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Posted: June 2, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. generaldark says:

    i saw the movie high tension you recommended jose and seriously im surprised you liked it. to me it was not scary at all. I didnt care for any of the few charecters that managed to have at least 5 minutes alive and as soon as that person talked about her dream at the beginning of the movie i already called what the ending would be and over all the movie was a let down. Im still waiting for netflix to deliver everybody loves amanda or something like that. I really hope that one is better….

  2. rush says:

    I’m going to post this here again. Interview podcast with Kelly Sue DeConnick on She talks about women in comics which was discussed on this blog and I thinck you guys talked about this on one of your shows.

  3. Did anyone get a chance to see Wolfman?

    I liked it quite a bit.

  4. Edward2962 says:

    Hi.I’m back in the city of big shoulders,so really I should be asleep right now cuz I told my boss I’d be back at work, but I wanted to share…

  5. Edward2962 says:

    On a similar working class note…

  6. Edward2962 says:

    And bringing it back to comics…the Roy Thomas/Gil Kane cum Jim Starlin version of Warlock, superhero messiah..

    repent you sinners!

    • Edward2962 says:

      taylor dayne!! this won’t get ya any hipster cred,but screw it!this is a great pop song.90’s chauntee by way of tina turner…

      an’ to think,I almost posted alice cooper…

  7. Could we get an awesome horror flick chain going here?


  8. Edward2962 says:

    I’m probably out of touch…does anyone like De Palma? I’m thinking of stuff like SISTERS,BODY DOUBLE, or DRESSED TO KILL? They’re not necessarily classics,but they are decent thrillers…
    The others I’d put in the class of horror classics are the 70’s CHAINSAW and 80’s Halloween.I haven’t seen the remakes…

    • I love Sisters. I did enjoy Body Double also.


      • Edward2962 says:

        Another interesting DePalma flick although it’s not horror is Phantom of the Paradise.I thought it was going to be a thriller until I watched it.It’s really a spoof of 70’s rock musicals.There’s some un-PC moments,but it does have some points to make about mindless consumerism.
        I also think Devil’s Rejects was pretty decent although I get the feeling some folks here aren’t fans of Rob Zombie.Personally, I think Rejects was better than 1000 corpses.

    • SMARTASS8 says:

      Edward, I agree. The original Chainsaw and Halloween are 2 of my favorite horror movies of all time. Chainsaw is probably the scariest that I’ve ever seen(that documentary look and the big metal door that Leatherface slides open and appears out of nowhere still freak me out to this day) and Halloween is probably the best horror movie ever(although I still like Scream more). I wouldn’t bother with the remakes(especially Rob Zombies movies; the worst remakes I’ve ever seen).

      • Edward2962 says:

        Another interesting point about 70’s Chainsaw is that it’s probably one of creepiest movies ever,but there’s little to none explicit gore.It’s mostly scary due to atmosphere.There’s more blood in a modern action flick than in Chainsaw.

        Hell,what was that Steven Segal flick where he rips a guys throat out at the end and he’s holding a chuck of it in his hand?

        • SMARTASS8 says:

          Tobe Hooper, the original Chainsaw’s director, said he was shooting for a PG rating. There wasn’t a lot of gore, but even back then, when PG movies had female nudity, TCM would never have recieved a PG.

    • Morlock50 says:

      Sisters is a great movie. I think Body Double and Dressed to Kill are very good, but
      you have to put up with a little exploitation that De Palma throws in. And of course,
      his complete rip off of Hitchcock film techniques. I would highly recommend Blow Out &
      Carrie if you haven’t seen them yet.

      • Edward2962 says:

        I thought me and Roger Ebert were the only ppl who liked Blow Out.I thought it was great,it’s really under appreciated. If I remember correctly,John Travolta was still a pretty big star and had done hits like Grease and Urban Cowboy.But I guess the fans weren’t in the mood for him in a dark triller than ends on a cynical note.

        The first time I saw Carrie it was on broadcast TV.I was a little kid and the end scared the crap out of me.

  9. AvS says:

    Out of the loop as far as horror flicks go. But this is pretty scary:

    ***Warning this is just a random Nickelback video for demonstration purposes only; there is no need to actually play it!***

  10. Insideman says:

    OK, Jose… I got the last of your Manga recs:

    I found the Battle Royale series as 5 different Hardcover Editions (each like an Omnibus). They had a good discount at Books A Million plus they regularly have 20% OFF $100 purchases every month and Free Shipping. No tax in CA because there are no stores here… So I just padded the order with a few Old Boy volumes to make the $100 benchmark and I was good to go.

    Then I found the Gunsmith Cats Revised (Omnibus) Editions and the Gunsmith Cats: Burst volumes at a decent deal… and they’re heading my way too.

    So, after all my bitching– I actually got everything you recommended except Eagle: The Making of a Japanese/American President and Blade of the Immortal. (Both because I could not find close to complete runs on either.) And while I have all these goodies coming, I’m still sitting here thinking, “Damn, that Eagle series looks spectacular! Wish I could get that!”

    When they arrive I’ll tell ya what I think! I’m stoked because after much searching– I actually found the (2) near impossible-to-find volumes of Monster (Vols 3 & 6).

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks again. Can’t wait to start reading.

    • Wow. That’s quite impressive. Can’t wait to hear what you think about them, good or bad. I actually bought Eagle when Viz released it in individual prestige format books. It’s too bad you couldn’t find those.


    • Mike F says:

      Your Gunsmith Cats Omnibus is a revised edition? Eh, I hate to break it to you but it certain content was taken out then its really not the original version… but since its an omnibus its probably just one chapter or something… so hopefully its all there ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Insideman says:


        Some sellers listed the larger volumes as Omnibus volumes and others as just called them the Revised Edition. It’s definitely an omnibus type book (size/page-wise) and I have been led to believe that rather than call it an Omnibus, Dark Horse called the larger collection a “Revised Edition” to differentiate it from the “regular shorter length” Gunsmith Cats Vol 1, Vol 2, etc. editions that had been released in smaller collections just before.

        At least that’s what I understood.

        It’s like in 60’s and 70’s– TV Studios would call the show like M*A*S*H by the name M*A*S*H* when it was first run in Prime Time– and them title the reruns M*A*S*H* 4077.

        TV networks wanted to make sure the moronic American viewing audience knew damn well they were watching reruns– even if they were watching M*A*S*H* 4077 at 4pm on a Tuesday and the first run M*A*S*H* episodes only showed up on CBS every Wednesday at 8pm.

        They did the same thing with “Bonanza”– only using a more drastic name change. The show was called “Ponderosa” when the show first started in reruns (and Bonanza was still on the air in Prime Time).

        What a joke!

        Thank god they’ve figured out we’re a little smarter now. All we would need in the cluttered TV landscape today is to discover that every Law & Order or CSI series was RETITLED something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in reruns.

        • Insideman says:

          And Mike, I also meant to write, “Thanks for the heads up. I’ll definitely look at them with a close eye.” ๐Ÿ™‚

          Thanks again.

          • Regarding missing Gunsmith Cats pages:

            There were a couple of scenes that NEVER made it into any versions of the American releases. I think it only totalled like 5 to 10 pages total throughout the whole series. Dark Horse did the same with Ghost in the Shell.


            • Mike F says:

              OK, I had the same experience with the Manga “Air Gear” the content was too “extreme” for USA readers apparently and was revised and it really bothered me..

              But hopefully its the same Gunsmith Cats I fell in love with. I’m sure it is too. Altogether its a great buy you have there, and yeah Jose, the GITS cut-outs really bother me too… Leads me to do Asian imports but those are like buying the same comic 5 times in one sitting.

        • Gunsmith Cats was a manga that was originally “flipped” in it’s initial release. I could be wrong but I believe the “revised” in the title means 2 things. 1. It is because it is Omnibus (a combo of 2 or more of the original trades) and 2. I think Dark Horse went back and “unflipped” it.


  11. SMARTASS8 says:

    I know it spawned a bunch of annoying “self aware” ripoffs but this is my favorite movie of all time. It had, imo, a perfect script and was funny & scary at the same time. It also had a cast of characters who, unlike in most slasher movies, I didn’t to die. I’m pissed that we’re getting a Scream 4 since I know they’re going to kill off either Sidney, Dewey, or Gale(or maybe all of them).

    • Edward2962 says:

      I thought the first Scream was great and the 2nd was ok.I’m not sure I get the point of another sequel.They can’t be parodying 80’s slasher flicks are they? Or is it going to be a deconstruction of Saw/Hostel?

  12. Insideman says:

    “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… And I am all out of bubble gum.”


  13. rush says:

    I loved it.

  14. rush says:

    Im going to have to check out Ils and May.

  15. Edward2962 says:

    Ok,I still stand by my Taylor Payne pick,but here’s some horror punk rock from New Jersey…

    Now…does anyone have any ideas about sex,gender roles,or conservatism as it applies to horror?
    Or the difference between horror,shock,or suspense as it applies to film? I don’t have an agenda,just throwing the idea out there…

  16. rush says:

    This one is a gem

    • Ya, have heard A LOT about this film. This is the one with a brutal rape scene, right?


        • It does interest me but I don;’t know. I could barely stomach I Spit on Your Grave.


          • rush says:

            Yes the rape scene disturbed me, I only seen it once. But the movie has merit.

          • SMARTASS8 says:

            You’re like me. I Spit On Your Grave and the original Last House On The Left were enough for me when it comes to horror movie rape. In fact, I have the Last House ripoff Chaos on DVD and I haven’t been able to get myself to watch it.

            • Wasn’t Chaos the flick Roger Ebert gave ZERO stars? I remember reading his review and thinking “I need to see how bad this is for myself” but never got around to it.


              • rush says:

                That’s the one.

              • SMARTASS8 says:

                The director also flipped out on AntItCool news due to a bad review of his movie and had a falling out with Sage Stallone(Sly’s son and one of the actors in the movie) due to his eccentric antics. I bought that and Cannibal Holocaust. I watched Cannibal Holocaust with the “no animal kills” option on and everytime I think about watching Chaos, I remember that the movie supposedly has a scene where a woman gets her nipple cut off.

                • cballsack says:

                  Cannibal Holocaust disturbed me more than any other movie I’ve seen, I think. Probably because I saw the “animal kills.”

          • cballsack says:

            I loved I Spit On Your Grave. Not sure what that says about me. Actually, I guess I am sure.

            As brutal as it was to the woman, she gets her revenge. So, ironically enough, it’s kinda satisfying to the misogynists as well as the female empowerment crowd.

      • Insideman says:

        The person who designed and cut that trailer should be strung up and bled to death.

        The ACTUAL FILM SCENES meant little or nothing– with very little cohesiveness or emotional impact… and the positive critic blurbs were far too many.

        Then, they gotta be too cute by half with the rest of the title cards after the main title card.

        The reversing of letters in IRREVERSIBLE was fine… but WAY OVERPLAYED by the time they got to the director’s name.

        Glad to hear it’s a good film because based on that trailer it looks like badly shot, out of focus shit.

  17. rush says:

    I don’t think this will show up. If it doesn’t the film is called Dans Ma Peau, disturbing to say the least.

  18. AvS says:

    Still feeling alienated by all the horror flicks. I got nothing to contribute. It’s not my thing, parents would never let me watch any growing up, by the time I got old enough to not listen to them I didn’t care to watch them anymore. Lousy parents with their effective parenting tricks! I think I’ll go to bed before I post a horror inducing video I’ll regret: starts with an ‘A’ ends with ‘erosmith’.

    • I didn’t start watching horror movies till I was in my 20’s. They used to scare the shit out of me when I was younger. Sorry we got on a topic you weren’t familiar with. Kinda bums me out when people feel they have nothing to contribute.


      • SMARTASS8 says:

        On the one hand, I’ve been into horror movies since I was in grade school(a friend and I used to draw pictures of Leatherface). It’s my favorite genre. On the other hand, unless it was American, I’m not as well versed as I used to be in terms of horror movies. I’m really starting to reconsider my spending most of my time seeing so many movies at the theater since most of these film you guys are showing trailers for were never even released (unless I went to a tiny theater in Chicago or out of state).

        • All of the best horror films I have seen were never released in the theaters in the U.S. There is a serious problem with horror film distribution in this country. In the last thread I posted a trailer for “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane”. That was a American movie that was made over 3 years ago and has been released everywhere BUT the U.S. The story of that film’s lack of release here is totally fucking ridiculous.

          I rarely go to the theaters to see movies anymore. All the good stuff is on dvd.


          • cballsack says:

            Same here. I only see the really big blockbusters in the theaters, like Iron Man, etc.

            Going to the movies just costs way too much money. And if you end up hating the movie, you’ll hate it even more because of how much you spent on it.

            And despite the warnings before each movie, idiots still refuse to switch off their cell phones.

            • SMARTASS8 says:

              Even in the suburbs I see a lot of insolent assholes on their cells. Just because they aren’t talking, doesn’t mean that the light from when they are texting can’t be just as distracting. I honestly think anyone found on their cell during a movie should be tasered and dragged out.

      • rush says:

        Man I saw my first horror film when I moved to the US, age 9. It was The Shining; that scared the shit out of me but fuck if I didn’t want to see more.

        • cballsack says:

          Poltergeist and The Amityville Horror (the original) were the two movies that scared me the most as a kid.

      • AvS says:

        Don’t be bummed out. Like I says, I should be going to bed. I leave you with this CCW approved (?)* ‘Scary Magic’:

        *approval pending.

        • Is this mother fucking Criss Angel or is it an amazing facsimile? For future reference, the only emo shit I want to see on here is stuff dealing with Daredevil or Teen Age Werewolves. ๐Ÿ™‚

          You really know how to push my buttons AvS.


    • Agreed. I’m not a horror fan myself. I like older stuff, like Boris Karloff cheese or Hitchcock’s thrillers. The Omen and stuff like that as well. Nothing else though..

      I’m more the drama guy.

  19. SMARTASS8 says:

    I still don’t know if I liked this movie or hated it but I was entertained for 90 minutes…

  20. So today I had an older lady come into the shop and ask what exactly a DVD was and what she would need to play one. She then asked if they made mystery films anymore. I’m not to sure she even knew what VHS was. It’s suprising that some people still don’t know anything about anything tech-wise.

  21. rush says:

    Any of you looking forward to the Walking Dead show?

  22. Alright everyone. I’m tapping out. Have to be at work in 7 hours. Talk to ya all tomorrow.


  23. rush says:

    try not to have those nightmares. I’m off too.

  24. TheGateJester says:

    Hey this is for everyone out there. I have been getting tired of the recent trend in comics so I plan on buying some back issues and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good old comics. I have recently purchased the Perez run on WW and plan on getting the Wolfman/Perez run on Titans. So something along the lines of that. It doesn’t have to be from that time period just some good old fun stories.

    I have heard good things about Gotham Central so I was thinking maybe that. How was Jimenezโ€™s run on WW? So far I have only read Ruckaโ€™s and Simoneโ€™s runs.

    • Morlock50 says:

      I’ll stick with the 80’s cause that’s what I know.

      *Swamp Thing by Alan Moore
      *Sandman by Neil Gainman
      *Action Comics / Superman by John Byrne
      *X-men by Chris Claremont. I would personally stop at issue #200, but I know other
      people here like the Mutant Massacre and Inferno crossovers.
      Of course, Crisis on Infinite Earths and Legends mini-series.

      I personally wouldn’t waste my time with the Jimenez run on WW. As Jose has said many
      times, the art is basically warmed over Perez without the excitement. His stories are
      fan-fiction at their most ponderous. Stay far away from Byrne’s run on WW too.

    • rush says:

      Captain Britain by Moore and Davis
      I know this is not readily available but there are ways to get it wink wink nudge nudge; having said that I have to recommend Miracle Man.

    • cballsack says:

      Peter David’s run on Spectacular Spider-Man.
      Roger Stern’s run on Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers.
      Tom DeFalco’s run on Amazing Spider-Man.
      Walt Simonson’s run on Thor.
      Louise Simonson’s run on Power Pack and X-Factor.
      Barry Windsor-Smith’s run on Archer & Armstrong.

    • Edward2962 says:

      John Byrne on the Fantastic Four
      Frank Miller on Daredevil
      Baron and Steve Rude on Nexus
      Steve Englehart’s Coyote
      Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg (but none he didn’t write)
      Jim Starlin on Warlock
      Grant Morrison on Doom Patrol (it was better before it became a Vertigo title)
      I’ve only read a few,but know some ppl are big fans of Paul Levitz on Legion of Superheroes.

    • rush says:

      Marshal Law

    • *Kid Eternity by Grant Morrison

      *Superman/Action Comics by Dan Jurgens or Roger Stern

      *Aquaman by Peter David

      *Adventures of Superman by Greg Rucka (Infinite Crisis kinda crapped on it towards the end)

      *Action Comics #775 by Joe Kelly

      *Kraven’s Last Hunt by J.M. DeMatteis

      I was going through some back issues and I found a copy of Dracula vs Zorro by TAPS comics. Really cool story, if you can find it.

  25. kurumais says:

    so what was everyones favorite book last week?
    mine was the thanos imperative ignition
    abnett and lanning sure know how put the universe in peril! what i love about these books is there is a real and present danger that heroes must confront or things are going to be very very bad. i never get the impression that if the heroes just stayed home and watched a ball game the villains would have nothing to do like i do with most comics. if nova and the gaurdians of the galaxy dont win the universe is screwed actually if they do win the universe is screwed just not as much. abnett and lanning really push their protagonists to their limits and victory always has its price and its never a total win.
    im not sure why they did this as a one shot prologue kind of thing it felt like the first issue of the story. the action has already started.

    there is back up story featuring thanos and drax edited by archie goodwin so that makes me think its from marvel fanfare with art by mike zeck before he got good. i don’t it complimented the main story at all other then setting up that thanos was the big bad once upon a time. by the way thanos isnt the big bad in this story he looks to be the weapon to combat the big bad. im sure he will have something to say about that.
    looks like a fun ride

  26. kurumais says:

    has anyone seen this? an anime based on the persona games

  27. cballsack says:

    So who watched Jersey Couture last night? I need a review.

  28. kurumais says:

    the ny asian film fest is coming to town
    hows this for a movie synopsis

    BOYS ON THE RUN (2010, North American Premiere) โ€“ a movie that will warm the heart of the serial mastrubator inside everyone, this sex comedy starts with the borrowing of a bestiality DVD and ends with a Travis Bickle-style fist fight and in between itโ€™s humiliating and hilarious in equal measures. (watch the trailer)
    Presented with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film

  29. kurumais says:

    the female tony jaa is back in raging phoenix

  30. kurumais says:

    storm riders gets a sequel
    emo martial arts at its lethal best

    • TheGateJester says:

      Have you seen Redcliffe?

      • kurumais says:

        no thats been on my list a while they are showing both parts in ny asian film fest it will be cool to see it in a theater if i dont have something going on that day
        i want to see about half the flicks they are showing lol but 4th of july weekend is a little busy

  31. Stamps says:

    So Joe Quesada got promoted to CCO at Marvel. Now he gets to have creative supervision on everything Marvel(comics + video games, movies, TV shows)…*sigh*

    This isn’t a response to the Geoff Johns promotion at all…not

    • NoEmoDaredevil says:

      Fuck Quesada. That man destroyed Spider-Man. On another note, I see Bendis getting EIC if Quesada steps down…

    • Luiz de Mello says:

      Lesson of the day, and you can (should) imagine He-Man telling you this today kids:

      All that matters is money, you’re allowing it to flow to your bosses pockets, then you’re all right, you’re just and righteous, and the market recognizes your great value and your success in life.

      Should dare to risk the loss of even a tine fraction of your bosses gains trying to produce anything according to any other notion of quality or ‘higher standard’ and cursed be you and your children because they’re going to be as poor as you will be after we axe you down. Profit/Money is the measure of all, it is quality of your work, it is time, happiness, love, self accomplishment, and all that is good. Fear poverty, as it is the absence of the all-mighty money, darkness and a sign of complete failure in life.

    • Deemar says:

      This at aint good.

      It only a matter of time before Bendis is appointed EIC

      The Mayans saw it coming!

  32. MicahSkin says:


  33. mitiators says:

    Its not scary, but “Let The Right On In” is one of the best vampire movies ever made.

  34. MicahSkin says:

    SATC2 takes everything that I hold dear as a woman and as a humanโ€”working hard, contributing to society, not being an entitled cunt like it’s my jobโ€”and rapes it to death with a stiletto that costs more than my car. It is 146 minutes long, which means that I entered the theater in the bloom of youth and emerged with a family of field mice living in my long, white mustache. This is an entirely inappropriate length for what is essentially a home video of gay men playing with giant Barbie dolls.

    We all know Jose and Elliot were in line for this one. Do they agree?

  35. hackslash2020 says:

  36. kurumais says:

    has anyone seen CHAW the giant killer pig movie from korea? is it any good?

  37. TheMSpot says:

    Anyone else from the CCW nation see Pontypool (film), I enjoyed it I even liked the short at the end of the credits.

  38. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Hey so Jose, I know that you watch ROH every now and again so I just thought I would let you know that I may be attending my first ROH show ever when they come to Buffalo in June. Im so excited and its gonna be awesome.

    Plus the next night they will be running another IPPV in Canada for Death Before Dishonor VIII

    • TheMSpot says:

      C-Z-W, C-Z-W, C-Z-W, he he just kidding

      I enjoy both ROH and CZW. I think that both of them have done a good job filling the void that ECW left when it died.

      And YES I feel ECW died when they were taken over by WWE.

  39. Pobra says:

    hehe, sorry but this was my favorite movie as a kid and I just watched it last night for the first time in like 15 years. I still love it, especially the rap montage at the end that shows random clips of the movie, I had totally forgot about that. So bad, yet so good. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • MicahSkin says:

      I cannot believe I live in a world where I can say “Wolfman’s Got Nards” and have no one get it. Thank you for posting this.

  40. Wiglebienie says:

    Sorry if it has been posted before, but this is the new scott pilgrim tv spot, (yes actually different from the trailer that was released the other day) It has some awesome/hilarious scenes from the book in it that weren’t in previous trailers so check it out. Oh have I mentioned that August 13th can not come soon enough!?

  41. Wiglebienie says:

    sorry here’s the embedded

  42. Friedmiester says:

    Two Interesting Marvel articles:

    Pictures of the leaked Captain America costume for the movie:

    Even though it looks very similar to the ulimates captain america uniform, it does serve its purpose in looking more practical and realistic. I mean did they really want to shoot a World War 2 movie with a guy in a blue scaled uniform with wings on his head?

    And Joe Quesada is promoted to Marvel CCO??

  43. Deemar says:

    Anybody seen the Cap’n America movie costume on AICN?

    Looks pretty badass

  44. Bboyce109 says:

    Is Thursday the new comic book day of the week or is just only this week.

  45. Pobra says:

    welcome to awesome.

  46. Adam727 says:

    You know, I bet Bendis would be E.I.C if Joe Q corked.

  47. Adam727 says:

    I’m just sayin’…

  48. cballsack says:

    Anyone see this? The announcement of a new Thundercats series on the Cartoon Network. Looks like it’s gonna be more intense or darker based on the picture.

  49. rush says:

    I dug these two and I really liked the soundtrack.

  50. TheMSpot says:

    I used to respect this guys opinion until I saw this.

    • Wow…I do not even know what to say.

      Well, actually I do know what I want to say BUT let’s just leave it at the fact I DO NOT agree at all with anything he just said. The fact that he thought their best book war the Spider Woman series speaks volumes about his opinion on the Luna Brothers. Only if they would have Bendis plot all of their stories. Wouldn’t that be great? Also, after hearing that he didn’t like The Sword at all makes me not care anymore about his opinions.


  51. cballsack says:

    Ha, Comedy Central is working on a Jesus sitcom. I’d totally watch that, even if it had a laughtrack.

  52. rush says:

    I liked the Alive manga.

  53. rush says:

    I don’t Amon: Apocalypse of the Devilman was ever officially released here.

  54. rush says:

    I have not seen this

  55. One of my Top 5 favorite films ever.


  56. cballsack says:

    Better than Josie & The Pussycats?

  57. rush says:

    The manga is good.

  58. IronMuskrat says:

    Always liked this movie, no violence, sex or swearing.. Just a movie about a guy who loves to cook and cares a great deal about his daughters.

    kind of a chick flick, but I still love this movie.

  59. rush says:

    For those who have never seen a Beat Takeshi film

  60. IronMuskrat says:

    This movie is both one of the most beautiful, but most depressing movies I have ever seen. you feel so bad for the girl and the man at the end of the movie. Wow, it still has an impact on me today.

  61. cballsack says:

    They just released official concept art of Thor’s costume for the movie. Not sure how I feel about it. I guess he’s definitely not wearing the helmet. Funny how the helmet was featured in Adventures In Babysitting, but not Thor’s own movie. The rest of the costume seems a bit too rubbery and futuristic-like. And kinda dull. Needs a bit more color.

  62. rush says:

    I’m glad they chose not use the helmet.

  63. I saw this movie about a month ago. Not a lot of action but Jackie Chan was incredible in it.


  64. rush says:

    Here is a Jackie Chan flick I watch recently.

  65. rush says:

    Damn this thread is taking up a lot of system resources with all the embedded YouTube vids. ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Alright, I gotta turn in. Have work in the morning. Later.


  67. rush says:

    I leave you now with the musical stylings of Shnarf! it’s an upbeat ditty.

  68. kurumais says:

    poor guy gets murdered then they bring his show back someone give alanis morsett a call

    • Rob F says:

      I really don’t think it will be as good as the original…no one will have the same voice as Panthro

  69. rush says:

    Urge to kill rising, rising…Steve Jobs is fucking knob.
    I want to run into him one day so i can strangle him with with stupid mock turtlenecks he wears. Read this

  70. generaldark says:

    the new cap america costume looks pretty sweet

    • generaldark says:

      for the movie

      • Luiz de Mello says:

        I liked the Thor one too, though I think they will eventually tweak it a bit, more than I think they may change Cap’s. Just a feeling, Thor’s is too black, especially the legs, and I think it wouldn’t go that well within Asgard.

  71. i loved the way the red is made by the straps for the harness and the thor is the j michael srychinske thor modern costume and hugo weaving as red skull what an amazing casting choice i loved him in v for vendetta

  72. TheMSpot says:

    I think it is safe to say that most of the CCW nation have not been to thrilled with the First Wave books that DC has been putting out lately. Well, it’s about to get worse in that for the third issue of the Spirit you have Michael Uslan writing the back up black and white feature. This is the guy who produced the first Batman anthology of movies and produced the two recent Batman films. So, why is this so troubling, because not only has this guy brought us the Batman movies he also brought us the Spirit movie, he was the one who allowed that horse shit to see the light of day. It’s to early to say if the story is going to be good or bad, but if the story is any half way decent it will probably do to the art and not the writing.

    • Insideman says:

      MS– That is sad to hear. I’ve read some of Uslan’s other worksand I always came away with a “who cares?” kind of feeling.

      Good news: It won’t affect me either way because Doc was the only one I was willing to give a try. I also wrote here that I saw NO PROBLEMS with the recent Evanier/Aragones version of The Spirit… So I doubt I’ll be checking in on any of that “revamped” crap anytime soon.

      When will people in entertainment EVER get it? (I already know the answer: “Never”.)

      DON’T remake GREAT movies (or screw with classic characters). Remake and retool the BAD SHIT that showed some promise when it was first printed or released!

      Leave the good stuff mostly alone.

      What a shame. With just a LITTLE care and the right artistic teams chosen for the jobs… DC could have been the only modern comic publisher to do these classic Pulp characters justice.

      DC can hype this shit all they want… But as we all know, hyped shit is still just shit.

  73. Mike F says:

    So this weekend, I’m planning on having a visit to 90’s video games. I wanna see if I can go thru them all in one weekend, and even if I don’t, just playing them will remind me of all the great memories of them. On the list so far…

    -Policenauts (Hideo Kojima)
    -DOOM II: Hell on Earth
    -The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
    -Zelda: Ocarina of Time (still debating)
    -Breath of Fire (still debating)

    any other suggestions you guys can think of?

  74. Smallmaniac says:

    Hey Deemer, check this out.

    Christina Hendricks is in it.

    • Pobra says:

      Broken Bells are really, really good, but i fear that their existence means that The Shins are no more. I heard that Mercer wasn’t getting along with some of the band members and then Broken Bells appears. Which, as good as they are, don’t really hold a candle to The Shins IMO.

      • Smallmaniac says:

        I think both Mercer and Burton are taking a break from their other projects, a sabbatical of sorts. I really haven’t been exposed to the Shins as of yet, but I really hope there is another Gnarls Barkley album in the future. Just look at Jack White, though. He’s doing The Dead Weather right now (after doing the Raconteurs), but that doesn’t mean The White Stripes are dead. Maybe this will be a chance for Mercer to grow outside the Shins and come back with some fresh ideas. I’ve watched several Broken Bells interviews and this is the attitude I get from both artists.

    • Deemar says:


      You know I luvs me some Hendrix

  75. generaldark says:

    just read avengers prime from bendis and wow…im surprissed how much i liked it…

  76. are you serious or are you taking the piss generaldark i’m thinking about picking it up on saturday when i head to my local comic shop and if not beacause it’s such a small shop i have to order most of my books in. is it worth it?

    • The issue was tolerable at best. The only thing that saves it is the Alan Davis art. And no, it’s not worth $3.99.


      • cballsack says:

        No comic is worth $3.99.

        • generaldark says:

          i liked the interactions between the 3, it wasnt epic but holy shit was it better then his other stuff lol i agree the 3.99 sucks but they give you another story in the back, yea its reprinted but from like the 60s or something so i decided to buy it. the only avengers book i might get.

  77. i can’t remember what that would be in pounds so thanks for that mini,mini capsule review jose but maybe i will maybe i won’t depends how much money i have left

  78. One of the better movies about my generation in the 90’s. I can not watch this flick or Singles without feeling nostalgic for those times.


    • cballsack says:

      I just saw this for the very first time a few months ago. It was good. I don’t know that I’d say it’s one of the best, but it was solid. I thought they could have made Ben Stiller’s character a little stronger. He started the movie as a legitimate love interest for Winona, but as the movie went on, his character got a bit weaker. I would have liked to have seen Winona be more torn as to who was the better guy to be with.

      • I didn’t say it was the best. I said it was one of the better. (Unless that does mean “the best” in which case I am the one who is confused about what I meant) Just wanted to make the clear.

        I do agree with your assessment. Both of her “choices” in the movie were both kinda douchie, just in different ways. The better ending would have been not wanting to be with either of them.


        • cballsack says:

          Good point. Ethan Hawke was “douchie.” She should have went lesbo and hooked up with Janeane Garofalo in the end.

      • Edward2962 says:

        I thought Reality Bites was ok but not great.I admit I haven’t seen it in years.I think as far as Winona’s “choices” are concerned,I actually like the way no one is perfect.That NONE of the characters really have their heads on straight I thought was kinda the point of the movie.If it was more about Winona being torn could have moved it from “coming of age” flick to “girl’s romance”.just a thought.
        I did like that Ethan sorta got called on his self-righteous BS a bit.

  79. mbell028 says:

    just finished reading IZombie 2 it was pretty good the highlight of it was reading the preview for revolver that book looks really cool and the art is fantastic I just pre-ordered it can’t wait to read it

  80. Insideman says:

    Jose, You love Invincible like I do. Can you explain something to me?


    I just finished reading Invincible Vol 12.

    At the very beginning, I don’t see a panel where Eve is injured at the beginning of the fight.

    I see her and Invincible flying into the fray hand in hand and then Invincible flying her limp, bloodied body away from the battle a couple of pages later.

    Is this the way this scene occurred in the individual floppies? I see no reason why Kirkman would change things but it was just so weirdly wonderful that he did NOT show it… Leaving the bigger, more dramatic injury for later.

    I literally kept flipping back to the first part of the battle thinking two pages in my trade were stuck together! ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Insideman says:

    From what I can tell from the Trade, the scene is in Invincible #60. It is a big double page spread where Ripclaw is ripping apart one of the Invincible(s) from another reality on either side of the spread.

    On the very bottom (small) panel in the middle of the spread, the Invincible we know is flying out of the battle with a bloody Eve in his arms.

    Like I wrote above– I saw no actual fight (in the Trade) that led up to Eve’s actual life threatening injury in the story (her injury keeps Invincible out of the second part of the big battle because he insists on sitting at Eve’s bedside while she is in a coma)… Which may have been what Kirkman smartly intended– since he was going to have Conquest deal her such a “fatal” looking blow just a couple of issues later.

    I don’t normally ask questions about stuff in Trades– especially because it can be boring to people who are reading much further ahead… But NOT showing Eve’s original coma-inducing injury in the battle seemed weird and smart at the same time… And I just wanted to make sure that wasn’t some kind of last minute edit for the Trade. You seemed the Invincible scholar to ask. Thanks.

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