CCW 3.66: WWE vs TNA & Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark!

Posted: June 28, 2010 in CCW Rant Review, CCW Review, CCW TV, Geek Culture, Humor, Image, Reviews, Wrestling
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  1. Insideman says:

    Loved the new opening! Now let’s see if Jose loved the new opening! :-0

  2. SmokeyClocks says:

    Love the new opening. It’s always fun to see the collaboration within the ccw nation. Also it’s funny you bring up tough enough because my cousin was a contestant on the first season of the show . As far as SB&GS go i really enjoyed both stories but Grizzly Shark just took it to another level. I don’t think a comics made me laugh that hard in a long time. I thought the bits otly used were hilarious and fit perfectly with the campy genre they were working in.

  3. new opening looks sweet guys loving it

  4. Stamps says:

    I like the new opening as well. 🙂

    So I forgot to get this book last week, so I guess I’m going to grab it Wednesday.
    I love campy Sci Fi Channel (or “syfy”, what-fucking-ever) type movies. I can’t get enough of them. Needless to say I was pissed when I remembered I forgot to get this book last week.

  5. IronMuskrat says:

    I really love the new opening, great work Eillott on getting that done and getting Deemar’s artwork out there on YouTube for everyone to see is very cool.

    Seabear and Grizzly-Shark looked like a fun book, but I couldn’t get pass the $5 price tag, I may still pick it up, but it depends on what other books are coming out this week.

    I haven’t watched wrestling since I was a kid.. are Hillbilly Jim and the Iron Sheik still wrestling these days?



  6. generaldark says:

    man i have just given up on Wrestling all together. its just a joke.

  7. phil says:

    tna looked for Hogan to be their saviour, but instead he became their deathknell.
    Man, I hate Hogan!!!!!!

    @ Deemar and LKR; great goin’ with the new banner!!

  8. Deemar says:

    Do I even have to say how AWESOME that opening is!?

    Elliot I’m officially your servant and Jose I’m officially your better.


  9. Deemar says:

    I haven’t watched wrestling in years after the Rock left, then Stone Cold shortly after I lost interest.

    Plus UFC pretty much squashed professional wrestling I’d take a Chuck Liddell over a John Cena anyday.

    • MicahSkin says:

      A man after my own heart…

      OH! You meant “prefer”… Uh… Nevermind.

    • TheMSpot says:

      Truer words have never been spoken. He he

    • djsweet says:

      total agreement! WWE was highly entertaining with Stone Cold and The Rock. I enjoyed the show for the entertainment of the performers characters, not the “wrestling” No one seems to have the slightest charisma anymore and they aren’t even that physically impressive. Bunch of random 6’2″ guys with personalities like jockstraps. MMA fighting is much more entertaining to watch. I’d rather see a knock out than a staged “wrestling” match if the wrestler is a humorless hack going through the same routine that has been done to death.

  10. vegedge says:

    jeff loeb now marvels vp of television or some shit. jose this is your fucking fault. you had your chance to stop him at that con and now we have to suffer through horrible mavel tv like a live action namor or some lame deadpool show(both things i bet those dicks are planning to make.)

    • Deemar says:

      Your not looking forward too

      Stephanie Meyer’s: Namor Prince of Atlantis

      Teen Werewolf by Night

      Dirty Jobs with Woodgod

      C’mon man!

  11. Dre says:

    The new intro with Deemar’s artwork is pretty cool.

  12. Bryon Danielson at last Saturday night’s CHIKARA show.


  13. Insideman says:

    Jose, since this is a stand-alone title– do you really think there will be a sequel? It seems like the book was very popular. I ask from a Hardcover/Trade perspective. of course.

    I doubt that they would reprint the one issue in a trade but if they do a sequel as you and Elliott mused about… Then a trade might be a reality.

    Do ya think? Or should I just buy this issue and quit whingeing about it?

    • You should just go buy the issue and quit whingeing about it.

      But seriously, it was always meant as a one-shot but it has turned out to be quite popular. We sold out at Dreamland and we orderd a pretty healthy amount considering that it was a) A new title, b) In black and white and c) It was $4.99.

      We were banking on the Kirkman/Astounding Wolf Man/Invincible crowd to pick it up and they did and then some. Howard and Ottley were working on this book in between issues of their respective montlies so who knows if and when we will see another.

      So, ya, pick up the issue it you can find it.


      • Deemar says:

        They got my $5 bucks

        More creators should do more random acts of Fun comics like Seabear/Grizzlyshark.

        Not every comic has to be a 60 issue epic like the Boys.

      • Insideman says:

        Maybe a could get that copy you so vigorously thumbed through during the review… Or was that yours? 🙂

        • Heh, ya, that was actually mine.


          • Insideman says:

            I love to see a MAN handle his comics like that. Makes me feel all warmed inside.

            When I collected them, I used to take all my toys out of their packages too. What good was a toy if you didn’t at least play with it?

            • If I buy figures today I still take them out of the packaging. Also, I haven’t bagged and boarded my comics in over 10 years. I don’t buy those things to collect them, I but them because they do bring me a small bit of joy.

              My original issues of Kraven’s Last Hunt are quite worn from all the times I have read them and I wouldn’t want them any other way.


              • Insideman says:


                I have a comic book frame on the wall above my desk and I switch out the comic about every month or so because I like looking at different covers. Not good for the books but I don’t give a damn. Not at all.

                I quick look at da eBay and I’m not seeing a lot of copies of Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark for sale.

                That means people liked the book, in my opinion… and the speculators are holding tight (for now)… For those who care about such things.

                BTW, years ago my parents were separated and somehow (I’m not sure how) my Mom went to a comic convention with me and she openly flirted with MIKE ZECK. Very UNLIKE my Mom but she thought he was cute. Needless to say, I never got the balls up to go back and get him to sign my Kraven’s Last Hunt books after that little interaction.

  14. TheMSpot says:

    Great review guys, I think this was the only book I bought, and as I went to pay the clerk was like this book was fucking amazing.

    Yeah, I can’t stand the WWE or TNA anymore, I still follow ROH and CZW when I can.

    fun fact: On HDnet when ROH use to be on TV, The Arena where they held all their matches was the old ECW arena.

  15. Deemar says:

    Sleepy time

    Later Foos!

  16. TheMSpot says:

    Chris Jericho is a game show host on ABC now. I guess that shows you how bad the WWE has gotten that he rather be a game show host. He he

  17. I tweeted Ryan Ottley ( and asked if he saw our review of SB&GS. This was his reply:

    @GeekToMe I did! What a train wreck. Ha, no offense. The only thing that could have made it worse is if you talked about wrestling. HeyO!”


    What a great guy. Just another reason why we root for him on CCW*TV.


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