CCW 3.63: Amazing Spider-man’s “GRIM HUNT” Begins!

Posted: June 25, 2010 in CCW Rant Review, CCW Review, CCW TV, Marvel, Reviews
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  1. DidioForever says:

    To be fair, post-OMD the ‘braintrust’ held off from using old villains/story threads for nearly 2 years before this ‘gauntlet’ started with all the classic rogues. This is a sort of pay off to that whole ‘return to the old-school Spidey universe’ vibe they’ve been working on lately.

    So really, that was around 100+ issues of BND-style Spiderman before we got to this point, so it’s not like fans haven’t been KRAVING *cough* for a story like this one for some time

    Nice review guys,

  2. Locusmortis says:

    Did Elliot say “Garry” Conway?

    Anyway, I haven’t read Spider-Man consistently since that Sins Past abortion of a story so I’m glad you guys are reading the book so I don’t have to :p

  3. rush says:

    Like Jose Kraven’s Last Hunt is my favorite Spider-Man story. Hell I have the collected HC signed by Zeck. Hence I am very hesitant to read this arc. I think I’ll wait for it to be over and MAYBE read it in a trade.

  4. TheMSpot says:

    I guess what I can take away from Grim Hunt is nostalgia for Kraven’s Last Hunt, but right now I have no faith in Marvels current creative decisions regarding Amazing Spider-Man. The title since One More Day as been a little uneven except for the Waid and two issues Kelly did about the Rhino.

  5. Deemar says:

    Haven’t been reading ASM, I’ve heard through the rumor mill Dan Slott is gonna be the sole writer on Spidey.

    I hope so

  6. vegedge says:

    i really hope the danslott rumor bleeding cool wrote about is true.

    he shoudl be the sole writer and keep the book good all the time and not just once arc every few months

  7. mattcd42 says:

    Ok to start out let me say, you know I love the show… (insert inevitable but, or butt)

    BUT! UGH, I’ve been loving the run on ASM and this review just seemed a bit off kilter.
    First, I never heard that the stories were to be be more lighthearted since the reboot. They never were, the first page of Brand New Day was a mugger in a Spider-Man mask, in which Spidey was framed for murder, not exactly light.

    Second was continuity coming in, and for all the hubbub of “bran new day” that label faded awhile ago, for it was like so many other times in comics a reboot. Eventually the status quo and the elements of prior comics will come back, look at every DC reboot, certain elements come back without mention while certain aspects need to be re examined. For instance how many times have we gotten a new Superman origin story vs. how many times have they gone over his death? Yet both are referenced frequently.

    Also while I understand the apprehension to killing another girl in the Marvel universe, I would point out A) for the sake of the story Kelly has to use ‘spider’ related characters with are wrought with females, and Kane died as well, and he’s a rugged SOB (cue the I’m a MAN song)

    That and I loved the mystical element of JMS’s run, and them using that idea in this story is just fitting with all the lore that Kraven was surrounded with. Especially given the original sequel to Kraven’s Last Hunt, “Soul of the Hunter” in which you see Kraven’s soul have to struggle with the fact that he committed suicide. Now admittedly this story was born of too many mothers writing in saying last hunt glorified suicide.

    Also while Last hunt kept being dragged up through other stories, most noticeably “the child within” where Vermin who was still recoiling with the events of last hunt, was forced to deal with Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, and you could see how all three had similar mental problems and all three dealt with them differently. Last hunt also was mentioned in every Calipso or Kraven II story there on out.

    But to say this cold was simply a throwback to an older Spider-Man era seems amiss as well, as this past year of ASM which i’m viewing as a season (roughly every 36 comics, one year at 3 issues a month) have been about Peter running the Gauntlet, and wearing him down. They way I’m reading it is this cold was probably helped along by the Kraven’s as well, all part of the plan. Each story has been taking on of Spider man’s rouge’s and amping them up, with a dark twist, and each story has been strong, and probably helping the mythos, as a hero is only as interesting as his villains, and they’ve all been interesting every issue for a year now (art withstanding)

    Also I’ve heard on this show that in order to get good stories with all these characters you need to let go of continuity. Now there could be a lot of stupid little arguments as to why Spider-Man didn’t call the Avengers for these stories. Who cares, this is Spider-Man’s book and these are his stories, and they’re damn good, and if that means it has to be sperate of Bendis’ touch of the Avengers, so be it. Though it might help that I haven’t touched an Avenger book with Spider-Man in it for a long time.

    So HA!

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