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Posted: July 2, 2010 in CCW Nation, contests, DC Comics, Geek To Me TV
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Well…not really, but just a heads up that I have a contest going on over at the Geek To Me blog. Comic and Star Wars enthusiasts are asked to argue who would win in a head-to-head fight: Superman or Darth Vader w/ a kryptonite lightsaber. (I got the idea from a Twitter exchange between Kevin Smith and one of his fans.)

I can haz kryptonite lightsaber.

Anyone who comments is entered into a drawing to win a copy of the DC Comics Heroes and Villains Fandex Family Field Guide. Since I know you guys love contests, I thought I’d share it with the CCW Nation!

Check it out!


  1. cballsack says:

    Here’s the thing about Superman. If written correctly, he should never lose to anyone. Why is that? One word: speed. This is the most overlooked aspect of Superman’s powers. Let’s not forget the past races between Superman and Flash. Before the introduction of the Speed Force, Superman was every bit as fast as the Flash.

    So you take a guy who’s as strong as the Hulk, with the speed of Flash, and tell me how he ever loses. Just with those two powers alone, he should pretty much beat anyone. Add to that his superbreath or heat vision or ability to fly, etc, and the guy is pretty unbeatable. It doesn’t matter how much kryptonite the villain has; Superman never has to get close to defeat his enemy.

    So he could fly in real fast and take out Vader with one punch before the guy ever draws his lightsaber. Or he can drop stuff on Vader from the sky, flying so fast that Vader won’t know what hit him. Or melt his armor or lightsaber handle while in orbit. Superman could defeat him so many ways before Vader ever takes a mechanical breath.

    Unless, of course, those twin suns over Tatooine are red. In which case, Vader wins.

  2. I don’t think its so cut and dry. The prequels show that Jedi have ‘force-speed’ in addition to precognition. We already know they are fast enough to deflect laser bolts, so I’m not sure that super-speed is that great an advantage. The key would be strength. Can Kal-El make it through everything Vader throws at him before he ends up with a lightsaber in his chest. Vader is more formidable then some comic fanboys would give him credit for. The Force Unleashed shows Vader is on a power level comparable to Mongol, a baddie who always gives Supes a run for his money.



    • Venom829 says:

      he can use his super speed as his advantage, and don’t forget, if far away enough, he can burn the lightsabre with his heat vision.

    • cballsack says:

      That Force-speed is apparently only good in short bursts. Obi-wan couldn’t run fast enough to come to Qui-gon’s aid against Maul. And let’s not forget that Darth is more machine now than man, so I doubt he can run that fast at all. Regardless, it’s not comparable to the kind of speed that enabled Clark to race around the planet, often running on water, against the Flash.

      And you’re didn’t address the fact that Supes doesn’t have to come near his enemy to defeat him/her. One heat vision burst to his chest plate and Ani is down for the count.

  3. rush says:

    I vote Vader kicks that fuckin over grown boy scout’s Kryptonian ass because the two margaritas I had at lunch said so.

  4. hackslash2020 says:

  5. IronMuskrat says:

    Interesting question..

    Now going by what I have seen from the Star Wars movies and read in the comics I will have to give a slight edge to Superman. There was nothing that I saw in the six star Wars movies that would put Darth Vader on the same power level as Superman. Lets break it down a bit here.

    Jedi powerset-

    Light Saber- A Kryptonite light saber would be a powerful weapon against Superman, but the question is would Superman allow himself to get close enough to Vader to get hit, Superman is no dummy, once he realizes the deal with Vader’s fancy weapon, I doubt he will give him the opportunity to dice him up with it. That being said the Kryptonite light saber is definitively Vader’s ace in the hole when it comes to dealing with Superman.

    Telekinesis- The ability to pick things up with your mind and throw them at people is pretty cool and Vader used this ability to great effect against his son in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, but Superman is pretty much invulnerable to most physical damage, and Vader never showed the ability to toss around objects much bigger than a refrigerator. I doubt Superman would be bother very much by having debris thrown at him, and is Vader’s telekinesis strong enough to push around or hold Superman. Based on what I saw in the movies I would have to say no, even Yoda, who managed to lift a X-Wing fighter out of the Swamp on Dagobah, but did so with great effort and was left pretty drained by the experience.

    Force Choke- I think this is a subset of Vader’s Telekinesis, the question you have to ask again, is Vader’s telekinesis strong enough to choke out Superman, remember Superman can hold his breath for a very long time, Vader would have to hold that choke for some time before Superman would succumb to it.

    Jedi Lightning- A devastating ability that from the looks of it would actually hurt Superman, the problem is, Vader never demonstrated the ability to use this power in any of the movies.

    Jedi Mind trick, and mind reading in general- Cool abilities that would make the fight very interesting, but the one thing to remember about all of the Jedi mind abilities is they’re mostly effective against weak willed individualizes, that was even stated by Obi Wan Kenobi in the first movie, in later movies is was shown that some races have a natural immunity to the Jedi mind tricks. I guess I will leave it up to everyone to decide if Superman is weak willed or not, personally I would say no, Superman is pretty strong willed and would not easily tricked or read by a Jedi.

    Jedi Athleticism- Jedi are fast, strong and very nimble, but nothing on the level of Superman. Your not going to see Vader taking out Superman with a punch to the face or out running him.

    Death Star- Could Superman survive a directed his from the most powerful weapon in the galaxy? The more important question would be, ‘would Superman stay in one spot long enough for the Death Star to slooowy come around and put their cross-hairs on him. If Vader could figure out some way of keeping Superman in one place long enough to hit him with the big gun on the Death Star is could be the end for Superman.

    Jedi’s are magic!- Yup, Superman has a problem with magic, but are the abilities of the Jedi magic? After watching the first three movies I would have said yes, however, George Lucas muddied the waters by introducing Midi-chlorians into the mix, microscopic creatures living in your blood are not exactly magic, more like something you should have been vaccinated against as a kid.

    OK, with all of that said..

    Superman wins because- He is just to strong, fast, invulnerable to all types of damage and has to many powers at his disposal for Darth Vader to deal with, Vader trying to go toe to toe with Superman just leaves him a pile of broken robot parts and dreams.

    Darth Vader wins because- He is smart and devious, Vader has the resources of an entire galactic empire at his disposal and he know how to use it. Vader almost never rushes into a headlong confrontation with anyone, that’s what he has Stormtroopers and Star Destroyers for. Darth Vader is the Batman of the Star Wars universe.. smarts,money, power and resources. Vader comes up with a plan to draw Superman into a trap and Bam!… Superman is a Carbonite Popsicle.

    Either way, it would be a fun fight to watch unfold no matter who you think would win!


  6. Oh yeah, last rants has just gone live over on the youtube channel. Head on over there if you don’t wanna wait for Jose to post it here.


  7. Deemar says:

    No contest Supes would finish off Darth in a heart beat, as soon as Vader pulls out the lightsaber, Superman laserbeams off his hand.

  8. Heck says:

    Superman, hands down. He could throw Vader into orbit soo fast that he would burn up. The biggest advantage would be that Superman wouldn’t have to fight hand to hand. He could fly to Pluto and use his telescopic vision to find Ani and snipe him with his heat vision.

    The only reason Superman can be defeated is because he pulls his punches. He won’t go for the kill shot. If a raw and untamed Kal-El were to be unleashed, NO ONE would stand a chance. Clark has morals and therefore he won’t finish it.

    Would you guys say that Darkseid and Darth Vader are on the same power level? Darkseid is more or less a god and Superman has whipped that ass countless times. If Vader were to attack Earth, Superman would never back down. He would eventually win because that’s what he does. He’s SUPERman.

    • cballsack says:


      Could Superman survive a blast from the Death Star? That’s debatable. Could Darth Vader survive a blast from the Death Star? Yeah, I’d like to see him block that with his hand. Dude’s toast.

  9. Luiz de Mello says:

    I know this has been already posted, but this post definitely requires this song to be reposted πŸ˜‰

  10. Mike F says:

    Superman? the Over powered superhero who when he dies, comes back even stronger than before?

    Eh, Not sure I guess…

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