The Doctor Who: Series 5 Episode 12 “The Pandorica Opens” Thread

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Geek Culture, Television
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Photo from The Doctor Who Official Website

  1. Wow…

    This episode is easily the most enjoyment I have gotten all year from watching a television show.

    As I watched the episode I kept thinking that whatever was inside of the Pandorica was in some way related to The Doctor but I couldn’t figure out what/why it was. But then the ending…man…

    If you are a fan of sci-fi or genre television and you are not watching this show you are really missing out. This whole season has been incredible. Now, only one episode to go.

    Did you notice that the above pic didn’t appear in the episode though?


    • Stamps says:

      Yeah i noticed that the pic wasn’t in the episode. You don’t see any dead cybermen in the daylight much less with River. Maybe a shot of something in the next episode they just used online?

      • I am assuming it was a scene that was cut from the episode but I guess we’ll find out next week. What did you think of this week’s episode?


        • Stamps says:

          I loved this episode. I really liked how they brought Van Gogh back and made him a part of the episode. “Vincent and the Doctor” was one of my favorite episodes of this season. That painting with the tardis was really cool, they should sell posters, I’d buy one.

          River Song is by far my favorite recurring character and she kicks ass in this episode.

          At the end when its revealed who the box is for -what a great twist. I like how every little detail is revealed to be connected to one another.

          Can’t wait for the next part.

  2. kurumais says:

    i am with you on the pandoric every time they described i kept think the same thing, when they kept describing what might be in it i kept thinking that describes the doctor perfectly
    i was also thinking the master or the rani or some timelord we hadnt seen before

    this was the first episode featuring river song where she didnt annoy the F out of me
    she looks good in a catsuit too
    i am pretty much sick of the daleks but i must admit when i first heard the dalek voice i said to myself ” oh shit…”

    but the thing i enjoyed the most were the little things the script did like when the doctor tells amy why he asked her to come with him and how her life doesnt make sense which i thought all along right of the bat a 7 year old home alone at night
    and the doctor rory scene and the amy rory scenes
    liz 10 is cool

    is it me or is this show from the joss whedon/buffy school of story telling? the way they build things up and how the little moments add up to and amplify the big moments. and how the supporting cast isnt just thrown in they are very important to the story the main characters and the viewers

    and i echo your statements about folks watching this show if you are coming to this blog i cant imagine you not enjoying this show

    cant wait for next week

  3. i thought when the pandorica opened it would have been christopher eccelston,david tennant or john simm what a top class episode i had to watch it 3 times just to take everthing in rory killing/wounding amy wow and the tardis landing up agaist a wall keeping river song trapped. immense vincent see the tardis explode but who do you think is controlling the tardis? i don’t know i don’t even have a theory other than it has something to do with the dreamlord. and doctor who has been doing the little build ups for the series finale all the time since it came back when i heard the dalek voice i jizzed in my pants from sheer geekyness.

    • kurumais says:

      john simm was just amazingly good as the master heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time

    • Stamps says:

      Eccelston or Tennant coming out of the pandorica would have been really awesome as well. I hadn’t really thought of that.

  4. iqy92 says:

    i loved the episode, and the moment when all the sontarians, daleks, cybermen, slitheen, atraxis, etc. all ganged up up to get rid of the ultimate destruction of the doctor.

    Through the episodes i got the hint about the tale about the pandorica was about the doctor but i never expected it to be a jail that thd alliance built for the doctor. Just like a kirkman book makes you think you’re going in one direction but then takes you on hard left with an unexpected twist. Also the doctor’s speech against all the spaceships is quite cringworthy in hindsight knowing what the pandorica was for.

    Some questions,
    1.who was the voice in the pandorica?, ‘silence will fall’ sounds like davros( creator of the daleks, hope its not him though). Also i think the voice is the big bad villain.

    2.’has it never bothered you, your life doesnt make any sense?’, doctor understands amy’s life doesn’t make sense. why was there noone there with her in the night in the forst episode. I think that amy’s history is another plot thread than the alliance using her memories to play a trap for the docotr. Maybe amy is not amy.

    3. wasn’t it super erie when song when back to amy’s house. also was there an extra pair of stairs in amy’s house. Whose footprints on those on the grass. who was controlling the tardis, could it be the dream lord (valeyard).

    I love this series, possibly my favourite series of dr who since the revamp (although some terrible episode like the lodger). I always compare this series to my love of grant morrison’s run on batman, how he’s leaving little clues which lead up to importnt parts of the mystery.

    • kurumais says:

      question 2
      i have been thinking amy POND might be RIVER song right from the start
      not sure why probably because moffat created both of them and they have watery names
      alex kingston played a character on law and order svu whose last name was pond for a few episodes
      i have no evidence besides that but it looks like river was t the heart of a big ole time explosion right on top of amy’s house so anything is possible

  5. vegedge says:

    i loved van gogh returning. anyone else notice when the sky started burning out it looks like starry night.

    some things i thought of though. was that the cyber men or the rtd’s cybermen made on earth.

    great episode. the cyberman part was so good. reminded me of ‘the thing’.

    the series started getting kinda weird and boring abour vampire of venice and cold blood. but shit that last episode was great. moffat needs to just write the whole series.

  6. vegedge says:

    what other good scifi shows do you guys watch?

    i need somemore in my life.
    i only really watch battlestar(not finshed yet and i am loosing my patients with it)

    caprica(same shit)

    and probally futurama..

    • The only other real sci-fi show I watch is Fringe.


    • kurumais says:

      i watch fringe as well havent finished the season yet the so called musical episode turned me off
      i watched the first series of being human it wasnt bad and that kind of thing usually isnt my cup of tea actually i usually hate that stuff and at least 3 of the actors have been on dr who
      im going to try survivors that looks like it might be interesting

      flashforward started good but i dropped it

      V hasnt grabbed me

      warehouse 13 isnt great, very fluffy, but the 2 leads are very affable the show does some fun stuff not sure when it comes back though

  7. kurumais says:

    i love that the sontaran general is played by mike from the young ones

  8. kurumais says:

    another thing i really liked was how the doctor treats amy more as partner then any of the previous companions that i have seen
    like when he asks her to distract the cyberman and amy gives him the 2 thumbs up and that great funny face
    i dont think 9 or 10 would have asked her to do that

  9. vegedge says:

    man those brits are crazy about doctor who. i just found galifrey base a forum of doctor who. and people are pointing out so much stuff , like in amy’s room as a kid there is a drawing of her house with a space ship on the lawn, and in this episode river sees big landing marks on the lawn like something landed.

    and in the eleventh hour when the doctor is handcuffed to the radiator they are on the second floor.. but there are stairs that lead up to the ceiling to no where. even though her house is only 2 stories, similar to the last episode the lodger.

    they must catch so much more being able to see it online free while i gotta hunt down each part on youtube before it gets erased.

  10. Insideman says:

    Well, I finally entered the 21st Century and now I’m all caught up with everyone else.

    How refreshing to have ZERO commercials, better vid and sound quality.

    Thanks to all who helped.

  11. kurumais says:

    you know what im worried about most now that karen gillian will be a 1 and done companion
    one season only
    i hope these 2 stay together for 3 or 4 seasons that matt is going to do it

  12. kurumais says:

    i rewatched the lodger episode again i smiled through whole thing pretty much the script had so many great lines
    “6 billion people on the planet and watching you 2 i wonder where they all came from.”

    ” bow tie GET RID!”

    are my two faves

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