well it’s about time!

Posted: June 2, 2010 in CCW*TV nation, chew, contests, john Layman

Hey folks, Elliott here with a quick announcment: I finally made it to the post office today and sent out the autographed CHEW books that John Layman gave me. I’m sorry it took so long. I’m also sorry for commenters ”MikeC” and ”Invincible5729” for misplacing the mailing addresses you guys sent me. If you could resend them to me ASAP (to comicculturewarrior[at]gmail.com) I’ll send out your books right away!

Carry on,


  1. Bobcat says:

    Typical Elliott lol jk

  2. Pobra says:


  3. agent42q says:

    Next time we should set up a betting pool to see how long it takes Elliot to get out the prizes from the initial date he was supposed to get them out.

  4. AvS says:

    The book was delivered today. Once when I played little league baseball I won a trophy. It was a beautifully molded, most likely from some very rare form of plastic, replica of an ancient, probably Greek, victory cup. The makers, who I only assume were artists and craftsmen of the highest order, even took the time to personally engrave the word ‘participation’ on the golden plaque which was carefully screwed into the front of the base. I was so proud. That was twenty years ago. And since then it’s been my most prized ‘successory.’ That is, up until today. I’m happy to say that as soon as my signed copy of Chew #8 arrived at my door I dumped that twenty year old piece of shit plastic trophy into the trash. The next stage in my life can now begin.

    Thank you CCW. Thank you Chew. And most of all thank you Hank’s Trophy Emporium and Liquor Store.

    • Which cover did you get?


      • AvS says:

        It’s got some old proverb or something written on it; says “CCWTV KNOWS COCKS.”

        I uploaded an image of it for all to enjoy here:

        • Thanks for uploading that. Elliott was supposed to take pictures of all the covers so I could post them on the blog. On the account of E being a lazy ass that didn’t happen. I am actually surprised that you guys received the books. I figured he just lied to me about sending the books out finally and just threw them all in a dumpster.


  5. IronMuskrat says:

    My Chew book also arrived today.

    It was issue five with the caption “CCWTV is making me Hungry… for Love! and signed by Mr. Layman.

    I have to say, it’s been a long time since I have held a ‘bagged and boarded’ comic in my hand and it was a pretty cool feeling. Memories of my younger days when everything had to go into a bag, even my 6th printing of GI Joe went into a bag, because some day it could be worth something =)

    I have never been the kind of guy to collect autographs or signed memorabilia but getting a Chew comic signed by John Layman was pretty damn cool because I actually had the chance to meet and speak with Mr. Layman at the Motor City Comic con last month. I apologize if I am ruining John Layman evil persona, but he was one of the nicest, most congenial comic professionals I have ever meet. Speaking to him, you realize he a guy that is very passionate about what he does and excited about the success of Chew.

    Just a couple of short obervations..

    Elliott, you write like a girl! (this a compliment actually, my handwriting is atrocious)

    Jose, my wife still doesn’t trust you, she thinks the Chew comic is some kind of attempt to get me to buy comics from you =)

    Thanks again Elliott and Jose, this contest was pretty damn cool(because I won)and thanks for taking the time and effort to do something cool for the fans of CCW!


    • We may have another contest coming up for the CCW blog soon. If we do it will be because of the generosity of the writer of a certain vampire comic. Stay tuned.


      • IronMuskrat says:

        Signed copy’s of the Twilight series from Stephenie Meyer? One of those would go great with my full length shirtless Jacob poster =)

        • And why does your wife think I am selling you comics personally?


          • IronMuskrat says:

            My wife doesn’t think you can be friends with someone over the internet with a person you have never meet face to face.

            Soooooo, she spends a lot of time trying to figure out your real motivation for interacting with me online. And yes, I have told her many times that it is perfectly cool to have friends on the internet.

            Personally I think she is just trying to give me a hard time =)

            Oh, and she also thinks I should be getting paid for posting stuff on the site =D

            Maybe you two can become Facebook friends so you can get to know each other better.


            • Tell you what, you can tell her that I lose money by keeping this blog going instead of doing something productive with my life and since that is the case I will now start charging YOU for writing for it. See, what she says then. 🙂

              And I don’t think I could be facebook friends with her. My constant god damn fucking swearing would probably get in the way. 😛


              • IronMuskrat says:

                That would be funny!

                “Hey babe! I need to charge something on the card.”


                “Jose is charging $15 dollars a month to hang out on his website now, hope you don’t mind.”

                “I knew it! That Jose is up to no good!”

                “Nah! Jose is cool, I just bought the yearly membership for $100.”


                Good times, good times =)

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