The Doctor Who: Series 5 Episode 9 “Cold Blood” Thread

Posted: May 30, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread
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Photo from The Doctor Who Official Website

  1. Sorry for the lack of Doctor Who threads the last few weeks. I will be posting these from here on out till the season finale. Only 4 episodes left.

    The ending of this episode was brutal but some answers to the cause of the “cracks on time” are starting to emerge. And remember…time can be unwritten and rewritten. I’m sure Rory will get better soon…hopefully.

    I felt uncomfortably weird that I found Alaya, and her “sister” to be quite attractive. They were quite bad ass though. It was quite cool that the Sirulian’s warrior class was comprised of all females. It was subtle but very interesting none the less. Also loved the designs for the Sirulian warriors. Especially their sweet “Al Williamson” boots.


  2. vegedge says:

    i thought the episode before this one was kinda ehh.

    sometimes i wish moffats doctor who would stick with new monsters or villains. the throw backs to the old series are cool but probally just dont have the same ring to anyone outside of the UK since we didnt grow up with the early series.

    i have this one downloading now, couldnt find a real copy on youtube! damn youtube moderators!

    good to see the who threads return on here.

    • kurumais says:

      i want to the old episode with homo repilicus to see what they looked like the budgets in the old especially in the 80s were pretty slim

  3. did anyone else have at least 2 WTFUCK moments during this episode i went mental when i seen the tardis piece.

  4. omg i think i should have done a spoiler alert before the tardis thing

  5. i think the cracks are cracks in the tardis focusing on amy which drawn the doctor to her in episode 1 and the problem is the tardis when it repaired it self in episode 1 it left cracks. cracks which rippeled thorough time and space that meant beings like prisoner zero could travel through the cracks to earth or other places. and naturally the the tardis wants to correct these mistakes an is influencing the doctor to travel to these places and fix them before the cracks cause an explosion that will ripple through time an dspace destroying all of the past the present and the future and thats the problem the doctor has to solve in the finale two parter of the series.

  6. Iqy says:

    Oh by the way the last episode is called the pandorica referenced by the river song in angels episode and it was confirmed that she returns, maybe we learn more about this pandorica and the man she murdered (don’t think it’s the dr.)
    also the moment when rory was just forgotten was a gut wrenching moment, although I do think he returns and there’s still that engagement ring. Also the ending was amazing, I think the thing that’s causing the cracks in time is the tardis because I think it was said in an interview with Moffat that the ‘villain’ appears in every episode and the crack hasn’t appeared in every episode.

  7. camnick says:

    i actually think the cracks stem from the pervious seasons with the doctor crossing over to the other dimension. is it just me or do these episodes lack something, i was trying to put my finger on it before and i think i found it, the music is extremely dull and quit boring for the stories being told, does not fit at all.

    • kurumais says:

      i agree i guess moffat doesn’t want to use murray gold as much as the previous 4 seasons i miss his stuff

  8. vegedge says:

    the pandorica whas mentioned first by prisoner zero in the eleventh hour.

    • kurumais says:

      i can’t remener has the pandoric been mentioned before this season?


      still no sign of auntie pond btw

  9. interesting it will be good to find out i hope the pay off is as good as previus series

  10. kurumais says:

    one of the things i like about this show is one same things i like about joss whedon shows they do not go easy on their characters! this show is constantly pushing the characters into beyond tough situations and not the superhero tragedy porn variety. as a fan you want only good things to happen to characters you like but as joss and this show proves sometimes another way is more rewarding.

    i love the doctors vision of being tolerance, forgiveness, and peace i wish i was like that im not but i wish

  11. kurumais says:

    I liked this two part because the doctor kept failing. I know that is a strange reason to enjoy and episode of doctor who if you’re a fan of the doctor but it’s true. In the first part there a nice little scene where the doctor promises the kid he’ll get his dad back. It’s a great don’t worry im a hero I do the impossible scene and matt smith really nails but soon after he loese the kid. I was thought to myself “ huh “ then he loses amy I thought” wow the doctor is really off his game this week.” The doctor kept doing what he usually does but he kept up short . his plans kept failing he couldn’t keep all the plates in the air like usually does. He couldn’t even keep amy remembering rory which might be a blessing in disguise. Despite being his usual self he couldn’t save the day which kept me on the edge of my seat and makes me quite a bit worried for whats to come.

    One of the criticism of the russel t davis era of the doctor, and one I happen to agree with it, davis would really raise the stakes on the doctor and then in end he deus ex machina the doctor out of it. Looks like moffatt has put his stamp on the doctor in moving away from that.

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