re trades neatly on a bookshelf which is also great for display

    4. The really big stinky con is that you have to wait, which sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it may be to late to go back, fanboys have dug their own cash graves and created this situation themselves because they will buy variants and tie-ins and what ever they can and price is no object. No one is going to boycott comics in order to send a message to the big companies, so am afraid we may face more of this price gaugeing in the future. I often compare American comics to that of Japanese Manga and wonder what are we really paying for here? In manga the price is obviously higher but you are also getting like a hundred some odd pages. The stories are usually quite good and they more times than not they are books that I would read again. Especially series like Battle Royale or Death Note.

    This is an on-going issue for me and I struggle with it all the time. My greatest fear is that one of these days I will have to walk away from comics altogether because I just can’t afford it anymore, and they goes the female readership for comics LOL just kidding. Comics have become a luxury item and if the prices contiune to rise as they do then fanboys, girls, and the shops will all suffer which means in the end the industry is only hurting itself.

    As for now American Vampire is still on my list and at 3.99 I will continue on with it ONLY because I don’t have a huge pull list anymore so I can afford it. I like it because it’s different and not the same thing.

    Jose, here’s a queston for you. How much would you be willing to pay for an Invincible single issue? 🙂 Just curious.

    • Well, Invincible #75 in going to be an extra-sized issue and will cost $5.99. So…I guess my answer is $5.99. Invincible and Agents of Atlas are the exceptions to the rule for me. If I had to stop buying other titles to afford those, so be it.


      • TheMSpot says:

        So, you would be confortable with paying $5.99 will say 3 or 4 times a month for comic books every month or just once in awhile like in the case of Invincible #75 on the first issue of Atlas.

        • Once in a while, Hell maybe once every two years.. No issue of Invincible has ever cost that much so I really think that it will be worth it. If comics ever got to be that price on a regular basis you can count me out. I would go strictly trade and not have a problem with it. As far as Atlas goes if it DID stay at $3.99 an issue you can bet I would cancel getting a different Marvel book so that they would be losing money in he long run.


          • TheMSpot says:

            Agreed and I guess it is nice that the Atlas book will go down to 2.99 but I don’t understand why they didn’t have it at that price to begin with.

            • Marvel ALWAYS has new #1’s priced at $3.99. #1’s are usually the best selling issues of their respective titles. It’s just a crash grab and nothing more.

              Also, after seeing that Snyder responded to us about the price increase in American Vampire I will now continue to buy that comic out of respect for him trying to get the price lowered on his end. I will though be dropping a DC book instead and I will talk about that during next week’s Last Rants.


              • TheMSpot says:

                Yeah, when I saw that response now I feel I should start buying the book instead of reading it. At least it’s only three issues in so it won’t be to bad on the wallet.

  30. phil says:

    What about and I don’t remember if it was you, Jose or E, but awhile back one or both of you had mentioned that the trades were gonna be raising their prices to the point that purchasing them would end up being in the long run the same as if you had bought the initial single issues. Is that still in effect?

  31. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    Yeah I do think twice, I cut some books to buy higher priced ones. And that hurts the big two in the long run as comic fans dont have Uncle Scrooge money vaults. We have budgets!!!

  32. TheMSpot says:

    I would like to thank Scott Snyder for guilt tripping me into buying his book. Hehe

    • Deemar says:

      Yeah me too, Dan Slott needs to get his ass here and start begging for paying customers.

      • TheMSpot says:

        Dan Slott still works at Marvel? I thought at this point he would of gotten tired of being fucked over by them.

        • SMARTASS8 says:

          He’s still a loyal boy that always sticks up for Marvel…

          I couldn’t make it past the second page of this thread, but I saw he defended JoeyQ in post #19.

          • How many books is Slott writing for Marvel now? Maybe I’ll care about what he has to say when he is a little more relevant. Towing the company line is one thing but kissing the ass of a company who (from the outside) looks like they could gives two shit about you? Have some self respect at least.


        • Deemar says:

          I love Slott (Heh! love slot)but he is like that sweet, innocent, loyal girl friend who is constantly insulted and cheated on by her asshat boyfriend.

          Dude needs to get a clue and move on, take a shot at creator owned maybe go to the other side(DC)as much as I think Dan Slott is the heir apparent to Stan Lee/Kirby (I can’t think of another writer at Marvel who has created as many new characters that actually have a chance of sticking)it’s time for him to let Marvel know they missed a good thing.

          • SMARTASS8 says:

            I think Slott is also similar to Geoff Johns(although not as kill-happy). His Arkham Asylum mini at DC was great but I doubt he’ll ever leave. He’s like the last member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society who refuses to leave the clubhouse even though a bunch of thugs have taken it over. He did do some creator owned stuff before. A fun little book named Big Max…

            Before I stopped posting on CBR(I’m now down to CCW and occasionally at BleedingCool), Dan Slott “corrected” me when I was politely voicing my like of his Avengers work and dilike for Bendis’. He did seem to be pleased that I remembered Big Max so fondly though.

  33. comicbookdude says:

    I always think twice when buying my comics, whether they be new releases or back issues at a convention. As soon as every book in the industry hits $3.99, I doubt I’ll be buying comic books when they come out. I’ll just wait for them to come out in Half-Price Books or something like that. I just can’t take it anymore. I’ve had to drop so many good books due to the prices.

    • comicbookdude says:

      although currently if the book warrants the $4 price tag (such as Atlas and Invincible Iron Man) then I will buy it. If it just 22-pages of art and some oral history of the Avengers crap then I won’t buy it.

  34. generaldark says:

    I am 99% a DC fanboi and it hurts knowing the company you love so much and grew up with hisnt as nice as you thought. i will have to make cuts if they do the 3.99 stuff. im concerned for green lantern because i DO NOT want to pay 3.99 for that book. NOR do i want to pay it for batman and robin.

  35. TheGateJester says:

    I definitely watch out for prices when i buy my comic books. I am glad to say that I only get a handful of comics that are 3.99 and out of those handful only 2 are from DC : Det. Comics (I have been getting this comic for the longest time) and American Vampire. And as for Marvel I only get Hercules. That’s all I am willing to give to the big two. Other than that I did get Blackest Night, but that did have the extra pages. That’s pretty much the deciding factor for me. Occasionally if I really like the creative team I will pick up the book. The only other time I spend 3.99 on a book is if it is an indie book.. like from Oni Press or Boom!

  36. cballsack says:

    Quesada’s two cents on the subject:

    These few lines jumped out at me:

    “This is a very high gloss, fully rendered CGI entertainment world we live in. If comics went down to printing and coloring as we had back in the olden days, it would absolutely affect people’s desire to buy our product versus other things they can spend their money on. Bells and whistles do matter and the shiny penny gets picked up.”

    Considering how comic book sales don’t even come close to what they did back in the late 80s and early 90s, I’m not sure I agree with his assessment.

  37. Benicio127 says:

    That’s kind of why I’m really picky about what I buy. And why I’m quick to drop anything that’s crap (Current Batman by Tony Daniel, Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool: Team-up, Detective now that Rucka is gone…)

    The rest of the stuff I get is usually in trades, so I can be even more picky.

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