Cool Covers For Comics Shipping August 2010

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Coming Soon, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Image, Marvel

  1. phil says:

    4) Zatanna

    3) G O T G

    2) Dust Waars

    1) Azrael (Off the hook!!!)

  2. Adam727 says:

    Is Zantanna Power-Girl? Geez, man.

    • I take it you have never seen this cover?


      • Adam727 says:

        No I haven’t. I just started reading Zantanna. I also like Gotham City Sirens.

        • If you like Catwoman in Gotham City Sirens you should check out the trades of the canceled Catwoman comic that were written by Will Pfeifer and drawn by David Lopez. That was one of my favorite monthly comics before it got canceled.


          • Adam727 says:

            Thanks Jose. I mostly like female leads in comics. But anyways, I was wondering which character in Marvel do you think is equal to Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is the longest female character to hold her own title. I don’t know if Marvel has a leading Female. But I always figured it was Jean or Sue.

            • Hmmmm…good question. The first character that comes to mind is She Hulk. I loved the series that John Byrne did as well as really liking the series that Dan Slott wrote.

              It is really sad that Marvel canceled almost all of the monthlies that had female protagonists. She Hulk-canceled, Ms. Marvel-canceled, Spider-Girl-canceled. Ya, Spider-Girl is back but that is a mini series. Black Widow has her own book now but if it wasn’t for the Iron Man 2 movie I don’t think she would. All Marvel seems to do is put out one shots and mini series starring female characters. It’s kinda said but completely expected form them at this point.


            • Edward2962 says:

              Hi.I hope it’s ok I stick my 2 cents in here.I would definitely add Storm in as a leading marvel female hero.Because of my age I’d include Jan the Wasp and the Scarlet Witch,but Ororo is more of an icon to the general public.

              This inevitably leads back to the same old discussion of who’s the audienc e of this material.Look at it this way…if this were hard rock/heavy metal, a hardcore fan could have no problem naming female artists,but the mainstream public probably only knows Joan Jett and Lita Ford.

              If we were talking about tennis,guys respect Billie Jean King or Serena,but a boy’s hero is going to be John MacEnroe.It has as much to do with identity politics as anything else.I’m not trying to start an argument,just throwing the idea out there.

              Anyway…I like Carol Danvers too,but she’s not an icon.Are there any other Crystal fans out there?

              • Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s Storm was definitely bad ass. I will agree with that. Lately though I don’t feel that from that character. Ya, Maberry makes her awesome in the new issue of Doomwar but it’s not even close to how great she was when she was leading the X-men. Just my opinion though.


                • Adam727 says:

                  Thanks for the reply. Yeah, it is sad that Marvel doesn’t have a female character with their own title, which I’m guessing Black Widow will not last very long– And you’re right, Jose. It is expected of them. Also, since you guys mentioned Storm. I like both BP and Storm, but I thought the way they were brought together in a relationship was forced and lame. Storm has the potential to be one of the grande-dames of the 616, but she keeps getting jerked around from team to team and can’t establish an identity. Of the two, Ororo has the most break-out potential, and Marvel needs more strong female leads. BP is a great character, but at his best when used as a mysterious and powerful king from a distant land. I think the marriage did her more harm than good, as it pretty much took her away from the books that she was best known and best loved for, for a lot of the time, and instead turned her into a supporting character to BP, which anyway you cut it is a bit of a demotion, both profile and character wise. She’s gone from being like Super Girl, a strong and independent character with a high profile, into being like Lois Lane, a character that is used more as supporting character and plot device, rather than being truly independent or anchoring a story. Maberry is doing a good job with her in my opinion, but again she’s not like she use to be.

  3. vegedge says:


    i think this one looks pretty awesome.

    this and the BPRD hell on earth #1

  4. kurumais says:

    what is dust wars an where can i buy it?

    the bop looks good but it means this storyline is going to go on for a while

    batman beyond is back in a big big way

    the atlas cover is awesome anyone know the artist? what else have they done? thanks

    there really are a lot of excellent artist working in comics these days

    • I haven’t read it yet but Dust Wars #1 came out this week. Image is the publisher.

      Jae Lee is the artist of the Atlas cover.


      • kurumais says:

        thanks J i thought that was jae but it looked a little too bright for himbeen wondering where he has been

        • kurumais says:

          i checked out dust wars number 1 the cover was better then the inside
          it wasnt bad just not what i was in the mood for

    • hackslash2020 says:

      I got Dust Wars. Its a SF-Story with a Nazi-setting including mech-tanks, killer apes and other weird and creative inventions. Its all about the designs of the characters and the weapons and the artwork is very good but different. It reminded me of Enki Bilal’s work. The story is not that high quality. If you dig the sf-nazi vibe you you will like it.(I am not sure how to call it, but its not steampunk i guess).

  5. cballsack says:

    Wonder Woman’s fighting the Punisher?

  6. IronMuskrat says:

    I like the Atlas cover, very cool.


  7. cinemar10 says:

    I like the De:Tales cover. Simple and done in 2 colors it reminds me of relief printmaking

    • tomstewdevine says:

      I didn’t like this cover as much as others he has done, but I will defiantly be picking up this book, those two Brazilians know how to make some good comics.

  8. tomstewdevine says:

    These are my favorites of the group:

    – Azrael
    – Joe the Barbarian
    – Birds of Prey
    – Dust Wars
    – Fables
    – J.L. Generation lost

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