Mellow Monday

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Mellow Monday, Music
  1. Only cuz Jose dissed the Eagles:

  2. phil says:

    just been that kinda week

  3. phil says:

    now to blaze it up mellow before I work myself up too much

    4 u E

  4. Smallmaniac says:

  5. phil says:

    Even though I don’t indulge

  6. Pobra says:

    and now for the hipster portion of mellow monday 🙂 brought to you by heroin… sweet, sweet heroin.

  7. kurumais says:

    one of the only 2 things i liked about lost

  8. cballsack says:

    What I happened to be listening to right now…

  9. Locusmortis says:

    It would have been Ronnie Dio’s 68th birthday this week. This video encapsulates the 80’s a feast of shaggy perms, feathercuts and mullets, social conciousness married to decade long guiter solos

  10. Deemar says:

    Harvey Pekar RIP

    He’ll be missed

  11. MicahSkin says:

    It’s well above 90 here rather humid and the apartment office is fixing my air conditioner, I’ll try anything to cool off. (Also it’s my favorite choral piece not written by Palestrina.)

  12. rush says:

    Netter kickstarts publishing career
    ‘Wanted’ producer launches comicbook co.

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