Dynamite Previews: Project Superpowers Chapter Two #10 & Green Hornet Parallel Lives #1

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Dynamite Entertainment, Dynamite Preview
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32 pages • FC $2.99 • Teen +
Art by EDGAR SALAZAR (main story) & DOUG KLAUBA (origin story)
Main cover by ALEX ROSS
1-in-5 chase cover by STEPHEN SADOWSKI
Release Date: June 30th, 2010

The countdown to issue #12 begins here as the closing volley of Project Superpowers: Chapter Two marches towards its thrilling conclusion! As the team battles Zeus (their former ally, Captain Future), the human populace begins to make a strange transformation into an age-old enemy that will stand revealed and pose an entirely new threat to the heroes. Plus: The Huntsman makes a shocking accusation against the Death Defying ‘Devil! All from Ross, Krueger and Salazar!

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +
Written by JAI NITZ
Release Date: June 30th, 2010

Dynamite adds another great Green Hornet title! This time around, Dynamite is the only place to read the story before the story of The Green Hornet! Only, this is the official prelude to the upcoming movie starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou and the Green Hornet and Kato!

How does one man’s actions affect another man’s? Either purposely or inadvertently. Or is it just destiny? This special ­series shows how Britt Reid’s actions lead to Kato coming in contact with the Green Hornet and the pair becoming the Green Hornet and Kato. The lead up and origin of one of the first teams in comics! Featuring incredible covers by Paul Renaud (RED SONJA, MS. MARVEL)!

  1. Heck says:

    Any thoughts on Project Superpowers Vol 2? I read Vol 1 and was really underwhelmed.

    • I’ve actually never read it. It’s far off my radar at the moment. It sells very well at the shop though.


      • Heck says:

        Maybe I’ll read the trade. I like the idea of all the Golden Age heroes returning (even the way they returned was lame), I just thought it had too many characters littered across to make any real drama.

    • Insideman says:

      Do yourself a huge favor. Stay the hell away from these atrocities.

      I have read every one of these trades. Every once in a blue fucking moon something interesting happened and would I think, “I’ll keep going…” but then I was ALWAYS left disappointed. (And when I look back, I always ask, “What the hell was I thinking?”)

      These are exactly some of the titles I was referring to when I told Rush I had cut several independent trades off my Buy List already.

      Heck, you are absolutely right about there being too many characters. They also suffer from Bendis-itis™– as they all talk the same. Buying the books in trade format does nothing to help coherency. Plots have holes big enough to drive Eighteen Wheelers through and the stories often seem like they were edited by dyslexic monkeys.

      I love these old characters too but this ENTIRE line has been a MASSIVE FAILURE in my eyes. I will NOT be buying anymore of these titles.

      Dynamite has a lot of cool books that I WILL continue to buy– but this was a failed experiment. One of the reasons why I fear for their PHANTOM relaunch… As Alex Ross is behind that one as well.

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