Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Dark Horse, DC Comics, Marvel

These posts are getting up later than usual and I really need to get heading on into work. Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? Here’s what I’ll be buying this Wednesday:

Brave and the Bold #34
Doomwar #4 (Jonathan Maberry)
Fantastic Four #579 (Jonathan Hickman)
Green Lantern Corps #54
Guild #3
Power Girl #12
Secret Warriors #16 (Jonathan Hickman)
Thunderbolts #144 (Jeff Parker)
Wonder Woman #44

One thing I was going to talk about on this week’s videos (which we didn’t tape) was that I am going to continue to buy American Vampire despite the $3.99 cover price with no additional content come August. BUT because of that I will be dropping a book that I am currently getting to make up for that. So, starting this week (why postpone the inevitable?) I am dropping Green Lantern. I have been on the fence with this book for a long while and now that Blackest Night is finished, so am I with this book. I am at the point where I would rather use my money to support a comic and upcoming writer that is doing something different and who has a fresh voice. Green Lantern is/has neither of those things (to me anyway) anymore. Green Lantern Corps has always been the better GL book anyway.


  1. Stamps says:

    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #2
    Detective Comics #865
    Gotham City Sirens #12
    Green Lantern #54
    Green Lantern Corps #48
    Deadpool Merc With a Mouth #11

  2. Chris says:

    I’m glad I managed to sort my computer out in time for Who’s Getting What This Week?!
    7 Psychopaths #1
    Scalped #38

  3. mbell028 says:

    Hey what’s up guys? This week I’ll be getting:
    Green Lantern 54
    Unknown Soldier 20
    Wolverine Weapon X 13

    I wasn’t too suprised to hear you dropping Green Lantern I have been on the fence myself lately about it. After blackest night’s awesomeness I’m not happy that we jump right into another event I would like it if Green Lantern to find it’s own identity outside of event books. I will give it this month to see how it is if it’s not that good I’ll more than likely be dropping it like i did with Green Lantern Corps I had to drop it after the awesome concluision Tomasi made.

    • generaldark says:

      i thought the art sucked in that finally, the inkers did no compliments to kyle rayner at all.

      • Stamps says:

        I agree completely
        Kyle Rayner’s face looks so bad every time he’s drawn in that book. Kyle is my favorite GL and I hate the way he looks. It seems to be that they draw Kyle like he has bad skin graphs like a burn victim or something.
        I personally like the story so I just try to not think about the art so much.

  4. ullar says:

    I’m getting
    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #2
    Brave and the Bold #34
    Green Lantern #54
    Green Lantern Corps #48
    Justice League the Rise of Arsenal #3
    Amazing Spider-Man #632
    Amazing Spider-Man Annual #37
    Fantastic Four #579
    Peter Parker #3
    Secret Avengers #1
    Secret Warriors #16
    Thunderbolts #144

    • kurumais says:

      how are you liking the arsenal mini? i got the first 2 issues and what was the term elliot used? super hero tragedy porn? thats all i could think of misery for misery sake once again lets turn a hero into a victim. i really like roy harper too

  5. kurumais says:

    Billy batson and the magic of shazam
    Secret avengers
    Thanos imperative ignition
    The mighty crusaders
    Jla generation lost

  6. Mike F says:

    20th century boys #8 is all I need. Nothing else compares really.

    • Hate to break the news to you Mike but we got an email today saying that there was a printing error in 20th Century Boys Vol 8 and that they have to go back and reprint the whole batch so it will be delayed at LEAST another month…maybe two. Sorry.



      I’m just kidding.

      • Mike F says:


        God Damn it, Jose! I ALMOST went into a blind rage there 😛

        Ever since vol 5 the series leaves you Begging for more. As if the Viz Media imports weren’t slow enough already, lol, a delay would no doubt ruin my month. However, If this were true, I’d just get Gantz 10 🙂

  7. SMARTASS8 says:

    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #2
    Brave and the Bold #34
    Green Lantern #54
    Green Lantern Corps #48
    Justice League Generation Lost #2
    Justice League the Rise of Arsenal #3
    Power Girl #12
    Superman War of the Supermen #4
    The Mighty Crusaders Special #1
    The Web #9
    Wildcats #23
    GI Joe Hearts and Minds #1

  8. tomstewdevine says:


    Batman ROBW
    Brave and the Bold
    Detective Comics
    Green Lantern
    J.L. Rise of Arsenal
    Power Girl
    Unknown Soldier
    Fantasic Four
    Secret Avengers- (I am dropping Captian America to make room for this title)
    The Guild

    As always whenever Scalped comes out, I am giddy. Also excited for Doomwar, F.F., and to see if Secret Avengers is going to be worth dropping Cap.

  9. Pobra says:

    Amazing spider-Man 3632
    Batman: R.O.B.W. #2
    Fantastic Four #579
    Green Lantern #54
    Green Lantern Corps #48
    Secret Avengers #1
    Secret Warriors #16

    I am also seriously considering dropping Green Lantern as well. John’s writing style is wearing a bit thin on me these days. I will say however, that i am enjoying his Flash for now, I can see it getting old fast though. Like, really fast. Get it?

  10. TheMSpot says:

    Sceret Avengers #1
    The Brave and The Bold #34
    and maybe the Spider-Man Annual

  11. SmokeyClocks says:

    Spider-man 632
    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne 2
    Deadpool Merc with a Mouth 11
    Secret Avengers 1

  12. megamanx4ever says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #632
    Amazing Spider-Man Annual #37
    Green Lantern #54 (considering dropping this as well)
    Thunderbolts #144

  13. Green Griffin says:

    Green Lantern #54
    Justice League Generation Lost #2 (I was surpised by how good the first issue was.)
    Wonder Woman #44
    Wednesday Comics HC

    Secret Avengers #1

    Cold Space 1 of 4

    Green Hornet: Year One #3

  14. IronMuskrat says:

    A nice week for me..

    Brave and the Bold #34- Nice to see the JMS/Saiz will be around for at least another three issues. B&B is my favorite DC book right now, with REBELS a close second.

    Doomwar #4- I love this mini, but for some strange reason I am on the fence this week about buying it. I think it is the $3.99 price tag, correct me if I am wrong, but the book is only 32 pages of art right? I love this series, but I am starting to do the math in my head, figuring out if the trade will be cheaper in the long run.

    Fantastic Four #579- Well after spending several issues building up the Prime Elements storyline and kicking off the war of the four cities Hickman brings it all to an conclusion right? Nope, it looks like he is starting a new Reed-centric storyline.. not to worry, this story actually sounds cooler than the Prime Elements storyline.

    Thunderbolts #144- Hum, Hello? Jeff Parker Bitches! Come on Jeff, show those assholes responsible for that Teen Titans: Villains for Hire travesty how you write a book about a bad guy super group. Ok, OK! Gail Simone too =)

    I was thinking about Secret Avengers also, but I think I will wait and see what the word on the street is about hat one before I pick it up.


  15. comicbookdude says:

    Light week for me 🙂

    Green Lantern#54 (I, like many others, am considering dropping this book)

    Green Lantern Corps#48 (I might drop this too. I’m so used to the Tomasi/Gleason team. But I’m sure that Bedard will be able to do well with the writing chores).

    The Guild#1 (I know I’m late on this but I didn’t watch the show till this weekend so now I want to read the book).

  16. generaldark says:

    green lantern
    GL corps

    one more chance GL has to WOW me or i be droppin it.

  17. phil says:

    The only no brainer for me is Doom War. In an ocean full of cubic Z”s, its nice to come across a diamond!!!

    Maybe’s depending on interiors / creative team:
    Power Girl
    B & B
    Secret Avengers

    Filling in the gaps
    DD 51
    Invincible Omnibus 2

  18. Insideman says:

    Being a Trade reader… I have so loved Tomasi’s GL Corps work so far. Nice to know most everybody feels the same way.

    As far as the art Jose used for this post– I haven’t read my Power Girl trade (maybe in a couple of weeks) and from what little I’ve seen… I am ALREADY MISSING Amanda Conner on this book. (And I, like, haven’t EVEN READ IT yet!)

    Some of her designs for the Women of the DC Universe Busts have been incredible. On the same sorta note– if you haven’t seen Adam Hughes’ design for the new Batgirl Statue… It is just the coolest. Everybody should check it out.

  19. Insideman says:

    Also, does anybody like DC’s “FREE REALMS” book?

    I passed on it last week but don’t know if I should have. Just looked at a 5 pager Preview and I’m still undecided.

    Decent story? (Art was just on the “OK” side.) Any and all thoughts welcome! Thanks!

  20. AvS says:

    I’m getting:

    Return of Bruce Wayne #2
    Brave and the Bold #34
    Detective Comics #865
    42 copies of Green Lantern #54
    Green Lantern Corps #48
    Doomwar #4
    Fantastic Four #579
    Green Hornet #4
    Green Hornet Year One #3
    Incorruptible #6

    But they’re being mailed to me gad knows when so don’t spoil em for me will yas?

  21. Superman War of the Supermen #4
    Wonder Woman #44

  22. That Powergirl cover rocks.

  23. Zcorp79 says:

    DC #865
    GL #54
    GLC #48
    Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #2

    Doomwar #4 (by far the best mini-series from Marvel so far this year)
    ASMA #37
    ASM #632
    Thunderbolts #144 (one of my favorite writers teams with one of my favorite artists this is a must grap. Also this is now Jeff’s book, this is his Thunderbolts team and not the one he took over from Diggle.)
    Secret Warriors #16
    Fantastic Four #579
    Secret Avengers (hopefully this is an Avengers book that won’t suck)
    Thor #610

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