CCW 3.53: The SWORD #24 & Black Widow #1 REVIEWED

Posted: May 28, 2010 in CCW Review, CCW TV, Image, Marvel, Reviews
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  1. SMARTASS8 says:

    I couldn’t tell if it was the music or if I could hear Elliott’s cat meowing in the background. LOL!

    I’m not a fan of Black Widow(it’s too bad they just canceled War Machine since not only do I like Rhodey more than Black Widow, I like him better than Tony Stark) but I’m a big fan of Acuna. While I’ll give Marvel credit for those Saga books that they put out(even though most fans have the internet & Wikpedia, DC should try to cater to new readers more), it stinks that they went from being free to raising the price of the books they appear in by $1.00.

    With all this praise, I’m going to have to check out Girls & The Sword(sounds like the title of a porno set in medieval times). I read an issue of Ultra but I don’t remember being really struck by it. Girls & The Sword seem to be getting a lot of praise from multiple sources.

  2. kurumais says:

    “its always going to be the case”
    thats the thing that turned me off to this issue and lots of issues for that matter why cant comic writers come up with a story where their protagonist isnt the victim? seems to me on TV every week all these police shows come up with crimes all the time that arent aimed at the cast of the shows and comic writers cant do it every few months for story lines that last 4 or 5 issues .
    and you are so right about bucky cap and natasha being forced over all ive enjoyed brubaker’s cap but his bucky cap was slapped on black widow saw brubaker could make his character cooler.

    wiki padding for black widow? hmm maybe if it was aimed at non fan folks that saw iron man 2 and decided they wanted more of black widow but if you been reading comics the last few years bw been all over the place cap, iron man, nomad, tbolts, this is probably the golden age of this character, so for fanboys and girls its pointless.

  3. tomstewdevine says:

    I love the cat interruption part.

  4. pauxer 3 says:

    I picked up the Black Widow issue, and I was skeptical because it was obviously promoting the movie, and usually those type of comics aren’t good. But I was surprised at how good it was. The second one was also good.

    p.s. like Jose’s reaction to Elliot’s dog or cat

  5. Mike F says:

    Great video guys. Black Widow was a favorite of mine so far this year 🙂

  6. generaldark says:

    im calling PETA on elliot! lol

  7. Deemar says:

    I like Daniel Acuna a lot Black Widow is a good fit.

    Now the question is how long can he keep up on the art?

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