CCW 3.52: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 & Birds of Prey #1 REVIEWED

Posted: May 25, 2010 in CCW Review, CCW TV, DC Comics, Reviews
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  1. generaldark says:

    i liked TROBW. The bat could have used more explaining but overall it was great.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      I also thought it was excellent, A decent story with amazing art makes four a great comic book I would give it ***1/2 on the CCW scale.

  2. ullar says:

    I loved TROBW. I loved that fact that the Bat is such a huge part of Bruce’s psyche that even when he is amnesic he still fashions a costume out of it to strike fear into the hearts of criminals. I also really dug the connections between the cave men of FC and this.

  3. Mike F says:

    I’ve heard Elliot say the phrase “Don’t get me wrong” so many times. On the board, in his blog, this video, and on the YouTube account from time to time. LOL, i just find it funny how he says it so often…

    Great video tho guys

  4. iqy92 says:

    i was lukewarm on TROBW although it didnt dissapooint. This is probally because i didnt have high expectations for it, i knew there was quite a bit off hype for it but i thought it would be fun stories involving bats in different timelines which this book was, nothing more. My main batman book is batman and robin which has been stellar recentley, especially last issue.

    I didnt enjoy simone’s birds of prey, i don’t enjoy most simones work such as her wonder woman run was pretty boring although her secret six book is my favourite team book

  5. Deemar says:

    I’m gonna do something against my better judgement and keep up with BoP, I’ve dropped B&R Simone can get that money.

    • phil says:

      Yo D, what are you not diggin’ about B&R? I no doubt have a bad feeling about how Grant is going to bring Bruce back, but B&R as it stands so far is off the hook. The art seems to be the best since Quitely. So, what gives? Enqiring minds want to know :-0

  6. phil says:

    I like Grant, but I just have no interest in Bruce’s return. I know I’m in the minority on this one, but I had no problem with Dick remaining Batman, indefinitely.

    As I’v mentioned before, I also was not a fan of B o P. Mostly because of the art. Unlike y’all, I like Ed’s work, but as I’ve mentined…the colrist did not do him any favors, except maybe one wardrobe thing, you pointed out, Jose. Other than that… the colorists tones were muddying up the linework that I’m use to seeing by him.
    As far as Ed being somewhat derivative, you’ll get no argument from me, however comparing him to Turner (may he rest in peace) is doing Ed a disservice. The wworst Ed i’ll take over the best Turner any day. If he’s aping anyone its Jim Lee and I think he could have worse role models.
    All that said, if things don’t pick up by next issue, I’m done.

    • Deemar says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself

    • tomstewdevine says:

      Although I do like the Return, I see where you are coming from, I would have loved it if they had let Bruce stay dead. At least for five or so years, how interesting would it have been to see what kind of character Dick Grayson would have become after being in Batman’s shoes for so long.

  7. Stamps says:

    “Don’t get me wrong but…”lol I’m flip-flopped from the opinions you guys had on the art. I didn’t care as much for the art of Chris Sprouse in ROBW and I liked the Birds of Prey Ed Benes art.

    Not all of the Sprouse art was bad. The fight scenes looked really cool to me. For me it was just the cavemen, and the way he drew them, specifically their faces that was a real turn off for me.

    I liked the Benes art. I’ve liked most of what he’s done in his career, including all his work on the fist version of Birds of Prey. it’s just a personal opinion. I thought the colorer was really, really good and did an excellent job in this issue.

  8. kurumais says:

    i read the return of bruce wayne in the shop and i was suprised i didnt hate it but neither did i buy or feel the need to check out what comes next

    ed benes stuff looks like a jim lee clone to me nothing he does reminds me of micheal turner
    thankfully this time ed went and got breast reductions for all his gals his oracle especially used to be packin the double D’s it was insane everyone looks a hundred times better then the last time he was on the book

    hawk always had one of my favorite costumes my older brother had some of the original run of hawk and dove. before i could read i liked hawk and dove. i wasnt crazy about what i saw in brighest day 0&1 it was exactly the place hawk was right at the start of the 1988 mini series by Babara and karl kesel that introducedthe female dove. i did not want to go through that all over again. BoP #1’s hawk and dove had a whole different vibe to them. hawk seemed more wounded and very dangerously on edge of something very very bad. dove seemed completely overwhelmed by it all. i like that gail simone thinks oracle and the birds are up to the job at sorting them out. i think hawk surrounded by women on all sides is going to be very hard for him and very funny for readers. i missed the birds i cant understand why it was canned in the first place but im glad they are back.

  9. Adam727 says:

    How to stop The Sentry: Drop a Helicarrier on him, as it appears, that’s how you can slow the A.O.D. down. Then while Bob is having his Urkel (Did I do that) moment, smite him with a hammer and throw the corpse/host into the sun, which mind you, Bob has tried this before. He came back without a scratch. That was so stupid, having Loki playing with those magic pet rocks. Whatever, man! Bendis, please change your last name to Horrendis. BTW, what hell is Iron Man suppose to do with that antique silver age armor? Seriously, stop shoehorning that in. It’s enough you have Spider-Man hanging upside down in every single Avenger meetings.

  10. tomstewdevine says:

    Good Video guys, but next time don’t forget the microphone. And I do like that shirt E. I have the same one.

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