Posted: July 16, 2010 in CCW Review, CCW TV, Marvel, Reviews
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  1. TheMSpot says:

    According to Marvel it is a mini they just haven’t said how many issues, but that’s Marvel for you. Great review guys as usual.

  2. kurumais says:

    what do you think of the new cap book with it set early ww2?
    i guess they want to cash in on the movie do comic movies bring in new fans?
    maybe j can speak to this after a comic movie hits big do new fans come in to the store?

    • TheMSpot says:

      It sounds interesting, I’m not real familiar with the writer, so we’ll see.
      Of course, they do it with every character that gets a movie deal.
      No, you can see that in the top 25, Iron Man is no where to be found, and that had two blockbuster movies.

    • kurumais says:

      not even 3 seasons? he couldn’t do 39 episodes? oh well ecclrston only did 1 series

      • Iqy says:

        Yh I know, but this is the case with many young British actors who receive a certain amount of popularity, they leave instantley to crack Hollywood.

  3. kurumais says:

    matt might be in 2 episodes of the sarah jane adventures

  4. Edward2962 says:

    Jose and Elliot, what is the name of the music playing in the background for this review?

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