Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: June 7, 2010 in DC Comics, Image, Marvel, Vertigo

Some decent stuff this week. It’s defiantly a step up from last week where I only bought two books. Here’s what I’ll be buying this Wednesday:

Chew #11
Daytripper #7
Daredevil #507 (Finally!)
Doom Patrol #11
SHIELD #2 (Jonathan Hickman)
Unwritten #14

I’ll also be picking up 20th Century Boys Vol 5 since I still have some catching up to do on that title.

What is everyone else getting?


  1. Heck says:

    Unwritten #14, fuck yeah.

    Light week for me, I guess.

  2. rush says:

    Chew #11
    Buzzard #1
    Daredevil #507
    Unwritten #14

  3. generaldark says:

    batman 700

    • generaldark says:

      just given up on morrisons batman jose?

      • I gave up a couple of issues ago. It was alright but not good enough for me to pay money for. I am cutting a lot of DC out that I used to buy out of habit. I’m done paying for books I don’t really enjoy anymore. Fantastic Four and Secret Warriors over at Marvel are close to being the next books I drop.


        • generaldark says:

          i understand ive been pondering bout FF myself. i need to cut on stuff too. you should probly trade wait morrisons stuff since it reads better like that. oh well, looking forward to more damian batman 🙂

        • SMARTASS8 says:

          If you’re dropping 2 Hickman books, is Jeff Parker your only sure buy at Marvel these days?

          • It sure seems that way. The fact I am even considering dropping two Hickman books is confusing to me. They just are not good enough anymore. Parker seems to be the only “sure bet” left at Marvel. Even his Underground mini over at Image was remarkable. It really is a sad state of affairs. I have been a huge Hickman fan since The Nightly News #1 hit the stands. Now it just seems like he is taking decompression tips from Bendis.


        • Deemar says:

          Steve Epting is coming on board as artist for FF so I’m sticking around for now.

          I wonder what happened with Dale Eaglesham? Did he not mesh well with Hickman or was the kerfuffle over his version of Reed Richards too much for him to take?

          More likely he wanted a bigger payday and gig so hello Brubaker!

  4. megamanx4ever says:

    Invincible Iron Man #27
    Nemesis #2
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #3
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11

  5. phil says:

    looks like its gonna be another week of on hold for me, that said;

    Only definite B & B legion/doom patrol
    and ish’s 7 & 8bof the great 10

    maybe: Shield…I thught the art was solid and the writing was decent, but it felt a little to else-worlds-ish for me, leaving feeling a bit disconnected.
    AvengersAcademy and Young Allies I’,m gonna have to thumb thru 1st

  6. TheMSpot says:

    SHIELD #2

    and all the books I said was going to get last week, but never got around to going to my LCS.

  7. AvS says:

    Batman #700
    Chew #11
    Daytripper #7
    Invincible Iron Man #27
    Justice League Generation Lost #3
    SHIELD #2
    Spider-Man Fever #3
    Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1
    Unwritten #14

  8. SmokeyClocks says:

    chew 11
    daredevil 507
    prince of power 2

  9. Mike F says:

    Glad to see you hit volume 5. (NOT REALLY A SPOILER: NO INFO WILL BE LEAKED, JUST AN OPINION) Its a critical part of the story, at least to me. I’m actually a bit curious to know what you’ll think of it. Any chance you’ll do a review or are there too many on the table?

    I’m buying Batman 700, Daredevil 507 and maybe Ironman 27. But I sure as hell ain’t buying Nemesis again. I learned my lesson that MM is no longer MM. He’s just crap.

  10. Bboyce109 says:


    Batman #700
    Justice League Generation Lost #3


    Avengers Academy #1
    Captain America #606
    Invincible Iron Man #27
    SHIELD #2
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #3
    Uncanny X-Men #525

    My birthday is on Wednesday and im going to my LCS not only to buy the items above but to buy shit load of comics they have collected for decades. Im not spending $100 for the Secret Invasion varient but im going to buy some old Marvel and DC comics. If anyone knows any good comic that i should look for tell me about it because i might just buy it.

    • No shit? My birthday is on Thursday.


      • Bboyce109 says:

        Im turning 21 so im getting two for the price of one. its new comic book day and im finally legal to drink.

        • tomstewdevine says:

          Happy b-day guys!

          as for the books, I don’t know how old your looking for but i would suggest, Superman: man of steele by byrne from the 80s, or Gotham Central by Rucka and Brubaker for something about 5 year old, or Tom strong from Alan Moore during the ABC period, I know that last one isn’t Marvel or DC but such a great book. These are the things I have read recently that reminded me how good comics can be.

          • SmokeyClocks says:

            booze is my recommendation.

          • Bboyce109 says:

            Nice choice tomstewdevine, ive heard people say good things of Gotham Central but i haven’t read it myself. From my LCS website i can that they have almost every issues so i might by the first six issues.

      • Pobra says:

        In case I forget, happy B-day guys!
        So J, you’re turning what? Like 41? 😛 Old Man Jose…

  11. Dre says:

    Captain America 606. Wow. Talk about a small week, huh!

    • TheMSpot says:

      Yeah, I was thinking of picking that one up as well just to see if the art would make the story telling a little more interesting, because the last issue was a bit anticlimactic.

      • Dre says:

        Guices artirty has me a little apprehensive to pick this issue, too, but it’s preview pretty much quelled my concerns. Under his pencil, the book looks gorgeous. I’d have preferred Rpting to stay on, but Guice is a ver suitable replacement.

  12. guido5595 says:

    Batman 700
    Doom Patrol 11
    Secret Six 22
    Shield 2

  13. mbell028 says:

    hey what’s up guys? This week I’ll be getting:
    Chew 11
    Daredevil 507
    Daytripper 7
    Invincible Iron Man 25
    Secret Six 22

    Suprised no else here picks up Secret Six that book is so good.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      I read it, and Yes it is, Simone has turned Catman into a really good deep character.

      • generaldark says:

        yea dont let my list fool you, i get other stuff im to lazy to post lol, i get secret six and like it but i may drop it after this arc. i need to cut some books and really simone IMO is no saint with treating woman like shit. i get its a villian book but come on. even dark avengers was a villian book and the same shit happens. im going to drop it.

        • tomstewdevine says:

          I know what you mean by having to cut books, if it isn’t a true top notch book you really have to look at dropping it. With higher prices and so many books that are coming out, but as of now I think I will stick with Secret Six.

        • mbell028 says:

          I do agree with you that she does seem to have a problem writing women. I really enjoyed Scandal Savage at the beginning of the series, but now she’s been sidelined now that Bane is the leader of the group. I hope she redeems herself soon. I disagree with you completely that the book is the same as Dark Avengers. They both use villains in their books as the protagonist, but come on Secret Six is a much better book and it is a lot cheaper than Dark Avengers (one of the few $2.99 books left hopefully this continues) with completely different things occuring in each book. Dark Avengers weren’t in even villains for hire like the secret six they were the main Avengers team according to the public in the marvel universe

          Don’t mean to get confrontational it’s really not a big deal. I understand if you want to drop it I gotta drop some books myself def glad Daytripper, Joe the Barbarian, and Wolverine Weapon X (really mad this is ending though) are ending soon that’ll help my wallet.

  14. tomstewdevine says:

    Batman #700
    Jonah Hex #56
    Secret Six #22
    Daytripper #7
    House of Mystery #26
    Unwritten #14
    Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1
    Heroic Age Prince of Power #2
    Invincible Iron Man #27
    Punishermax #8
    SHIELD #2
    Uncanny X-Men #525

    Damn, a really big week, I am super excited for Tom Strong, SHIELD, Unwritten, and Daytripper.

  15. SMARTASS8 says:

    I honestly can’t do these lists anymore since so often, once I get to the store, I change my mind on a book I was planning on getting and will then pick up a book or 2 that I never expected to. When I come back from the comic store on wednesdays and think back to the list I made on CCW, I feel like I’m living a lie. 😦

    • generaldark says:

      im like that too lol i dont think we are all completly honest with ourselves.. :/

    • tomstewdevine says:

      I usually always get everything on my list and it gives me a good idea what to buy, but almost every week I also pick something I missed on the list, Also my LCS has a $1 wall with changing comics each week, I always hit that up.

  16. kurumais says:

    Secret six
    Ultimate spidey
    Cap 606
    Prince of power 2
    Iron man
    Booster gold
    Young allies

  17. Insideman says:

    I buy mostly Trades and love reading “almost” anything for fun and the experience (at least once)… So this is a really big week for me. Some of the graphic novels I didn’t get I already bought as HC editions.

    I am wary about the Atlas Marvel Boy book because it looks like it is mostly older reprints. Hope the new stuff is worth it. I can’t stand it when Marvel pads a trade with old reprints.

    If you’ve never read them… The “Sea of Red” Trades (coming out this week in a box set) are a really fun pirate read.

    Atlas Marvel Boy
    Blacksad Vol 1 HC (This looks very cool!)
    Captain America America First HC
    Daffodil Premiere HC
    Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 37
    Doom Patrol We Who are About to Die
    Green Arrow Black Canary Big Game
    Hellboy Vol 10 Crooked Man & Others
    Irredeemable Vol 3
    Mass Effect Redemption
    Neil Young’s Greendale HC
    Phantom Complete Dailies Vol 1 HC
    Robert E Howard Presents Thulsa Doom
    Spider-Man Noir Eyes Without a Face HC

    Anybody familiar with these HERMES PRESS cartoon reprints– like the Phantom Complete Dailies Vol 1 HC coming out this week? I am always afraid to start buying these books because a lot of publishers either go out of business or stop publishing the series after 5 to 10 volumes… Leaving you holding the bag with no hope of getting a full collection.

    I always buy stuff like this from my comic store… Even though most comic stores are usually at least a couple of bucks higher than Amazon (Thank you, Diamond!)… Mainly because I like supporting my comic store and also because Amazon uniformly treats these books like utter shit when shipping.

    I wonder who convinced Jeff Bezos that someone who is willing to pay $50 for a comic strip reprint book would not mind having said BRAND NEW book delivered to their door in very good to fine condition?

    I basically stopped buying trades from Amazon when I had to return SEVEN different copies of the Darkness Compendium Edition– until the 8th copy finally arrived almost Near Mint. That’s (7) copies at $60 retail they trashed. I also have Amazon Prime shipping– so they were sending these massive door-stoppers 2nd Day air over and over (and paying for return shipping as well).

    That’s just gross.

    • Edward2962 says:

      At the risk of making myself look dumb,is Neil Young’s Greendale a companion to the concert thing from a couple years ago? Or new material based on the concept?

      • From the back cover:

        Guided by music legend Neil Young and based on the album, accliamed writer Joshua Dysart and artist Cliff Chiang compose an inspiring American fable about a young woman’s political coming of age.

        Looks like it’s all new material. It;s a hard cover graphic novel put out by Vertigo. Hope that helps.


  18. IronMuskrat says:

    Man, after getting nothing new last week(I did pick of the the Luna brothers first ‘Sword’ trade) I am stuck with a pile of books to buy this week, dammit!

    For sure this week..

    Daytripper #7- Amazing series that is coming to a close soon and just when I thought things might be getting stale, issue number six took things in a bit of a different direction and surprised me again, looking forward to this month’s issue.

    Chew #11- I see John Layman is getting a weekly column on CBR and he might be heading to Marvel? I hope John doesn’t forget about the ‘Kingmakers’ and his way to the top =)

    Invincible Iron Man #27- OK, Tony.. I know you are trying to make up for all of the shitty things you have done, but don’t forget there is a pile of bad guys out there who still want to kick your ass.

    Almost certainly this week…

    SHIELD #2- Really liked the first issue.. but a $3.99 price tag might kill this book for me.

    Spider-Man: Fever #3- Another cool book I am digging, but once again $3.99.. The only thing that might tip the scales in favor of me buying this one is this is the last issue.

    Man, I want to, but….

    Avengers Academy #1- I really want to get at least one of these new Avengers books coming out and I had decided that this would be the one. However, after the praise Jose and Elliott gave to Secret Avengers last week I may pick that one up instead..

    Could be big bucks for me this week, but there are a lot of quality book this week and I don’t want to miss out.


  19. phillip says:

    lol only 2 books this week
    daredevil and batman

  20. SteveMcQ says:

    Secret Six
    Iron Man

    Heralds 1&2. Just found out about this. I loved Kathryn Immonen’s Hellcat mini from a couple of years ago so I have to check this out. Anyone read the first issue? Good? Bad?

  21. MicahSkin says:

    Meh, nothin coming out I wanna get. (I must be the most boring comics buyer my LCS has)

    Altho I might thumb through the X-Babies TPB. Oh well, I get annoyed by the talk radio they have playing when I shop there anyway.

    • Insideman says:

      Your LCS plays TALK RADIO in the store all day?

      Gee, that might be a tad polarizing! (That’s crazy!)

    • Stamps says:

      My LCS plays the pop station so I get to listen to fucking Miley Cyrus when I’m picking up my books…fun

      • MicahSkin says:

        It’s sad. But it’s nice to know that as a gay man, I’m a Nazi, a Communist and I’m destroying the fabric of society while waiting for a dingus with a RULK shirt on to find the price of my X-Factor and Clan Destine back issues.

        Better than the station they USED to have on. Some Pittsburgh loving sports show.

      • Pobra says:

        My LCS is usually playing classic rock for some reason. Last week I got to buy my comics to the sweet sounds of Boston’s “More than a feeling”. Oh yeah 8)

  22. Pobra says:

    Well this is a nice change of pace after last weeks abysmal showing…

    Batman #700 (yay! Morrison is back!)
    Chew #11 (even though Layman scribbled all over the copy of #5 Elliott sent me)
    Daredevil #507
    Iron Man #27
    SHIELD #2 (hell yes)
    Spider-Man: Fever #3 (buy the hardcover, i implore you)

    still upset that i’m not reading Unwritten in issues 😦

  23. Stamps says:

    Batgirl #11
    Batman #700
    Invincible Iron Man #27
    Nemesis #2
    Chew #11 (THANK GOD!)

  24. hackslash2020 says:

    avengers academy
    iron man
    iron man noir
    spider-man fever
    ultimate spider-man

  25. Adam727 says:

    Jose, I don’t mean to bring up painful memories. But how long did the Dark Avengers last?

    • 15 shit-tastic issues.


      • Adam727 says:

        Okay, so 15 issues. Also it started right after Civil War correct? I apologize, as I didn’t read those books. My Grandfather was very ill at the time, so I didn’t have time to read the event. But after hearing others say that it was bad, I never went out to find it to read. So, I guess what I’m asking is when did the villains start imitating the hero’s? Thank you.

        • No, it started right after Secret Invasion. Norman Osborn becomes the leader of the Avengers and then villains dress as the Avengers.


          • Adam727 says:

            Okay, thank you sir. This is like losing part of ones memory. You can’t identify who’s who. I find out Max Gargin is Venom, Bullseye is Hawkeye, Daken is Wolverine, which I just was told he had his middle claws ripped out by Wolverine. I never really liked Daken to begin with. Then Norman Osbourne was a combination of two creators according to Bendis. I wonder which two is he referring to?

  26. comicbookdude says:

    Invincible Iron Man#27

    Sounds like a promising week. It’s my last week of school so these comics better be darn good!

  27. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    BATGIRL #11
    BATMAN #700
    X-MEN FOREVER 2 #1


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