CCW 3.75: The Return of the Young Avengers!

Posted: July 19, 2010 in CCW Review, CCW TV, Marvel, Reviews
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  1. generaldark says:

    yikes, the music a little after the middle was getting distracting with the loud high pitchness of the song. 😦

  2. yes i picked this up today and these are my avengers and the comic that got me into marvel if i ever meet allan heinberg or jim cheung i think i’ll have to hug them.

    Why aren’t these two getting a young avengers monthly?

    he’s doing uncanny x-men with olivier coipiel where magneto talks about problems with cyclops sounds interesting

  3. kurumais says:

    i cant stand the young avengers i hate jr spinoffs that have nothing to do with the characters they are spinoff of. the only character among them i liked and found remotely interesting was iron lad and he lasted all of 5 seconds. i like stature because i liked her dad. i read the first series and was unimpressed by both writing and art. nothing horrible about either but nothing really not worthy. these are characters i wish would get retconned out

  4. kurumais says:

    i have a scarlet witch rant
    first clint slept with wanda i dont remember him falling in love her i got a big kick out of that
    kind of a sleezy move but wanda is smoking so i dont blame him
    ok now my rant
    scarlet witch is one of the most dangerous people on the marvel world after avengers dissembled and house of m she is way too much of a threat she has to be neutralized somehow permanently and completely
    she can wipe out anyone and everyone at a moments notice
    think about the person you love most then think how at any instant scarlet witch could wipe that person out of existence as if they never were and there is no defense no warning
    there is no way you can let the sword of Damocles hang over the head of you and your loved ones or anybody else for that matter
    and if sombody was controlling her that makes it even worse she can be used as a weapon by anybody
    and if she didnt know what she was doing im going quote jayne cobb here ” later you can explain to me how thats a comfort.”
    she is the avengers’ dark phoenix only worse
    if you are sworn to protecting the word you have to deal with scarlet witch
    of course she was a super hero so all will be forgiven but it shouldnt be the game has changed when it comes to scarlet witch

  5. tomstewdevine says:

    This issue was suprisingly good. I have not read other young avengers titles but i felt like i didnt miss a beat reading this. And the art was the best of the week. Thank god my buddy at work bought this so I got to read it!

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