Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: June 28, 2010 in DC Comics, Image, Marvel

After the swift kick to the nuts my wallet received last week it nice to see things will be a bit more tranquil this Wednesday. Here’s what I will be getting:

Doomwar #5 (Jonathan Maberry, one of the industry’s best books right now)
Invincible #73
Secret Avengers #2 (Ed Brubaker, I was quite impressed with issue #1)
Turf #2
Wonder Woman #600

I am also thinking about picking up Action Comics #890 since Paul Cornell will be writing it.

So, what are you getting this week?


  1. megamanx4ever says:

    Green Lantern #55
    Invincible #73

  2. IronMuskrat says:

    Looks like a very light week for me.

    Doomwar #5 – My only must buy this week. If your not reading this by now.. Forget it! The Doomwar ship has sailed without you.

    And then.. well maybe…

    Turf #2 – Curious about the direction of the story, the first issue was pretty dense with at least three different story lines crashing the gate. Lets see if things settle down in the second issue and get beyond the intense setup in the first book.

    Invincible Iron Man Annual #1- five dollars.. Ugh! But it’s a Mandarin story.. So that’s cool, I will check it out and see how much padding is in the back before I buy it.

    Might end up being a good week to get a trade or two.


    • I’m surprised to see you commenting here tonight IM. I thought for sure you would be in a line somewhere for the first showing of Eclipse. πŸ˜›


      • IronMuskrat says:

        Oh! it is coming my friend… I can feel a sense of dread every-time my wife and kid smile at each when they see an Eclipse trailer on TV. At some point this week I will be in a theater filled with screaming teenage girls, partially blinded by dozens of cell phone being opened and closed, as little Sally, moist panties furiously texts everyone she knows in the middle of the movie, letting them know just how hot she think Edward is.

        Which is fucking stupid, because everyone with half a brain knows that Jacob is ten times hotter than Edward. Yeesh! I mean look at the abs on that kid, you could grate cheese on them… Edward is just a pasty skinned, little emo shit, he does nothing for me, nothing!

        Anyway, yeah, this week is going to suck for me.. So pray for me, or focus some positive mental energy in my direction or whatever it is Atheists do when they are trying to be supportive of a lost cause =)


  3. Stamps says:

    not a bad little week for me:

    Batman Beyond #1 -I’m so excited for this, I really hope it’s good.

    Gotham City Sirens #13 -I know a lot of people hate this book but it’s like one of my favorite DC books

    Green Lantern #55 -because I’m a glutton for disappointment πŸ˜›

    Doomwar #5 -I don’t want this to end 😦

    Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 – a 4.99 book but I love Fraction’s Iron Man so I’m 90% sure I’m picking this one up

  4. Mike F says:

    DoomWar for sure. Action Comics for sure. I might finally check into Invincible πŸ™‚

    I was planning on Wonder Woman 600 but after such a let down Batman 700 and Superman 700 were, no joke that was 10 dollars fucking wasted, I might just read it while I’m at the store and then start buying when the price is more reasonable. $5? Fuck you DC.

    I really love the villain Mandarin and wanna read Invincible Ironman Annual #1. But $5? Fuck you Marvel.

  5. Dre says:

    If SA wasn’t a four dollar title, I’d be what I’m getting this week. The first issue was all right, but didn’t enjoy it anywhere near enough to spend for dollars per issue on it. Oh, well. Here begin the long wait for the trade or discounted HC. 😦

  6. cballsack says:

    Nice cover.

  7. rush says:

    Batman Beyond #1 (I have to see if it has the magic of the show)
    Abe Sapien The Abyssal Plain #1
    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #12
    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dust to Dust #2
    Turf #2
    Yours Truly Jack The Ripper #1

  8. Insideman says:

    Trades and Hardcovers abound this week, as usual. Some of the books not on the list I already purchased as Hardcovers or in an Omnibus. (Yikes!) Lotsa a friggin’ mainstream books this week. I am most looking forward to Rucka’s Batwoman, another Doc Savage Double Novel, Fantastic Four by Hickman (I don’t think it has run off the rails just yet… Right?, Prince Valiant (damn those books are HUGE!) and even Dantes Inferno (based on the video game) because of Christos Gage:

    Batwoman Elegy Deluxe Edition HC
    Beasts Of Burden HC
    Dantes Inferno
    Darkness Origins Vol 2
    Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 38
    Fantastic Four by Hickman Vol 2 HC
    Prince Valiant Vol 2 1939-1940 HC
    Secret Warriors Vol 2 God Of Fear God Of War
    Shade the Changing Man Vol 3 Scream Time
    Sherlock Holmes Vol 2 HC
    Spider-Man Jackpot
    Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft
    Tarot Witch of the Black Rose Vol 8
    Tribes Dog Years
    Ultimate Comics Avengers Next Generation HC
    X-Necrosha HC

    • megamanx4ever says:

      Damn did you hit the lottery or something?

      • rush says:

        How big is your house? Perhaps a Marvel wing and a DC wing.

        • cballsack says:

          Even if I had a lot of disposable cash to spend on comics, I still wouldn’t buy that many. I just have no room for them. Between comics and regular books, I have way too much stuff. When I moved last year, they were the biggest bitch by far to pack up. That’s why the library has become my new best friend.

          • rush says:

            I’m running out of space in my walk-in.

          • I thought CBC was your new best friend.


          • Insideman says:

            cballsack– You are NOT kidding. I DID MOVE about a year and a half ago. I used those mover’s boxes specifically made SMALLER to pack books– because books are so heavy.

            These boxes were actually PERFECT to move the books in and would have been great to store them in as well. Packing them up was actually fine.

            Being an ex-boxer, ex-football player– I decided I’d move the hardcovers and trades myself… Even though I had over 70 boxes. Wanted to keep ’em MINT, of course.

            BIGGEST FUCKING MISTAKE of my life. I had never done ANYTHING that frickin’ physically taxing… and I had a dolly to help move them too.

            No rocket scientist, I hadn’t bothered to factor in the wear and tear of picking the boxes up and putting them onto the dolly, then picking them up off the dolly and putting them into the truck, then picking them up out of the truck and putting them on the dolly, etc., etc., etc. But the biggest thing, I hadn’t factored in that I was NO LONGER 20 years old.

            A day and a half later, I was at the Doctor’s office begging for Vicodin. I vowed then and there that I would NEVER move these things again unless I paid somebody to do it.

            I moved into this cool condo that has this huge double door walk-in closet– 11 feet wide and over 11 feet high inside… with wall to wall shelves. I was actually really happy when I got everything inside the closet. It was sort of a geek-oid wet dream.

            About three weeks later I was sitting at my desk and I heard this BOOM! only to find I had overloaded the shelves (weight-wise) and all the shelves had started to collapse and shift… But luckily everything was still upright and had not pulled completely away from the wall.

            Emptied the shelves, floored it to the hardware store and came back with a couple dozen industrial strength braces and screws, etc. By the end of day, I had rebuilt the shelves strong enough to hold gold bars. Wasn’t easy but it ain’t going anywhere now.

            As far as having too much stuff: I normally sell the books I don’t end up feeling an attachment to (or just simply detest) and then give the money to my really sick friend to help her pay her medical bills… So I don’t keep them all by a long shot.

            • rush says:

              Is that friend from Nigeria by any chance?

              • Insideman says:

                No, I’ve actually known her forever (about 20 years) and I met her about a year before she was diagnosed. She was Nurse before she finally had to retire on disability. She won’t take anybody’s money but I make her take this money because I act like I would have sold them anyway.

                • rush says:

                  That is very magnanimous of you.

                  • Insideman says:

                    I have basically been taking care of her (whenever she needs me). People are always very kind when they find out and I am always quick to say, “She would have done the EXACT same thing for me had the situation been reversed.”

                    I feel like you only live once, man. Do what you can. Like Warren Zevon sang, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

    • tomstewdevine says:

      I feel that Fantastic Four is STILL on the rails.

    • SmokeyClocks says:

      you’ll have to let me know hoe Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft is. I’m a huge Lovecraft fan and considered getting this but never got around to it.

      • Insideman says:

        I will Smokey… It’s one of the first books I plan on reading. I always get to read the independent books quicker because I don’t have to worry about spoiling any of those huge BS company crossovers, etc., with an independent read.

  9. -Wonder Woman#600
    -Invincible Iron Man Annual#1 (I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting this. I might not though. J, does this have reprint crap in it?)

  10. tomstewdevine says:

    Action #890 – Could it be as good as Captain Britain?
    Wonder Woman #600 – I am dropping Green Lantern to pick up the JMS run on Wonder Woman.
    Doomwar #5
    Captain America #607 – I dropped this book but it only lasted one month because I read a friends copy of 606 and it was incredibly good.
    Secret Avengers #2 – Brubaker, but not in the same vain as Reborn.
    Abe Sapien The Abyssal Plain #1
    Captain Swing #2
    Turf #2 – Lets see if this will take me an hour to read again.

  11. TheMSpot says:

    Batman Beyond #1
    Unknown Soldier #21
    Secret Avengers #2
    Doomwar #5
    Invincible #73

    • tomstewdevine says:

      My friend at work is reading Unknown Soldier, so I get to read every issue, and god damn is that book good. Last issue was a roller-coaster of emotions for me. I hope they collect this in a hardcover, I will pick it up then.

  12. kurumais says:

    Cap 607
    Cap 1940’s newspaper strip 1
    Secret avengers 2
    Royal historian of oz 1
    Invincible iron man annual
    Batman beyond

  13. SmokeyClocks says:

    light week
    Invincible 73
    secret avengers 2

  14. Heck says:

    Batman Beyond #1

    Maybe Action Comics #890

  15. hackslash2020 says:

    Doomwar 5
    Invincible Iron Man Annual 1
    Secret Avengers 2

    Batwoman: Elegy HC

    Invincible HC V2

  16. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    X-MEN FOREVER 2 #2
    SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS TPB (A good Jeph Loeb comic!)


    • mbell028 says:

      I have to say one of my favorite Batman Stories was written by Jeph Loeb Dark Victory. It’s too bad he can’t write like that anymore or chooses not to.

      • generaldark says:

        dark victory should not be considered a second part to long halloween, IMO it was pretty bad. i think long halloween is the only good loeb book he ever written.

        • TheMSpot says:

          I agree with you about Long Halloween it is the best Loeb book, but I chalk that up to Tim Sales which makes me wonder sometimes if Sales ghost writes for Loeb. Because when those two work together they put out really good. Also, yeah, Dark Victory was pretty bad it relied to much on the success of Long Halloween to stand on it’s own, and I read some where that Sales didn’t really want to do a Robin book so that many have something to do with why Dark Victory wasn’t as good as Long Halloween.

          • DidioForever says:

            Dark Victory was really bad IMO, it was just the exact same formula from Long Halloween but with added villains… Like a bad, rushed out sequel to a Hollywood blockbuster…. A computer could have been programmed to write it!

            As for the pair’s Marvel/Color work, they’ve all been simple join-the-dots retreadings of established comics anyway. Again, it’s just A to B writing.

          • TheMSpot says:

            edit: really good work.

  17. DidioForever says:

    The only new book for me this week is Flash #3

    But I’ve got a lot of older stuff in my tray that I haven’t bothered to pick up yet, like the past 3 issues of Brightest Day and the past 4 issues of ASM…Maybe thats telling me something?!

    I really need more indie stuff

  18. generaldark says:

    WW 600
    electric sheep dust to dust #2
    zombies vs cheerleaders
    green lantern

  19. bboyce109 says:

    Batman Beyond #1
    Green Lantern #55
    Jokers Asylum Clayface
    Justice League of America #46
    Justice Society of America #40
    The Flash #3
    Wonder Woman #600

    Captain America #607
    Secret Avengers #2

  20. mbell028 says:

    Hey What’s up guys? This week I’ll be getting:
    Secret Avengers 2
    Unknown Soldier 21.
    Still debating my decision on cancelling Invincible if the shop has any copies of it I may pick it up, but I’m still not sure. Really excited about Secret Avengers 2 issue one was really good. It’s nice to read a book by Brubaker again I loved his run on Captain America before Reborn I stopped reading it after issue 600.

    Also guys if your looking for a really good book to check out I highly recommend Unknown Soldier. It’s from Vertigo so right there you know it’s very good and it also won IGN’s best Series in 2009. The first trade is very good and I think it’s only selling for $10 online. CHECK IT OUT!!

  21. Rachel Maddow does the Introduction to the Batwoman HC that comes out tomorrow. That it kinda cool.


    • cballsack says:

      Rachel Maddow the news chick? Really? Didn’t even know she was a fan.

      • Yup, that’s her. I am wondering if she will talk about it on her show tomorrow. Or maybe even tonight. It may have to do more with the fact that she is openly gay than the fact she is a big comic fan.


        • Insideman says:

          I would think that’s it. Did not know she did the intro. I bet she thought it was cool to do that. I always watch Countdown but by the time I get to Rachel’s show I am fairly tapped out politics-wise… Unless she has a really good guest.

    • Deemar says:

      Mine lesbian goddess likes comics?

      Fuck! She would be the perfect woman except for the whole ya’know

      carpet licking only thing.

      Your a cruel deity God

  22. rottenjorge says:

    damm you spent $52.59 last week jose i spent $80.31 heres my picks
    Batman Beyond #1
    Astonishing X-Men #34*
    Invincible Iron Man Annual #1
    Marvel Zombies 5 #4
    Secret Avengers #2 maybe……..
    Captain Swing #2*
    Chronicles of Wormwood Last Battle #4*
    Last Unicorn #2
    Project Superpowers Chapter 2 #10*
    dark horse
    Star Wars Legacy #49
    Whatever Happened to Baron Von Shock #2*
    Turf #2
    6 titles are for other people, i got them into comic books
    5 im keeping for myself

  23. TheGateJester says:

    Green Lantern #55
    Wonder Woman #600
    Northlanders #29

    Doomwar #5
    Secret Avengers #2
    Thor #611

    Captain Swing #2
    Ghost Projekt #3
    Last Unicorn #2


    Batwoman Elegy Deluxe Edition HC
    Beasts Of Burden HC

    God dammit. And I thought I was going to have an easy week. Half my money is going towards GN so I guess that’s okay.

  24. vegedge says:

    jose, did you end up dropping flash?

    i think i am getting
    flash 3 and

    abe sapien.

  25. vegedge says:

    9 x-men books this week. i didnt realize i this was the 90’s again and i was in middle school.

  26. Dre says:

    How often is Turf released? Is it a bi-monthly series?

  27. Mike F says:

    Wonder Woman is getting a new look. I’m kinda excited but I don’t think I’ll be spending $5 on another anniversary issue. Fuck that shit. I’ll jump back when its a regular more reasonable price…

    • I will be writing a post about my thoughts on Wonder Woman’s new look in the next couple of days. And, ya, I paid the money for WW #600. Whether or not I like the issue is still up in the air.


      • Mike F says:

        Well with Superman 700, that was a waste. JMS’ story was the ONLY good one in it. I really wanna buy WW 600, but I just don’t wanna put down $5 when chances are, the JMS will be the only story in it I like..

        • generaldark says:

          im thinking of reading the issue before buying it. not gonna get suckered like with superman, so far batman was the worthy of the anniversary issues πŸ™‚

      • Deemar says:


        I’ma make a Funnies based on that

  28. I ‘ummed and arred’ when it came to whether or not to get Doomwar when it started and it was your videos that more or less tipped the balance. Been a fan for quite a few months now and finaly decided to say hi and keep up the good work!

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