CCW Open Thread

Posted: June 30, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. Judy Greer. Spandex. Nuff’ said.


  2. I finally have all six parts of Kraven’s Last Hunt. It took forever for me to find Part 6. That is one freaked out story. But it’s definitely in my Top 10 favorite Spider-Man stories.

  3. Deemar says:

    That’s the WW I know

  4. rush says:

    Did you get around to watching the last episode of True Blood J?

  5. Mike F says:

    What do you get when you mix music from ELFEN LIED with images of weird fishes?

  6. So, I bought two things today that I didn’t have on my list yesterday. Batman Beyond #1 and the Batwoman HC. This is the first trade I have bough of comics I already own but seeing how it is a larger sized collection and that Rachel Maddow did the introduction I needed to have it.


  7. djsweet says:

    So, I’m guessing that the big topic of debate or discourse is going to be JMS’ Wonder Woman ?

    • It will be after I read it I am sure. 🙂


      • Heck says:

        I don’t think I’m getting issue 700. I don’t want to shell out the extra cash. I’ll be relying on what you guys think. 😛

      • djsweet says:

        What do you think about the story concept and the redesign?

        • I kinda like the new costume. Not a fan of the jacket though. I have said in our videos before that Wonder Woman needs a redesign. I’ll write a post in the next couple of days expounding on that.

          As far as the story goes, I’ll wait to read it before passing judgment. As much as I hate to admit it the Wonder Woman title was in desperate need of a new direction.


          • Heck says:

            There’s a new costume??

            I think the bathing suit look needs tweaking, it’s dated. I enjoyed Gail’s work a lot but I would like to see Wonder Woman be a much more mythology based book. I know Dido didn’t want the Greek Gods around too much, but I feel they need to be there.

          • djsweet says:

            I agree with a costume redo, but I’ve seen better by amateurs online. The problem with the story and it’s major revision is how it affects DC history and the JLA, Donna, Cassie, the DCU in general.
            The major point with WW that I agree with is that she needs a major power reduction. I don’t think WW should be on the same power scale as Superman. She should be about half as strong but she is such a great warrior and use mystical weapons that even the score.

            • Heck says:

              I wouldn’t depower Wonder Woman much. I’m of the mind that Superman should be the most powerful hero. That said, I think Wonder Woman could be able to take him given her training. Her style would be much more ruthless then Kal’s, and he almost always pulls his punches.

              I like Wonder Woman best when she’s a warrior trying to live a life of love and acceptance. I envy JMS for getting to play in that sandbox.

          • Insideman says:

            First impression. Don’t like the leggings or the jacket. Read something on Bleeding Cool that said the costume is only going to be used for this story arc anyway.

            I agree the costume needed a redesign and I agree that I have seen better fan redesigns on-line.

            Just not feeling the leggings.

          • Luiz de Mello says:

            Waiting for that post, sounds like it gonna be fun 😉

            I also think she needed (and 99% of the female characters, particularly in the DCU) a redesign on the costume, but I also got a problem with that jacket (more like the jacket + shirt under it, they don’t match well). Personally I think they will revert to the swimsuit later, which imo is sad. This change should work as a forecast of an upcoming change as well. Hope that is what happens when the arc/current plot is over. I am all up for a more ‘down to earth at first glance, but much more than that at a second look’ Diana, including her looks.

        • rush says:

          Have you guys read Alan Moore’s pitch for Glory(Wonder Woman analog)? He had some solid ideas that could very well work for WW.

        • Edward2962 says:

          I don’t think the costume will last but DC might be able to parlay it into a decent publicity stunt.Mainstream news sources might pick up on it like “Look what they just did to WW”. It might interest folks who haven’t looked at WW in awhile to pick it up?

      • Morlock50 says:

        Well, I went to my LCS yesterday to pick up a copy of WW 600. I’m happy to report that I walked away empty-handed because the issue has already SOLD OUT!

        Imagine, Wonder Woman selling out. This is damn good news for WW fans who haven’t already abandoned ship over the costume issue.

    • I’m excited about JMS’ run on WW. That’s pretty much the only reason I’m willing to shell out $5 for WW#600. As an aspiring comic book writer myself I have a tremendous amount of respect for JMS for taking all the crap he got at Marvel and finally moving on to DC. I may not like everything he has written but I give him props for trying new things for the characters in Marvel and DC.

      • Heck says:

        I loved his Thor run. Marvel just fucked it sideways for no real reason. I think his Superman will be good, though I have my reservations with it’s whole Forest Gump plot.

      • rush says:

        Do you have any work you would like to share with the class? I’m always interested in seeing work by aspiring creators.

      • Stamps says:

        I really hope the book does well also. I’m not the biggest WW fan but I really want that book to be a success for JMS. I’m a HUGE Babylon 5 fan so I’ve loved JMS for a while.

  8. Sorry Rush. Had to pause True Blood for a minute because I wanted to read Rachel Maddow’s intro to Batwoman. It turns out she does read comics and is a big fan of Queen and Country. It as a quick intro but very well done. If you are a fan of Rachel’s it will mean even more to you when you read it.

    I am so glad I bought this HC. This is truly a piece of art. It’s just fucking beautiful.


  9. Heck says:

    I have a confession. I watched Remember Me with Rob Pattinson and actually really liked it.

  10. Deemar says:

    Alright I’m out

    Later folks!

  11. Insideman says:

    Went looking for the Blade the Immortal trades… Mainly because I hadn’t gotten enough punishment attempting to find all the Battle Angel Alita books… And, don’t forget, my brief but memorable trip down “fan service” lane.

    I was shocked at Books-A-Million… again. Had all but 2 volumes (putting every other web site I looked at to shame). Most books were around 32% off (three were 10% to 15% off) but they always have these GET $20 off $100 coupons and GET $10 off $50 coupons… So I ended up getting the majority of the run at 42% Off with no tax, free shipping.

    Not anywhere near as hard as I thought. So that’s the last of your recommendations, Jose. Once they’re all in– I’ll start reading in earnest and post some thoughts. I’m excited, especially since posted that really cool thought that I am about to experience something entirely new. That’s exactly the way I am approaching this.

    Still amazed at how Viz does NOT keep several volumes of their biggest sellers in continuous print. That has got to HURT sales with new customers– especially ones who don’t enjoy the “hunt” like I do.

    • I just got put on Viz’s “comp for review” list so hopefully I won’t miss out on too much stuff like I have been in the past.

      I really can’t wait to hear what you think about all the books you have bought, positive or negative.


      • Insideman says:

        Nice. Nothing beats comps. I’ve got enough Manga to read to last me for a while now.

        But if something new pops up from Viz that’s good read, I would definitely be interested in knowing about it. (Easier to buy now, then hunt later.)

  12. Heck says:

    Did anyone read ‘Neil Young’s Greendale’?

  13. So, I just finished watching True Blood, Rush. Ya, that ending was a bit much. Didn’t care for it. Didn’t care for this episode as a whole either. Not nearly enough Jessica or Lafayette for my liking. The Bill flashbacks were probably the best part. Overall this season hasn’t gotten off to a good start in my opinion.


    • Heck says:

      I didn’t know ya’ll watched True Blood. I’m gonnah have to check it out, Anna Paquin is hot anyway.

    • rush says:

      Ya this season is off to a clunky start and that ending to the last episode was waaaaaay too much. My girlfriend and I were left completely speechless. I am really getting annoyed with Tara’s story as well. Hopefully there will be more of Jessica and Lafayette in the next episode.

    • Insideman says:

      We just watched the first 3 episodes. The GF said she thought they threw way too many characters at the audience right at the beginning. She especially didn’t like the African American sheriff’s deputy– who suddenly figured prominently in several scenes.

      (I might have a FEW SMALL SPOILERS following…)

      I reminded her the sheriff’s deputy character was there before (at least last season) and she said she still thought it was weird that they would suddenly throw her so strongly into the mix while introducing all these other new people.

      The Bill flashbacks seemed almost too “Angel”-like in tone and substance. I cracked to the GF, “At least ‘Bill’ could do a realistic English accent– if needed.”

      I did, however, REALLY like one small thing. (I tend to really like the small touches that show the creators are paying attention to AKK the details). I loved it when “His Majesty” shot the werewolf– the one Bill had torn the ear off of during their fight.

      Instead of going, “Ugh!” or “Aargh!”, the man actually YELPED like a shot dog when the bullet hit– instead of making a “human” sound for pain. That was cool.

      • Insideman says:

        Not “AKK the details”… I meant “ALL the details…” Seems I should pay attention to the small details before posting myself. 😉

  14. rush says:

    For those who are familiar with Arthur C Clark’s Rendezvous With Rama and for those who need to be made aware of it, a good short student film inspired by the book.

  15. For those of you who care, the new series of Top Gear started on Sunday. It’s not the perfect replacement for Doctor Who but it will do…for now.


  16. phil says:

    My take on a final Joker story for those who have any interest, feel free to check out.

    • phil says:

      My bad Somehow I ended up posting this Smallville dilly-o instead. Anyway, I hope y’all still check it out? I’ll try to post the Joker one up this weekend.

      • DidioForever says:

        Nice pitch, but I’m not with you on Smallville. Lois is my favourite character in that show next to Ollie, and I just can’t stand Chloe.

        And I wouldn’t blame the lack of on-screen chemistry between Lois and Clark on the writing, it’s his godawful acting. He was just as unconvincing with Chloe. The full extent of his acting revolves around him shuffling around like a plank, tilting his eyebrows from side to side and bouncing his head slightly when he ‘means’ something. He makes Keanu Reeves look good!

        Not to diss your work though, you know how polarising this show can be!

        • phil says:

          1st, I didn’t take what you said to be a diss at all. As far as your take on the show, I know some people lean toward some characters more than others. As far as the Lois thing goes, I gotta blame it on the writing, if not them entirely, then the producers…the show is drawing to a close and the powers that be wants the fans to swallow that J and C are now all lovey dovey. There’s no other way for mr to think ofit..other than they’re coupling asbeing forced.

          As for the Chloe factor, I know that she’s not the most popular character, but within the show she has the most history with Clark amonst his friends/ So it seemed reasonable to me to have C and C hook up

          Anyway thx again for giving it a looksee. It’s appreciated.

          • DidioForever says:

            You’ve got a point with the Chloe thing, but still, personally I kind of see Clark and Chloe as siblings more than anything.

            I assumed the idea always was that they’d end Smallville with the more widely recognised status quo in place anyways

            • phil says:

              Point taken. I just hate the fact that they didn’t let L and C’s relationship grow organically and decided to rush everything in for the show’s finale
              Love or hate Lana, she had a relationship with Clark that was allowed to grow, come to fruition and unfortunately die. That’s what I wanted for Durance’s character, but alas……

          • phil says:

            just for the heck of it
            my favorite charcters on smallville are

            in that order

  17. DidioForever says:

    I’m loving the new Wondy outfit.

    If they just gavce her her perm back she could be singing in Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam or something. It really speaks to ME…But I can imagine a lot of folks are really hating this right now!

    • wow i thought it said woody outfit there i gigle.I enjoyed the take on the end of smallvile phil. looking forward to the joker story can i expect something like killing joke?

    • cballsack says:

      With the jacket, she looks a little too much like Rogue.

      I don’t hate the redesign, but I feel like it could have been better.

      • DidioForever says:

        Maybe that’s why I like it. Man, I love me some rolled up sleeves. She really does look like Gloria Estefan circa ’86 or something. Let George PErez draw he with a perm and this is my perfect 80’s Wondy

  18. Adam727 says:

    Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I just wanted to say you guys are doing an awesome job!

  19. generaldark says:

    im getting so depressed with american comics guys. this shit isnt doing anything or getting us anywhere. *sigh* i dont know why i posted this but after reading the wonder woman updates and how marvel will be spamming tv with superheroes along with DC, i just feel i had to say something…

  20. NoEmoDaredevil says:

    OMG…the more I see of Spider-Man OMIT the more I can’t stand Joe Quesada. For those at Marvel that say the stories still happened…you’re full of shit. Hell, the ending of “The Death of Jean DeWolff” didn’t happen because Daredevil doesn’t remember who Spider-Man is anymore. God I hate ASM now!!!

    • cballsack says:

      The Death Of Jean DeWolff was a great, great storyline. Spidey fans usually pick Kraven’s Last Hunt as the best Spidey story, and deservedly so, but this one is right there with it. And both storylines had excellent sequels: “The Child Within” and “Return Of The Sin-Eater.”

    • DidioForever says:

      Actually, it’s already been established in ASM that Spidey’s got some kind of ‘mental block’ trick going on that’s caused the world to forget his civillian ID and prevents cheracters like DD, Venom and Wolverine from putting 2 + 2 together. So those stories DID still happen.

      Not that I’m defending/supporting Joey Q and his self indulgent dick-smear of a storyline, but still, you got it wrong there.

      And ‘Death of Jean…’ is an awesome story, I’ve been waiting for the trade to come back into print for years

  21. Friedmiester says:

    Just finished reading Astonishing Wolverine and Spiderman #1 for the second time, and hot damn is it a good book. Jason Aaron is a fantastic writer and Andy Kubert’s art is perfect for the story. If anyone hasnt checked it out I highly recommend it. Except I’m not sure if you can find the #1 anymore, its sold out everywhere I go

  22. Mike F says:


    Batman 700 = Not worth five dollars. Superman 700 = Not worth five dollars. Wonder Woman 600 = NOT WORTH FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS! WHAT THE FUCK DC?? Jesus fucking Christ! I just blew a lot of money on titles for characters I love and I got shit. Literally, all 3 of those comics were NOT anniversary issues. They were bullshit. Fuck you DC. This month has been such a disappointment for comics. I mean yeah JMS had a good story in Superman 700 and WW 600 but two good stories that are roughly 5-8 pages are NOT worth FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS!

  23. TheMSpot says:

    Batman Beyond #1 was good, I’m interested to see how this mini will play out. So, if your a fan of Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond I would say pick it up. I did pick up that Superman/Batman Annual, but I haven’t read it yet.

  24. Stamps says:

    I’ve had the 2 days. My backpack got stolen yesterday and today my ipods on the fitz… almost a month to the DAY that the warranty expired. grrrrr
    Let’s hope this weeks comics and watching a movie with all my friends tonite savages the day. I’m looking forward to Batman Beyond.

  25. sorry looked up dc website came out today what comics can you guys recommend for someone who wants to get into more dc books? but wants to stay away from brightest day quite a bit

    • Insideman says:

      DC’s imprint Vertigo has a GREAT book called “FABLES”. All the trades are available. They are even just starting to reprint the series in nice hardcovers too.

      I just ♥ that book.

      (And I like it’s spin-off, “Jack of Fables” too.)

    • TheMSpot says:

      If were sticking with the Vertigo imprint I would recommend picking up Unknown Soldier #21, it’s a one-shot, and takes on a pretty interesting subject, at least to me anyway.

  26. Adam727 says:

    Who do I have to kill to get that signed john maberry book?

  27. Insideman says:

    I would publicly like to thank my girlfriend for gifting me with a copy of Mass Effect 2 today.

    The gift in itself was very nice… but her exclamation, “I haven’t seen you blow any shit up lately. Go blow some shit up!” was the ABSOLUTE BEST.

    She won’t know I thanked her publicly (because she doesn’t get into any of my business unless invited)… But I’ll know I thanked her here.

    • Mike F says:

      Its a good game. BioWare is a great company. I’d say BioWare is like Ed Brubaker, while Microsoft is Marvel. Good workers just shitty bosses.

    • cballsack says:

      You’re welcome.

    • TheMSpot says:

      I give it a week before she makes you choose between the game or her.
      And god help you if she makes you go see that Twilight movie.
      He he

      • Insideman says:

        She really dislikes the Twilight movies. (We saw them on DVD to see what the fuss was about one night. Sad to say, it was actually my idea… But I wanted to see if Ashley Greene could act.)

        We just caught up with the new True Blood episodes tonight and in the middle of the first episode of the new season she stopped the DVR and said, “I still can’t believe I watched two of those damn Twilight movies and I have yet to see a vampire show his fangs.”

        So there will be NO MORE Twilight movies… Unless they show up on cable… If even then.

        Seems like a lot of the media (Variety, Entertainment Weekly) are trumpeting the new Twilight film as scary and the best one yet.

        She read that last comment out loud to me the other day and followed it with, “Wouldn’t you say calling this new film ‘the best film in the Twilight series’ is really just like comparing piles of shit? Like this pile doesn’t smell as much as that pile… Therefore it’s a ‘better’ pile of shit?”

        And I said, “Yes. Yes, I would.”

        • You gotta lock that down Insideman.


          • DidioForever says:


            Put a ring on it (hah hah)

            My girlfriend is awesomely supportive of my various fanboyisms (I’m still saved in her phone as ‘Spidey’ after 3 years) but when it comes to my computer games it’s such a turn off for her!

            And although we both love/hate the same kind of films and music, a lot of the time she’ll play devils advocate to the point where it drives me crazy

          • Insideman says:

            Yeah… but I’m afraid to ask her for her definition of “irony”, Jose.

            Does that make me a pussy?

            • No, I think that just makes you a smart cookie.

              I think she would know the definition but I have a feeling that no matter what her answer is you would you be fine with it. Again, smart cookie.


  28. is action comics 890 worth picking up as i’m trying to get away from being a marvel zombie

    • Mike F says:

      I haven’t read it yet but from the preview it looked great. Plus its Paul Cornell, he’s quite the writer 🙂

  29. Mike F says:

    I found it interesting that DC had 3 FIVE DOLLAR books this month that all sucked beyond belief, BUT marvel’s FIVE DOLLAR book (IRONMAN ANNUAL: MANDARIN) was amazing and probably one of the best stories Fraction’s ever written.

    • Insideman says:

      That’s good to know Mike. I have liked some of Matt’s writing but I am not super impressed with Iron Man yet (remember, I am at least a year behind you in reading). I assume Matt’s work gets “better with age”– at least from what I’m hearing.

      On the other hand, Salvador Larocca’s art is just not doing it for me (again, so far… I’m just now getting into the Iron Man “Dark Reign” series of hardcovers). It looks like he does this weak outline for almost all his drawings and expects the color artist (note, I did not write “colorist”) to do all the rest of the work fleshing out the art and giving it depth.

      Then again… It might just be a case of personal taste… but I’m not “gaga” for Iron Man… (yet).

  30. i loved what fraction did the first time i liked iron man from bendis early stuff with the new avengers and because of his iron man he’s one of my favourite marvel characters. poor tony stark millar really mind fucked him up and made him a complete douche did anyone read avengers 2. SPOILER ALERT why is iron man acting like a dick and trying to sign noh-varr up to stark industries which he turned into stark resiliant argg

  31. Insideman says:

    AssembleAvengers124… I, for one, really dig your stream of consciousness posts. When you get worked up about stuff, you actually sound as if you are WAILING in my mind. Keep up the good work!

  32. SmokeyClocks says:

    finally a satisfying ending to lost.

  33. Insideman says:

    Got a peek at NEXT WEEK’S RELEASE LIST (where books will be delayed for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON by one day until Thursday… Simply because– one would assume– no one at Diamond Distribution has the ability to read a calendar… Let alone the ability to read a calendar and plan book release dates a year in advance– and compensate for such things as Holidays– so books can always come out on Wednesdays)… and Guess What?

    There are THREE “Blackest Night” HARDCOVERS coming out this week!

    “Blackest Night”, “Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps” and “Blackest Night: Green Lantern”… and you might think they are ALL priced at $24.99, right?

    “Bzzzt! No!” The “Blackest Night” HC is $29.99!

    (Thanks, Geoff!)

    P.S. For those who don’t follow Hardcover and Graphic Novel release dates much… DC releases their hardcovers FAIRLY timely (Marvel is ALWAYS quicker)… But then, pulling a COMPLETE JACKASS MOVE– DC often doesn’t release the cheaper trade versions (of the hardcovers) for as long as TWO YEARS AFTER the initial hardcover release… Meaning, if you want to stay the least bit relevant with current DC happenings– you gotta pony up for the HC.

    Marvel normally releases a cheaper Trade version of their hardcovers no more than 3 or 4 months after the HC is released… Which makes me believe that Marvel Management is a lot more secure in believing their BOOKS WILL SELL.

    I hear DC may be getting better at releasing the cheaper GN versions sooner now that Paul Levitz is gone. (We’ll see.)

  34. One of the best movie reviews I have read in a while. It actually makes me want to see this.


  35. rush says:

    This epitomizes the idiocy of most consumers.

  36. Insideman says:

    Oh Elliott… Where can one find a list of your comic oeuvre?

  37. Insideman says:

    Thanks, Jose.

    I think the trade is “Xena/Army of Darkness Vol. 2: What… Again?”

    And the “Ash Saves Obama” trade is out in late July (early August to mainstream booksellers), I think?

    I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I actually already own “Xena/Army of Darkness Vol. 2”!

  38. Insideman says:

    X-Men #1 AND Scarlet #1 are both coming out next week?


  39. TheMSpot says:

    How lazy is Marvel editorial that they didn’t catch that 1940’s should be 1940s for the Captain America: The 1940s Newspaper Comic.

  40. Insideman says:

    I can’t decide whether Fred Van Lente is a good comic book writer or not.

    Marvel has given him some really crappy assignments that couldn’t possibly tickle anyone’s creativity gene… AND he had a couple of really smashing one-liners in the Savage She-Hulk #1-4 GN and I remember the last Marvel Zombies GN as having some zing.

    But like I said, a regular gig on “Wolverine: First Class” ain’t gonna make anybody spew with goodness.

    Every time they seem to give him a shot on a bigger book– he always seems to have a “big-name” writing partner.

    I’m really on the fence. This might be one of those guys that would really flourish over at DC or something… Especially if they let him write some adult books.

  41. TheMSpot says:

    With all this talk of female super heros lately I guess it’s a bad time for my comic of DOA beack volleyball with the women of Marvel vs. the women DC, and I would have Ed Benes on art doing as many panels of ass shots as he can fit on a page. 🙂

  42. Heck says:

    Guys, I feel like I’m losing touch with my pull list. I’m going to chop it in half, but it makes me kind of sad.

  43. TheMSpot says:

    Then he threw his smoke bomb, and disappeared into the night. Good night all.

  44. Insideman says:

    So Bleeding Cool has morphed into a deal now?

    I wouldn’t be that upset but the movie/tv posts virtually overwhelm the comics related posts… and I REALLY DON’T go there to find out that Meryl Streep is going to play Maggie Thatcher.

    Oddly enough,this bit of news was also featured on G4’s AOTS news crawl today. I had a very similar “WTF?” reaction there as well. (I also wondered if ANY 15 year olds even knew who Meryl Streep or Margaret Thatcher are.)

  45. Insideman says:

    Just got this email from Amazon and thought Jose might be interested. 😉

    Dear Customer,
    As someone who has shown an interest in camcorders, you might like to know about “The Last Airbender” Flip MinoHD. These new Flip Video camcorders feature unique designs inspired by M. Night Shyamalan’s latest movie.

    In addition, these MinoHD camcorders come preloaded with behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the movie, including commentary from the film’s production team. This can’t-miss footage is only available on “The Last Airbender” Flip camcorders, a welcome addition to the Flip Video family.

  46. does anyone hear read dynamo 5? i just started their new series it’s preety good seems interesting and next issue invincible guest stars

  47. DidioForever says:

    RE: Spidey played by Andrew Garfield

    Although I think this guy is a great choice to play Peter Parker (better than that chisled teen heart-throb they nearly gave it to), I find it pretty weird considering the fact he’s going to be playing the Lee/Ditko ‘High School Spidey’ but will actually be in his early 30’s by the time they wrap up this next trilogy of films. Just sayins is alls.

    • Insideman says:

      I agree with your thoughts on the choice DF. He seems fine. If they had actually gone ahead and filmed Spidey 4– Tobey Maguire would have been 35 (at least) when they started. Here’s hoping that if they keep this “new” Spidey in High School the whole time that he doesn’t age like Maguire.

      I walked into a TV casting director’s office when I had just turned 30 and he kept insisting that I looked 18. I was like, “Huh?”. Then he explained that the show had 50 year olds playing 30 year olds. One walk across the set and his statement was very clear to me. (In short, never underestimate the value of a great make-up person and a excellent cinematographer.)

      I am actually more concerned that we’re gonna have to sit through a whole Spider-Man origin movie again. I truly fear we are.

  48. wow thanks for making me a friend of the programme that means a lot thanks guys

    • cballsack says:

      Something tells me you’re not a fan of Apple.

    • It’s funny cause it’s true.


    • Insideman says:

      I have used Apple computers forever. I’m no fan of Jobs either but the shit he had to put up with to keep Apple afloat– especially from Microsoft… as Bill Gates had his minions steal the Mac OS repeatedly and attempted to bankrupt Apple at every turn for over a decade (before finally making an investment in the company)– is much worse than anything Steve has come up with so far.

      Having lived through YEARS of news reports erroneously stating that Apple was about to close its doors– just to have the company bounce back time and again… I really am amused at the fact that Wall Street now values Apple HIGHER than Microsoft.

      • rush says:

        At one point they were about to go under. Apple “stole” the graphical user interface from Xerox. I have zero love for Microsoft. I wish one day more people would use Linux.

  49. cballsack says:

    We really do live in the future now.

    • And let the weight discrimination lawsuits begin.


      • cballsack says:

        I sent this same link to my friend Rich. Here’s what he wrote back to me:

        “Seriously? A motorized unicycle has you excited? Get back to me when that thing hovers, flies, or teleports.”

      • Insideman says:

        They are definitely going to have to make these things bigger if they want us all to look like the humans in WALL E.

        On a serious note, my friend with MS (who is very light) could hop on one of these in a second and 99.9% of her frickin’ severe mobility issues would be erased forever.

    • SmokeyClocks says:

      ok i get the tech is cool but how lazy can a fucker get? If i ever see someone riding on one im pushing them off

  50. Insideman says:

    Hello? Whose lightsaber do I have to polish around here so we can please see the latest Last Rants?

    Me want to watch anti-Bendis video!

  51. Insideman says:

    Thanks Jose… and Thanks, Elliott!

  52. Insideman says:

    Ugh… Nothing I like better than going to previously comic-centric Bleeding Cool and finding out that the movie version of “The Fall Guy” is “threatened”.

    Jesus! What The Three Billy Goats Gruff Fuck?

    P.S. As you can see Rush… The calm blue ocean visualization– NOT working. Sorry. 😉

    • rush says:

      I’m waiting for the Simon & Simon movie.

    • rush says:

      Margaritas will help with the visualization.

    • I do not like this “new” Bleeding Cool either. Hopefully Rich can devise a way to see ONLY the comic news so we don’t have to wade through shit like “Fall Guy film threatened!”


      • Insideman says:

        Total agreement.

        You want great film and tv news with a focus on the friggin’ industry… Go to Nikki Finke’s

        If the Industry bigwigs hate it… She is doing something right.

        Nikki recently hired Michael Fleming– who, for over a decade– was the guy that brought all the big scoops in for Variety.

        What’s interesting about that? Mike runs Deadline NEW YORK and you CAN hit a button on top that filters him out– or Nikki out, etc. You get to read what you want.

        If you write the words “Fall Guy” and don’t have a vintage picture of Heather Thomas in her prime next to it… Well, let’s just say Dante needs to add a new ring to Hell for idiots that don’t know the two go together.

        To be blunt, I’ll most likely stop reading the fucking thing (or, at the very least, severely curtail my visits) if he doesn’t figure out a way to filter the stories.

  53. rush says:

    HA I just caught the guy in the next cubical sleeping(snoring loudly). I just took a picture and sent it to him.

  54. Insideman says:

    Just read Boom’s “Dingo” GN from Michael Alan Nelson! As usual, he’s one of the few regular Boom! writers who knows how to consistently write a good comic.

    This one was no exception.

    (NO real SPOILERS HERE.)

    Even though he writes a fun action tale with exotic “other worldly” elements– the story still remains centered around a “boy” and his “dog”… Which is both cool AND perverse. If you read it, you’ll know what I mean.

    Then check out his other stuff! His Cthulhu stories for Boom!– while not always featuring the best art– are very engaging, creepy and extremely well written.

    • I loved that series. Wish he would do a follow up to it. We reviewed the first issue a while back. We were wrong in our guesses as to what was in the box but the rest of the review holds up.


      • Insideman says:

        That must have been before my CCW-TV viewing days… But it makes sense… Because you and Elliott have the “noses” when it comes to reviewing great comics.

        And that’s not a suck-up. That’s a FACT… and the nicest thing I can say to people who review anything.

      • IronMuskrat says:

        For some reason my LCS never ordered Dingo, which I thought was rather strange because they order most books from Boom! I didn’t see the trade there either. hurmm!

        Also missed out on Doomwar again, sold out for the fifth straight weeks, you think they would have learned by now.


  55. Insideman says:

    About to dive into the Deadpool: Suicide Kings HC. Don’t know if that is a blessing or a curse.

    Has anyone ever read a press release from Marvel that would explain why this particular HC– or any other larger ones like it– are literally about 2 to 3 inches LARGER all the way around than the standard Marvel HC size? Hell, even Bendis and Millar hardcovers aren’t this size… And you’d figure that they would be the ones getting the “size fellatio” perk.

    I understand the thicker HCs (like the Annihilation or War of Kings hardcovers) need to be bigger so parts of the story are not lost at the binding… but this Deadpool book is thin.

    I would like to think Marvel made this one bigger for some cool reason– like they wanted to showcase the art. But Marvel’s NOT that cool. There has to be a contractual or monetary reason why… Because this thin a book should NOT have been priced at $24.99.

    • Heh, I think you answered your own question. Marvel made it bigger so they can charge more for less. As I retailer this drives me up a fucking wall. How many different sizes does Marvel need for their hardcovers? Sometimes Marvel will have the same collection/trade in 3 or 4 different formats. Playing the guessing game of which one to stock and which one will be the one to go out of print before the others makes me want to smash my head in at times.


      • Insideman says:

        I can help a little with that, I think.

        The more expansive hardcovers (with more pages, like “War of Kings” or those huge huge “Annihilation” tomes) will ALWAYS go out of print first. I’ve seen them do it every time. You really have to jump at the larger collections of these newer crossover stories are they will be O-U-T.

        The answer why is obvious (as you noted in your comment, Jose). Marvel makes a lot more money breaking the bigger hardcovers into smaller books– charging more for the overall story by charging more for each individual book.

        This practice also makes very good sense for Marvel– as a way to attempt to placate the fans. Marvel can always say, “Hey! We reprinted the cross-over into a huge book that was cheaper to collect than the individual hardcovers or trades. Don’t blame us if you didn’t jump and buy it.”

        Conveniently overlooking the fact that they only printed maybe– what– 500 to 2,000 of the larger collections?

      • Insideman says:

        Well, Suicide Kings wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… But the art was average. No need for the bigger format at all.

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