Mellow Monday (or Singers I Had a Crush on in the 90’s)

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Mellow Monday, Music
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  1. Busy Bobcat says:

    Hey guys it has been a very long time sorry.

    • Too long Bobcat.

      Great choice by the way.


      • MicahSkin says:

        They slept on my brother’s floor once. His roommate at the time (still good friend who works with him) has a small label in the Philly area and they were crashing there one time I was staying there. Tripped over their lanky asses tryin to get downstairs to play Starcraft.

  2. Locusmortis says:

    What, you didn’t have a crush on Sonya Aurora Madan in the 90’s?

  3. cballsack says:

    I had a crush on two-thirds of the group.

  4. Edward2962 says:

    I’ve had a crush on Joan for 20 years

  5. phil says:

    needless to say

  6. phil says:

    o.k. this was the 80’s. but this crush lasted well into the 90’s

  7. Insideman says:

    Did Phil just BREAK A RECORD or something!? 🙂

  8. Insideman says:

    I know it’s 80’s– but older than some of you:

    Jose, My story of this woman will take me a couple of shots of Jack… But I WILL tell you one day if your interested. 😉

  9. MicahSkin says:

    OK, Stories form the Gay Bar time kids. (Like “Red Shoe Diaries” but w/o Mulder writing dirty letters to Scully)

    At the bar I work at, we have a music system. it’s a hard drive with videos on it, and every month or so, a new disc arrives with new songs based on what kind of music we sign up for. (Thank gawd I work for 2 trad skins so all my Oi! needs are met). Well, we sadly have the Justin Bieber video on it. Every time it comes on, we have the whole bar SCREAMING about how awful the video is. Well, today we had this tragic lil 22 y/o come in, and he started crying when that happened. He owns t-shirts and went to the concert we had around here a bit ago. (That my friend works as lighting coordinator and wanted to slit his writs at) Thank goodness my boss was there to take him aside and use his iPhone to show him this site.

  10. IronMuskrat says:

    I still can’t pin down the reason for my attraction, but Alanis Morissette gets me going for some reason. perhaps I am attracted to hippy chicks with giant mouths, that also could explain my attraction to Mick Jagger =)

  11. I had no crushes in the 90s due to puberty and beyond. I was all about making sex and love was a dangerous word. Some of my senses returned around 2004 when I had a crush on Rihanna. I event went to Barbados to see if I could do some business over there. But my love was not returned so I hooked her up with Chris Brown instead. The rest is history. (No, I’m Kidding) As a kid I had a crush on the girl in the vid “Domino Dancing” by the Pet Shop Boys, but I cant embed that one. So I’ll try another. The girl in this vid, is in my top 5. I happen to know the guitar player as he lives in the same street.

  12. kurumais says:

    some very nice crushes
    i still crush on lisa loeb i saw her live at the bottom line she was good
    one of my sisters saw the video saw the torn video and called me up and i said “i bet you like her!” i said OH YEAH!!!
    im a big sade guy too
    my brother loved that girl from sixpience none the richer
    but toni was probably my biggie

  13. Pobra says:

    Back in the 90’s, none of the singers i had a crush on had any talent. Mostly just pop star whores, so for that reason I say, themes be damned! I offer you Bright Eyes instead!

  14. kurumais says:

    remember these guys and lead singer saffron she was not without interest

  15. kurumais says:

    i had a HUGE crush on this girl she was one of those idols the japanese let sing they let everyone sing bless their hearts i tried finding one of her truly horrific songs to share the debts of my commitment to cuteness but i couldnt this one is just mildly bad enjoy

  16. MicahSkin says:

    I think we both know why. HR cause my cousin, while in the hospital for almost losing his shoulder to a roadside bomb missed his visit (HR had been there 2 days earlier) and said F**K! Damn insurgents should’ve hit me earlier!

    MM cause I have a pulse.

    Bosstones, well…

  17. Smallmaniac says:

    I was born in 1990 so I was too busy playing with action figures and watching Nickelodeon to notice cheap/fake singers who wanted to be famous instead of creative.

  18. SteveMcQ says:

    My crush that started in the 90’s and lives on today.

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