The Doctor Who: Series 5 Episode 10 “Vincent and the Doctor” Thread

Posted: June 6, 2010 in CCW Open Thread, Geek Culture, Television
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Photo from The Doctor Who Official Website

  1. This was probably my least favorite episode of the season so far but it did have it’s moments. Van Gogh telling Amy he could “see” her sadness over the loss of a loved one was great. And the Doctor accidentally calling Van Gogh “Rory” at one point really stung a bit. I will say that I got a bit choked up during the last 10 minutes of the episode though. Some good stuff toward the end there.

    What were your thoughts?


  2. Heck says:

    I think I love Karen Gillan.

  3. i enjoyed it i thought it was nice enjoyable fun i hated the monster some i thought it was nice the way they showed vincent’s supposed madness and the way everyone in his town laughed at him at it effected him emensially and everyone thought he was just that crazy man who lived down the road that painted it would have been funny if fighting the monster was the way he lost his ear. one thing i thought was very realistic was the way they hilighted his depression not to bring the mood down but i have batteled with depression myself and that was what it was like.

  4. iqy92 says:

    this was a realy heartwarming episode but i really want to deal with the crack and rory rather than a traditional dr who episode

  5. they will have faith in the moffat all will make sense

  6. kurumais says:

    i really like this one it was a nice switch from the writer homage episodes of the RTD days to an artist. i like how these folks are paying tribute to creators of the past. i think its within the spirit of who to explore and delight in creativity. it will be interesting to see if moffat do another artist next season the way russel t davies did dickens, Shakespeare and christie.
    this episode had lots of good ginger jokes and i like how they had a scottish accent for van gogh and used the tardis translator sync with amy to explain it.

    i like how the doctor used some tech besides the sonic screwdriver he has this whole huge timeship that never gets used.
    but the reason i really liked it was matt and karen’s perfomances they both do so many great little things that gives the doctor and amy such great depth and realness in the midst of this
    wacky comic booky sci fi show. matt especially he just seems to take his time and finds the perfect way to one handle whats right in front of him, two show you he really is the oddball, heroic, alien doctor, and last and not least how much he cares about the people around him.
    i know people wanted the next step in the mystery but this episode made perfect sense to the doctor and amy are in mourning and the doctor has no idea how to tell her that she is and why. the doctor is off his game ive had that feeling for few episodes he might be stalling.

    they didnt find the engagement ring remember rory left it in the tardis at the start of cold blooded it should have been protected from the timewipe. i thought they were going to find it when van gogh was looking at the controls asking whats this.
    in the end this episode further proved the point what great casting choices karen and matt were

  7. kurumais says:

    from OK! magazine

    Has Lady Gaga’s look won her a role on Doctor Who?
    Lady Gaga could be appearing on the popular TV programme

    Posted: Saturday 5 Jun 2010
    Above: Lady Gaga could be on Doctor Who/ wenn
    ABOVE: Lady Gaga could fit in quite well with her out-there outfits
    ABOVE: Lady Gaga v Doctor Who, who would win?
    ADY GAGA could be starring in TV Hit Doctor Who.

    Lady Gaga is the queen of over-the-top costumes and it seems that a role on Doctor Who could now be on the cards for the Poker Face singer.

    Scriptwriter Gareth Roberts said: “She is no stranger to dressing up and would be more than a match for the Doctor. It would be a great coup to get her.”

    Gareth also revealed that he has already come up with a storyline for Gaga’s TV appearance.

    im going say this is just gareth roberts being funny

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