CCW 3.70: The Doctor Who Series 5 Finale REVIEWED!

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Television
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  1. Sigh… I wish I could watch this show so I could join in on the conversation. Is there anywhere on the internet I could watch it for free?

  2. vegedge says:

    i think rory was a auton. a plastic robot(they mentioned him being plastic)

    the same robots from the first doctor who episode of season on of the new series.

    i dont think he was a robot from the daleks. the autons are another classic doctor who villain.

    i could be wrong.

    its killing me to wait untill the christmas special.

    • Fallows1985 says:

      yeah he was an Auton the hand-gun thing was a common trait with them, plus the Doctor mentioned the Nesteen which is the creature that makes the Autons.

  3. vegedge says:

    i wrote that dumb sorry.

    autons from the first episode of season one.”rose”

  4. kurumais says:

    im going through dr who withdrawals now
    need more who

  5. kurumais says:

    has anyone gone back and watched the very first episode of doctor who? the unearthy child from 1963? its up on youtube if you would like to check it out. i cant say i enjoyed it but it was very interesting to see how this all started. the first doctor doesnt even seem to be the doctor at all but 1 to 11 and nearly 50 years is a lot of ground. my honest opinion while i watch the episodes was “how did this show survive?”
    i would love to hear what other folks thought

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