CCW 3.67: Power Girl #13 and Namora #1 REVIEWED!

Posted: June 30, 2010 in CCW Review, CCW TV, DC Comics, Geek Culture, Marvel, Reviews
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  1. TheMSpot says:

    Great review guys. Way to make me feel bad that I didn’t pick up either of these books.

  2. Insideman says:

    Excellent timing on posting the vid! 😉

    I am SO happy to hear Power Girl is still going well. I have really enjoyed a lot of Judd Winick’s writing as well… So I am glad the previous standard is still being upheld.

    Thanks for making my evening. (I often like good news.)

    • You’re right, it was good timing but we totally didn’t plan it that way. Complete dumb luck.

      Did you like our Namora and Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark reviews better than the ones you got emailed last weekend?


      • Insideman says:

        You better believe it, Brudda!

        (Rockin’ my reply Hawaii 5-0 old style.)

        • Heh, that is good to hear. I seriously would have considered quitting this show if they weren’t.


          • Insideman says:

            So good, in fact… I am going to pick up a copy of Namora. (Already bought Sea Bear on eBay.)

            One quick question… Since I read HCs and GNs, should I wait to read Namora– or can I go ahead without risking what little continuity Marvel has left?

            • If you read the second volume of Agents of Atlas (Turf Wars I think it’s called) you should be fine. The one-shot is a follow up to a story in there. It does not concern any other Marvel continuity.


              • Insideman says:

                Thanks, Jose. I definitely think Parker’s Namora is a bad ass too… So this should a fun read. Since it is a one-shot, who knows when (or if) it will be collected? Might be with those other one-shots you mentioned– but I don’t want to wait.

                • If I know Marvel they are going to run this Women of Marvel “concept” into the ground and milk it for whatever it’s worth. We will probably see a trade of some sort collecting all of these Women of Marvel one-shots just in time for Christmas. The Namora book is the only one that has really impressed me so far.


  3. tomstewdevine says:

    Great video guys, the art on Power Girl was really good, it looked like it had a European style to it. The whole feel of the book was different on PG but I defiantly didn’t think it was bad.

  4. I liked Power Girl#13.It doesn’t seem as fun as the Palmiotti/Gray run,but still good.The artwork is good,but the colors bother me.Power Girl is pale in this book.

  5. Heck says:

    I should have picked up that Namora book. I wanted too, it was even in my grasp for a few seconds, then I caught a glimpse of that wretched $3.99 tag and sadly put it back.

  6. Luiz de Mello says:

    I think I can say I found both books to be very mature. Real mature, not like so many think that mature = boring seriousness, sex, gore & violence. Mature because the reader needs to be mature to fully understand/appreciate it, or risk missing the point of a lot of stuff.

    I am particularly happy to see this done with both characters, hope Namora’s centered stuff keeps popping up. Both are are their own woman (PG is only Girl in codename), they have gone through a lot of bad stuff, won some personal battles and still have some ground to cover. Unlike Superman or other famous A-listers sales can be a secondary preoccupation (as long as it brings profit people are probably going to be happy, no one expect them to display sales equiparable to Batman’s anyhow so they won’t go crazy enforcing that aspect). They are characters with a lot of potential for amazing stories that can be written as good stories first, commercial products second or third, not the other way around as most mainstream crap that comes out each monthly.

  7. How have the “girl comics” line been selling? That’d be interesting to know. Now I feel bad for not buying Namora#1… 😦 But I’m sure you guys know my stance on 22 page books for $3.99 by now! 🙂 Speaking of books you should feel bad about if you’ve not read them yet: Blankets! I bought it yesterday and so far I LOVE IT! Great story and it’s beautifully drawn. Truely a masterpiece.

  8. Blanchard says:

    After watching the review I think I might give Judd Winick another chance (I was not a fan of his Green Arrow or Outsiders). What are some of his better stories?

  9. is issuse 13 a good jumping on point for a new reader?

  10. […] personal comic GURUS– (Who else but the dynamic duo of Jose Melendez and Elliott Serrano at CCW*TV?)– I couldn’t wait to crack open this comic. I had high hopes considering– […]

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