Click on the cartoon to view FULL SIZE!

  1. rush says:

    Good stuff as usual Deemar.
    These guys should have a throwdown with Bobby Flay next.

  2. TheMSpot says:

    That is great. Ha HA HA!!!

  3. Insideman says:

    Burp! 🙂

    Somebody POST THIS on Jinxworld! 😉 (j/k)

  4. Venom829 says:

    Now I’m Hungey ! lol 😉

  5. Mike F says:

    Excellent work man! I’d tweet it to Bendis but he blocked me.

  6. Dre says:

    Pretty good!:)

  7. Pobra says:

    I love how Iron Man is eating his pizza through the helmet. Fuck, now I’m hungry.

  8. cballsack says:

    Ha, this is by far my favorite Deemar cartoon! Excellent work.

  9. IronMuskrat says:

    Very cool Deemar, one the best yet. I also like the way Iron Man is pushing the pizza through the slot in his helmet. I wonder if that was one of the design requirements when Tony was building the armor.

    I also enjoy the cameo by the Wrecker, one of my favorite villains when I was a kid =)


  10. Best one yet Deemar! I put it as my backround for a while, but because of all the shortcuts on my desktop it blocked half of the text… but still this was very good! Each panel was hilarious. The Earth’s Hungriest Heroes part cracked me up. Maybe you should do this as an on-going? Keep up the good work!

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