CCW Open Thread

Posted: July 7, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. rush says:

    Gatchaman, love it!

      • Deemar says:

        Ya’know what I’m not the biggest anime fan, but I did watch this as a kid.

      • Edward2962 says:

        I’m dating myself, but I remember this show when it was Battle of the Planets.I found out about the re-dubs and re-edits years later.For some reason the one they called Eagle Riders actually made me mad..and why did they feel the need to change character’s names each time they redubbed it? To trick ppl into thinking it’s a different show?

        Also what do you guys think of the Gatchaman update they did a few years back?I caught a few eps on Hulu and thought it was ok.If I was still younger I would’ve LOVED it. (that’s a compliment)

        • I remember this show as G-force. I never thought of it this way but is was the first anime I watched as well. I never thought of it as anime when I was a kid . Good stuff!!!

  2. I have been quite preoccupied with this game for the last few days. Some of the best female protagonists in pop culture today. Fuck the haters.


  3. Venom829 says:

    cWw open thread? lol

  4. TheMSpot says:

    Anyone else think that Marvel is trying to create their own “trinity” and I think I found the proof.

    • Venom829 says:

      Marvel ALWAYS copies DC

    • TheMSpot says:

      What is up with Thor’s arm?

      • Venom829 says:

        I’m gonna say it’s Alex Ross just being himself by only painting the original versions of character’s and not doing an readjustments to their re-designs, that or the freaky veins on his muscles?

        • TheMSpot says:

          I do find it kind of funny that Alex Ross put Thor in the same spot that Wonder Woman is in.

          • Why is Scarlet Witch even in there? If anything it should be She-Hulk or at least Jean Grey. I don’t get it. The fact that there is no definitive female hero at Marvel is just fucking sad.


            • Venom829 says:

              I would rather prefer She-Hulk, Ms.Marvel, or Black Widow to Jean Grey at any second of the day or nite.

              • Heck says:

                Ms. Marvel or Black Widow would should be there. Jean Grey should be considered an icon. Marvel needs to treat their female characters better.

                You guys recall after House of M when Ms. Marvel was supposed to be getting that BIG push to become Marvel’s icon. She got her own book, joined the Avengers, started poping up different places and then…nothing. She’s a B-Lister again.

                • Venom829 says:

                  Well that’s Marvel for ya, they don’t give a crap about women, cause they probably all had bad high school ecpierences with girls, so they take there anger out in their comics, SHAMEFUL!

              • Deemar says:


                Storm is pretty much the most recognizable female character at Marvel with She-hulk and Invisible woman a distance 2nd and 3rd.

            • TheMSpot says:

              It is sad, it seems like no one is willing to step up, and if anyone says well what about Bendis? First off, fuck you, and second berating and rape is not character development. Quite frankly, it is disgusting and disturbing on the count of the writer or creator.

              • Venom829 says:

                Now if the majority of comic fans had our view on this subject, Bendis books would not be selling like they are. And you know what, if theyy don’t want to hear us speak, TOO DAMN BAD, cause we aren’t going to shut up for mindless Marvel zombies!

            • Luiz de Mello says:

              They don’t have a definitive female hero, but they do have a definitive pussy and she is the editor in chief, ye know.

          • Deemar says:

            He does have lovely golden locks

          • Edward2962 says:

            To be far this is an illustration of old school Avengers and they have considered Cap,IM and Thor the big 3 of the team since the early 70’s.Even referring to them as such in the comics. I think it’s way more interesting that Alex used to same photo refs for both teams. Was it on purpose to show the similiarities of was he just too lazy to hire some more models?

    • Except Scarlet Witch is on the shelf. Marvel will never have a Trinity since they do despise the the female sex so. That’s why this whole year of “Women of Marvel” just angers me. It’s a fucking joke. Marvel have always and will continue to always treat women characters and female creator’s like shit. They may be fooling everyone else but not me. They will always be a boys club as long as Joey Q is in charge and as long as Bendis & Millar are allowed to rape their women characters. Fuck Marvel.


      • Venom829 says:

        I just sighed like :”YOU IDIOT’S!” Bendis has so started that so he J.Q. and Millar can rape women all across their universe and fanboys as you said, they will eat it up 😦

      • TheMSpot says:

        Wow, I couldn’t agree more.

        • Venom829 says:

          So, to say, screw you Marvel, klnow if you will excuse me, I will go to the freezer, and grab a spoon so I can enjoy some good old Ice Cream πŸ˜›

    • Heck says:

      I don’t like the Scarlett Witch all that much. I don’t like Wasp, I could never take the Avenger’s resident Tinker Bell seriously, but I can easily find a story there.

      The idea that Marvel can’t tell a good story using their female characters and have to resort to ‘who Ms. Marvel is fucking this week’ is apalling.

      • Deemar says:

        Ms Marvel was working her way to top female banana until you know who got his hands on her.

        I still think Ms Marvel has the most potential for being Iconic aside from Storm.

    • SteveMcQ says:

      Maybe I’m the one who’s missing something here, but I don’t really get the ire that this has raised. It’s an Alex Ross painting of a classic Avengers lineup. That’s all. Scarlet Witch is there because she was part of that team. Storm, Jean Grey, etc are not there because they were not. Seems as simple as that to me. Do I agree that Marvel treats their female characters poorly? Sure. I just don’t see how this painting is in any way an example of that.

  5. Mr.Wrestling says:

    So Jose, I dont mean to pry or anything, but Ive been wondering just how many books are on your pull list?

    • How dare you pry!!!! πŸ™‚

      Just kidding. ON my pull list right now:

      Power Girl
      Wonder Woman
      Mystery Society
      Batman Beyond
      Joe The Barbarian
      American Vampire
      Last Days of American Crime
      Black Widow
      Brave and the Bold
      The Unwritten

      And I probably have missed a few since I am some what intoxicated.


      • Mr.Wrestling says:

        Whoo Intoxication!!…..haha anyway..

        Thanks man, Im looking to cut back on my list majorily while also adding some of the great stuff thats been flying below my radar

        • mbell028 says:

          what’s on your pull now mr. wrestling maybe we can suggest some books

          • Mr.Wrestling says:

            Well I just dropped alot of stuff like Green Lantern, Brightest Day, and Captain American…..but also added Superman, Action Comics and Thunderbolts(These last two are amazing by the way)

            So overall my list right now looks like this:

            Secret Avengers
            American Vampire
            Sweet Tooth
            The Flash
            Justice League: Generation Lost
            Joe the Barbarian
            Hawkeye & Mockingbird
            Action Comics
            Sparta USA
            Fantastic Four
            Invincible Ironman
            Legion of Superheroes
            Batman & Robin
            Return of Bruce Wayne
            Red Robin
            The Last Days of American Crime

            Wow that is alot of books….I will probably need to trim it down more if you guys suggest some really good books

            Oh and I’ll probably give a look at Mystery Society the next time I go to the shop. I’m also looking at Gorilla Man, and that X-Force: Sex and Violence minis when they come out.

            • Oh shit.

              Chew, Daredevil and Fantastic Four are also on my list. Thanks for the reminder.


            • mbell028 says:

              I was reading Sparta USA for awhile the last issue ended really weird with the Nazi’s storming Sparta. I noticed issue 5 comes out this week may pick that up. I actually dropped I,Zomie Invincible Iron Man and Batman and Robin. You can always pick up the trades for some of your books too. Inside man made a good point about I,Zombie. The trade’ll prob be $9.99 and I’m sure you could find any other books online pretty cheap.

              • Mr.Wrestling says:

                Well Im giving I,Zombie one more issue before I decide to drop it or not. But I agree to your point about trades. Its much easier to drop titles when you can pick the stories up later as trades

            • Insideman says:

              MW– I was thinking about more trades and hardcover suggestions… Especially after looking at your list.

              You very well may have read many of the these:

              Tomb of Dracula (There are 2 Omnibi & Marvel just started reprinting the issues in regular trade format last week)
              Ex Machina (trades or hardcovers)
              Y: The Last Man (trades or hardcovers)
              Greendale HC
              Fables (trades or one HC collection so far)
              Locke & Key Vols 1 & 2
              The Walking Dead (5 Hardcovers so far or 11 trades… I think)
              Criminal Omnibus (or 5 trades– with the “Criminal: Sinners GN released just a few weeks ago) by Ed Brubaker
              Gotham Central (trades or hardcovers)
              Swamp Thing by Alan Moore (3 cool recent hardcovers reprints or also in trades too)
              Tom Strong by Alan Moore (trades or hardcovers)
              The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (trades)
              Ignition City by Warren Ellis (GN or HC)
              Hotwire GN by Steve Pugh (and Warren Ellis)
              Freakangels by Warren Ellis (GNs or HCs)
              Midnight Nation GN by JMS and Gary Frank
              Supreme Power by JMS and Gary Frank (GNs or HCs)

              I’ll stop there but I could keep on going… πŸ™‚

            • Stamps says:

              My LCS is till sold out of Mystery Society so I think I might wait on a trade

      • mbell028 says:

        hey jose what did you think of Batman Beyond was thinking on picking it up, but I didn’t for some reason

        • I liked it Mbell. Even though I really didn’t watch the show that much I really liked it. I’ll probably pick up the rest of the issues as long as it stays good.


          • mbell028 says:

            that’s cool I guess I’ll wait until it goes to trades. I got a lot of stuff on my pull right now, but a lot of my books are ending pretty soon I’m actually pretty sad about it lol

          • Venom829 says:

            The best part of that whole series was the movie where the Joker returned. I knew it was going to be awesome from the outset since it was written by Paul Dini.

            • rush says:

              I agree. I also liked the way McGinnis picked up a little of Bruce’s speech pattern as he became more comfortable being the new Batman.

              • Heck says:

                I wouldn’t mind seeing a Justice League or a Superman book that takes place in Batman Beyond’s world. I’d read it.

                • mbell028 says:

                  I agree on that an older superman would be pretty cool. I’d be curious to see who would make up the justice league that far into the future.

                  • Heck says:

                    I loved when Geoff Johns did that Kingdom Come arc in JSA. The one where the older Superman crossed into our world. That Superman was way better than New Earth’s wishy-washy Superman with his 10 confusing origins.

                • rush says:

                  That is a very good idea.

                • Stamps says:

                  I would love to see that as well

                  • Heck says:

                    An older Superman operating in a world of ‘Big Brother’ type oppression would rock. I don’t see Superman ever becoming the stooge he was in DKR. Actually, I see him being the opposite, in defiance of corporate rule.

                    • rush says:

                      I’ve always seen Superman as a conformist. Batman is the one who tends to color outside the lines.

                    • Heck says:

                      Maybe in current continuity. When he was first created, Superman was the hero of the common man. Even now, he works a desk job, grew up as a working class farmer, and has a wall street tycoon as a nemisis. I wouldn’t call him a conformist.

                      Batman is rich, has lots of gadgets, and is disconnected from the average man.

      • phil says:

        How’s Mystery Society? I think I remember you and E talking about it, but I’m drawing a blank. I seem to remember a preview where the art looked like a cross between Estaban Marato and Phil Noto; both guys I don’t care for, yet the art seemed right for the book. Color me intrigued.:-)

  6. rush says:

    I just saw the HTC/AT&T commercial and had to post this choice track for those who dig Nina Simone.

  7. phil says:

    Is there a date for Guardians of the Globe to come out?
    I think getting that mini will be the last ish by ish deal before I go almost strictly trades.

  8. Heck says:

    I’m suffering from Umbrella Academy withdrawls. Vol. 3 is taking fucking forever.

  9. mbell028 says:

    Just read the latest issue of Action Comics I want to read it because Cornell is on it, but wtf was that worm thing at the end of the issue whats its significance?

    • Heck says:

      That’s Mr. Mind. He’s an old Captain Marvel villian.

      • Ya, what Heck said. Mr. Mind is old school.


        • mbell028 says:

          Anything before 2008 is old school to me unfortunately lol. I’ve only been into comics for the last 2 years to be honest you and everyone on the blog have really helped me pick through all the bs comics out there. When I first started out I picked up every book that had the Secret Invasion logo on it to make sure I got the whole story lol. I wish I could go back in time and slap myslef. I don’t want to sound too sentimental, but thanks Jose and everyone on the blog on your recommendations you guys have helped me read some good books.

  10. mbell028 says:

    oh ok I was wondering I was confused as hell I hope there’s some clarity next issue on why he’s attacking Luther I’m really excited to read Action Comics and Superman I’ve only two Superman stories All-Star Superman and Last Son. Loved All-Star Superman Last Son was okay I’m excited to see what these guys can do with him and Luther.

  11. mbell028 says:

    I thought it was good I really liked the Louis Lane clone it’s pretty funny he wanted someone to keep him grounded. Cornell really captured Luthers arrogance I’m not sure what happened during the War of Supermen mini, its nice that Cornell’s taking the Blackest Night route instead I hope Luther runs into Larfleeze soon I think it would be hilarious to see them battle it out over the orange ring again.

  12. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Yea Paul Cornell’s first issue of Action was awesome….I cant wait till he gets some more DC work now that he is an exclusive talent

    actually once all of this Brightest Day bullshit is over, I would love to see a Justice League book featuring the Big 7 written by Paul Cornell

    • mbell028 says:

      that would be really cool. He works great with a team book as seen with Captain Britain

    • Brightest Day bullshit indeed.


    • phil says:

      For me if the big 7 are involved, then I would like to see them partnered up with the marginal seven or eight… so they can bring it back old school. Five to eight person teams that would be chosen depending on the type of task.
      The big 7 in and of themselves, the issue I’ve always had was…folks with their own books also in a team book with no sense of placement/time.

  13. Heck says:

    I always relate this song to my insomnia. Everyone needs some Death Cab.

  14. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Oh crap….I’ve gotta be up for work in about four hours and I still cant sleep. Tomorrow morning is gonna suck.

    So how are all the other insomniacs doing?

  15. Insideman says:

    Have you guys seen this? I’ll admit I just saw it yesterday.


  16. rush says:

    You get that thing I sent you guys Jose?

  17. Insideman says:

    Mr Wrestling… I posted some more GN and HC ideas for you up by your pull list post on this thread. Just didn’t want you to miss out on my tasteful list. πŸ™‚

    • Mr.Wrestling says:

      haha yea I see the list insideman, I really appreciate you takikng the time to make that list.

      • Insideman says:

        Thanks. It was fairly easy since a lot of those stick out in my mind whenever I think good/great comics.

  18. Insideman says:

    “Flight of the Conchords: Seasons One and Two” with CD is going to be Amazon’s Gold Box Deal today. Don’t know the price yet…

  19. Mr.Wrestling says:

    hmm so I think Im gonna post this one last thing and then try to get some sleep…as fun as it is talking on here, Im gonna pay for it tomorrow morning haha

    Soo anyway….with all the talk about new series and such I got to thinking about some of my favorite writers out there today. And I realized that there are only about 4 creators who I would have no reservations about buying work from, even at a 3.99 price point, just because I trust the quality of their work.

    Those creators would be:

    Paul Cornell
    Jeff Lemire
    Jeff Parker
    Jonathan Mayberry

    • mbell028 says:

      I would have to say that if I had to choose I would say
      Paul Cornell
      Robert Kirkman
      Ed Brubaker
      Greg Rucka and JH Williams if they worked together again on a book
      Warren Ellis (Vertigo or Wildstorm book)
      Grant Morrison if it’s a book outside of Batman I’m pretty burnt out on him and Batman paired together

  20. Deemar says:

    Just found this pretty snazzy

  21. Deemar says:

    Her name is Stank Spider Nice

  22. Deemar says:

    Alright I’m about to get funky for the next few songs

    Starting with…

  23. Deemar says:

    Safe sex

    Cautionary tale

  24. Deemar says:

    Song for Hangovers Jose take note

  25. rush says:

    Here is a dude from Chicago.

  26. rush says:

    I’ve dropped this track in a set and the girls loved it.

  27. rush says:

    J-pop fans.

    Ayumi Hamasaki

  28. Edward2962 says:

    Wow, over 200 posts the 1st night. Is that a record?

  29. Insideman says:

    Finally read Zatanna #2 and… I’m done.

    Cool ideas. No sense of urgency. No sense of any REAL danger.

    Oh and if you’re going to have your main character in a flimsy negligee for almost the entire book, please have the artist decide in advance which “areas” are gonna show, OK? I’m perfectly fine with the “G” rated nightgown but was completely incensed by how it changed thickness given the lighting or angle.

    Oh. Please don’t tell anybody but apparently DC believes that Zatanna STUFFS HER BRA whenever she is wearing her “work” clothes.

  30. phil says:

    On Marvels’ Trinity: I’m guessing I missed something…. Why exactly does M need a tri? I going to surmise that Marvel put up three characters, probably just to tweak dc a bit. Anyhoo, were I to put up 3 it would be Spiderman for popularity, Hulk for recognizability and symbolically Captain America.

    @ Deemar325: Check your youtube inbox

    @ assemble avengers 124: Check the “idea for a superhero response” in your blog.

    A D pt2: Thx for reminding me where I saw the Gnarlz Barkley guy from. πŸ™‚

  31. phil says:

    That A above shoulda been @ by the way.
    Anyway to extend what Rush had mentioned on the last open thread; do you have a DA accont D325?
    I thoght I remembered you having one ( I gotta quit eating the funny brownies )

  32. Stamps says:

    So this weekend Robert Kirkman came to one of my town’s LCS with Cory Walker, Nate Bellegarde and some others to do a “Independents” day signing. It was great. The best part though was that there was a kid around 12 who is drawing his own little comic book.
    They sat him right between Kirkman and Walker with his own little sign and he was signing his book and giving out copies. It was adorable. He was asking Kirkman and Walker all these questions about their books and they were asking him about his little book. It was so sweet; I just respect and like Kirkman so much more now. He’s a great guy.

    • awwwwww that sounds lovely what was his book about?

      • Insideman says:

        Don’t get so excited, the kid’s name was little Bobby Bendis– and all his characters just sat around and ate fruit roll ups and drank cranberry apple juice from juice boxes.

    • Stamps says:

      I think it was about teenagers and various high-jinks they get into or something like that I can’t really remember for sure.
      Yeah it was a really heartwarming scene. He was asking Kirkman all these questions like “would you ever work for DC?” and then talking about pen names and how he uses one when he writes and if Kirkman ever used one in the past.

  33. generaldark says:

    sooo i want to trade in my xbox 360 for a ps3 but fricken gamestop will only give me $60 store credit for it and i was like fuck that!…..*sigh*…

  34. generaldark says:

    The new korn CD comes out next teusday if anybody likes them. i do obviously lol. i listened to it already and it is not that great but hey its better then the stuff on the radio.

  35. shit one about your x-box ps3 problem sucks man. you could put it up on ebay or amazon if you want more money?

  36. TheMSpot says:

    Anyone else watching Comic Book Superheros on the History Channel?
    There up to the 1969 changes they made to Wonder Woman by giving her a white costume and taking her powers away, and having her learn Karate.

  37. phil says:

    and the battle continues about WW.
    See Jose? It’s not just CCW and FBD.
    and in this corner

    and in the other corner..


    • If I am correct Mr Blue says that Wonder Woman is not iconic because we dont know nothing about her. Thats true. Mr red says that Wonder Woman is named next to the biggest superheroes of all time. True as well. I think that wonder woman’s appearance and name is most iconic. Most people dont know nothing about her origin or her powers. I think that more people know what Storm Powers are.

      • Ya, 70 years of Wonder Woman comics and we (i.e. certain people) don’t know anything about her? Now that is fucking funny and ignorant at the same time. Brilliant.


      • Luiz de Mello says:

        There is that thing with WW that is a problem with most old and famous comic book character, but she gets the uglier stick (no pun intended): her fan(boy)s.

        I was going to make an insightful resume on that, but just take a look at CBR WW forums. A lot of the posters who claim to be older fans are so bizarrely anal. The amount of vitriol there for just a bunch of prologue pages (anyone who is literate know the story has not even properly begun) is kind of overhelming.

        And imo they aren’t even fans of WW herself, but of a version that mix Lynda Carter’s WW + extreme fanboyism. That is why she don’t do any better on sales, the public DC has always catered for when dealing with her are these anal people who only likes the ‘holy iconic, that must not be touched or changed because it is sacred’. I hate to use the term, but they are old farts and when you cater for those you really aliante new readers. They are so anal that they want her to be able to be punched by superman on the face and still just walk away like a common female figther can if a man more or less her stature punches her, but still she should be vulnerable to bullets and cutting weapons (“cause her powers comes from M-A-G-I-C, it doesn’t need to make any sense or be consistent with itself \o/”). /end rant

        On a side note, I read this today and I kind of agree with some of the points (even if only partially) and wonder what yer people think:

        • rush says:

          This is an interesting article and I can agree with what the author is saying.

          • Heck says:

            She doesn’t hold as much power in the DCU as Batman and Superman?? Most characters in the DCU don’t even know Batman exisits! He’s the “Dark Knight”. Superman and Wonder Woman both have more pull.

            I see her merchandise everywhere. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman merch is all over. Next I’d say is Flash and Aquaman with Green Lantern moving up majorly in time for his new flick. This guy saying there is no Wonder Woman merch is ridiculous.

            To say that WW hasn’t had good writers is also silly! In recent memory Gail Simone and Greg Rucka both penned excellent WW runs. JMS is now starting his and he’s a big named writer! That’s just the past 5 years. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

            • Venom829 says:

              Ok, I agree with the last part of your statement, but just for the top where you said that most characters in the DCU are unaware of Batman’s existance, can you please explain that to me?

              • Heck says:

                Well, Batman is a vigilante. His methods were always keeping to the shadows and striking fear into the hearts of criminals. The general public hears about “The Batman” but I don’t think they ever really see him.

                Superman on the other hand, makes public appearances. As does Wonder Woman.

                • Venom829 says:

                  I thought you meant the heroes and villains in the DCU, I’m sorry, my bad, so I see your point, and I agree with you, thanks for explaining to me.

            • Completely agree with you Heck.

              I am usually quite mistrusting of people who hate on the character. I believe that there are some deeped rooted personal issues at play and that is why people don’t give her a fair shake. I have more to say an this topic but I am at work now. Maybe I’ll elaberate on it later.


              • Heck says:

                I think a lot of fanboys hate on Wonder Woman because she’s female (and could kick any guy’s ass). It’s a double edged sword. Wonder Woman is an icon but fanboys don’t give her too many props and therefore DC isn’t quick to make movies or cartoons featuring a character that their fanboy’s fear. Comic books are still a male dominated genre (hence why Marvel hiring a female writer has to turn into a ‘YEAR OF THE FEMALE’ or something silly and sexist like that).

                I think the general public is ready for Wonder Woman. I think she has the right bit of mythology, action, and superheroics to make box office magic. I think she’s wildly iconic.

                • Venom829 says:

                  The first female superhero DESERVES to be iconic, that’s it, right there! And I’m not a WW fan, but I’ll admit that.

              • djsweet says:

                “deeply rooted personal issues at play” if you hate on the character or don’t wanna give her a fair shake? Jeez, It’s a good thing you embrace your pretentiousness.
                As far as “iconic” I would put her at the same level as Captain America in the public conscious. The Gen Public instantly recognizes the image of the character and the most basic story (amazon warrior, WWII super soldier ) They lag behind Batman, Superman, Spider-Man. They are instantly recognizable and the public could tell you a good deal about the characters story (crime ally, bruce wayne, krypton, clark kent, daily planet, peter parker, uncle ben, ect..)

                • Just call it like I see it.


                  • djsweet says:

                    on FCBD, Art Baltazar was doing sketches at my LCS. A young “vertigo girl” said something negative about Superman. It’s not that she has a “deeply rooted personal issue ” that keeps her from liking the character or giving him a try. Unless you would consider trendiness a DRPI. Girls like her see Sup’s as the poster-boy for generic superhero comics. I think, (and I’ve heard) that many veiw WW as a bland cardboard character. They don’t have to be young misogynists in training. I personally think that DC doesn’t help WW by making her “superwoman” indestructible, superspeed, flight, superstrength. They could showcase her as a warrior if she were outmatched and won with cunning, savvy, and experience. It would her her from looking like a bland female superhero, if they focused on her mission as princess of the amazons. That would make WW stand out, rather than just fighting second rate villains or Ares or Heracles. Lastly, WW has a great underused tie to myth and legend. To compensate for her loss of uber-abilities, it would be cool if WW used weapons from myth.
                    WW is just stuck with a stereotype of being a bland DC superfriend. At least she has Aquaman to look down upon.

            • rush says:

              Frankly as good as the Simone and Rucka runs runs may have been, the fundamental nature of Wonder Woman hasn’t fully been realized. I think Wonder Woman is held back, partly by industry attitude and partly by comics fandom. I think the author of the article is pretty clear about this.

          • rush says:

            I think the idea of an icon can be settled by closely examining the definition of icon as it related to a person then checking if the person in question meets the criteria set forth by the definition. Shall we try?

            Icon – somebody famous for something: somebody or something widely and
            uncritically admired, especially somebody or something symbolizing a
            movement or field of activity.

      • Edward2962 says:

        @Hackslash2020 I just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR NEW ICON!Or gravitar,or whatever the kids are calling it these days. I LITERALLY have that issue Love and Rockets sitting on my table as I type this RIGHT NOW! IT’s underneath an old copy of Uncut magazine with a Clash cover story,which is underneath comics I haven’t read,which are underneath bills,which are underneath my newly acquired Creepy HC.
        #31 is my FAVORITE cover next to #24 and right after that it’s #22.

        I know it’s off topic from WW,but it IS related to how women (and to a lesser extent alternative sexuality) are portrayed in comics…Does anyone else out there like L+R?
        Does anyone have any feeling about how a couple of straight guys depict women and bi-sexuals?

        • Insideman says:

          Read the “How Loathsome” HC I just picked up in the B&N sale for like $4 or $5 (originally $18.95).

          Written by Tristan Crane and excellantly drawn by Ted Naifeh, the book is a cool exploration into the San Francisco Gay, Lebsian, Transgender– you name it scene using episodic vignettes with several recurring characters. The story doesn’t go anywhere epic, which is perfect– as it reflects the lives of the main characters and the fact they are living their lives bouncing from one party scene/sexual encounter to another.

          Warning: Their is nudity, sex, graphic language– and for the really PC faint of heart– a sex hungry lesbian with a big black strap-on.

          I loved every panel and I’m not the least bit gay. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) πŸ™‚

          • Edward2962 says:

            Interesting…The latest Daytripper has an ad for Stuck Rubber Baby by Howard Cruse.I let this one slip by me in the late 90’s cuz…I dunno.It’s partly about the main character coming out, but it’s also about the civil rights movement of the 60’s.I’ll probably check it out as well.

            I don’t wanna just bash Marvel (cuz I’m probably gonna spend good money on Secret A and Thunderbolts) but one of my major disappointments w/them these days is they talk about wanting to expand their readership, why not use the MAX line to stuff like the above? I’ll give them credit for doing the Stephen King stuff and the Oz books,but why not something like Persopolis (er,the story about the Irainian girl) or Ghost World? Why not revive Millie the Model as a straight up teen comedy line? Not everybody fantasizes about being a superhero!

            • Insideman says:

              You’re right Edward. Their MAX line showed such promise… Especially with the Supreme Power books… Then just dwindled into an excuse for gore and swearing.

              I missed “Stuck Rubber Baby” in the 90’s too… But I picked up the re-released HC a couple of weeks ago and the exterior looks gorgeous.

              It is DEFINITELY in my tall “To Read” pile!

            • TheMSpot says:

              I said the same thing over at my blog only instead of the MAX line I said the Icon imprint. I don’t think Marvel likes creativity or new ideas like that. They would just say that would be to costly or something along those lines. They say their the House of Ideas, they just don’t say what ideas.

              • Insideman says:

                I’m gonna start your reading your blog,

                Here’s what Marvel doesn’t like (and for the record, neither does DC): Publishing properties they don’t COMPLETELY OWN. That’s why you only see Marvel’s SUPERSTARS (some in sales and some in quality) being offered publication via Marvel’s ICON imprint.

                I’m sure a whole bevy of their mid-level writers have great ideas they’d rather print at ICON… But you won’t see Marvel setting that PRECEDENT any time soon.

                I’m sure they hold the Icon line out as a “carrot”– so all the writers that are interested in “toeing the Marvel line” will strive to get to that level of sales.

                If you think about it– the Icon line IS really a great incentive for Marvel the corporation. Doesn’t lead to any better books per se… Greed NEVER does… But it does make Marvel a shit load more money.

          • phil says:

            @ insideman: Was it Ted Naifeh that drew the Machine for Dark Horse awile back?

        • Thank you for your comment and nice to see someone with such good taste πŸ™‚
          16 is a cool cover too. I like issue 5 and 1 as well. Overall they are all great covers.

    • Deemar says:

      This story is getting a lot of traction, I’m on the Iconic side.

      any arguments about her not being iconic is a straw man. Iconic ain’t about how many people reads the comic, it’s the general public awareness.

      If my grandmother knows WW and a pigmy in central Africa can spot WW she iconic.

  38. TheMSpot says:

    I just got my first comment that wasn’t a CCW commenter today so that was pretty cool.

  39. Insideman says:

    Well, I picked up some more Manga books! (Big shock. I am so obsessive-compulsive about stuff like this.)

    Finally got all the Battle Angel Alita and Battle Angel Alita: Last Order volumes in the house.

    Then a bought the Blade of the Immortal volumes (which comprised the VERY LAST of Jose’s picks that I could actually buy without spending lots of money on scarce back issues).

    Then I went and ordered Fullmetal Alchemist and Air Gear. The latter series because Mike F told me that was “good fan service”. πŸ˜‰

    Oh, I also picked up the first 2 volumes of Maximum Ride– which I thought I would mention because it is receiving such EXCELLENT reviews. Based on the James Patterson series– the Manga books are supposed to rock!

  40. Insideman says:

    No. Should I?

  41. Mike F says:

    So is it true that Wood’s last issue of DEMO is this week?

  42. TheMSpot says:

    Why hasn’t there been a Stig comic. The Stig is the best things on Top Gear. In my opinion not only does he have one of the best jobs he doesn’t have to say one damn word while doing it. I mean there is even a untapped toy line you have the British Stig, U.S. Stig, trucker Stig, and yes there was a black Stig, but he was lost at sea in a older episode and was replaced by the current white British Stig. I find that a little disturbing, and boarder line racist.

  43. Insideman says:

    Hey, Jose… Went to BevMo beverage store tonight because they were having their 5 cent wine sale– Buy one, get the second one for 5 cents.

    I picked up 2 bottles of “Irony” red wine. (I shit you not.)

    Would you like one?

    I’ll send you the 5 cent vintage! πŸ˜‰

  44. Which one of you guys posted our Avengers #2 review over on the Bendis boards?


  45. I know this probably isn’t the best time to bring this up but I read Scarlet #1 earlier this evening. It actually wasn’t that bad. I would say that I did like it. It reminded me of the “old” Bendis. Now, having said that I still don’t think he is going to change his writing style for the 616 anytime soon. It’s just really fucking sad that it seems that he still has that original “voice” in him but it is being drowned out by all the money talking.


    • Venom829 says:

      I had a feeling that was what it was going to be like. I just had that feeling.

    • rush says:

      That is the funny thing. He brings freshness to his own work but not to a lot of the mainstream Marvel books. Editorial will mandate certain things but not to have unique voices for the characters. Maybe he IS just tired of writing for the 616, he’s just collecting paychecks.

      • Remember back in the day when Bendis turned down writing Ultimate X-Men when it launched because he didn’t think he was capable of writing a good team book? My how times have changed. It’s like he still knows he can’t write a good team book but he will still collect the check at the end of the day as long as Marvel is willing to give it to him.


        • rush says:

          Seriously. My personal view is when art(writing,painting,music etc…) are monetized the art will ultimately suffer. Too many compromises are have to be made.

          • Luiz de Mello says:

            I agree, and in addition to the ‘please stake holders at all costs’ aspect, when ‘art’ is a mass product it caters for the lowest common denominator, that ain’t good for quality too.

    • Insideman says:

      That’s just what I was talking about above with MSpot. Marvel holds out the carrot of the Icon line to their big producers… Who hold back their “A” game for a bigger piece of the pie.

      If that’s the way you are fucking going to work it– grow some balls and quit ripping off the Zombies… and just start doing creator owned stuff. Bendis has certainly built the following. He certainly has cash. Go out on a limb, sucka!

      Either that or call your book what it really should be called, “Brunch with the Avengers”.

      • TheMSpot says:

        I’m going to have to agree with Insideman in that Marvel uses Icon as a incentive for creators. Also, take this into consideration with the Icon imprint there are no editors to over see creative decisions. So, creators have free reign, and you get things like Kick-Ass and Nemesis.

        And with that good night all. Man, it is really hard to do this on eastern standard time. He he

    • djsweet says:

      I watched a CBC live show on youtube. It was full of lots of ass sucking. One good part was Fraction busting on Bendis, saying that if he moved the X-Men out to San Fran it would take 5 issues for them to drive there. Bendis’ response was that greedy little money sign of rubbing his chubby fingers and thumb together.

  46. Deemar says:

    Found it!

    Fuck them fuckity fucks

    It’s on Some guy name DEEZ talking shit

    • rush says:

      That be him.

      • Insideman says:

        The first thing I noticed after a three minute perusal is how many of the posters post their OWN UGLY MUGS next to their pearls of wisdom?


        Does it make you feel good posting your mug? Think Mr. Spielberg’s gonna come callin’?

        Yet where are the posts? Help a tech challenged friend out? I’m not above stirring up some shit.

        • rush says:

          No need to stoop to that I say.

        • Deemar says:

          I am tempted myself.

          I used to frequent Jinxworld myself, but got really tired of the asslicking and worship to Bendis.

          Any criticism of the bald one the attack dogs come out and I got tired of it.

          I should pop up under my old name

    • I wouldn’t worry about it D. The people over there are drinking the Kool Aid and really do not know any better. Who cares what they think. Hopefully I won’t sound too pretentious when I say this (because some commenters really have a problem with me speaking my mind) but WE know better. We CAN see the forest from the tress. We CAN see the truth behind the bullshit. We should just be content with that and let the “fanboys” live in there deluded reality.

      Comics are entertainment, nothing more nothing less. And yes, I do make my living because of comics and for that I am very grateful. But I will damned if I will let ignorance ruin my good time.


      • Insideman says:

        Anybody that has a problem with you speaking your mind on your on board can go fuck themselves six ways to Sunday.

        In short, eat shit and die Fuckheads.

      • Deemar says:


        I’ll reframe from blowing up the Jinxworld spot.

        But just say the word and Deemar’s going Commando.


        • Insideman says:

          Hey D– I’ve carried a very worn out Louisville Slugger around with me for 15 years.

          I had it tattooed “The Persuader”. πŸ™‚

          • Deemar says:

            Insider I like your style


            But as Jose said, lets hold our wrath

            for now

            • rush says:

              Absolutely. Right now they are talking about CCW, if we respond then we are saying we actually care about what they think about CCW. We would loose the higher ground.

            • Insideman says:

              I will not move without word from Jose.

              If Jose says don’t bother. I don’t. It is HIS board (and Elliot’s, of course).

              I just visit here.

        • rush says:

          Deemar I think we need a summer CCW event comic.

          • Deemar says:

            We had one, but that suffered some problems…(Bat-Mang will return!)

            To what your saying it’s not my call it’s all E&J, they run this ship I’m just the firstmate

      • djsweet says:

        I love when you speak your mind. It’s just, sometime what you say is ridiculous and deserving of comment or discussion.
        I obviously don’t drink the same Kool Aid as you, so why would you care what I think?

        • That’s very true. I shouldn’t care at all what you think. I’ll start working on that.


          • djsweet says:

            sorry I disagreed with you. All readers that don’t want to try a Wonder Woman comic are disturbed misogynists that should be sterilized for the good of humanity. Will I be accepted and embraced by the group now?

            • I didn’t say ANYTHING about people who didn’t want to “try the book”. You are putting words in my mouth in an attempt to make your point.

              I said people who “hate on” the character are the ones with problems. People who “hate on” the character with no valid reason. And as far as I am concerned no one from this group will miss you when you are gone from here let alone wanting to “accept” your tired attempts at trolling.


            • Deemar says:

              I accept you.

              We need a contrarian.

              Now go ahead disagree πŸ™‚

  47. rush says:

    Voice of reason here. I think everything here is up for debate without the pejoratives being slung at each other. πŸ™‚

    • Insideman says:

      Rush, this is NOT aimed at you. You just made me think of how much I love the word… and how I need to use it more. πŸ™‚

      Good I love the word PEJORATIVE.

      I wish we all used MORE pejoratives.

      There’d be a lot less fucking confusion and lots more people would get their acts together.

      I would pay double to see a movie where Samuel L. Jackson says, “Nah uh. You did NOT just use a pejorative in conjunction me. I know you didn’t.”

  48. Luiz de Mello says:

    Bahhh I missed the WW discussion. I totally passed out on bed after I posted, I should know that my ‘just five minutes to reflect life’ are never five minutes.

  49. Insideman says:

    I just read the posts over there. I hope you guys mind that I write this.

    This is the last thing I am going to say about the subject (unless queried by one of you):

    Jose, you would be surprised at the number of people who AGREE with you and Elliott. A great number of people do and say that the points you bring up are worthy of discussion.

    Sure, there are a few haters… But it is garden variety Fanboy Zombie bullshit… The vid has actually started deeper talk then even I would expect.

    I am paraphrasing the following. (I’m sure as hell not going to spend my time documenting this stuff word for word.)

    A poster writes that the Avengers book should not be seen as the central focus point of the Marvel U anymore. Another says it wouldn’t kill a Marvel Editor to add Editor Notes (like they used to) when certain things that happen in the Avengers book don’t jibe with goings-on in the regular solo books.

    The creator in question then says Matt Fraction is a good friend. That they just talked about their books today, in fact. (Of course he doesn’t note the last time they talked about their books.) He says he reads/knows the other books and takes what is happening in the other books into consideration. (Really?) (I mean, Really?)

    Bottom line: What is the creator’s reply to the poster that brings up the idea of adding Editor footnotes to his books?

    He writes something like, “Maybe they should write one that says It’s not 1974 anymore.”

    So THAT’S apparently what he thinks of continuity. (And EXACTLY what I thought he thinks of continuity.)

    I’m going to produce a new t-shirt that reads:

    Marvel Continuity”
    It’s SO 1974

    P.S. Brian might want to clue Steve Wacker into the fact that we’re in the 21st century now– cause Steve’s books are crammed with helpful editor notations.

    Maybe Bendis doesn’t want this to happen in his books because the Editor Boxes will:

    1) Add an additional voice to his story that is NOT HIS voice and NOT APPROVED by him

    2) A woefully misplaced Editor Box might cover a shot of a waffle-lovin’ Wolverine asking one of his other breakfast lovin’ Super-Hero Pals to pass the maple syrup.

  50. Well, first, thanks for the update since I refuse to go to those boards. The fact that ANYBODY agrees with us is a surprise.

    And second, this really does say it all doesn’t it: β€œMaybe they should write one that says It’s not 1974 anymore.” What an ass.

    I have noticed that all the nooks Whacker edits do have “editor’s notes” and I quite like them.
    Bendis is an albatross around the neck of Marvel continuity and they need to grow a fucking set and tell him to knock it the fuck off.

    Also, I would so want one of those t-shirts.


    • Insideman says:

      Here’s the EXACT EXCHANGE:

      Originally Posted by Will
      Which is fair Brian.

      But I think the complaint about things not quite syncing up between books is a legitimate complaint that tends to pop up. Perhaps Tom Brevoort/Lauren Sankovitch would be able to remedy this by adding an editors note like *This takes place after Invincible Iron Man #X-X, or something along those lines.

      Does Tony regain his fortune in the current Invincible arc and takes place before your first Avengers arc hence why Tony has all of these resources or is there some sort of government funding by way of Cap that’s funneled into Tony’s expenditures?

      BENDIS: How about an editor note that says: it’s not 1974 anymore πŸ™‚

      Bendis added the smiley-face. Not me.

    • Insideman says:

      What size do you wear? We’ve already covered it has to be long sleeve. πŸ˜‰

      (Allow for shrinkage!)

    • Deemar says:

      Power and Responsibilty

      Bendis needs a lesson in that.

      He really is coasting as you have stated, Avengers is a crutch for him he has to fear what would happen if/when he leaves those titles.

      Spider Woman failed and that probaly spooked the shit out of him. The root of Bendis’ problem is his personality, there are other creators who are loose with continuity and play fast and loose with characterization, but he is unique in his contempt for the fans and nasty remarks.

      I predict Bendis will be the John Byrne of our time, his shitty persona will be his undoing.

    • Insideman says:

      I’M SERIOUS.

      Quit playing FF for two secs and tell me what size! πŸ™‚

      (Allow for shrinkage.)

      • Sorry. I was busy banning someone for calling me a “fucking pussy”, ” beady-eyed little prick” and “an insignificant little twit”. They were also angry that I “turned my insults into petty jokes.” Oh the drama.

        I don’t dry my shirts so I guess I would take a medium. If they are “form fitting” though I would go with a large…but probably a medium.


        • Insideman says:

          Wow that IS dramatic? You sure it wasn’t Millar?

          • You know, I wouldn’t be surprised. In all honesty though it’s just one of those things where I just choose not to deal with it. I do this blog for fun. I want people to come here to get away from all of life’s shit. Having that lingering negativity around does no one any good. Of coarse they try to spin the fact that by me banning them I am just censoring what they have to say in order to maintain control over all the “Kool Aid” drinkers. The simple reality (as a stated before) is that I just choose not to deal with it. Seeing how it’s my blog I think I have that right. If people feel butt hurt over it there is nothing I can do about that.

            I have plenty of people who disagree with me from time to time on here who do so without feeling the need to hurl personal insults while doing it. I have very little patience now a days for people who can not be civil.


            • Insideman says:

              Nor should you.

              Just yesterday I wrote on the Bleeding Cool forums that Tom DeFalco ABSOLUTELY had the right to criticize today’s comics. (The story went that Tom apparently attended a NY con and chastised Bendis and his brethren for their decompression storytelling.)

              If anything, RESPECT the fact that DeFalco was EIC of Marvel for a loooooooong time.

              This guy was saying Tom shouldn’t comment because he just came off as one of the bitter old guard of creators. (Although, this guy, of course, had NO PROBLEM with Denny O’Neil– another member of the “old guard”– who SUPPORTED Bendis and the current decompression storytelling technique at the same con.)

              I told the guy that EVERYONE has a right to their opinions.

              And ~NEWSFLASH!~ We ALL have ASSHOLES too.

              A difference of opinion supported by thoughtful passion is great.

              Trolling is NOT. I CAN’T STAND TROLLS.

              I want to take them out into the woods and introduce ’em to my cousin Clem. Clem likes to give folks a feelin’ for the woods– “Deliverance”-style.

              • Luiz de Mello says:

              • rush says:

                I don’t mean to pick on you dude but I have seen your post on other blogs before I came to CCW. You came off the same as the guy who got banned. πŸ˜‰

                • Insideman says:

                  Rush, I’m not going to get animated until I confirm who you’re talking about. Is it me or Luiz?

                  Cause I have only posted on ONE other comics blog in my entire life– Bleeding Cool– as I continue to do once or twice a week.

                  • rush says:

                    you dude.

                    • If it has nothing to do with behavior in these boards why are you bringing it up in here?

                      I have stated before I do not care what goes on elsewhere. All that matters to me is how people conduct themselves in here.


                    • Insideman says:

                      Jose, I know you responded that what happens on OTHER boards doesn’t have any bearing here– but I would like to set MY record straight.

                      Wow, Rush. Jose was talking about someone attacking HIM (as one of the CO-CREATORS of this blog), using harsh, unnecessary language.

                      I have NEVER done ANYTHING like that to Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool. I have never called him a β€œfucking pussy”, or a ” beady-eyed little prick” or β€œan insignificant little twit”… In ANY post at ANY TIME, ANYWHERE.

                      THAT’S what Jose and I were discussing… Someone acting like Jose can’t have an opinion on HIS OWN blog.

                      Have I ever taken exception with idiots, used strong language or vehemently defended myself from twats or twits on the Bleeding Cool boards? You betcha! I tend to see through UNDERLYING bullshit that others don’t or others just choose to ignore… And when I see BS– or see someone being unfairly attacked by someone using BS as their main weapon– you damn well better believe I’ll jump in.

                      Most people SUPPORT my efforts (not the ones being chastised, of course) and I have NEVER been banned from any board or blog– EVER. Nor has any Blog Proprietor ever threatened to ban me.

                      I’m not saying that I haven’t used language you may not agree with– or taken a tact you might find unnecessary or childish. I freely admit to responding in a like tone to people. So if an offensive poster is being an ass, normally I will be too… So I can be sure I’m getting MY POINT ACROSS.

                      Another thing: You said “blogs”– as in BLOGS PLURAL.

                      As I stated above, Bleeding Cool is the only other blog I post (fairly) regularly on… and most stories only elicit a one or two sentence response from me… If that. In the last 10 years, the ONLY other comics related blogs I have posted on were: a COUPLE of posts on Erik Larsen’s blog (asking him about missing Savage Dragon trades), ONE post on a CBR story recommending a mail order comic store (Dreamland Comics, natch), ONE post on Brian Hibbs’ forum discussing digital comics and what their arrival meant to comic stores and ONE recent CBR post to Jimmie Robinson– asking him if I could commission a piece of art from him.

                      THAT’S IT.

                      When you post as little as I do– and you have a near photographic memory– you can remember these things… And I believe I have referenced ALL of MY PERSONAL POSTS above.

                      In short, I have seen several different posters using “Insideman”. I keep using it because I believe I was the first to use it. To differentiate MY posts in the last 2 years I have been exclusively using the Selleck photo (with his groovy old fashioned brick of a cell phone)as my avatar. (And that’s just here and Bleeding Cool… As I don’t post anywhere else on a regular basis.)

                      So maybe you have confused me with someone else. I’m not the only snarky guy on the internet.

                      However, I believe I have comported myself with the utmost respect HERE (conveniently overlooking my rampant use of profanity– the “devil’s language) that I use repeatedly in almost EVERY POST. So I don’t know what your specific beef is with me– or why you thought it was necessary to cast aspersions on me in such a way to make people assume I am (or can be) an idiotic asshole… But I can GUARANTEE this will be my LAST words on the subject… Unless you continue to further CHARACTERIZE my posts on other blogs in such an ERRONEOUS manner.

                      In other words, I don’t know what I’ve done to you, dude… But I think your statement– besides being UNTRUE– was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.

                      This is Jose’s and Elliott’s blog. I find myself being very agreeable with everyone here because 1) It’s easy. I agree with almost every point Jose and Elliott bring up and 2) Up until THIS MOMENT– I feel I have been treated with the utmost FAIRNESS and RESPECT by all the posters here.

                      All that said, sorry for being so long winded folks. I don’t like being blamed for– or credited with– SHIT that I didn’t (or don’t) do.

                    • rush says:

                      I felt it did because there was some finger pointing on his part by insinuating that guy was trolling. The original argument was between you, Jose, and DJSweet. Which you were handling just fine on your own. I was dismayed that other folks jumped in making inflammatory remarks, adding fuel to the fire.

              • Locusmortis says:

                The problem is though that Tom Defalco is an awful writer, if it was Roy Thomas criticising Bendis, then that I could wholeheartedly agree with πŸ™‚

                • Insideman says:

                  Locusmortis, Yeah I know DeFalco can’t write that well– but as I pointed out then– He has written Spider-Girl competently and entertainly (at least imo). Not gonna win any Eisner Awards. I get it. πŸ˜‰

                  But MY point was that Tom still has a RIGHT to his opinion… as we all do. And whether you like his writing or not, being the EIC of Marvel for quite awhile also validates his opinion. He’s BEEN there. And again, we are all entitled to our opinions, right?

                  That’s why I also wrote on the post:

                  NEWSFLASH! We ALL still have ASSHOLES too! πŸ™‚

                  • Luiz de Mello says:

                    I don’t think an EIC even needs to be a (good) writer, a good notion of how professional writing works would do. Two areas, two different sets of skill needed. I think that on average the best editors are those who are just ‘amateurs’ artists/writers, and just mild fans of their company’s stuff, while being actual managers. Some distance is required to manage anything and it is hard to provide for multiple parts and remain just when the manager/editor has a strong preference for any of them.

                    Of course, there are the exceptions (and for the record JQ is not one of them).

                • cballsack says:

                  Tom DeFalco’s run on Amazing Spider-Man during the 80s was great, great stuff.

            • Mike F says:

              It is YOUR blog too. That’s like having someone come to your house and insult you basically. They have NO right to do it. I sold my xbox 360 for the ONE reason. The assholes on live. I swear they were just so cruel to me, I couldn’t put up with it. (the fact that Microsoft sucks was just the cherry reason i said goodbye)

              If there’s one thing I HATE is those trolls who go around trying to piss on other people’s lives cause they have nothing good to contribute to the world. I say thank you for banning such assholes. the less, the beter.

        • cballsack says:

          Those insults were uncalled for. Jose is definitely not beady-eyed or little.

    • Deemar says:

      This is pretty much the Bendis/Slott dynamic

      Ever notice how Bendis never misses an oppurtunity to slam Dan Slott?

      • rush says:

        This bit of cartoon genius comments on a great many things my friend.

        • Deemar says:

          Well its Jinxworld in a nutshell

        • Luiz de Mello says:

          That is why new cartoons imo do not beat older cartoons, at least a good majority of those I bothered trying, ofc. They were like real situations presented in a funny way, like a mockery of our daily shit. It was laughable for the kids (who were content with the cat/dog pursuits) and for the grownups who understood the subtleties of the joke. And when looking at our own problems (read disgraces) from a different perspective we all like to laugh at ourselves. They had implicity moral lessons. The message could, obivously, be disageed, but it still caused a more subtle reflection, one from a different and more relaxed perspective. They were art.

          These new silly-cutesy things tailored for stuborn children who will cry louder and louder till their parents (who suck as parents anyhow) buy whatever they desire are actually sad. Had I kids they would grow up watching mostly older stuff, I tell ya. Guess it is human nature, societies never learn, greed ruins all, like a cancer (uh, I woke up philosophic today… well, everyday, but today a little more).

          And yeah, it has to do with what I said the other day about escapism = a different form of realism, but hey, I am a single toned bitch, that should be no surprise anymore πŸ˜‰

          • Insideman says:

            Luiz- Some new cartoons are good… But like almost any commercial entertainment medium– most shows suck.

            Me? I’ll take a good Wile E. Coyote fucking instead of some of this other crap any day.

  51. Deemar says:

    Well gents I need sleep I gots the pie-Itis

  52. i think beacause of his name they let him do whatever he wants sure bendis could do a good story but he can’t be arsed or he’s like millar and lost his passion for comics to be fair he was good for a while but then new avengers became luke cage and friends i don’t want to get into this

  53. phil says:

    E,Edward, I.M., anyone remember this pilot?
    I’m stil bummed that this show was’nt picked up as a series.

    • Edward2962 says:

      I don’t think I remember this show.What year was the TV show from? Eddie Murphy? and the Smothers Bros? WTF! And the boy who played Allen..he kinda looks like the kid from “parker lewis can’t loose”.

      • phil says:

        ’88 0r ’89 I believe is when it aired, and yeah that’s the kid from Parker Lewis. Also the wife from Baney Miller and the Nanny.

        This show had some slowness to it and the acting wasn’t always top notch, but it was inventive and ahead of its time. If you get a chance you should check out all the clips and see how trippy the show was. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  54. stan lee once said “that a good hero is only made by a good villian” so i came up with the idea of a villian i’d love to hear what some of you guys think as i respect everyone on here so much so constructive critism is welcome and how i could build on these ideas and stories thanks a bunch

    • rush says:

      Let’s hear it.

    • Insideman says:

      Assemble… Copyright or Register the character BEFORE you start printing a lot of main details here. I sincerely doubt any of us would do you wrong, man but you can NEVER tell who’s LURKING… Especially since a link to Jose & Elliott’s vid was posted on Jinxworld yesterday.

      Just trying to protect you. πŸ™‚

    • rush says:

      I like the sound as power source idea. The hero would have to get pretty clever to put him down.

    • yeah i also had an idea about a chess based villian sort of sixities batman or brave and the bold batman villian or a group of un funding heroes one for each country a member of the g20 sort of corrupt anti-heroes who do the bidding of their elected paymasters. i have a few ideas like a south africian superhero called unity or something like that

  55. Pobra says:

    Hm, so I take it I’ve missed a lot these past two weeks??

  56. oh god no those bendis followers would have killed us by pulling the well you don’t work at marvel so you don’t know anything about how marvel should be run. GOD DAMN BENDIS SUCKING BASTERDS

    • Pobra says:

      But we could have at least tried to break down their defenses by means of logical assessments of Bendis’s shitty writing and decompressed money sucking techniques. Their sycophantic nerd rage could only withstand for so long… wait, are all his books still in the top ten? Yeah, maybe you’re right.

  57. Pobra says:

    that you Phil?

  58. Blanchard says:

    This caught my eye today as I was “working”

    It basically says that Death of the Endless will be showing up in Action Comics (I was going to label this as a spoiler but its on the front page of a lot of comic sites so I didn’t bother).

    First, I’m really amazed at how much freedom DC is giving Paul Cornell. This is the last character that I expected to see in a superman book, or any DC universe book.

    Secondly, I found the comment section to the this announcement to be very interesting. It seems that a lot of people are in favor of this despite the fact that Death of the Endless is a Neil Gaiman character. But I remember a few months back when the idea of someone else handling Watchmen character was present, a lot of fans for really pissed off. I was wondering what makes certain characters untouchable (i.e. watchmen) but others are free to use (i.e. Death).

    • i think the reason something like watchmen is untouchable is to do with the story as in watchmen everything was tied up at the end of the story and alan moore wanted it to be tied up and he didn’t even want any movies made but if they do make some more watchmen stuff paul cornell would make some interesting things although you haven’t hinted that but paul cornell doing a dr mahatten series or grant morrison rorscah series herm

  59. phil says:

    whatever you do don’t click on the above link…I have no Idea where that Search the deal came from. The sentiments are mine but not that name. I’m guessing some fishing’s going on, hopefully not worsr. I gotta go look for some online assistance. Later!

  60. Insideman says:

    I liked the post in the comment section where the poster asked why Bendis’ creator-owned book was $4 and Millar’s was $3.

    Then somebody went on there and claimed the extra buck was because Bendis’ book was 7 pages longer than Millar’s book.

    Good god. Suckers are still born every minute.

    7 additional pages doesn’t comes close to adding a dollar to the cost. And since it is creator-owned, Brian and Alex could have charged ANY price THEY wanted.

  61. TheMSpot says:

    Olivia Munn is now a correspondent of the Daily Show? Really?

    • cballsack says:

      Yeah, I had the same reaction.

      • Insideman says:

        Me too!

        But did anyone happen to notice Alison Haislip rockin’ that cute. form fitting, wine colored halter top on AOTS 2 days ago?

        When Munn 1st got the sitcom on NBC, she was all “I’m never leaving AOTS!” the following Monday.” Then Jon Stewart wanted to hire her a couple of weeks later and suddenly Olivia’s, “I know G4 TV would want me to grow and take the next step in my career.”

        *Crickets* were heard at G4 in response.

        Kevin continues to act like Olivia’s coming back.

        If she does for any length of time, it will be for a few days G4’s Comic Con coverage. She’s got a new book to promote with WONDER WOMAN in the title, right?

        Hell, the Daily Show will probably have her do a report or two as well.

        Then she’s G-O-N-E from G4.

  62. Mike F says:

    Interesting things I saw on twitter…

    from @WARRENELLIS “New things in comics shops you should buy this week: CASANOVA #1, SCARLET #1”

    from @BRUBAKER “Seriously, anyone not picking up Casanova and Scarlet this week doesn’t want good comics.” which followed “Also, Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #1 is out…”


  63. Mike F says:

    Thoughts on SCARLET #1.

    Ummmmmm, not the WORST thing by Bendis, but I don’t have a real incentive to keep going with it. But in all truthfulness, not the worst thing by him. Much better than the AVENGERS bullshit he wrote.

  64. Mike F says:

    Mmmm for some reason I went to Bendis’ twitter page to add him for any future Scarlet updates (cause I won’t lie, I kinda did like the book) and it said he blocked me.

    Bendis blocked me. The hell?

  65. TheMSpot says:

    Anyone else watching the Community marathon?

  66. Deemar says:

    Well…haven’t we been busy.

    The excitement from last night/early morning has spilled over.

    CCW Nation! WE MUST COME TOGETHER! Let us not fight with each other!

    The ENEMY is out there! In the ether of interwebs,not here within our burgeoning Geekdom of Cultured Warriors.

    Are we not MEN?! Comrades!? We must lift each other up not drag each other down.

    I look upon ye’ with pride, it was only a few years ago TWO MEN with vision of a better Union of Geeks, t’was Elliot and Jose whom brought us together! I was but a young lad when I first discovered their YOUTUBE channel, these men where kindred spirits and I offered my skills to them and pledged an Oath to CCW. From a simple farmboy they made me a knight, As I stride upon mine steed, I see not Fanboys (and girls) but COMIC CULTURE WARRIORS!

    WE ARE A NATION of good geeks,dorks,nerds,writers,artists,critics and Cballsack.

    lets conduct ourselves as such.

    Deemar:Cultured Warrior

    • phil says:

      don’t forget about the ladies of geekery …

    • rush says:

      Preach on brother. πŸ™‚

    • Insideman says:

      I totally GET and AGREE with your call for unity, Deemar. That’s EXACTLY what I felt when I first started reading this blog… and EVEN MORE SO when I started posting.

      Somebody highly recommended the guys’ vids– thinking I would really like them. I did. After about two months or so of watching them every week, I sought out the blog.

      To be blunt, I wasn’t expecting much… As I normally can’t hang with the general level of immaturity and nonsense that passes as legit commentary on most blogs– but the CCW Blog was/is completely DIFFERENT. Like-minded people gathered together– bonding over a shared set of beliefs and reveling in reading/watching/listening to “good works”… Not content to idly sit by and just accept the crap that passes as “mainstream” entertainment today. A place for fun that also welcomed passion and thoughtful commentary on the medium(s) we love. Not to sound mushy– but I finally knew I’d found a “spot” on the internet.

      All the more reason why I was completely shocked to be blindsided by a misinformed post that could not be seen as anything but an attempt at blatant character assassination. I simply don’t take kindly to unprovoked attacks… Especially attacks that are UNTRUE. I am always the first to admit when I am wrong but– Nuh, uh– Never did what this poster accused me of on others blogs.

      And then to be DIRECTLY compared to a prick who had earlier that same night attacked Jose so childishly and viciously– just because Jose elected to speak his mind on his OWN blog… Well that’s just wrong, beyond the pale and completely indefensible in my mind.

      I could see such a comment from a troll but not one of the “regulars”. Live and learn, I guess.

      I’ve got a thick skin and I can certainly handle criticism– no matter how untrue or misguided– from a COMPLETE STRANGER… But I will not stand by idly while I am attacked.

      In short, Deemar– Like I wrote above, I TOTALLY GET your post– ALL of it… but I didn’t start anything and I just don’t feel like I’m the one that needs to be paying attention to a lesson in general camaraderie and blog unity. πŸ˜‰

  67. TheMSpot says:

    Checkmate bitches, and tell the drama club their tears will be real tonight. πŸ™‚

  68. cballsack says:

    Um… I haven’t seen this discussed on here.

  69. Deemar says:

    Daily show on Olivia Munn!


  70. Ahhhh, my late night dinner delivery just arrived. BBQ beef and steak fries. Nom, nom, nom.


    • cballsack says:

      What, no SoCo with lime? I thought you were a liquid dinner guy.

      • Well, I do need something for dessert…and I am already half in the tank anyway.


        • cballsack says:

          I weep for your liver.

          • I don’t. I pray every god damn night that TONIGHT will be the night it fails me so I can just be put out of my fucking misery. To hedge my bets I started smoking again. Death’s sweet fucking release can not come soon enough.


            • rush says:

              Dude I go through a pack a day since I started my current job.

            • IronMuskrat says:

              The idea of a world without you being around Jose is kind of depressing to me. But if you chance your mind, I can get you a cheap liver from the Philippines =)


            • cballsack says:

              Sounds like someone needs an intervention.

            • Dre says:

              You smoke? Oh, NO! O_O

            • phil says:

              @ Jose…. I’ve said something once or twice to that effect and I never thought anything about it’til now.
              I hope in saying that…. I hope that was your dark tongue and cheek sense of humor speaking. Every person is alotted a certain number of breaths while we reside on this globe and I’d hate to see anyone here or anywhere for that matter draw their last breath prematurely.

              Everyone has something to contribute, even when things seem their most bleak, besides who’s gonna debate me on the merits or lack there of, of Old Man Logan if not you. Sure folks will be lining up, but it won’t be the same. Take it from a guy whose motto usually is “just ahead of every silver lining is a black cloud” that all is not lost.

              Whatever that means. ( I’m really tired :-)…)

              • Insideman says:

                I used to LOVE to smoke. In fact, I bet I loved to smoke MORE than ANYBODY you know.

                I didn’t quit because I wanted to. Believe it or not, I quit for my CATS. Such little lives and they loved me so much– and I repaid their undying devotion by blowing smoke in their face.

                You wouldn’t blow smoke in your daughter or your son’s face, your mother or father, sister or brother, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband… So It made PERFECT SENSE to stop for the cats.

                Bur I’m not one of those militant anti-smokers. I would start smoking again tomorrow if it was safe– and I stopped years ago. I know no one will quit until they’re READY to… Or become sick of spending $45 a week on cigs.

                To anyone that is thinking about quitting… Do NOT go “cold turkey”. Stop smoking and then chew Nicorette gum. That’s NOT going to kill you (as long as you attempt to somewhat follow the directions on the box). A director friend of mine quit almost ten years ago and he still chews Nicorette gum like a nervous baseball pitcher in the bottom of the ninth with a one run lead and the bases loaded. I chewed the gum for about 8 months and then one day realized I didn’t need it.

                But if a doctor told me I had inoperable cancer tomorrow– I’d sell all my shit, grab all the Sherman cigarettes (great brand– lacks most of the harmful, shitty additives) I could find, grab a huge bottle of rum and hit Bermuda in search of fun-loving beach bunnies. And I’d smoke like a smokestack until I had to shoot myself in the head.

                • cballsack says:

                  Or you could have a baby in order to quit. My mom told me that my dad used to smoke but quit when she became pregnant with me.

                • Edward2962 says:

                  I smoked for about 5 minutes back in the 90’s when I thought I was a hipster.I remember when you could get a 6-pack and generic cigs for about $5.These days in the Chicago city limits a pack of Newports is about $8.That’s reason alone to quit.

                • SmokeyClocks says:

                  Yeah i used to smoke and loved it as well. THough i did quit cold turkey i wouldn’t recomend it. My friend bet me $20 that i couldn’t do it and being the stuburn bastard that i am, i quit to spite him. Though i do enjoy being able to run and do other physical atctivites without having an aneurysm, i do miss the sweet light headed tingle of nicotine surging through my body.

                  • Insideman says:

                    Two words Smokey: Nicorette Gum. Works like a charm for those cravings. Ever need aback-up (now that you’ve won your $20), this is it.

                    On a side note, I bet my Dad lost at least $5k over the years betting people he could stop smoking… Until he finally did. πŸ™‚

                    • I actually stopped smoking a couple of years ago. For whatever reason stress is getting to me a bit more than usual and that was the number one reason I smoked it the past. I only smoke about a pack a week so it’s not too bad.

                      I appriciate the tip though. Thanks.


                    • Insideman says:

                      The gum is a really small square. You can literally chew it a few times (about four or five regular gum-like chews and you’ll feel a slight burning sensation going down your throat. But that’s GOOD– especially if you’re craving nicotine– because that the sensation of the nicotine being released from the gum and heading into your bloodstream… Then just leave the gum sitting on the side of your teeth in the back of your mouth.

                      So small, you can talk with it sitting there– nobody’ll know… And meanwhile, the “sweet” Nicotine is still seeping out and handling the stress.

                      Your body is not craving the cancer causing TAR and other hideous additives that cigs contain anyway… Just the nicotine… Which is why the gum works. It actually delivers the nicotine faster– and in greater amounts– than several cigs.

                      Plus you can chew gum almost anywhere, anytime. πŸ™‚

              • phil says:

                in conclusion: never let it be said that I don’t care.

        • phil says:

          BBq beef wasn’t one othe few carnivore type foods that I missed when I gave up eating meat, but lobster, squid/octopus and deep fried turkey was. The steak fries sound good though πŸ™‚

          (just thinking out loud, so to speak)

          • cballsack says:

            The only thing I really miss are potatoes, in all of its many varieties.

            • rush says:

              No potatoes?

            • Insideman says:

              Not even sweet potato PIE?

              • cballsack says:

                I sometimes do sweet potatoes in the winter. But white potatoes are a no-no. Starch will fuck up your health.

                • rush says:

                  Ya too much starch isn’t good. I think I will make potato and leek soup with andouille sausage. Yucca is also fantastic.

                • IronMuskrat says:

                  Starch isn’t good for you? Has Asia been informed yet? (This a rice joke BTW)



                  • cballsack says:

                    Asians eat more of a whole diet than Americans so they can get away with such things. Still, white rice is quite starchy and very high glycemic, so it’s not something you want to mess with. You’re really taxing your system when you eat any complex carbs. Our bodies weren’t designed to digest them.

                    • rush says:

                      exercise always helps. A lot of folks in the US tend to have a sedentary lifestyle.

                • Stamps says:

                  I’m doomed in that case

                • phil says:

                  @ cbs: where do you stand on nuts? (the legume that is) πŸ™‚

                  • cballsack says:

                    Nuts are mostly fat. You don’t want to eat too many. You should always soak your nuts first to remove any enzyme inhibitors.

                    No jokes, please.

                    • rush says:

                      so what do you eat?

                    • cballsack says:

                      Fruits and veggies, brother. Juices and smoothies. Some nuts. Sometimes quinoa (although I’m trying to give that up, since it’s a grain). And I was vegan for the past three years but I recently reintroduced fish back into my diet.

                    • Insideman says:

                      Yeah but friend chicken is good, right?

                      My Momma always said it was good… And IT IS.

                    • cballsack says:

                      Is chicken your only friend?

                    • phil says:

                      so CBs… the fish thing, was that a protein thing or an omega 3 thing that brought fish back into your lifestyle? And Spirulina… is that a vegan powder or no?
                      By the way let me knoe if you want me to ix nay on the ealth ay alk tay!…( sorry, weak on the pig latin):-)

                    • cballsack says:

                      It was more of an Omega 3 thing. I don’t worry about protein. Everything has protein. Spinach has protein. Americans typically eat 4 times more protein than their bodies need.

                      And spirulina is a seaweed. Really good for you.

                      Trust me, I don’t mind the health talk. This is the stuff I consume myself with when I’m not talking about Batman or Wolverine or Captain Kirk.

                    • rush says:

                      That is really admirable CBS. I love to cook I’m having a tough time sticking with a vegetarian diet. I started making Indian food but some recipes just call for the animal fat and damn I miss it.

                    • cballsack says:

                      When you start eating healthier, your palate changes. You start craving salads and fruits and fresh-squeezed juices. The idea of eating the shit I used to eat isn’t the least bit appetizing. But it’s a gradual thing. It definitely didn’t happen overnight for me and it’s something I’m still working at refining.

  71. TheMSpot says:

    Why hasn’t there been a Dr. Pepper commercial with Doctor Who in it?

  72. IronMuskrat says:

    So what does everyone think of this?

    Would you still post on forums if you had to use your real name?

    I personally think it pretty crazy, putting yourselves out there for everyone to see. Especially if your a women or kid.

    I have a lot of respect for Jose and Elliott for putting themselves on the line, so to speak, I don’t know if I would have the guts to put myself out there to suffer abuse at the hands of the internet masses.


    • rush says:

      I sort of use my real name.

    • Heck says:

      I prefer ambiguity. Good thing I never got into gaming.

    • Luiz de Mello says:

      Well, these are my first and last names anyhow. But I think that is kind of a ‘uh’ move. Real name, pseudonym, alias, nickname, nothing of that makes trolls less trolls, the problem is more on the inside.

    • Stamps says:

      Mine’s a twist on my name.
      Stamps was my nick name when I was in high-school and I still get called that by a lot of my friends even now.

    • Mike F says:

      The thing is, that’s WoW. That shit is just a whole load of problems the world isn’t ready to sort out yet.

      I think its okay to use a real name. It makes your arguments more strong when someone knows its a real person talking and not some fictional troll trying to just piss people off. But with WoW, Idk what to say, maybe if they just shut that shit down for good the world’d be a better place…

  73. Venom829 says:

    So out of curiosity Jose, will you and Elliot plan on reviewing Scarlet #1?

  74. Heck says:

    Who can’t relate?

    • cballsack says:

      I would sacrifice my firstborn to get with Kristin Kreuk.

      • Well, after you watch Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li you will just want to sacrifice yourself. And, no, that is not a euphemism for wanking.


        • TheMSpot says:

          That movie was so bad I felt like I took a shit out my dick, it was that bad. I’ll leave it at that, good night.

        • Heck says:

          That was one terrible flick. Still, I don’t think she could ever look bad.

          I hated Lana on Smallville, but loved Kristen. Kinda like a need for a hate-fuck going on. Ya digg?

          • phil says:

            @ Heck Is that anything like hating Jennifer’s Body, but lovin’ Megan Fox? πŸ™‚

            • Heck says:


              It’s amazing how a film can make so much money just by promising that Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried would make out. πŸ˜‰

              • phil says:

                I don’t know, Heck. Usually for me cute is cute is cute and whatnot, but every once in a while someone like Megan or Cameron comes along and you go “I’d love to get with that’ and then they speak and ruin evrything πŸ™‚

                • Insideman says:

                  Almost every Southern Girl is exactly the same way, especially when they’re smokin’ hot… God knows I love ’em and wouldn’t give them up for anything… But when they open their mouths for the very first time, it’s just like Forrest’s box of chocolates.

                  You never know what you’re gonna get. πŸ˜‰

                  • phil says:

                    the thing that I’ve always hated about the Forrest Gump analogy is that….well, it’s not true,not exactly anyway.
                    When you open a box of chocalates the one thing that you do know is that somehow chocolate is gonna be involved.

                    Also as far as southern gals go…I don’t know if things can be summed up so easily by region πŸ™‚

                    • Insideman says:

                      Actually, having lived in the South for a many, many years… The analogy (imo) is perfect. It’s something I have experienced and (and noted to other people) hundreds of times… and is even the subject of one of the comedy routines I have written.

                      Remember, I’m talking about TRUE SOUTHERN GIRLS now. Not “transplants”… Or daughters of RECENT “transplants”. πŸ˜‰

                      Also the box of chocolates analogy works perfectly for me too… There are several CREAM filled chocolates I CANNOT stand… And they also seem to be the pieces I pick out most often. Nothing like biting into a piece of chocolate and thinking, “THIS was a fucking mistake.” Especially in “polite society”– what the fuck are you supposed to do then? πŸ™‚

                      So while it’s true that you will normally always have chocolate in a piece of candy from an ASSORTMENT BOX (like the ones Forrest was referencing)– what is inside can be a REAL CRAP SHOOT taste-wise.

                    • phil says:

                      Well I could wax on ad nauseum about the pitfalls of stereo-typing, regardless the faction, or how Fg’s comment is often misused because he misses it, but truth is I’m tired, and I think my batteries are about to shut off in another 45 minutes or so…. so I’m gonna call a truce…..for now, anyway.

                      Good sparring with you Insideman πŸ™‚

                    • Insideman says:

                      Anytime, Phil. I’m gonna got eat a piece of chocolate from an assortment box and tongue a Southern Girl.

                      I’ll let you know how it works out. πŸ˜‰

                    • Insideman says:

                      WOW! It worked out GREAT! πŸ™‚

        • cballsack says:

          I don’t care what crappy movies she’s done. She is absolutely divine. She does for me what Breastina Hendricks does for you.

        • Luiz de Mello says:

          I don’t know why but this made me want to watch it. I think I need a little more self love (not of that kind), I watched Dragonball (D)Evolution recently and I am already getting new heavy drugs.

  75. Insideman says:

    For those who might care, Amazon promises to have several different “Anime Classics” on sale at different times today in their Gold Box Lightning Deals area.

    Don’t know the titles…but sometimes the deals can be killer. Those are usually the ones I miss. πŸ™‚

      • Insideman says:

        Thanks, Jose. I just picked up FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 1 on Blu Ray for only $19.99. That seemed like a great price.

        Then realized I should probably watch the earlier series– so I bought Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD (for what said was the lowest price Amazon has offered them at: $29.99)and then the Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa Blu Ray movie for $10.

        Shoulda known in advance I’d have to buy more than one… As I’m sure that’s why Amazon runs sales like this. If they had put the 1st Season DVD on sale, I’m sure a lot of people (myself included) would have stopped there to see if they liked it… But Noooo. πŸ™‚

        Apparently the 1st and 2nd Anime seasons end in a completely differently way from the Manga series. Since I just bought all the Manga volumes, I think that’s cool.

        This is going to sound crazy but this is the first Anime I’ve owned. (Maybe not so crazy since I had never read a Manga comic until a few weeks ago.) Fullmetal Alchemist seemed to get universal 5 Star reviews… So I figured, “Why Not?”

        Along the lines of still caring, Amazon is offering FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 1 on DVD RIGHT NOW for $17.99 (as of 1:12pm PDT). The BluRay sold out already. I believe this is their last specially discounted Anime deal of the day.

        • rush says:

          Actually you don’t have to watch the first series. People can just jump into Brotherhood. Brotherhood retells the story closer to the manga. I’m 30 eposodes deep right now.

        • Insideman says:

          I’m a completist. I like the full story. If it was good enough for the creator to create– I certainly don’t mind watching it.

  76. does anyone know when mystery society 2 comes out i’m loving 1 after picking it up today

  77. Mr.Wrestling says:

    So does the new Doctor Who series start tomorrow?

  78. what the new doctor who series the series just ended 2 weeks ago the guy’s did a revoew on it it’s on youtube now and will be on this site soon it started months ago what are you on about?

    • Mr.Wrestling says:

      Yea I figured it wouldnt start for awhile because it just ended, but I just saw a commercial on BBCAmerica hyping new episodes of Doctor Who

      • Insideman says:

        MW, the new series with Matt Smith has been on BBC America for awhile now. There are only 3 episodes left to go. This Saturday’s ep is called “The Lodger” and it is the final episode before the 2 Part finale.

        If you haven’t watched the other episodes yet– PLEASE DON’T WATCH THESE FINAL 3 until you do.

        This season was fantastic (borderline genius) and you will be missing all the plot threads (basically you won’t know what’s happening– certainly in any contextual sense). You will also miss out on all the emotional pay-offs of the ENTIRE SEASON– if you jump in now.

        Of course, do want you want… But it would be akin to reading the last 3 chapters of a GREAT NOVEL… THEN going back and reading the beginning. πŸ™‚

  79. Pobra says:

    Just watched this the other day and REALLY enjoyed it. Sorry if this has already been posted.

    • cballsack says:

      Looks interesting.

    • Insideman says:

      I loved that film too, Pobra. MUCH BETTER than Clooney’s “Solaris”– which addressed some of the same themes as this movie.

      I wish they’d make a sequel so we could see what happens on Earth.

    • SmokeyClocks says:

      ive been meaning to watch this for a while now. I’ts on watch instantly on netflix so maybe ill just do that

    • IronMuskrat says:

      One of the best Sci-Fi movies of the year.. I waited a long time to see this movie and I can honestly say it was worth the wait.

      Sam Rockwell gives an incredible acting job here, how can you not feel for the poor guy after he learns the truth.

      I even loved Kevin Spacey’s work as GERTY. Who would have know you could make an emoticon an actual character you could care about.

      *** Spoilers ****

      I would love to see a sequel to learn what happens to Sam Bell when he returns to Earth.

      More importantly who was the man that interrupted Sam’s conversation with his daughter, could it had possibly been the original Sam Bell? If it was, did he know what was being done to his clones on the Moon?

      *** Spoilers ***


      • Insideman says:

        Moon Spoilers:


        IM, it IS the original Sam Bell. I don’t think he knew. Listen VERY carefully at the end of the film and they talk about the “moon based” Sam Bell landing on Earth and causing quite a sensation. (And not in a good way.)

  80. TheMSpot says:

    Over 666 comments that’s funny it’s better than just 333 only half evil. He he

  81. cballsack says:

    Kevin Bacon is in talks to play the villain in X-Men: First Class. Now I have a reason to see this movie.

    X-Men was directed by Bryan Singer.
    Bryan Singer directed Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects.
    Kevin Spacey was in Casino Jack with Maury Chaykin.
    Maury Chaykin was in Where The Truth Lies with Kevin Bacon.

    I could do that all day.

    • phil says:

      I use ta eat bacon with eggs sunny side up, the next day I would crack a couple of eggs, get some milk and sugar and cinnamo and make some french toast, the following day I would have a couple of slices of buttered toast with some pork links and finally I’d have an omelette (or however u spell that word) that would have bits of ham, sausage and baco.

      hey that is kinda fun, cbs πŸ™‚

  82. TheMSpot says:

    I’ve been bamboozled I was expecting a comic book rant instead I got a Doctor Who rave. Oh well, I’ll allow it because Doctor Who was more impressive than the entire series of that Lost shit, and yes that includes the finale of Lost, that had to be the laziest TV writing I have ever seen.

  83. SmokeyClocks says:

    Also my lcs got shorted on shadowland this week so i wasn’t able to even see if i wanted to buy it. I’ve really been enjoying Diggle’s run on DD so i atleast want to check out the first issue. You your all’s humble opinions is it worth the money? This may have been adressed earlier but its though to look through 670 comments after youve been gone a few days. Also aviod spoilers if possible

  84. Insideman says:

    Hey Elliott!

    What’s the chances of us getting to see another episode of CCW*TV?

    Should I hold out hope– or should I just pre-sign my AARP card, move into a rest home and die?


  85. phil says:

    alright y’all we’re at the 10 yd. line, who’s gonna carry us to 700 posts before the week end thread?
    By the way, has it gotten ti 700 before?

  86. TheMSpot says:

    Hey guys, just got back from seeing the Predators movie, and it was good if your a fan of the first two I think you will enjoy this one.

  87. Insideman says:

    Okay, since this thread is still active, I’m just gonna come out and say it:

    Gatchaman and (I guess his friends) look like they’re flying out of a GOLDEN Va-Jay-Jay.

    I’ve thought this from the second I first saw it and I resisted the urge to post the thought until now.

    (I wonder if the poster knew this when he posted this particular “piece”… Hmmm?) πŸ™‚

    • Edward2962 says:

      Dude, they are a science ninja-team. And if you can get yer whole team into a Golden Va-J-J you know yer cool. Hell,why do you think Alex Ross is a fan of this Show?

  88. mbell028 says:

    I wanted to wait until the weekend open thread,but I couldn’t wait any longer. SHADOWLAND was fucking awful what the fuck is wrong with Andy Diggle that book was terrible. I was really looking forward to this book after how good his run on Daredevil has been and I was completely wrong. I’ve been reading Daredevil since Brubaker’s run and it pains me to say this because it’s been such a great book, but I think I’m done with Daredevil.

    • Insideman says:

      Unfortunately, I feared this would be the case. It’s really too bad.

      • mbell028 says:

        it really is too bad. It was kind of nice to see one of the minor super heroes in the Marvel Universe get a chance to be put in the spotlight. A great opportunity was wasted.

    • Pobra says:

      I totally agree mbell. The writing was equally as bad as the art, and being that it was Billy Tan on art chores, that is saying a lot.
      I’ve been reading DD since the Kevin Smith reboot and this is the biggest low point for me (and yes, that does include the entire Bendis run), Marvel has really killed my interest in the character. The story just feels cheap and the art is awful. Stay away.

  89. Pobra says:

    With that bit of negativity aside, I find myself strangely compelled to tell you how much i enjoyed Scarlet. I started reading it at the shop and was intrigued enough to purchase the issue. I keep giving Bendis chances to win me back and it seems he has finally done it. It truly felt like a return to form for ol’ Bendi… that is, until you hit the avalanche of self-indulgent tripe at the end of the book. Ya had me Bendis and then you lost me. Who is actually interested in reading those long winded interviews of self congratulatory crap? Or how about the ads for the 6000 different books he’s currently working on? It was a really good book up to that point and it has me second guessing buying #2. Oh, and Maleev’s art is brilliant. Guess that ended up being kinda negative too, didn’t it?

  90. Hey eveybody. My internet was down almost all of yesterday so that is why there was no new open thread posted and also why the new vid got posted here late (Thanks Elliott). I hope that it is working by the time I get home from work tonight. I’ll be sure to post a new open thead as soon as I do. This one is get a bit bloated.


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