Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: July 19, 2010 in DC Comics, Image, Marvel

Hmmm…looks to be a good comic week. I can’t fucking believe Red Mass for Mars #4 is actually seeing the light of day. Only like a year and a half late. I don’t even remember what happened in the last issue. Here’s what I’ll be buying on Wednesday:

Atlas #3 (Jeff Parker)
Batman Beyond #2
Black Widow #4 (Daniel Acuna)
Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father #2
Power Girl #14
Red Mass for Mars #4 (HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!)
Scott Pilgrim Vol 6
Thunderbolts #146 (Jeff Parker)
X-Factor #207 (One of the best books you aren’t reading)

A few reminders:

Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 will be released tomorrow so you won’t need to wait till Wednesday for that.
-The final volume of the Luna Brother’s masterpiece The Sword ships this week.
-If you missed the monthly issues, the already CLASSIC Ash Saves Obama is finally collected in trade paperback form and made available to the public. If your shitty comic shop doesn’t carry it, and you want it, demand they order you a copy.

So, what are you getting this week?


  1. pmm says:

    lol givin up on zatana ?

  2. Wiglebienie says:

    Going strait to a release party for SP Vol 6 after work. So pumped. Can’t believe the wait is almost over

  3. kurumais says:

    atlas 3
    prince of power
    land of oz
    HER oes

    timemasters geoff johns version of rip hunter is top notch but jurgens is an ok writer not great
    black widow 4

    good week for me 2 of my 5 favorite books come out

  4. mbell028 says:

    Hey What’s up guys? This week I’ll be getting:
    The Walking Dead 75
    Scott Pilgrim volume 6

    Only two new books this week. It’s cheaper online so I’m picking Scott Pilgrim up from there. Only problem is that I can get free shipping after spending a certain amount, but I’m not sure what to get with it. Here are the books I’ve narrowed it down to (Only want to get three out o these)

    Fire- Brian Michael Bendis
    Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four- Jeff Parker
    Superman: Up, Up, and Away-Geoff Johns
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 1910- Alan Moore
    Batman Year One: Ra’s Al Ghoul- Devin Grayson
    Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive Volume 1- Greg Rucka

    I know it’s kind of annoying for me to ask you guys, but I figure that I don’t know anything about any of these book and they’re really cheap I only want to get 3 of these with Scott Pilgrim because I’m trying to save some money. If you guys could tell which of these are the best I would really appreciate it

    • mbell028 says:

      Probobly will also pick up Atlas 3 since it ends after issue 5 I did pick up the first 2 issues

    • It’s not annoying of you to ask. That’s why we are here. But…out of all of those books on your list there is only ONE that I can recommend and that would be Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four. Nothing else on the list even comes close (in my opinion) to it. It is one of Jeff Parker’s earliest (if not first) work for Marvel and it is drawn by one of the best comic artists ever (again, in my opinion) Mike Wieringo. I read this way back when it originally came out but remember liking it a lot. I have no idea where those issues are now so maybe I’ll by the trade too. šŸ™‚


      • mbell028 says:

        yeah it’s on buy.com for $6 I’m definately picking it up I appreciate it Jose. I’m glad to know none of those other books are really that good I definately don’t want to waste my money. I’ll keep looking on the site for another book.

        • If you have anymore questions let me know.


          • mbell028 says:

            are there any trades that you would suggest having a hard time thinking of any particular books or writers. Thanks Jose

            • Any particular titles or characters? Want to try something from the independents?


            • mbell028 says:

              Hey jose have you ever read Hickman’s Transhuman?

              • mbell028 says:

                I was curious to read some stuff about some minor heroes in the Marvel Universe such as the Punisher or the Iron Fist, but I certainly don’t mind independent books

                • mbell028 says:

                  I think I decided on I want Jose decided to go with:
                  Scott Pilgrim volume 6
                  Pax Romana
                  Y: The Last Man Volume 1
                  Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four- Jeff Parker

                  Any suggestions you have for me to check out though would be really appreciated Jose thanks for the help.

                • Did you read Captain Britain and MI 13? How about X-men and Spider-Man by Christos Gage and Mario Alberti?

                  Other suggestions:

                  Underground by Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber
                  The Sword by the Luna Brothers
                  Dingo by Michael Alan Nelson and Francesco Biagini
                  The Unwritten by Mike Cary and Peter Gross
                  Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli
                  Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli
                  Blankets by Craig Thompson
                  Suburban Glamour by Jamie McKelvie

                  Let me know if you want more “mainstream” suggestions. šŸ™‚


                  • mbell028 says:

                    I have read Captain Britain and MI:13 and am proud to say I own all the issues. I’ve read Batman: Year One great book. I’ve wanted to read Unwritten, The Sword and Underground. I haven’t really heard of any of the other books I’m curious to see what they’re about. A book that features Spider-man and the X-men together that’s actually good definately sounds like a must buy Thanks Jose I really appreciate the recommendations.

                  • mbell028 says:

                    I got a few books I would recommend to you Jose if you get a chance to check them out:
                    The Life and Times of Savior 28-J. M. DeMatteis
                    Unknown Soldier-Joshua Dysart
                    Transmetropolitan-Warren Ellis
                    I’m sure you’ve read Transmetropolitan, but other than that the other two books are really good.

                    • I have read Transmet but not the other two. Thanks. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Savior 28. Didn’t you write a review for that?


                    • mbell028 says:

                      Yeah I did when I tried to make my own blog that was the first and only review I did. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to keep a blog up especially with reviews I may try again sometime I’ll have to plan better on things I want to do. That’s awesome that you remembered bud

                      I do highly recommend that book it was really good.

                    • mbell028 says:

                      I don’t know how you guys keep up a blog especially for how awesome this one is kudos to you guys

                  • Insideman says:

                    I LIKE THAT LIST, JOSE!

                    • THANKS!

                      IS TODAY ALL CAPS DAY IN CALI? šŸ˜›


                    • Insideman says:

                      Actually, I just added an email address to my ATT account and something screwed up on ATT’s end and I just spent 5 motherfucking hours getting it fixed. I was on the phone with the 1st lunkhead for 35 minutes until he finally confessed he didn’t know what he was doing. Then I repeatedly asked him to transfer me Tier 2 Tech Support and after the 6th time I finally demanded and THEN he admitted he didn’t even know how transfer me! Then he took– I shit you not– 25 minutes more before he figured out how to switch me over. (Apparently I called during his supervisor’s dinner break. I always call during dinner breaks.)

                      Thanks god I was cleaning up posts on the blog. (Still learning techniques.)

                      So when I was tapping out my mono-syllabic replies here– it was basically an attempt to KEEP MY SANITY and it was all caps because I just FELT THAT WAY. šŸ˜‰

                    • Yipes. That sounds liked it sucked. Sorry.


                    • Insideman says:

                      Yeah, it did… Especially since I ended up fixing the problem my damn self at the end of the final phone call.

                      I love when I do stuff like that. If I had just relaxed, thought through the problem I probably could’ve fixed it myself in 20 minutes… Instead of relying on the “experts”.

                    • Insideman says:

                      Dinner last night was two handfuls of Planter’s “Spanish Peanuts”.

                      Am I poking a hole in the “glamour bubble” yet? šŸ˜‰

                    • You left out the part where a harem of exotic women fed the peanuts to you, didn’t you?


  5. Insideman says:

    Light week for me. I thought I’d splurge and get the WoW Vol 2!

    Dark Avengers Vol 2 Molecule Man
    Marvel Art of Joe Quesada HC
    New Avengers Vol 12 Powerloss
    Siege Embedded HC
    Siege X-Men HC
    World of Warcraft Vol 2

  6. Bboyce109 says:

    Batman Beyond #2
    Brightest Day #6
    Justice Society of America #41
    Time Masters Vanishing Point #1

    Age of Heroes #3
    Avengers #3
    New Avengers #2
    Thunderbolts #146
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #5
    Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #3

    Its a large week for me full of marvel books. Thank god i dropped Spider-Man i never read one more day so i am not reading One Moment in Time.

  7. TheMSpot says:

    Batman Beyond #2
    Atlas #3 (why stop now)

    and maybe Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father #2, I’ve missed out on this book before this arc, I know the premise of the book, I was just wondering if I need to pick up the previous books to understand whats going on in Sins of the Father or does Sins of the Father stand alone.

    • You can can understand what’s going on without reading the other issues. They do a good job of “catching you up” on the synopsis page. You could always but the trades too. šŸ™‚


      • TheMSpot says:

        Thanks, I think I will jump on with this arc. I’ll buy the trades if there is nothing after this arc, but it does look like Image wants this book to be part of their Universe.

  8. MicahSkin says:

    X-Factor (cause we all know who’s coming back at the end of the issue. CATFIGHT!

    MAYBE Justice Society. I know JLA sucked but I MIGHT wanna see this crossover thing they’re doing.

  9. Here’s what I’ll be getting:

    -Amazing Spider-Man#638 (gonna see how this is. If it’s crap I’ll drop it)
    -Red Mass For Mars#4 (HOLY F***ING S*** indeed! I had no idea it was coming out so soon!)

    I wish I could find a copy of Scott Pilgrim vol. 1 soon!!! I REALLY want to read this!!! But on the flip side I found Monster vol. 1 for $5 today!

    I won’t have to worry about if my store has the AOD: Ash Saves Obama TPB because I got the original issues! šŸ™‚

  10. SteveMcQ says:

    I can’t really afford to be spending any money on comic books right now but, since I’m not a fully responsible adult, I’ll probably pick up:

    Atlas #3
    Welcome to Tranquility #1

    Would also buy Thunderbolts and Power Girl if I had a few more bucks to spend.

  11. Mike F says:

    Probably just Black Widow…

  12. tomstewdevine says:

    Brightest Day #6
    Zatanna #3
    Hellblazer #269
    Atlas #3
    Heroic Age Prince of Power #3
    New Mutants #15
    Thunderbolts #146
    Alan Moore Neonomicon Hornbook
    Walking Dead #75
    Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 Finest Hour

  13. Avengers #3
    Brightest Day #6
    Deadpool #25
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #5

    Im not picking up ASM for 4 issues because of the (most likely) Shitty O.M.I.T. story being written by Joe Quesada.

  14. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    POWER GIRL #14
    ZATANNA #3


  15. generaldark says:

    Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father
    Power Girl
    brightest day

    maby new avengers #2 i dont know why but its like a fuckin magnet that keeps drawing me into it knowing full well its shit! ugh šŸ˜„

    gonna try to get ash saves obama sometime this week.

    • Sticking with Brightest Day huh, GD? You are a trooper.


      • generaldark says:

        i am a DC zombie lol. they say issue 7 is suppose to pick stuff up which i really hope it does but still i geuss i just got suckered with them giving me half the story in blackest night and now continuing it with BD. i wish there where more good indies coming out this week tho.

        • I love how DC chooses almost a third of the way into the series for it to apparently “pick up” the story. I stopped after #2. Has anything interesting happened, GD? Actually has ANYTHING happened?

          • generaldark says:

            *SPOILER ALERT*

            well, deadman tried raising hawk’s brother, didnt work cause he is at peace so the cliffhanger right now is they are going to try and raise doves sister. (i think thats her sister) turns out mera was sent to kill aquaman which IMO is a pretty lame twist. the hawks are in this dimensional thing in which the portal to the world was made up by the hawks former bodies throuhout there lives. I really could care less about the hawks in this story. umm… martian manhunter is trying to find someone he forgot about when he was teleported to earth. not alot of focus on him. So to answer your question no, not much has happened :(. oh and the covers are maby the biggest cock tease’s out there right now where nothing is related to whats on the cover…AT ALL

            • Well thanks for catching me up to speed. It sounds boring, which is no surprise because IMO the first 3 issues (including the zero issue) were snoozers.

              I expect so much more out of Geoff Johns and Pete Tomasi.

              Speaking of snoozers I gotta get to bed… maybe a couple Bendis Avenger books and a safe dose of Brightest Day will knock me out šŸ™‚

              Sorry if it seems like I’m giving you (and others) crap for buying BD. I’m ranting on the STORY, not the people who buy it.

  16. rush says:

    Red Mass for Mars #4
    Alan Moore Neonomicon Hornbook #1
    Batman Beyond #2
    Meta 4 #2
    Science Fiction & Fantasy Illustrated #2

  17. Insideman says:

    Here’s MY REAL List (Before I get stoned by everyone!)
    And yeah… I know 2 “Siege” books are on it… I have my reasons… and It’s not because I enjoy reading shitty comics. šŸ˜‰ As usual, I already have a few of these in hardcovers… Most looking forward to Scott Pilgrim and Lost at Sea and Army of Darkness Ash Saves Obama (And not necessarily in that order, of course)…

    Army of Darkness Ash Saves Obama
    Avengers Search for She-Hulk HC
    Bad Planet Vol 1
    Blackest Night Rise Of The Black Lanterns HC
    Blackest Night Tales Of The Corps HC
    Captain America Two Americas HC
    Groo Hogs Of Horder
    Janet Evanovich Troublemakers Book 1 HC
    Legends The Enchanted HC
    Lost at Sea (New Edition)
    Rasl Pocket Ed Vol 1
    Realm of Kings HC
    Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 Finest Hour
    Siege Embedded HC
    Siege X-Men HC
    Sword Vol 4 Air
    We Kill Monsters
    Weekly World New Vol 1
    Zero Killer
    FullMetal Alchemist Vol 23

  18. Insideman says:


    Just out of curiosity… Do Overstreet Guides still sell heavy? I would imagine they don’t sell anywhere near as well as they used to.

    • We sell them very, very well at the store. I think it helps that it’s 25% off. Everyone used Wizard to price their comic’s worth but ever since Wizard’s price guide has gone to shit Oversteet is the only real price guide around…for those who care about such things.

      The last time I bought an Oversteet was like 1990. Haven’t cared about the “monetary” value of my comics since then.

      But you are right, they do not sell as well as they used to. So many factors why.


      • Insideman says:

        I always thought Overstreet Guides were funny… Outdated the second they ship from the printer. Nobody in So Cal gets “guide” for anything. Things are way over or– mostly– way under.

        As a kid I liked it because of the history lessons up front… There wasn’t anything around like it and then BAM! Wizard, etc. So I know Wizard’s for shit– since it has ALWAYS been for shit but I pity the poor person who sits in their base ment thinking they’re going to send their son to college on the 90’s comic collection.

        I wouldn’t buy the damn thing now if HELL FROZE OVER– since it is a Gemstone Publication and I see no reason to fund anything Diamond or Steve Geppi sees fit to do– ever. Buying the books I do is bad enough.

  19. atlas 3( I had to pick this up as most of you like it and I do too)
    new avengers 2 (just enjoy the artwork, but whatever you do, dont read the “story”)
    avengers 3(This is the crappiest book and I dont understand that I am forcing myself to complete the first arc).
    thunderbolts 146 (awesome teambook, and still 2,99 I think)
    black widow 4 (ok book. not sure If I continue after this arc)
    dark wolverine 88(punisher x-over)
    deadpool 25 (meh..i’m getting really bored with this series)
    walking dead 75 (wow..I heard this one is going to be in color..what a treat it will be if it is).

    • I think I am done with Black Widow after this first arc too. I’ll actually be really surprised if the title makes it past issue #12. I did drop Deadpool this week. Seems not as fun as it used to be. Maybe I’ll come back to it at some point.


      • Stamps says:

        Yeah, the Deadpool hasn’t been that good for a couple of issues now.

      • I’ve dropped Deadpool as well for the same reasons. Nowhere near as funny as it used to be. IMO it started going downhill after Paco Medina left the book.

      • Locusmortis says:

        I dropped Black Widow as soon as Liu/Acuna were taken off it, I’d guess that they did a miniseries and Marvel at the last minute decided to turn it into an ongoing and had to throw Swiercyinski and whoever onto it.

  20. Johnny Cockburn says:

    picking up: atlas, new mutants, x-factor, losh, brightest day, time masters vanishing point
    not picking up: avengers, new avengers, slightly bent avengers, deadpool avengers, etc etc

  21. IronMuskrat says:

    Still pretty pissed about the whole Atlas things, as much as I love Jeff Parker, I think I will wait until the Atlas trade to save a little money.

    Felling like I need to chance things up this week and try something new, been feeling like I am in a rut lately and I need something new to get the juices flowing.

    It’s five bucks, but I said I would give Wonder Woman a chance, so I will get the reprint of issue #600 and check it out.

    Thunderbolts #146- possibly the only monthly I will be buying from Marvel in the foreseeable future.

    And then, who knows, I will wander aimlessly about my LCS looking for something new until the lady running the places kicks me out =)


  22. phil says:

    lo-cash flow
    I’m gonna try to have some stuff held for me

  23. Stamps says:

    Slow week for me:

    Batman Beyond #2
    Batman Streets of Gotham #14
    True Blood #1
    Walking Dead #75

    I’m finally dropping Brightest day. I have a friend who gets it so if I want to read it I can I’m just fed up with boring ass BD. Damn, DC lost me so fast from Blackest Night.

    I’m hoping the True Blood comic is good. I’m wary of any TV-show adaptations but I’m willing to give it a shot.

    • Hey, Stamps, what do you think of DC releasing 9 “Bruce Wayne-The Road Home” one-shots with the last one “Batman-The Return” being $4.99? I know you’re a big Bats fan and wanted to know your take on it.


      • mitiators says:

        If I may chime in, its re-goddamn-diculous! So now after Batman #701 & #702 I have to get get all these damn one shots to lead up to #703? Why not just fold those one shots into the normal run of the Batman series? Its bad enough that I had to buy The Return of Bruce Wayne on top of those garbage Tony Daniel and Guillium March Batman issues.
        Come on DC, you don’t have to do everything Marvel does.

      • Stamps says:

        I think that it’s nickel and diming comic book fans to the extreme. Such a douchie move. The fact that they are so blatantly and unashamedly doing it pisses me off the most. They aren’t even smooth about it. They know that the Batman brand is so big that they can slap his name on any book and get TONS of people to buy it. In the same respect they know they can add mini after mini and one-shot after one-shot on to Bruce’s return and people will still line up to buy them.

        That said I’m not going to lie or be two-faced; I will most likely buy these books. It’s not the smartest or enlightened thing to admit but it’s true.
        Like you said I’m a huge Batman fan. šŸ™‚ I love Batman. Batman is the character that got me really into comic books, and he’s the character that I usually enjoy reading the most even now. It damn near takes a crow-bar (or Sam Keith) to pull me off a Bat title. Sad but true, when it comes to Bats I have a total “Fanboy” mentality just like DC wants me to have. Just a bit of honesty…still FUCKED UP all the same.

        • I completely agree with you that it is very douchie. The ONLY good thing is that these one-shots are replacing ALL on the Bat monthly books so at the very least DC will not be double dipping that month.

          Still, why could these have not been in the regular monthlies with a “The Road Home” banner? I know, I know, you slap a #1 on the cover and it sells. Looks like DC is taking lessons over at Marvel’s Fuck the Fans Over University.


          • Venom829 says:

            And the only one I have any interest in is the last one me being a fan of both Morrison and Finch, and with TD on the main book, the Finch one sounds better.

          • Morlock50 says:

            I couldn’t believe all the Road Home one shots I saw on the DC solicits for October. Talk about flooding the market. Check out November when DC releases 17 “Batman Stops at a Gas Station on the Way to Wayne Manor to take a Piss” one shots.

        • kurumais says:

          stamps was it batman the animated series that got you into comics? batman TAS seems to be the gateway drug for lots of fangirls. i wonder what it was about that show that gals liked?

        • Insideman says:

          Stamps, you could always buy that Last One with Bruce and then wait for the trade on the others. The HC or Trade will most likely be cheaper and since it’s BATMAN also OVERSIZED– and stores give better discounts on them too.

          Just a thought.

          • Stamps says:

            Yeah that would be the best course of action, but that doesn’t factor in my impatience. šŸ˜›

            I’m just not a big trade fan in general.

  24. pauxer says:

    Dynamite announced ANOTHER Green Hornet series. It is a prequel to the Kevin Smith series. Come on Dynamite another one seriously!

  25. Morlock50 says:

    Trade week for me:

    The All-New Atom Vol 1: Life in Miniature (after her stinky BoP redo, I need a reminder of why Gail Simone is still my favorite writer)

    Superman in the Seventies (Supes drawn by Curt Swan–nuff said)

    New Teen Titans Terra Incognito (I have all the original issues, but I’m getting tired of the black ink from the ads rubbing off on the opposite pages and the colors bleeding outside the lines. Gotta love the old newsprint!)

    • Insideman says:

      Morlock, If you’re looking for a reason why Gail Simone is still your favorite writer, The All-New Atom Vol 1: Life in Miniature AIN’T gonna be it. šŸ˜‰

      • Morlock50 says:

        Yeah, I guess it’s not one of her more celebrated works, huh? šŸ™‚

        But I started reading the book today, and it’s not that bad. I like the supporting characters and the Ivy town set-up. I’m up to the part where Ryan Choi is getting chased by the giant rat.

  26. Pobra says:

    Damn, only ONE floppy this week… i think you guys are jading me šŸ™‚
    Oh well, leaves me some extra cash for Scott Pilgrim! woot!?

    Amazing Spider-Man #638 (i’ll be sure to let you guys know how offensively terrible this is)
    Scott Pilgrim Vol.5
    Scott Pilgrim Vol.6

    • Venom829 says:

      Oh Pobra, the preview for ASM #638 was offensive itself. šŸ™‚

      • Pobra says:

        @ venom,
        oh i know… I’m the same way with Amazing Spider-Man that Stamps is with Batman. For whatever reason, i feel the need to buy it week in, week out, regardless of quality. And it’s been quite the roller coaster ride in that regard.

    • Well, if we are helping you save money use that said money and do something nice for your girl. Maybe then she will see the benefit of being a part of the CCW. šŸ™‚


      • Pobra says:

        Yes, but you see, YOU are the one who turned me on to Scott Pilgrim, which is going to cost me upwards of $30 this week. For this, she will never forgive you… or me.

        • Oh…

          The CCW: Putting unnecessary strains on relationships since 2008


          • Pobra says:

            hehe, me and Iron Muskrat are in a support group together šŸ™‚
            It was a noble thought though J, which might just put you in her good books, even though i’ll be spending more than usual on myself this week… thanks to you. šŸ˜‰

          • Insideman says:

            You should put that phrase underneath your front page banner, Jose!

            I’M NOT FUCKING KIDDING! šŸ™‚

  27. i missed last weeks beacause i was away so here it goes

    avengers academy 2 (young avengers but by christos cage)
    daredevil 508 (or shadowland 2)
    invincible iron man 28 (i’m an iron man whore)
    mystery society 2 like a modern league of extraordinary gentlemen come on!!!!!)
    superman 701 (superman goes walkabout)
    batman beyond 2 (my favourite tv show as a kid)
    dynamo 5 sins of the father 2 (possibly one of my favourite books)
    heroic age prince of power 3 (if i were a superhero i’d have a suit like his)
    power girl 14 (thanks for recommending it guys it deserves more readers)
    thunderbolts 146 (a luke cage i enjoy to read)

    all in all this came to Ā£40.50 in british sterling and the guy behind the counter said you not picking up avengers 3. never has so much hatred ,anger ,adreniline and lust for a comic argument rushed through my body quicker i just said to him check out my blog people will buy anything with bendis’s name on it sigh

    • kurumais says:

      heroic age prince of power 3 (if i were a superhero iā€™d have a suit like his)

      my favorite comment of the day

    • Insideman says:

      “…all in all this came to Ā£40.50 in british sterling and the guy behind the counter said you not picking up avengers 3.”

      Then you should have said, “Actually, I have all the bog rolls I need at the moment… But thanks.”

      (Please tell me I remembered the slang right.)

    • Johnny Cockburn says:

      whoa! 40 pounds? that converts to 64 dollars canadian. 64 bucks for 10 comics? DAMN. i never pay over 25 bucks for 10 comics, 3.99 or otherwise.

      that’s kinda nuts…

      • yeah well it’s only once a year i guess i should start budgeting and cutting down i also got justice league generation lost 5 and i didn’t bother with deadpool so i don’t know i need to cut back

  28. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Very small week, but thats ok. Every book that I am getting is top quality and there are plenty of trades that Ive wanted to get that I will probably get now

    Scott Pilgrim vol. 6
    Atlas #3
    Thunderbolts #146
    Legion of Superheroes #3

  29. Insideman says:

    Hey! I just got a SCREEN ACTOR’S GUILD residual check for 86 CENTS!

  30. […] credit where credit is due, I want to thank Jose (CCW*TV Blog) Melendez for bringing this issue to the forefront and “swirling my creative […]

  31. Heck says:

    Scott Pilgrim Vol 6
    Batman Beyond #2
    Supergirl #54

  32. Jeremy says:

    Doctor Who 13
    Brightest Day 6
    No f**king way:
    ASM 638

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