CCW Open Thread

Posted: June 9, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. Saw this yesterday. Easily the best film I have seen all year. Nothing else even comes close.


  2. cballsack says:

    I just finished watching Ip Man 2. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a totally different story from the first one, but it’s still a fun watch. My biggest gripe was that the British soldiers in Hong Kong were portrayed rather cartoonishly.

  3. Heck says:

    Fucking epic.

  4. rush says:

    The story if mediocre but it’s visually stunning. I also preferred it in French rather than English.

    • Deemar says:

      Damn forgot all about this movie another one I’ve wanted to see.

      First time I saw this trailer it was like watching a Frank Miller comic come to life

    • I never did see this. I think maybe I should.


      • cballsack says:

        I don’t need to see it. I live it.

        • I don’t know about you but I would much rather hang out with Shu Qi then the twits from CBC. Just saying.


          • cballsack says:

            Speaking of CBC, I went to their show tonight and the special guest was Dan Slott. So Dan was talking about his work on the Avengers: The Initiative and how different the book turned out differently than how he originally planned it. Why? Because of Bendis. Other people at the Marvel staff were asking him to feature certain characters in his Avengers book (like Ant-Man, for example) because otherwise Bendis would kill them if they weren’t being used. So Slott’s book became a sort of safehouse for several Marvel characters.

            • rush says:

              Like an underground railroad for comic characters

            • Deemar says:


              Bendis hate at 11

              Well truth be told I’d rather Dan take control of those characters, All Bendis does is destroy no building, he plays favorites and shits on others work.

              So ballsy was Slott as Hobbitt-like as I’ve imagined?

              • cballsack says:

                Well, I don’t want to be mean and make fun of someone’s appearance. But your description is quite apt.

              • Did Slott talk about the fact that he doesn’t write any more books for Marvel except for the odd Amazing Spidey story here and there? That guy needs to get the fuck out of Dodge.


                • Deemar says:

                  That’s what I’ve been saying for awhile.

                  He needs to go DC or do creator owned, it’s very clear Marvel doesn’t respect his style of comics. It’s obvisous all they want is hipsters ala Fraction (Love the guy, but he’s a hipster) and woman hating, napoleon complex douches like Bendis.

                  If Hickman last at Marvel I might have to question his personal character.

                • cballsack says:

                  He actually did mention a couple projects of his that are coming out soon, but his main work right now is working on a new Spidey video game. When asked what the difference was between writing for comics and writing for video games, he said: “truckloads more money.”

                  He did mention that he has this love affair with the Great Lakes Avengers and submitted a number of projects in the past couple years which involved them. All were rejected by management. Two of the projects he mentioned that I remember were a Secret Invasion tie-in and the other was a Marvel Zombies tie-in.

                  • Deemar says:

                    The one idea Dan Slott had that I thought was both hilarious and genuis was the idea he had for the ultimate version of the HOWLING COMMANDOS.

                    He want to make all the Howling Commandos black guys and he wanted Dum Dum Dugan in particular to be based off of Snoop Dogg and have him start the Ultimate version of the GLA!

                    He said it was to fuck with Mark Millar, because he made Ult Fury Sam Jackson.

                  • So his projects are tie ins? That’s…great? Because we need more fucking tie ins. Especially to shitty storylines.


                    • cballsack says:

                      He wanted his tie-ins to have a twist, though. Like with the Secret Invasion tie-in, he was gonna have the Skrulls replace the Great Lakes Avengers, but then they’d forget they were Skrulls, and the rest of the Skrulls would forget they were posing as the GLA, so they all ended up fighting each other.

                      And his zombie tie-in was to have all the GLA turn into zombies, except Mr. Immortal since he couldn’t die. The GLA had him chained up to eat, then they’d wait for him to heal and do it all again… until one day he escaped, which would have become the basis for his story.

                      I’m typing this and it sounds kinda lame, but it was funny when he told it.

                    • Deemar says:


                      Slott is the master of subverting Bendis garbage ideas to his advantage.

                  • SmokeyClocks says:

                    if they would have let him do a Great Lakes Avengers book it could have easily been the best one on the market at the time

                • SteveMcQ says:

                  That’s the thing that confuses me. Now that this Dark Reign shit is over and it’s the “Heroic Age”, the one guy at Marvel who has been telling “Heroic Age” stories for the last year and half in Mighty doesn’t have a book. How the fuck does that work?

            • SMARTASS8 says:

              There’s a point where you stop feeling sorry for Slott and wonder why the fuck he stays in such an “abusive relationship”.

              Thanks for this CBall! With all the hype and some decent reviews coming out of “The Heroic Age”(and with most of the hype & a lot of my enthusiasm surrounding “Brightest Day” pretty much dead), I was beginning to reconsider my Marvel boycott. You just reminded me of the unprofessional asshole bullies that are in charge at that company. A pox on all their superhero hating houses!!!

      • Heck says:

        I reccomend it. Orlando Bloom and Christina Ricci’s part is the best, IMO. I’d say it’s equally as good as Paris, Je T’aime.

  5. Heck says:

    One of the greatest flicks of recent years.

  6. How the fuck did King of the Hill last 15 seasons?


    • Heck says:

      I dislike that show and how it ate away at my Adult Swim time.

    • rush says:

      Dang ole tell you want main it was all about Boomhauer.

    • Insideman says:

      My darling girlfriend has watched every episode of that show.

      Even I attempt to be a good boyfriend every once in a while– by watching an episode with her.

      This attempt always transgresses into EPIC FAIL territory within 10 minutes or less– as I cannot stop talking about how much the show sucks, sucks, sucks.

      God it sucks.

      • You are a better man than I Insideman. There are just some things I can not tolerate and someone actually liking King of the Hill is one of those things.


        • Insideman says:

          Here’s what’s weird Jose:

          I don’t think she really likes the show. She certainly doesn’t seek it out. I just think she started watching it one day and kept doing it until she had pretty much watched them all in reruns.

          I can assure you she doesn’t watch it around me– unless I am dead to the world in a drug or alcohol induced coma. πŸ˜‰

          I did watch the series finale with her though… I just wanted to make ABSOLUTELY certain that shit was finally leaving Fox prime time.

          Yet, I wouldn’t dare kick her to the curb for just that offense… She has far too many weird/good qualities– like the fact that she LOVES watching ME play video games. She never wants to play herself… She just loves watching me play.

          She also never complains when I just want to sit around and read comics. (Even though she doesn’t read them herself.) She just watches other TV shows on her notebook or puts headphones on and watches them on the big TV… Plus she told me yesterday she can’t wait to the Captain America movie because she heard Stanley Tucci was just cast.

          All that seems like SOLID GOLD to me. πŸ™‚

          • rush says:

            Is she from the land of Stepford? Can she be cloned? πŸ™‚

          • rush says:

            I’m pretty lucky, the current girlfriend is cool like that. The first movie we saw was Mongol and she picked it.

            • Insideman says:

              Honest to god… She is a big time classical pianist (plays all over the world) that happens to love, love, love Science Fiction.

              She also emailed Dreamland behind my back one day and got them to get me a COMPLETE RUN of Strangers in Paradise trades for my birthday a couple of years ago. (They had to work hard on that request!)

              And she really likes my Covergirls of the DC Universe Statue collection and my Women of the DC Universe busts.

              And finally, when I just can’t find one of the books in my collection… She always jumps up and offers to find it herself– because she “likes to look for stuff”.

              I shit you not.

      • Deemar says:

        Women the things we do for them…

    • cballsack says:

      If only Beavis & Butthead lasted as long.

      • SteveMcQ says:

        Disagree. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a little hick town and can see how spot on they were with all of the subtle little jokes, but I think King of the Hill was fantastic. For the first few seasons anyway. It was smart, well-written, and, yes, funny.

        I save my anger for the Family Guy. Easily one of the worst shows ever. The love that people have for that show makes me sad and angry at the same time.

  7. Insideman says:

    I just received my super discounted “Cannon God” trades from Barnes & Noble today. They were in great shape– especially considering they were bargain books. I just peeled the “Bargain Price” stickers off and they looked great.

    I then realized I had only posted ONE of three discount links to Barnes and Noble listed in that same Bleeding Cool post!

    Here’s all three links.(They have added a few more books too). The third link is for IDW books (with, strangely– some gardening books mixed in with the comic titles)– but more importantly, there are also some ridiculous 74% Off Hardcover prices too:…linkid=1586062



    Here’s a 15% OFF one item coupon code too– good until 6/13: H9M4X4X

    I just picked up another six books (mostly hardcovers) for a paltry $26.02. (Orders over $25 get free shipping.)

    (Sorry I didn’t copy all 3 links the first time!)

    P.S. For what it’s worth (and it may not be worth much), Bleeding Cool also has a link to the $24.99 Siege: Battlefield HC that can be pre-ordered from Amazon for $10.11… Which, according to most of you– may be $10.10 too much to pay:

  8. rush says:

    Here is one that leave you shaking your head.

  9. I was looking for a trailer to this film and I guess the is the “official” one. Wow…this trailer is completely terrible considering this film is not a comedy at all. I am sure a fair share of people did not expect to see the film they actually saw.


  10. Insideman says:

    Can anybody tell me if IDW’s Transformer comics are worth a damn? They just released a compendium type omnibus thing last week and I’ve NEVER read a Transformers comic… So I have no idea if they suck as hard as the movies do.

    My guess is they can’t possibly suck as hard as the movies do… But I have been wrong before.

  11. IronMuskrat says:

    Dammit, a cross over between the new kids at the Avengers Academy and Jeff Parker’s Thunderbolts to kick things off.

    Well, looks I will be getting at least a couple issues of Avengers Academy =P


  12. Mike F says:

    Man, all these great trailers you guys have been posting making me wanna see almost all of them. I don’t have much to offer in terms of trailers so I’ll just post what movie was on my mind this morning…

    Hopefully someone likes it πŸ™‚ I did

  13. Dre says:

    Just because todays the release of Batman #700 and and an aged Batman is still badass:

  14. cballsack says:

    Who’s bidding?

    I feel tempted to watch this item just to see if someone actually will buy it.

  15. Smallmaniac says:

    Anyone watching the World Cup Saturday? I’m not a sports person but I’m going to give soccer a try.

  16. tomstewdevine says:

    SHIELD was beyond good this week, I feel like when I’m reading this series, I’m reading something special.

  17. Pobra says:

    Anyone else find Batman #700 to be slightly incomprehensible?
    I know there’s always someone to say that about every Morrison book, but I’m usually pretty good with his stuff. Maybe I was expecting a more straight forward story for this particular issue. I guess I’ll have to read it again later, see if i can solve the riddle within the mystery.
    But if anyone would care to explain their thoughts on it, I’m all ears.

    • rush says:

      Morison is heavily referencing old Batman stories and elements here. If anyone reading this issue isn’t well versed in the Batman lore will be lost. Morrison is also taking the reader through the various eras of Batman that we know and some not realized yet. The riddle is just referring to the title of the book “Time and the Batman”. Well that’s my take on this anyway.
      It was nice to see the Damien Batman from issue #666 and the Terry McGinnis Batman though I doubt that way Bruce Wayne guiding Terry.

  18. Elliott will be doing a live talk show in about an hour. You can call in and bug him with your must annoying questions.


  19. What does Jeri Ryan have to say about the new Mortal Kombat trailer? Looks like I was right with one of my assumptions after all.


  20. Insideman says:

    I love this movie:

  21. I found this short film while wasting time on the interwebs. Figured some of you might like it.


    • cballsack says:

      Neat. I think my favorite scene was of the bridge, with the shooting stars and the sun traveling across the sky. I think it was around 6:20.

  22. Has anyone seen this movie? Apparently it is a few years old but I just found out about it today.


  23. IronMuskrat says:

    Anyone seen this, never got a chance to check it out on Adult Swim. just looking at the promo I find it strangely intriguing.

  24. cballsack says:

    So earlier tonight I watched Legendary Assassin. It was pretty good, although I was a bit confused by the ending. Also, the girl in this movie, Celina Jade, is too damn cute for words.

    And now I’m watching Tokyo Gore Police.

  25. TheMSpot says:

    Yesterday, I saw the Lovely Bones it was kind of depressing and made me think this would make for a good Spectre story. Anyway, I wish Mark Wahlberg would go back to doing action movies.

    • Visually I thought that movie was great but I remember not liking the narrative when I saw it in the theater. I had a lot of questions that I wanted answered that the movie never dealt with. I then found out from a friend of mine that the problems I had with he story were all explained in the book.


      • TheMSpot says:

        Yeah, the narration was kind of annoying and I figured that much in regards to the plot holes in the story, but that is just lazy direction when your basically told read the book for the answers. This wasn’t Wahlberg’s worst performance that title belongs to the Happening.

      • Heck says:

        I liked the movie, I thought Stanley Tucci did a great job with what he was given. I just thought it was odd how the pedophile isn’t even impiled to be a rapist. We knew that he had raped and killed her but I felt that it should have been more forward, since it was a MAJOR part of the novel.

        The visuals of the Afterlife reminded me of the film, ‘What Dreams May Come’ which I really liked. The problem was that after all the hype, Peter Jackson helming the piece, and how I enjoyed what I had read; I expected more from the flick than I got.

        Not a bad film, just not as great as I thought it would be. If that makes much sense.

    • cballsack says:

      I wish he’d go back to making music.

    • Insideman says:

      I wish Mark Wahlberg would just. go. away. (No offense.)

  26. Insideman says:

    I just fished reading the Deadpool/Thunderbolts Dark Reign Trade. It was made up of Deadpool #8, #9 and a couple of Thunderbolts issues (numbers of which I can’t remember off the top of my head).

    The (2) Deadpool issues had to be two of the SHITTIEST comic books I have read in years… and since I eventually read almost everything that says a lot to me.

    After delivering some fairly cool ideas in the preceding Thunderbolts issues– Andy Diggle runs out of talent during the Deadpool crossover. This guy has delivered some really cool stuff (The Losers, Hellblazer and even Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper from Virgin Comics)… So he must have felt like slitting his wrists when he was typing this crap.

    Old news for all of you I’m sure… But I just had to get that off my chest.

  27. TheMSpot says:

    I have a question for the CCW nation, If you could bring 5 graphic novels with you to, lets say, a deserted island or heaven to pass the time what would they be?

  28. Insideman says:

    On a cool note, I’ve received most of the Manga picks you recommended Jose. Just waiting for the “Old Boy” books now.

    Never could get Eagle: The Making of a Japanese American President.

    I did pick up the “Death Note” box set on a lark and I also picked up the Vagabond Ultimate Issues– (7 big books)– that I believe Mike F recommended to me. (Thanks, Mike!) I found a couple of ridiculous 20% OFF coupons from Books a Million that made a “Bleach” Box Set and the “Death Note” Box Set come out to like $3.15 (or less) a book. Then got free shipping and no tax. (No “BAMM” stores in California). I had a membership left over from buying Christmas presents last year and got another 15% Off the prices too.

    Finished it off by purchasing a really nice cherry colored (3) shelf bookcase from Office Depot for only $39.99. The girlfriend found a specific “20% Off All Bookcases” coupon on the internet. (Say What?!?)

    All the books fit and now I’m ready to rock and read. I really appreciate everyone being so helpful!

    • Did you end up getting 20th Century Boys?

      Please let us know what you think of the books as you read them.


      • Locusmortis says:

        which reminds me, I must bring Gantz 1 into work and read some more. I didn’t realize there’d be so much boobage in it though so will have to read it when its a bit quieter πŸ˜›

        • He he. Ya, Elliott got embarrassed when he read it on the tube because of that. What do you think of it so far?


          • Locusmortis says:

            The scene where they’re all introduced is a bit fucked up but once it gets going its compelling stuff. Oku choreographs action pretty well too, the tension in the subway scene was beyond anything I’ve seen in american comics this year, you really feel inside the book if you know what I mean.

            • Cool. Glad to hear you are liking it so far. And I do know what you mean. The tension only builds with every issue. It is a lot like Invincible or the Walking Dead in the fact that you never know who is safe and who is not. Being an original creator owned story, anything can happen and often does.


          • Insideman says:

            Hmmm… I need to move Gantz toward the top of my reading list! πŸ˜‰

      • Insideman says:

        OK Jose, I admit it. I went crazy– way, way overboard.

        I already had MPD Psycho. (I don’t know why, since I told you I didn’t necessarily need/want to read anything too gory. I guess Dark Horse’s ad campaign got to me.) I also already had Bleach as a gift from friends. (I got attracted to the art during the Nick Simmons plagiarism fiasco.)I had also purchased Black Lagoon, Dogs, Astral Project, Zone 00, Peace Maker, Peace Maker: Kurogane and Ikigami.

        Based on your suggestions, I purchased Battle Royale, Cannon God Exaxxion, Gantz, Gunsmith Cats… and I also went ahead and bought Gunsmith Cats: Burst.

        I did finally find all the Monster volumes– plus Pluto, 20th Century Boys, Silent Mobius (new editions) and Old Boy volumes. Also based on recs here: I purchased Biomega and Vagabond. (I also bought Death Note on a whim… Just because I was in a feeding frenzy and there was already a lot of blood in the water.)

        I spent a good chunk of change but NOWHERE NEAR what you might think! As we discussed, the Manga market is very depressed right now and there were a TON of INSANE DEALS and heavily marked down books to be had.

        As I wrote before, it didn’t hurt to have Books-A-Million knocking off 30%, then having a 20% Off Coupon and also an additional 15% membership discount… or Barnes & Noble selling Manga volumes for $3.58.

        I have a lot to read… and I will let everybody know what I thought as I go along. Having read ZERO Manga until yesterday– it’ll definitely be a newbie perspective.

        Of all things, I read “All My Darling Daughters” as my first Manga yesterday. Wanted something slower (action-wise)and I got the hang of the right to left style fairly quickly… and didn’t feel like plucking my eyeballs out… So I’m stoked for all the fun reads. πŸ™‚

        Anything I should definitely read first?

        • rush says:

          Dios mio mang. I would say Pluto.

        • I would say save Gantz, Monster, Pluto and 20th Century Boys for last. That is the cream of the crop. I would start off with the older manga first and work your way up. Maybe read Silent Mobius and then the original Gunsmith Cats. Seeing the progression of manga through the years is definitely cool. You can then read some Bleach. It’s a fun title but not as deep as some of the others.

          Either way you have a lot of cool stuff to get through. I envy you because you get to experience some great books for the first time.


          • Insideman says:

            Jose, you and I think just alike.

            I’d rather read the older books first, then the newer stories– and finally the best stuff for last.

            (Rush, I know Pluto is great from everything I’ve read. If I read that first, I may have to chunk half the stuff I already bought because it won’t match up.)

            Reading in Jose’s proposed order also gives me incentive to slog through the shit– especially if I know the best is waiting at the “finish line”.

            I really enjoy experiencing the progression of different books and characters. I mentioned this same thing to Erik Larsen recently (asking why he chose NOT to reprint 3 trades worth of floppies but printed the work before and after the chunk he didn’t reprint). He responded to me from more of a financial perspective (understandable) when I was really trying to emphasize that a big part of the fun of reading ANY book (good or bad)– for me at least– is witnessing the progression/maturation of the artist and the character (if any)… and since Savage Dragon was a single creator title, I thought it would be interesting to read it from beginning to end.

            • By any chance was the stuff Larsen decided not to reprint the “Kirbyverse” Savage Dragon stories? I ask because that’s when I dropped the book. I fucking loved Savage Dragon and then when Larsen put him on an alternate Earth I was like “Fuck this”. I just couldn’t get into having to start all over again with a character.


              • Insideman says:

                Jose, I haven’t read them yet but I looked into it and the trades stop with Vol 11 (issue #58) and do not resume until Vol 15 (which is the beginning of the Kirbyverse remake). So I am guessing Vol 15 is about where you dropped the book.

                This was exactly my point to Erik. I bet those missing issues had some great stuff but I’ll never see them unless he reprints them. (There are very few floppies in my future.) I attempted to argue that there were plenty of people (completists like me) that won’t buy the trades now because Vols 12, 13 & 14 are “missing’. (In reality, they were never printed.)

                He wrote back that people read Spider-Man trades all the time and obviously not all of them are still in print. In the end, Erik said that financial considerations would determine whether the work that has never been reprinted gets reprinted. (Maybe in a deluxe Omnibus or something.)

                • Interesting. Ya, those missing volumes DO have great stories in them. If anything he should just drop the Kirbyverse stuff since Dragon is currently back in the old continuity. That actually would make more sense.


            • rush says:

              You guys have the right idea.

          • Mike F says:

            Pluto really is the greatest comic I ever read. Holy fuck man. Just saying the title makes me gitty πŸ™‚ It pleases me to no end to know the CCW members like it too!

        • Mike F says:

          Oh, I just saw you got Ikigami. I love that book! Its so intense how emotional it gets. Are you enjoying it too Insideman?

          • Insideman says:

            I’m plunging into my VERY first Manga series today, Mike!

            In honor of Jose birthday, I’m starting with one of his picks– Gunsmith Cats– since I have a complete set of that and only the first (3) volumes of the new Silent Mobius reprints.

            I promise to let you know about Ikigami!

            • Ya, there are only 3 volumes out of the revised Silent Mobius. You’ll have to wait like the rest of for the new ones to come out. πŸ™‚


            • Mike F says:

              Gunsmith Cats is one of my favorites! I started off reading comics like Gunsmith Cats and Battle Angel and Vagabond πŸ™‚

              • Insideman says:

                I bought Vagabond on your recommendation Mike!

                Unfortunately, it looks almost impossible to put a Battle Angel collection together… With some of the volumes from the second series seemingly sold out everywhere too.

                How maddening.

                • Mike F says:

                  If you enjoy the work of Akira Kurosawa you’ll love vagabond. But to be truthful, it takes a while to finish. Its kinda like Watchmen, a lot of material, but it goes by quick once you get the vibe of it.

                  As for Battle Angel, well, hopefully you’ll find some more volumes in stock before James Cameron does his “live action” version and the complete image of Alita becomes some distorted commercialized movie. The comic is great and shouldn’t be replicated on the screen but oh well.

  29. rush says:

    We’ve listed what comics we would bring to a deserted island. What books would you guys bring?

    • cballsack says:

      Fuck. There’s simply no way to limit myself to 5 or 10. I was an English major in college, so I love a lot of classic fiction, but I also read a lot of history/politics, science, health, and sports. Plus, I have a fondness for quite a few trashy Star Trek novels.

      • rush says:

        There must be some that had more of an impact on you? Lets limit it to scifi then.

        • cballsack says:

          I don’t think any sci-fi books have had an “impact” on me. I’m actually not the hugest sci-fi lit fan. I’m more of a visual sci-fi fan, if that makes sense. I prefer movies and comics to the books, most of the time. Novels dealing with war or race have had a bigger impact on me, at least in terms of shaping my morality: Slaughterhouse-Five, Catch 22, All Quiet On The Western Front, Native Son, Johnny Got His Gun, On The Beach, Passing Time, etc.

          Or you could just give me the collected works of Charles Bukowski and call it a day.

    • TheMSpot says:

      Emergency by Neil Strauss

      he he

    • Heck says:

      This is difficult.

      -The Catcher in the Rye, for it’s huge impact on me.

      -Fareinheight 451, for it’s sci-fi fun and strangely prophetic story.

      -The Black Dahila, or anything by James Ellroy, I’m a sucker for any good noir story.

      -the End of the Affair (or anything by Graham Greene)

      -Complete works of Shakespeare. I teach theatre to youngins every other summer and have read and re-read his works. Nothing beats Willy.

  30. IronMuskrat says:

    What a minute, doesn’t someone have a Birthday today?


  31. Insideman says:

    I want to play!

    (5) Comics/Trades I’d take to a deserted island:

    Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing
    J. Michael Straczynski’s Midnight Nation
    Brubaker’s Criminal Deluxe Edition
    Marguerite Abouet’s (3) Aya books taped together (Aya, Aya of Yop City and Aya: The Secrets Come Out)
    The Walking Dead Compendium

    I hope they have a wheelbarrow on the island.

    • Mike F says:

      Damn! I still haven’t finished Midnite Nation! Is it worth completing? I made it to issue 7 and I was enjoying it for the most part…

      • Insideman says:

        I personally think Midnight Nation is one of the best… but I warn you… If you haven’t read the first 7 Chapters in a while… You WILL want to reread them before finishing the book.

  32. rush says:

    Alright good night all.

    Jose, you have an awesome day.

  33. Apparently it is Scott McCloud’s b-day today too. That’s kinda cool.


  34. Stamps says:

    Happy Birthday Jose! πŸ™‚

  35. Mike F says:

    5 trades I NEED on a deserted Island.

    -Pluto (Urasawa, seriously, this IS the comic of the century. and I stand by that statement.)
    -20th Century Boys
    -Daredevil: Born Again
    -Animal Man 1 (Grant Morrison)
    -Akira (Otomo, a nice long trade full of great artwork!)

    But then again, There’s a ton more trades out there I’d want to take… these are just 5 that I never get bored reading.

  36. You may want to check out this movie cballsack.


  37. Pobra says:

    I was going to save this for mellow monday, but it’s too good not to share.
    Kinda shitty quality, but the lyrics ring disturbingly true. I’m pretty sure this is my new personal theme song.

  38. Mike F says:


    I’m hoping to take the train tomorrow to go and get an autograph but so much is in the way…. I must prevail!

  39. Nemesis #2 review in haiku:

    It sucked donkey balls
    Plot twist is from The Dark Knight
    Millar, please just stop


  40. TheMSpot says:

    Is anyone having the same problems with WordPress as me?

  41. TheMSpot says:

    The latest promo for Marvel’s Shadowland that is up on CBR does not make me look forward to what they may possibly do to Daredevil.

    • I thought I was the only one!!! Man, I can not agree with you more. I saw that promo and I was like “BULLLLLLSHIT”. Fuck Marvel. I just got back into Daredevil after more than a decade and this just kills my interest entirely. Do not want.

      On top of that they have like 6 or more mini’s and one shots coming out that tie into Shadowland. Fucking business as usual at Marvel.


      • TheMSpot says:

        Tell me about it, didn’t they try to pull this bullshit before with Daredevil awhile back by turning him into the devil or something. It is business as usual, it’s like their begging for me to lob bricks at them, screw shit it’s war now.

        • TheMSpot says:

          What the fuck is this a double post I think a combo is extra points.

          What the fuck is up with WordPress. They are starting to get on me nerves. Don’t they usually try to stop this from happening, oh well it’s out there now.

        • I may have been fine with it if they didn’t hype” The Birth of Marvel’s Greatest Villain”.

          Sorry but nothing can live up to that. Not going to happen. The hype machine is in full swing on this one and it will FAIL miserably. I really want to support Andy Diggle on this book but Marvel is making it impossible for me to.


          • TheMSpot says:

            This will turn into another Reborn and suck the life out of all involved and the money out of the wallets of the Marvel Zombies.

            • I would have more respect for the series if it was like Doomwar. Daredevil goes on hiatus, the mini comes out and that’s it. But no. They have to fucking milk it for all it’s worth with new minis.

              Remember when Marvel used to tell great multi-part cross over stories IN THE MAIN BOOKS? Remember “Gang Land” in Amazing Spider-Man?

              I think it is kinda cool that they are doing a story that involves a lot of the New York based heroes BUT just tell the damn stories in their own books!


              • TheMSpot says:

                Yeah, I don’t know why they don’t do those any more I think it would boost sales, and maybe gain some new interest in some of the characters involved. But since some of the characters involved don’t have their own title I guess their trying to use this as a jumping on point for Ghost Rider or Iron Fist but as for the other characters involved they already have story arcs in their own titles. So, Marvel being Marvel they will just have them in a one shot that relates to the event, but doesn’t put it in the regular title of that character. Basically it’s about making money at Marvel any more and selling lots and lots of comic it doesn’t matter if there good as long as there selling their happier than a pig in shit.

          • Deemar says:

            It is Marvel at it’s worst and I’m not buying a single issue of the thing, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious too see how it pans out.

      • SmokeyClocks says:

        diggle has been doing a good job so far so i want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it does look a bit menacing. i guess we will just have to wait and see though i hope it is just a marketing ploy by marvel.

      • Locusmortis says:

        funny, thats something I’ve written about on the marvel section of the Previews column I’m half way through writing.

      • rush says:

        What can anyone expect from Marvel, they cannot honestly call themselves the house of ideas any more. It’s all about their bottom line. They will always opt for short-term profits while creating long-term problems.

    • Deemar says:

      What making him a villain?

      I’m gonna be in the minority here and say I’m kinda hoping that is the case.

      Let me explain…

      DD had a great few years, but for me it got depressing and a bit tired the whole “whoa is me” Matt Murdock, there ain’t much you can do with DD at this point other than turn him back into his original swashbuckling, yellow&crimson wearing self.

      It’s something new (At least for a major character like DD if it sticks) and honestly Daredevil is about a hair away from a badguy anyways.

      Now let the pile on begin

      • Mike F says:

        Yeah I kinda agree. All the promo’s thus far seemed fine with me, I guess this new one I gotta see tho.

        But really, IDK, Diggle has been so great with the book, him writing the event can’t make it worse than Blackest Nite.

        • Deemar says:

          Thanks Mikey

          I just think Daredevil is one of those characters with a expiration date as far as stories that can be told with him.

          The only other futher use with a character like Daredevil is throw him on a team book or give the guy a few years of “happiness” with some upbeat stories.

          I think the Frank Miller version of DD has ran it’s course.

      • I don’t have a problem with DD becoming a sort of anti-hero. With him leading the hand I figured that that was where they were going to take the story. BUT Marvel hyping “The birth of Marvel’s greatest villain”? Sorry, not buying it.

        Are Marvel just going to make DD the next Hal Jordan? Make him a total villain and then kill him? I can completely see that happening. Just more of this tragedy porn bullshit.


        • Mike F says:

          Yeah, Jose, You got it 100%. I feel like Marvel is gonna use an old DC trick for a character that’s FINALLY getting some good coverage. I Love DD too. I have more DD comics than any other title, I’ve always loved the darker, noir style narration he had…

          Marvel could play their cards right and just let Diggle control the story, but then again the same people who’d actually give Mark Millar a paycheck for Nemesis clearly don’t think with their right minds.

        • rush says:

          Ya and next year there will be some other vapid DD redemption/rebirth event.

        • Deemar says:

          At this point I have no clue Marvel’s intentions it’s not good for sure.

          Either way the I’m pretty much done with DD, until something radical is done with him. Being in charge of the Hand is a good start.

    • Mike F says:

      Wait what’s the promo? Is something bad gonna happen to DD? I really thought Diggle wanted to make this event good man… Fuck. My last hope was Andy Diggle…

  42. Insideman says:

    I didn’t buy Nemesis #2.

    I will now write “I will no longer buy BULLSHIT COMICS 100 Times”… (On a legal pad in my house.)

  43. The Amazing Mike says:

    IGN gave Nemesis 2 an 8…
    Daredevil’s going to be a villian…
    Bendis has 2 Avengers books…

    Maybe OMIT will give me a good jumping off point for Marvel in general?

    • The Amazing Mike says:

      I had to watch the Spider-Man 2099 video game trailer to boost my optimism for now.

    • God damn…really? I’ve said i before and I’ll say it again. IGN is ridiculous. There was nothing good about Nememsis #2. Nothing.

      I’m with you on this whole “jumping off point” for Marvel too.


      • The Amazing Mike says:

        I think I’m only reading Amazing/Ultimate Spider-Man because he’s been my favorite fictional character since I could read but GODDAMN they’ve been giving me some hard pills to swallow. USM has no conflict anymore, and I don’t like the art style at all, my girlfriend is even on board with me dropping it because of the extra buck.
        Plus I’m quitting Cap because an extra buck doesnt fly with me anymore, at least before they tried to put a back feature in it. They don’t even try with anymore so either will I.
        But good news! All the current suck from Marvel made me look into getting into Invincible and I quite like it so far. Just got done with the 4th trade.

        • That’s awesome to hear that you are still liking Invincible.

          But, ya, I am really stating to rethink paying $3.99 for certain comics. I am starting to weed those off my pull list. Hell, I am even rethinking some $2.99 books I buy. I now find myself buying more new Independent books than new Marvel/DC.


          • cballsack says:

            That’s the way to go, kid. I’m pretty much tired of comics altogether. It’s a wonder I come on here because I honestly don’t care what’s being produced these days. Every comic I’ve read for the past few months, with a few exceptions, has been mostly crap.

          • The Amazing Mike says:

            Anyone notice Joe Q is wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt in his promo pic? It makes me lol.

            • tomstewdevine says:

              He is constantly wearing Mickey stuff, I have seen pictures from different con’s where he was rocking Disney stuff. I think it gives Disney a bad name.

            • Ya, I noticed that myself. He is no longer an “artist” more than he is a complete corporate whore. Probably explains his recent promotion. Kiss enough ass and good things are bound to happen. Look at the dude over at Comic Book Club. He constantly praises Marvel’s shit and now he is writing for them.


              • Deemar says:

                He’s getting fat again also, every new pic of Joey Q he looks more and more like Mojo

              • The Amazing Mike says:

                *Speaks into Microphone*
                Bendis treats all characters that he didn’t create with the fullest respect.
                Turning Punisher into a zombie is brilliant!
                Daken is a great character who isn’t written as over powered.
                One More Day was completely necc– aww gawd *pukes*
                … Do I got job?

              • cballsack says:

                In fairness Alex does bash plenty of Marvel comics at the live shows.

                • I’m sure he does when he isn’t being taped and has far less of an audience. Sorry but I can only have an opinion on what I can experience first hand and those opinions are formed by watching the videos.

                  Also, he completely shit all over the Luna Brother’s work and for that his opinion matters not to me anymore.


        • Deemar says:

          You’re not alone

          ASM been done with that, they got me back for awhile but I’m done.

          Captain America I’m laying my faith in Brubaker, can he turn that ship around? I hope so

  44. The Amazing Mike says:

    I hate when I’m looking through Ryan Ottley’s art and I have to be careful not to see spoilers. But holy crap did the colorist on Invincible ever get nominated for any award? It looks damn good.

  45. rush says:

    Buzzard #1 and Meta4 #1 were pretty good. Great art on both, I will have to see how Meta4 shapes up. Anyone else read these?

    • Not yet. I did read the new Hack/Slash #1 though. I have never really read the series before but I really liked this issue.


      • tomstewdevine says:

        Tim Seeley is the man.

      • rush says:

        I decided to pick this up but haven’t read it yet. If I like it I will be getting the omnibus vol 1&2.

        • I thinking about picking up the Omnibuseseses too.


          • cballsack says:


          • Insideman says:

            I’ve read every issue of Hack/Slash.

            The art can be REAL hit and miss Jose– but Seeley’s scripts usually overcome the rough spots.

            I would check and see if Image is going to reprint the Omnibus collections… As DDP apparently still owes Seeley money and Seeley had to take a loan out to pay some of the creators that had worked on his book (because DDP hadn’t paid Tim all the money they owed him).

            This fact alone makes Tim Seeley a GOD among men to me.

            If Image reprints the collections– I feel Seeley will get his money… Whereas I don’t know if he’ll ever see another dime from the rapidly sliding DDP… Which is a shame (they apparently overprinted their product and then suffered MAJOR financial setbacks when most of their Trades were returned by bookstores) because they published some really good stuff.

            • I read about Seeley taking out that loan. Much respect to him.

              Image IS reprinting the Omnibus collections. There is an ad for them in the issue.

              I was never a fan of DDP. They are based in Chicago and because of the stories I have heard no tears are being shed around here about their demise.


    • tomstewdevine says:

      I bought Buzzard but haven’t got to it yet, I flipped through it though and it was beautiful, Powell is a god with his brushes.

    • SmokeyClocks says:

      the owner of my lcs recommended buzzard to me. id never read the goon before but really enjoyed it. if anyone is well versed in the goon what trades might you recommend?

  46. The Amazing Mike says:

    I just got pissed because for a second I thought this was happening…

  47. rush says:

    I can’t wait for Stuff of Legend #3 to come out this summer.

  48. The Amazing Mike says:

    Ok Ok. Is…

    ^ That why people don’t like the CBC? P.S I only watched the first 30 seconds out of instant Invincible Spoilers/bashing.

    • This isn’t the first time they have ripped on Invincible. They pretty much ALWAYS do {like 9 times out or 10) when they “decide” to review it. But man give them a Loeb, Bendis or Wolverine book to review and it is a completely different story.


  49. rush says:

    Why do so many blogs suck up to Marvel and DC, are they getting checks from them?

    • The Amazing Mike says:

      It’s easier than saying
      “Theres actually alot of Independent writers and art teams that are doing a great job and just don’t get publicity. Well I have searched and found a great Indie book that I will be reviewing today.”

      • rush says:

        True but these people don’t really need to pull their punches when it comes to bad books or just blatantly push them. They’ve just become the Fox News of comics reporting.

    • Maybe?

      I think it had a lot to do with that is where most of the hardcore fanboys are. Your website sucks Marvel and DC’s collective dicks and the fanboys will visit your site more. The more hits your site gets the more people will want to advertise on there which means money for the website. You get “exclusive” interviews with Marvel and DC creators you will get even more site hits.


  50. you guys didn’t think of that and now elliot will never work for marvel or d.c.

  51. yeah you guys are very good like that the anarchists in a world gone mad over bendis and leob power.

  52. Edward2962 says:

    Is anyone here familiar with this young man? I literally looked him up on you tube because I saw an add in the local paper today.


  53. SmokeyClocks says:

  54. Mr.Wrestling says:

    wow so I just saw the top 100 books for May and Ive just gotta say……fuuuuck…

    Bendis takes the top two spots with his shitty avengers and Siege, and Secret Avengers(The only GOOD avengers book) takes 4th.

    Maybe the biggest tragedy though, the awesome relaunch of Atlas (Which deserved to atleast be in the top 20) was in 88th.

    What is wrong with the comic buying public today, shit like Bendis Avenger’s sells but not Atlas, which will probably be cancelled again soon.

    • Mike F says:

      I won’t like. I have thought about this more than I should have. Honest, I sit there and think, “WHY Do people like this shit?” Sometimes I wonder if the quality got better so I go to my local comic shop and check out the latest Bendis book and its just as bad as the rest! I really don’t know why so many people have this kind of taste in their comics… It really does bewilder.

      • cballsack says:

        Why is American Idol so popular? How has Pink’s musical career lasted this long? Why is Glenn Beck’s show so highly rated? Why are Michael Bay’s movies so successful?

        People have shitty tastes, bro.

      • rush says:

        Most people are lemmings. This makes them susceptible to marketing. People want to like what they think is popular so they can feel like they belong.

        • Mike F says:

          Its interesting you say this. Once at comiccon, grant Morrison was asked, “what do you read” and he said “I just read what’s popular” and it made me think WHAT? He just reads what’s popular?

          Its just hard to believe someone so skilled in writing just reads anything that’s highly rated rather than quality books… IDK, maybe its just me but I just didn’t expect that kinda answer for some reason.

  55. zdjΔ™cia says:

    Hello, great blog. I am also leading one’s so I know how hard it is. Your articles are great, although not always I agree with them, but in spite of that I will visit your site more often. I wish you the success and the perseverance in running the site, Alice

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