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Posted: June 30, 2010 in CCW Nation, DC Comics, Question of the Week
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Wonder Woman Over The Years (via

Hey folks, Elliott here. With all the discussion about the changes going on with Wonder Woman, you know it’s going to be a topic of discussion here on the blog and on CCW*TV. So Jose and I would like to ask YOU, the CCW Nation, to answer this question for us:

What does Wonder Woman mean to you?

Be honest when answering ‘cuz that’s where the best conversations start. 🙂

Looking forward to reading your comments!


  1. Mike F says:

    I truly love her. I love her boots, her black hair, her always smart, clever witty sense of conversation and decision. Shes always managed to be mature and sexy to me. A character I love and hope will stay around for centuries to come.

  2. Mike F says:

    Case and point: She means a lot to me 🙂 Like most women she pulls off being tough and extreme but caring and lovable.

  3. Venom829 says:

    the first real chance for women to have interest in comics, and i don’t even like wonder woman, but i do realize she means alot to female readers

  4. mattcd42 says:

    Personally I came late to the game with Wonder Woman. I started with Simone’s run and backtracked to the numbered run that Simone picked up on, also a bit of the Rucka stuff. Frankly to me she seems like a great character, and it’s clear that she holds a lot of weight in the DCU, however there is one reason to me why she doesn’t hold the weight of Superman or Batman. She lacks a vibrant rouges gallery.

    While she is based in the greek pantheon, unlike Hercules or Thor, she was an orginal character for comics. So her villains pulled from the pantheon can make great stories, they lack the vibrant nature of the Joker or Lex. I know there’s the Cheetah, then recently Genocide, but it just doesn’t measure up.

    Also every time I see a new run on Wonder Woman starting I see some reviewer say “People haven’t paid this much attention to Wonder Woman since….” Frankly it’s stupid she is one of the most visible characters in comics, she is an icon with a long legacy, she is part of DC’s Trinity in and out of the books. She holds a special place beyond that for being the longest lived female character in superhero comics.

    Also I’m a fan of the new costume, I think it’s sexier than the old campy one which will be back in about 14 issues or so…

  5. Jack says:

    She’s just always been someone who appears in events as a foil to Batman and Superman.

  6. hackslash2020 says:

    I once flipped through the pages of WW by Alex Ross.
    Thats it.
    Still, i kinda like WW just havent taken an opportunity to pick something up.
    I see WW as a female version of Superman. Maybe less powerful, but powerful enough to beat the rest. The costume reflects that.
    I especially liked the last scene where she is in this arabian refugee camp in the middle of a bunch of locals and then she drops her cloak revealing her costume and kicking some soldiers butt. That looked very cool.

    I dont like a costume with more mythology aspects in it.
    The JMS Costume looks less powerful imo.

    Also..I liked Space: Above and Beyond better then Babylon 5..ha

  7. wonder woman means a woman in dc universe where she could kick superman’s ass or go toe to toe with darksied or mongul. she was an all white americian woman (even though she’s an amazon and from themisacra) with long hair, an amazing chest and a short skirt which in the 50’s got a few fanboys hearts racing and pants wet. although she was created decades ago she definately has remained an important part of the dc universe even today. she’s always done so sexy can’t believe both superman and batman gave that up, although batman did for catwoman but superman for lois meh and she’s a ride!

  8. Constantanius says:

    I love reading Wonder Woman, she’s strong, beautiful, clever and witty. She can take care of herself and doesn’t need male super heroes rescuing her constantly, like some characters that come to mind. She really is the perfect woman.

  9. Anthony says:

    Ive been reading wonder woman since the start of gails run. Which I think we can all agree deep down was not hitting the spot, but I persevered because Wonder Woman is the prime female. She’s the female superhero I come home to. Although Greg Rucka and im sure JMS will be some of our better times together shes a the type of girl that has it all, looks and brains.

    She is the daughter of rage and love (warrior/protector of innocent)

    I can see nothing but positive’s from this most definately temporary change. Perhaps this will be the beginning of Wonder Woman having a possibility in other forms of media given the buzz this has received.


  10. Insideman says:

    I’ll have to think up a strong answer.

    But in the meantime, Cosmo Kramer would absolutely prefer the Wonder Woman in the very MIDDLE of that drawing.

  11. DidioForever says:

    I really struggle with her concept, there are so many tacky/awkward ideas in her origin that prevent me from taking her seriously.

    I think all the nostalgia surrounding the TV series has held her back from evolving in the same way Batman has over the years. I mean, Morrison’s recent playfulness aside, it’s not like writers of the Batbooks over the past 3 or 4 decades have been as hung up on the Adam West TV show

    I guess what she ‘means to me’ is more what I think she SHOULD be, not what I think she has ever been, I.E; An awesome mythological character on the same scale as Marvel’s Thor; The strongest female character in comicdom, period; A comic book that you wouldn’t feel embarassed to tell non-comic book friends that you read.

  12. Heck says:

    I feel like Wonder Woman is a warrior living a pacifistic life. She promotes peace and love over violence, but when she needs to she can kick your ass and wield a sword. She has Batman’s drive of justice and Superman’s compassion but stands in a different place then the two of them. It’s almost unfair to compare her to Bruce and Clark. She, in her best state, is a goddess and should be on a higher level spiritually.

    I like her as an ambassador of peace for man’s world. I don’t like the whole government operative bullshit. Greg Rucka hit the nail on the head during his run. I dugg that. I think if written well she can sell a lot more. She is one of the greatest superheroes ever. She just needs to leave her campy bathing suit at home.

  13. Iqy says:

    Wonder woman doesn’t really appeal to me as a superhero, mainly because I think she appeals towords woman power. I’m not saying because she’s a woman Im not really intrested in her. Zantana is one of my favourite superheroes (btw her and dr strange have so much untapped potential for some high concept stories)

    Also to me she’s one of those of dc superheroes that have an inherent lameness. Now don’t get me wrong I love dc more than I love marvel but characters like her and to me possibly the legion and the flash just seem very dated. Which is why I guess there’s no wonderwoman film ever. I was also listening to ign comic podcasts (reviews are pretty good but their podcasts is awesome they go into detail about the going on in the industry) where they said jim lee doesn’t want the classic superman and batman issue number 1 because they seem so dated and don’t have the same tone as recent issues, to me that’s how characters like aquaman, wonderman or the flash feel to me.

  14. phil says:

    There’s always been sort of a disconnect with me for her character. Being somewhat of an old schooler, I remember Carter playing her back in the day and for what it was…I enjoyed it. As far as the comics go, their were moments. Case in point:

    WW of earth 2 fightig the JSA
    Lee Moder’s stint on WW. (great gestural drawing)
    Treasury sized WW & Supes, where WW handed Clark his big red S
    George Perez’s run (didn’t care for the direction, but artistically his strongest work to date
    To bad the inker was not up to the challenge
    Heinberg’s disjointed run ( primarily for the Dodson’s )
    GS’s and NS’s brief BN/WW mini series

    All that said, there was so much I could not get into. Not for any profound reason, I just never really clicked with her. Hell, on a top 10 heroines video I’d done I put among others…Thundra above WW, Something clicked on asomewhat visceral level with me that never happened with Diana. I think she’s an iconic character that deserves to be there with the other two thirds of the trinity, but I just ain’t feeling her. I hope JMS can turn that around for me.

  15. cballsack says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Bruce Timm is the only guy who totally nailed Wonder Woman.

    That sounded dirty, but y’all know what I mean.

  16. rush says:

    To be succinct I see her as an analog of Achilles.

  17. To me Wonder Woman is a character that has the potential to represent females everywhere. Unfortuneately people see her otherwise. Those people are the people who have yet to read a good Wonder Woman story. Now, I haven’t read a lot of WW, only a few issues of the Gail Simone and Greg Rucka run and Blackest Night: WW. In that short time I’ve grown to truely love her character.

    I hope that one day people will stop giving me weird looks when I say that I like Wonder Woman.

  18. NoEmoDaredevil says:

    Wonder Woman, to me, is someone I’ve been wanting to read for a long time and am looking forward to picking up her story with #600. It’s a little sad that the character doesn’t really have a number 1 villain like a Joker or Lex Luthor…since she IS part of the DC trinity. I’ve always thought of her as being just as important to comics as Batman and Superman.

  19. tomstewdevine says:

    She is the pinnacle of the female character. She is an Icon for DC and comic books in general. She symbolizes female power. And she needs a good writer to take her to places she hasn’t been, hopefully JMS will do this.

  20. Morlock50 says:

    What does Wonder Woman mean to me? Welllllll…….

    Wonder Woman has one of the greatest origin stories ever. Her creator is almost as fascinating as the creation itself. Her early stories incorporate (at the time) radical notion that the world would be better off if women ruled it, and threfore women have something unique to contribute to the world beyond being helpmates and mothers.

    She is the most continually published superheroine in the history of this country, and third most overall superhero behind Superman and Batman. Unlike Superman or Batman, she has had to fight both the villians in her book, as well as years of bad editorial decisions that would have led to any lesser character being canceled or tossed into limbo. Think about it. She has been demoted to secreatery for the JSA/JLA; she has been depowered; killed and replaced by her mother; forced into the role of passive observer in her own title (you can tell how much love I have for Byrne’s run); portrayed alternately as a doe-eyed naive fish out of water, or a cast-ron man-hating bad ass bitch; she has been drawn with breasts so large and out of proportion that it’s a wonder she didn’t fall face forward, and wearing star-spangled panties that would disappear in her ass crack. Diana has been called a whore, stuck-up, unrelatabe, arrogant, a murderer, a love-sick puppy, a prude, a whiner, and a hussy, both within the comic books and in real life. Superman and Batman didn’t have to put up with all of this shit. She’s had to work twice as hard to earn half as many accolades as those other two (much like so many women working in the corporate world today). She’s had terrific creative runs in her last 25 years and few comic fans have cared. She has a rogue’s gallery that few writers seem to know how to tell good stories with. She has been portrayed as an idiot who can’t pump her own gas. She is an icon whose iconic status actually works against her by preventing real and lasting change in her title. She has a ravinous and irrational fanbase (myself included) who resist any growth or new idea in her stories; no matter how necessary. However, like the true inspiration she is, instead of quiting, she sits up, dusts herself off, and continues to fight. It’s easy to be a hero when you’re Batman, and you are so popular that you can move 70,000 books even when a hack like Tony Daniels is writing your stories. It’s how we respond towards adversity that show our true character. And Wonder Woman has shown that she has the character of a champion. That’s what Wonder Woman means to me.

  21. TheRichestManinTown says:

    To me Wonder Woman is the only major superhero for girls to look up to and is widely known. That being said like a woman in society, a society struggling between chauvinism and female empowerment, Wonder Woman’s character gets changed up too much. She’s the only one in the big three that doesn’t have a defined personality. If I were to run into Cowboy Superman or Ice Fishing Batman they would have distinct personalities that I could pick up on and figure out who they are. Were I to run into Astronaut Wonder Woman and didn’t see the tiara or a lasso I’d have no idea she was Wonder Woman.
    The way it seems is Wonder Woman doesn’t really have anything to hook people in so it feels like she is only popular because she was the first woman superhero. There are already female characters in the DCU who are more interesting (to me at least) than Wonder Woman, like Batwoman and Scandal Savage. In fact if they made solo comics for every female character in the DCU Wonder Woman would be the last thing I’d pick up. I’d rather read a solo comic about Alanna from Adam Strange than Wonder Woman.
    Another issue I have is her costume, if they’re going to change it up this much and not have a single good costume for her, why not just change her outfit every month Lady Gaga style?
    Now that Paradise Island is gone why not play with the idea that any woman could be an Amazon warrior and have their own version of the Wonder Woman costume to wear, kind of like what happened in The Dark Knight Returns with the Mutants?
    How about a Save Wonder Woman monthly where they throw in different artists and writers like Grant Morrison and Paul Pope until she becomes interesting?

  22. Deemar says:

    Wonder Woman means to me Female kickassery!

    Her history convoluted as it is she still maintained a consistent level of cool and the sausage fest that was the JLA WW stood out.

  23. kurumais says:

    what does wonder woman mean to me?

    nothing she is just another character in the dcu

    why do all of E’s questions have to do with pop culture women in some way?

  24. kurumais says:

    i was reading the JMS interview in the back of WW 600
    and i had a few thoughts but a couple of them
    now that jms is going to blow up all of WW continuity and history

    who is donna troy going to be this time?

    who is cassie sandmark now?

    letting JMS just rewrite ww origin and history in order to define who she is
    strikes me as one dc throwing in the towel on ww as is
    and jms is not as good a writer as i thought
    its easier to write an elsewhere world what if ultimate all star version then to pick up where others left off

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