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Posted: July 20, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. cballsack says:


  2. Not really “the best part” but a nice scene regardless.


  3. Dangit my favorite contestent on Hell’s Kitchen got booted today 😦 I am really bummed about it…

    Anyway things I’m reading goes as followed:

    – Andy Diggle’s DD run. I bought the 1st three issues of his run for cheap. I was expecting a good read, but I had no idea I was going to like it as much as I did. Now I want to go back and get rest of his run he’s done so far.

    – I also bought for $2 apiece The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told vol. 2 and Fire by Brian Michael Bendis. I haven’t started reading them yet, but I hope I enjoy them.

    – I’ve also been getting random back issues as well. Good stuff for the most part.

    • The Amazing Mike says:

      Aren’t they making a “Fire” movie with Zac Efron?

      • Well if they are I will garantee I will not see it because of Efron.

        • The Amazing Mike says:

          I actually don’t mind him. I mean I watched “17 Again” with my GF expecting it to be crap and he was surprisingly funny in it. I guess he realized he looked like a Ken doll and decided to use it. I would. Cougars man. Cougars. πŸ˜‰

          • Hmm… well if the story is good I’ll see it.

            On a totally un-related note I’m watching old cartoons from my childhood. Right now I’m watching episodes of Jackie Chan Adventures and Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot. Truly wonderful shows. I’m embarressed at the crap that they call children’s shows nowadays.

    • Venom829 says:

      I just rented Vol 1 of the Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told, andI have already finished reading it, so if I may ask, what stories are in Vol 2?

      • Sorry this comment took so long. I had a list of the story names and what issues they were ready to post, but my internet decided that was a good time to crap out on me.

        Here are the issues that are featured in the book:

        -Detective Comics#31

        -Detective Comics#32



        -a piece of the Batman comic strip (1946)



        -Star-Spangled Comics#124

        -Detective Comics#211

        -Detective Comics#235

        -World’s Finest Comics#94


        -Detective Comics#345

        -Detective Comics#404


        -Detective Comics#429


        -Detective Comics#437

        -Detective Comics#442

        -Detective Comics#457

        -DC Special Series#15

        -Detective Comics#474

        -Detective Comics#482


        -Detective Comics#500

        -The Brave and the Bold#197

        May I ask what stories are in vol. 1? πŸ˜€

        • Venom829 says:

          In Vol 1 there is
          – Detective Comics #33
          – Batman #5
          – Batman #62
          – Batman #165
          – Batman #250
          – Batman #251 (My Favorite One)
          – Detective Comics #439
          – DC Special Series #15
          – Super-Star Holiday Special (DC Special Stories #21)
          – Detective Comics #572
          – Detective Comics #574
          – Legends Of The Dark Knight #79
          – Batman: Gotham Knights #32 πŸ˜€

  4. The Amazing Mike says:

    Hmmm I get a free “current” issue of any comic on my shops rack tomorrow… What should I get? I was thinking the last issue of Captain America, I had to drop it due to costs. Any suggestions?

  5. rush says:

    Is anyone here reading Stuff of Legend? This a great book more folks should check out.

  6. Dre says:

    Did anyone get Turf #2? If so, how was it comparison to the first?

    • I bought #2. It was a shorter read, but the story and art is still great. If you liked the first issue I recommend buying #2.

      • Dre says:

        Thanks, and I did like the first issue, markedly the stunning amount of content it delivered and the fact there were no ads! On top of that paper quality was very nice, clearly a cut above what I’ve become accostumed to from the other companies. Although issue two doesn’t have as much story, as some, not only you, have said, I do hope it stills holds up. I’d hate for such a promishing story to vitiate into disappointment.

  7. Just finished read Scott Pilgrim Vol 6. I want to play this game NOW!!!


  8. rush says:

    For anyone interested the Summer 2010 anime season shows. It looks like slim pickings

  9. The Amazing Mike says:


  10. The Amazing Mike says:

    Where’d my post go?
    Oh Well.

  11. The Amazing Mike says:

    I officially killed the thread.

  12. Deemar says:

    Seen Inception for the second time tonight, THIS MOVIE IS A VISUAL ORGASM

  13. Deemar says:

    I’m sleeping

  14. Insideman says:

    Jose– still waiting for that damn EW magazine… I guess last issue was one of those stupid Double Issues that take up 2 weeks… So I should get the Con cover on Friday. (I better!)

    Could you please tell me if the Harmony Manga that came out this week is a PROSE novel or a “regular” style Manga? I couldn’t tell from solicitations– so I skipped it this week.

    Also, you may have answered this earlier question but I never saw it… Is the Agents of Atlas Turf Wars a Dark Reign spoiler? (I’m attempting to read all my Parker books close together.)

    Finally– any thoughts on Naruto? I get mixed feelings. Some say it’s deep. Others say it sucks now. I just know I don’t know. Thanks!

    • Harmony was a prose novel.

      I did answer it before but I guess I can tell you again.:) You can read Turf Wars without worrying about spoilers.

      Naruto? It’s ok. I like the art but I felt the story just got a bit repetitive, kinda like Bleach. I do not believe Naruto is anywhere as deep as some of the manga you have bought currently.


      • Insideman says:

        This is EXACTLY the kind of response I see to Naruto on the internet. People seem to love it or think it’s “just OK”… No one seems to hate it though.

        And thanks for the 2nd Update, Jose. I DID go back and look at the question and did NOT see your response. I have no doubt it was there… I just didn’t see it.

        Sorry, I’m new to this whole internet thing.

    • Naruto is my personal favorite manga. It was also the first manga I really wanted to seriously collect. The story is repetive at points and there is decompression at points as well, but overall I think it deserves a read. Give Volume 1 a try if you want. All the characters are great.

  15. kurumais says:

    can someone give me a rundown of the new status quo in the superman books please?
    i know supes is walking the earth man he has an understanding wife
    what happened to nightwing and flamebird?
    where is mon el now?
    whats up with steel and the gaurdian?


    • generaldark says:

      nightwing is in the phantom zone
      mon el is in the phantom zone
      flamebirdi believe died trying to destroy the sun from being red
      guardian i think stopped being the guardian
      dont know what happened to steel.

      • kurumais says:

        thanks GD
        why is everyone in the phantom one? for mon el is it the old lead poison thing?
        why is nightwing the fast aging thing?
        im guessing zod and res of new krypton is in phantom zone as well?

        • generaldark says:

          no if i remember they are both in there to make sure zod stays this time, pretty lame reason but oh well. nightwing is aging i dont know how.

          • kurumais says:

            thanks again gd nightwing is some sort of clone guy isnt he? i peaked in early maybe the 2nd or 3rd issue on that FB&NW run to see whats what
            he was aging quick then

    • cballsack says:

      So Superman decided to be a bum?

  16. Mr.Wrestling says:

    YES!!…..Finally got the Deluxe Batwoman Hardcover today. Fucking Awesome

    • What took ya so long?


      • Insideman says:

        I’d like to know that myself! What’s up with all these shitty comic book stores?

        • Mr.Wrestling says:

          Haha well I told you guys that I was gonna buy it off from Amazon a little while ago but I wasnt able to make the order due to not having enough money at the time.

          So I went in the shop today to get some trades for when I go out of town this weekend(specifically Scott Pilgrim) and I saw Batwoman there and had to buy it.

          So worth the money

  17. generaldark says:

    got done with BD 6, the end page says next issue is “the secret of the white lantern” please let it be good :/

  18. kurumais says:

    i liked the action comics with lex luthor
    did anyone else think lois in that looked quite a bit like zoey daschanel?
    im still not sure how lex is back entrenched as untouchable captain of industry the way he was right after man of steel i know he got pardoned but still he should have some super villian stink hanging over him
    otherwise i think cornell did a terrific job i think its going to be a fun ride

  19. MicahSkin says:

    I like the nice “Open Relationship” in X-Factor. Nice to see it handled with some care.

    And the Comic Store owner was rather miffed with me. He recommended JLA to me 2 weeks ago cause of the summer crossover thing they’re doing with JSA. I found that issue of JLA to be craptastic, so when buying the JSA this week, I said “Please tell me this is better than that JLA you recommended to me last time.” He waited until he finished the transaction (Cause he has a “All sales are final” sign up) to go on about how the first part of a story always sucks. I am sorry but why is that? A good writer can make the first part of a story rock. How is that even a valid argument?

    I countered back with asking why Jade said she didn’t have her powers and 2 pages later, she’s fighting with her powers. I know they prolly explained it in JLA, but with a crossover, you’re getting readers from another title, some of which may not read the book, so a little explanation may be in order. Or just drop the part saying she can’t feel her powers so as not to confuse people picking the book up for the story.

    Of course then he started in with calling me some unsavory words that I will not repeat here. Needless to say, my 6.50 would’ve been back in my pockets if that sign had not been up. Thank goodness our rugby practices are close to Mile High comics. They can get my money instead of those d-bags.

    • kurumais says:

      i tried to like jla but just couldnt i was too worn out with events it just seems like everybody and their mother is in that book im not even sure who the jlers are
      plus the writing was crappy

    • Morlock50 says:

      So the idiot you just gave money to yelled at you for not liking the comic book he recommended? Pretty lame.

    • Insideman says:

      An “All Sales Final: sign in a comic store? What if you get home and the tail on your $99 Catwoman statue is broken off… Or 30 pages in your $39.99 Hardcover are miss-cut (or uncut) in the middle of the book?

      Stuff like the above happens to my books and statues on occasion and my store takes them back– ALWAYS. If I went to an “ALL SALES FINAL” store, I’d open up and inspect every damn book, bust and statue in front of the guy– no matter how many people I might inconvenience.

      Not so funny to here a shop owner arguing with you over the validity of HIS pick. You have the right to say you thought something he touted was lame. What the fuck happened to just saying, “Sorry, Buddy. Hope to do better next time”?

      You should also let us know what NAMES he called you. Then tell us WHO HE IS… So none of us make the mistake of walking into this asshole’s store! πŸ™‚

      You “might” be trading “d-bags” for “d-bags” with the switch but I bet Mile High employees will at least treat you nicer… Maybe. πŸ˜‰

  20. Bboyce109 says:

    Did anybody read Amazing Spider-Man #638 the beginning of “one moment in Time” arc? And how would you rate it from a 100(excellent) to -100(scream bloody murder at Joe Quesada). I was actually surprised that Brightest Day #6 was better than normal, White Ring “Cheese Burger”.

    • generaldark says:

      part of me hates the voice of the white lantern but i geuss its nice in a way that it is becoming its own charecter

      • Bboyce109 says:

        Im thinking we will see who every is behind the ring by issue #12 “it” wants to live and im also thinking more resurrections before Brightest Day is over with it saying “Despite what others said. dead isn’t dead”.

    • I can give you my opinion later tonight. That was one of the books I’m getting today.

      I don’t have it yet because my dad picks up my comics for me on his way home from work (keep in mind I’m only 16, for those not in the know) and then I pay him back with my own money.

      My gut is telling me that it won’t be utter crap or solid gold. Just somewhere in between. At least Quesada isn’t doing the art.

    • Fallows1985 says:

      Did anyone notice that Peter Parker kind of looked like Joe Quesada in that issue :S

  21. Pobra says:

    Scott Pilgrim Vol.5 and Vol.6, SOLD OUT… now all i have to read this week is fucking OMIT. Blergh!
    So, now i’m going to have to drive close to an hour this weekend to try and get them somewhere else. Who the fuck only orders 2 copies of the new Scott Pilgrim!!!

    • What comic shop only orders 2 COPIES!!! And on top of that, it a Canadian creator owned book. How can they not support him? Double FAIL!


      • Pobra says:

        Jose, my LCS is 90% FAIL. And of course the ONE copy of Vol.5 that has been sitting on the shelf for close to a year disappears the day i was going to buy it.
        I swear the owner has little to no idea what he’s talking about. Everyone who frequents the shop follows characters not creators. So, ordering more than 2 copies of an independent book is considered “taking a risk”, that is, if he orders ANY copies. Which is why i have buy most of my indi stuff in trade from other shops.

        • Insideman says:

          Books A Million has them at 45% Off on their website (if you join the club). Free shipping for orders over $25.

          Amazon is apparently temporarily SOLD OUT of VOL 6 but will be shipping them again on July 23rd and they are also 45% off.

      • Insideman says:

        Sounds like somebody who wants to hang up a “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” sign.

        There aren’t that many ABSOLUTELY SURE things in this biz… But Jesus! This was one of them.

        • Pobra says:

          Well, he does manage to keep most of the fanboi clientele quite happy. There were dozens of copies of Brightest Day on the shelf.

          • Insideman says:

            Idiots like that should appeal to ALL clients. Comic book collectors are so few and far between that I can’t imagine a store surviving that doesn’t step up and try to me than a fanboy mecca. You can’t afford to lose ANY customers in this economic client– and ignoring indie books (and their customers) is a sure way to MISS OUT on LOTS of potential sales.

            Many of the weeks I get my hardcover and trade order in (I order exclusively off the internet)– my order is 2/3rds INDIE books. carries virtually ALL of them… So they get a ton of my money every week.

            I also hear Jose hangs out there a lot– and sometimes even for pay. πŸ˜‰

    • Your shop only ordered TWO COPIES?!? That’s kinda lame.

      I love hearing horror stories about your comic shops you guys! πŸ™‚ It rarely happens to me, so I get a kick out of them πŸ˜€ Although one time one of my stores didn’t recieve their shipment of comics on Wednesday (my dad and I think it was because they didn’t pay Diamond early enough based on what another retailer from a different store told us). I don’t go to that store anymore.

      • Pobra says:

        This is what happens when you live in a relatively small red-neck community. But I hate the city, so i have to deal with this crap all the time.

        • That’s what is nice about where I live. There are 3 or 4 comic book stores that I go to. Only one of them I go to regularly. There are also 7 Half-Price Book stores, so if I wait for something I eventually find it there.

          My theory as to why there are so many book stores where I live is that during the winter we’re pretty much trapped inside out houses. It all works out for me πŸ˜€

        • Venom829 says:

          Ontaruio is red neck county for Canada Pobra, πŸ˜‰

  22. hahaha amazing. i want to see this movie how much to make this movie and not to get seud a a few million don’t know

  23. Just finished reading the new Amazing Spider-Man.



    • Venom829 says:

      That’s exactly what I expected Jose, exactly…

      • Deemar says:

        What you expected a positive reaction?

        How long til Dan Slott runs this ship?

        • Venom829 says:

          Joe Quesada writing ASM, POSITIVE Reacrion? Really?, lol πŸ˜›

        • Insideman says:

          Or how long til Wacker makes Dan Slott keep listening to Quesada and they all SINK the ship?

          (Creatively, of course. They always be publishing Spideyman in some form or another._

    • Bboyce109 says:

      How much of a fucking joke? again i skipped picking it up, i most likely saved $4 from buying it.

      • I REAL fucking joke. The reason why Pete and MJ didn’t get married? Fucking ridiculous not to mention completely unoriginal. There is no way the reason given was why they didn’t get married. Also, Marvel used entire pages and panels from the original Wedding Issue. You now get wiki padding IN your Marvel stories. I know some people will think it was REALLY clever to do that but I just call it fucking lazy.

        If I have the time or the energy maybe I’ll write a small review for it. We’ll see.


        • Deemar says:

          Oh shit they really used old pages “IN” the actual story?

          This is next level crap from marvel.

          So gives us a spoiler, whats the reason for the break up?

          • I don’t want to give away a spoiler on the open thread. I ‘ll send you an email later. But when I tell you why you will not fucking believe it. That’s how fucking lame it is.


          • Venom829 says:

            Then Marvel will find the next crap level within 2 issues of ASM…

          • SPOILER ALERT

            In the original annual Spidey fights Electro and his goons and they all get captured, etc. But in OMIT one of the thugs escapes. Well Spidey happens to run into the same thug the night before his wedding. Towards the end of the fight the guy slips and Spidey tries to save him, but if unable to snag a balcony with his webbing, so both the guy and Spidey crash to the ground. Spidey braces the fall for the guy. Both are unconcious, and as a result Spidey doesn’t show up for the wedding the next day… because he blacked out…

            • Venom829 says:


              • Deemar says:

                While it’s a clever way of getting around the whole marriage date it doesn’t make a lick of sense!

                I will not punch my pc…I will not punch my pc…..

            • Bboyce109 says:

              WTF? he couldn’t explain that to Mary Jane so they never got married. I think this arc might be a golden loeb award nominee. Just terribly shit and its only one out of four issues.

              • Venom829 says:

                It is just right for Jeph Loeb to write since it is so unbelieviably terrible!

              • I think the other point is that HE’S FUCKING SPIDER-MAN. A regular guy landing on top of him and knocking the wind out of him would not cause Spidey to be unconscious FOR HOURS. This is a character who has taken punches from the Hulk and Juggernaut. I’m sorry to get all geeky on you guys but it’s the fucking truth.


                • Bboyce109 says:

                  It is and i cannot wait for Quesada to explain this shit

                • Deemar says:

                  Maybe the thug’s was metahuman? The power to fall on people and put them in a coma.

                  Nope its dumb

                • Venom829 says:

                  I agree 100% with you Jose!

                • That’s what is pissing me off right now. Spidey has taken down the X-Men. He’s taken down Firelord. He’s taken down the Sinister Six. And now, Quesada, you’re telling me some fat guy pinned him down… and was unconscious for a long time?

                  I cannot take this anymore. I have had enough. I am SICK and FUCKING TIRED of marvel taking my favorite characters and BUTT FUCKING THEM FOR THE SAKE OF TELLING A “BLOCKBUSTER” STORY.


                  Sorry for the ALL CAPS folks, but as you can tell I’m kinda PISSED OFF right now πŸ˜‰

                  • cballsack says:

                    That’s probably what pisses me off about Spider-Man comics. You never know how the writers will depict his power levels. Either he’s tough enough to take on Firelord, Absorbing Man & Titania, the entire Sinister Six, all the X-Men, or he’s getting taken down by some bum on the street or Daredevil or Silver Sable. That inconsistency drives me nuts.

                • Edward2962 says:

                  Ok,since it’s already spoiled please break it down for me…being unconscious doesn’t explain ANYTHING. Why not just set a new date? Does MJ reject Pete or something in the story? Is she tired of his crap? She knows he’s Spidey…Does he figure maybe it’s not meant to be and call the whole thing off? There’s been billions of ppl who miss dates and end up getting married later.

                  • That’s how the issue ended. With MJ being jilted at the church (crying) and Peter waking up after being unconscious.


                    • cballsack says:

                      In fairness, that’s how the engagement storyline was originally supposed to go down. When Tom DeFalco first proposed the idea, he had planned on MJ getting stood up at the church cuz Pete was off fighting some bad guys. Then Jim Shooter nixed that idea and had them get married for real.

                    • In all fairness, it’s still a fucking shit story.


                    • Insideman says:

                      Fair is fair.

                    • Locusmortis says:

                      Needed to get this in somewhere regarding how the wedding was meant to go down originally.

                      Tom Defalco was and is a shit writer. Shooter was right, just as he was right about the ending to the Dark Phoenix Saga.

                    • cballsack says:

                      I’m sorry… you think Shooter was right to marry Peter and MJ?

                    • Natural progression of the character. What the fuck is wrong with that? When I got into Spidey comics he just got married. Didn’t make me relate to the character any less. I saw no problem with it when I was 13 and I still don’t see a problem with it today. I must be a fucking idiot, huh?


                    • cballsack says:

                      Being single and a loser is part of Peter Parker’s core identity. I’ve said this before: Peter Parker is essentially Charlie Brown with superpowers. No matter what good Peter does, his friends will always think of him as a stupid blockhead. He was always a bit removed from the superhero realm, couldn’t make it into the Avengers, and always struggled for a paycheck.

                      Just like Charlie Brown never kicked the football, Spidey should never have gotten married. And not only did he get married, but he got hitched to a hot supermodel. And then they threw him on the Avengers, where he’s comfortable unmasking to every superhero he meets, something that never happened before. One of his few superhero pals was the Human Torch and he never knew who Spidey really was. Pete was a freak about protecting his identity, moreso than other heroes.

                      Everything that made Spidey “Spidey” was essentially stripped away once the marriage happened. This is not like Reed Richards or the Black Panther getting married. Their marriages didn’t change the core being of the character. In Reed’s case, it only strengthened the idea of the FF as a family.

                      Having said that, once they married off Peter and MJ, they should have stayed married. One More Day was brutal and ill-conceived. There was no way to undo the damage to the character without fucking up everything, which, as we can see, has been proven true.

                      People who defend the marriage are usually those who came into the character after he was already married, and so I can understand why you might defend it. But to me it was a total mistake.

                • Insideman says:

                  Nothing at ALL wrong with that, Jose! We read these fictional stories and we expect the characters and the circumstances to make sense within the confines of the world created… So when it doesn’t make sense– SOMEBODY FUCKED UP.

            • Morlock50 says:

              That’s just… fucking lame.

    • I just finished reading it too… I may need a hammer to cleanse my mind- oh what’s this? Atlas and Red Mass For Mars are waiting for me to read? Guess I won’t be needing that hammer πŸ™‚

      Seriously that issue SUCKED. It took me longer to read the re-print crap that was “cleverly” put in there than the new stuff. To see Quesada take a huge shit all over Peter and MJ’s marriage just PISSES ME OFF. I loved that annual where they got married. Don’t give me this crap about people not accepting them spliting up just like how people didn’t accept Peter and MJ getting married… Blase blase blase. The difference is that the marriage WORKED. That whole OMD thing DIDN’T. It NEVER will. I’m embarresed that OMD and OMIT are even passed as Spider-Man stories. I know I use the word ’embarresed’ alot, but that’s exactly how I feel.

      sigh… I think I’m gonna review this issue on my blog…

    • Tiger Topher says:

      Amazing Spider-Man #638 is one of the worst comics I’ve ever read. I can’t believe how utterly uninspired and awful it was and this is coming from someone who expected it to be shit. By the way Jose, did you ever end up reading that last issue of Grim Hunt? If so, what did you think of what Spidey did to Sasha Kravinoff?

      • Oh, yes I did Tiger. And what Spidey did to Sasha angered me more than this OMIT bullshit. I literally could not believe what I saw on the page. I’m sorry but no matter how angry Spidey got he would NEVER do that to ANYBODY. These last two issues of Amazing are doing a damn god job of killing this character for me and that is fucking sad.


        • Dare I ask what he did to her…?

          • ” Then again, this is the same issue in which he rips half of Sasha Kravinoff’s face off, so any notion that Spider-Man is in character has gone out the window.”

            Full review here:



            • Oh my God, Marvel. First this Kravinoff thing, then Atlas gets cancelled, now this OMIT crap? What’s next?

            • kurumais says:

              i just read that review holy crap if i was a spidey fan (welll I am i mean who isnt ) but real bleed blue and red spidey fan i would be freaking furious
              how do you $%^% up spidey? that character pretty much drives itself
              make him a good guy with really bad luck and who is also very very funny

              ripping off faces? having to be told not to kill someone? even bendis had spidey being the voice of heroic reason when the avengers wanted to kill osborn and steadfastly was against it.

              • yeah as much as I liked Grim Hunt I hated the fact that spidey ripped of half of Sahsha’s face so much that it almost killed all my enjoyment of the story.

                • Pobra says:

                  I’ve been trying to avoid talking about Grim Hunt. Mainly because i’ve loved Joe Kelly’s work on ASM up to that point. The last two issues, particularly the last issue of Grim Hunt, were possibly the worst, most offensive issues of ASM since OMD.
                  I really don’t feel like that story should be considered cannon, i wish i could just forget i read that story… uh, Mephisto, you there?
                  I think Kraven himself said it best in the last issue… “It was perfect, it was a masterpiece, and you have taken that away from me” <— paraphrasing.
                  And yes, OMIT was a fucking joke.

                  • Insideman says:

                    Pobra, I just read Joe Kelly’s “American Son” arc in HC form. I thought it stunk– ill conceived with no foundation.

                    I know “different strokes for different folks” but I am curious… What did U like? I might’ve interpreted the story strangely. πŸ™‚

                    • Pobra says:

                      I actually forgot that Kelly wrote that arc (which i didn’t love, nor did i hate) i was talking mainly about the more recent Rhino issues he did, which were fantastic.

                    • TheMSpot says:

                      Yeah, those two Rhino issues were really good.

                  • Insideman says:

                    Great, that gives me something to look forward to!

      • Deemar says:

        Hey new guy!


  24. i think quesada and bendis’s spiderman is a massive middle finger covered in the shit that is a complete disregard for former creators and continuity so with a middle finger in the air i say FUCK YOU QUESADA! FUCK YOU BENDIS! AND MAY THE GHOST OF STORIES PAST COME BACK AND BITE YOU IN THE ASS FUCK BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you and good night.

  25. Bboyce109 says:

    Amen to that brother

  26. Deemar says:

    Thunder and lighting I’m checking out holla

  27. To all here who are going to SDCC or see Quesada in the near future: Bring a box, nay, a truck full of rotten-ass tomatoes and start throwing them at Quesada. Thank you.

  28. kurumais says:

    we might have to watch this steven moffats sherlock for bbc

  29. Insideman says:

    None that I hang with, I assure you.

  30. Insideman says:

    Jose, late mast night my Fridge stopped working. I stuck my head in to grab a beer and went “Uh Oh.”

    Luckily (and strangely) the freezer still works… So at least all that crap is not being thrown away.

    New fridge arrives Friday instead of a Naruto collection… Which is probably a good thing. πŸ˜‰

    • My sympathies go out to you Insideman.

      And if I had to choose between a new fridge or a Naruto collection, I would take the fridge every time. Naruto is not going to keep be beer cold.


    • IronMuskrat says:

      Refrigerator? Who needs a frig.. just spend a few years in Europe, and learn to drink all of your beverages warm like I did.. nothing like going to a restaurant in Germany and asking for ice in your dink and having them look at you like your crazy or give you ice cream instead =)


  31. I think I need to see this.


  32. Insideman says:

    Also finished the new Angel HC “Immortality for Dummies”. I’d stuck with this series (or is that “suffered” through this series) and was ABSOLUTELY NEVER going to buy another collection when IDW announced Bill Willingham was taking over.

    Being a huge “Fables” fan, I sat there last night asking “Who is this crapping all over Bill Willingham’s good name? WTF?”

    And even though the art was a million times better than previously– Willingham’s script was still borderline bad.

    So now no more “Angel” hardcovers for me… Again. Should gone with my first instinct, dammit. πŸ˜‰

  33. Alright, I’m gonna start watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo now. I’ll check back in when I’m done.


  34. Hey guys sorry about all the profanity I said earlier about OMIT. I’m usually not like that, in fact it takes a lot for me to be that angry. Leave it to Marvel to make me that angry πŸ™‚

    Also check out my review of ASM#638:


  35. kurumais says:

    i love this

  36. Insideman says:

    OK, I just finished reading the “American Son” Amazing Spider-Man HC that takes the book up to issue #599. Now I see why everyone seems to be clamoring for Dan Slott to be the regular writer– because Joe Kelly wrote a pile of crap.

    The whole Peter/Harry “uber-friendship”– THIS incarnation of it anyway… Was COMPLETELY manufactured in Kelly’s head. He said in the back of the book that the other writers had built up Harry so he could show the amazing friendship he had with Peter and I thought, “NO they didn’t.”

    And who in their right mind thought we would want to hear that Norman had been throwing his semen around after that Gwen debacle? I could have gone another whole lifetime without Norman Osborne ever impregnating anything ever again. Marvel is run by a bunch of clueless morons.

    I’ve noted here before I like Wacker’s Editor boxes but Spider-man’s uneven direction– and the fact that Wacker doesn’t really seem to be able to shepherd these writers into actually writing anything that resembles a coherent story– makes me think his work on DC’s “52” was a fluke. Of course, he did do a “Sarah Palin” on that book and quit half-way through the job.

    What I don’t understand: Who put out the memo that JJJ had to act like a COMPLETE moron now he’s Mayor? The whole idea of making him Mayor was so absurdly BRILLIANT– and they have flushed it all away by making him bumbling “comic relief”. Imagine if JJJ really used his Mayoral power to squeeze Spider-Man too. That potent combo could have caused SERIOUS HELL in Peter Parker’s life. But no, they made JJJ an idiot instead.

    Kelly also wrote an exchange between Peter and Jonah in Gracie mansion that was absurd. I have read almost every Spider-man comic book and I never remember these two having a “put down” conversation before. Since when did JJJ consider Peter his EQUAL? Only persons of equal stature normally participate in such pissing match conversations.

    So– What was the point again of making JJJ MAYOR– if he was NEVER going to do anything? (Up until where I’ve read at least.)

    Quick question: This was the one big story I missed year’s ago. How did they explain Norman wasn’t killed by his glider? I’ve always wondered and I have never found out.

    And finally, is it MARK MILLAR that we have to thank for Marvel losing hold of their PREMIERE SUPERHERO? Jose, I haven’t written this before but Spider-man has ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS been my favorite character too… and I am ready to drop the title– and I’m not even close to reading this new “OMIT SHIT”.

    So, was it Millar’s idea to have Peter unmask during the Civil War that is the cause of all this? Everybody knew that Marvel would have to find a way to give Peter back his “secret identity”… So am I right in believing if Millar hadn’t come up with the “bright” idea to unmask Spider-Man we wouldn’t have to be enduring this massive load of horseshit?

    An actions beget reactions. Spider unmasks– all of Peter’s loved ones are at risk– Deal with Mephisto– No more marriage– Brand New Day horseshit and now just crap, crap, crap.

    Am I right? Should I be shitting on Millar’s front door?

    • Ok…

      JJJ becoming mayor? Brilliant idea completely pissed away. They still haven’t done ANYTHING clever with that yet in the book.

      I can’t believe I am going to defend Mark Millar but…the unmasking up Peter was NOT in the original script for Civil War. The unmasking was mandate from Joe Quesada. For some reason Joey Q fucking HATES Spidey and has made it his life’s mission to fucking ruin that character forever. And he is doing is pretty good job so far.


      • Insideman says:

        Thanks, Jose… That clears THAT BURNING question up, finally! Spider-man told Harry to cut off Norman’s head in the American Son HC and said something like, “You have to cut off his head. Cut it clean off. I don’t think a head wound will kill him because of the Goblin formula.” Which prompted me to ask the question.

        IMO because I never knew– that was the only thing Joe Kelly even mentioned in that book that was worthwhile.

        I did not know that about the unmasking being solely Joey Q’s idea.

        He truly DOES hate the character. Damn!

        But then again, I don’t see longtime pal and partner Jimmy Palmiotti getting an exclusive writing deal with Marvel either… So Spidey troubles are just the tip of this guy’s dick. 😦

    • Oops, I forgot to answer your first question. Norman survived the whole glider incident because the “goblin” formula gave him a healing factor. That’s why he is still alive. it was all explained in the storyline “Revelations” around Amazing Spidey #75 (when it was relaunched). That was also the same storyline that had Norman kidnap Pete and MJ’s baby which we have not heard about since. Don’t ask me how I remember these things.


    • Venom829 says:

      I actually liked that arc 😦 Shame on me perhaps? 😦 πŸ™‚

    • rush says:

      Thanks man. Hyde really stood out for me.

      Have you heard Buck-Tick?

      • Hyde is also in the band L’arc en Ciel but I like his solo stuff a lot more.

        Haven’t heard of Buck-Tick before. Will need to look up some more of their stuff.

        I’ll post some more j-vids tomorrow. I have almost been up for 24 hours and I am starting to feel woozy. Think it’s time for bed. Later.

    • Edward2962 says:

      I know alot folks here are into Japanese culture..does anyone here have an opinion on Hanna Minx? I saw a few of her vid when I first got on You Tube and it wasn’t my thing,but I guess she’s popular. I thought about her again cuz she was just on TYT channel..

      she’s coming to comic con?

      • phil says:

        I’ve seen a few of her vids and the 1st thing I thought was; :nice pectorals” I’m curious to know how many of her subs actually follow her because of her tutorials.

        As far as her perhaps being at comic con……. did I mention the pecs?

      • cballsack says:

        I’ve never found myself being jealous of a soba noodle… until now.

        • Insideman says:

          I remember saying the EXACT same thing about a linoleum floor when I was in a Strip Club one time, cballsack! πŸ™‚

      • rush says:

        I have never seen her. She titillating and annoying at the same time.

      • Insideman says:

        OK, first her name is Hanna Minx. I think I should just stop there but I won’t. πŸ˜‰

        #2 She’s on the TYT Channel… Don’t call that out by the letters… Say it in one continuous phrase and now we know what Hanna is selling… And it AIN’T noodles.

        #3 I love being a GEEK. Have you EVER heard a more half-hearted plaintive come-on line than the guy saying, “Nice slurping”?

        That made my morning! Thanks Edward!

      • This girl creeps me out like a Looney Tune.
        Just like Hotforwords: Its not porn, its not educative, so its nothing..
        DO you know this other popular channel where this japanese girl is staring in the camera? that one is even creepier..

  37. Insideman says:

    Rich Johnston does his (I guess) Annual Runaround at San Diego… and then right at the 2:34 mark he runs into John Layman, who says, “Hi, Bleeding Cool! Your my favorites!”


    • Insideman says:

      I think Elliott ought to get John to also explain on camera who two OTHER of his favorites are!

      Come one John– show the two gentlemen some VIDEO love! πŸ™‚

    • tremendous boring video and who is bleedingcool? πŸ™‚
      How many people visit San Diego Convention roughly? I’m curious..(looks big so)

      • Insideman says:

        They say they sold 120,000 tix. There are 9,000-10,000 comic book professionals, Studio People and Sellers there.


  38. ahhh i love john layman when is the chew tv series coming out (thanks elliot for blurting that one out a while a go on the show i don’t know if he’s publically announced that yet)

  39. kurumais says:

    ok so what did grim hunt get us? the return of a villain to my knowledge nobody was asking for.
    one that had been put to rest in grand fashion. one who had a son that incredibly looked and dressed exactly like him and filled his slot. and we got spidey being a face ripper and almost killing someone.

    i was reading a review of under the red hood ova and the reviewer said he expected to hate it because he was sick to death of comic writer who were constantly looking over their shoulders to resurrect old stories and plot lines that had been put to rest. i am 100% with him
    i think many of the writers today have nerve calling them selves creators

    • mitiators says:

      I think you nailed it. Look at all the resurrected characters, relaunched series, and revisited story lines running around in DC and Marvel. Its kind of sad. If you want us to shell out more money for these books you better give us something new otherwise I’ll just pick up the cheaper and far superior original series that these new books are based on.
      Look at what they’ve done to legendary heroes like Spider-man, Hulk, and the X-Men. All garbage (Spiderman better than the latter two). Why do you want me to hate comics Marvel? Its like Mel Gibson wanting me to hate the Lethal Weapon movies.

  40. rush says:

    Paul Cornell to write Soldier Zero from Boom! This is a character created by Stan Lee. It hits the shelves in October.

  41. rush says:

    So apparently DC offered to return the rights to Watchmen back to Moore with certain conditions. This is rediculous on DC’s part.

    • Luiz de Mello says:

      Sounds like a desperate move, and kind of stupid. They basically offered him a source of more money, and afaik Moore is the kind of person who is getting enough money to live well and doesn’t need/want anymore than that. You know, if you are going to try to buy someone, you have to at least offer something the person actually values.

  42. kurumais says:

    dedicated to thierry henry making his red bulls debut tonight against tottenham hotspur tonight(hotspur greatest name of a sportsteam ever btw) and ill be there tonight and sunday but mostly because i like the song

  43. is anyone gonna check out this new drama steven moffat’s involved in it’s called sherlock it’s a modern sherlock holmes interesting to say the least the trailer looks amazing
    if steven moffat brings back the master i want this guy or the actor who played jim keates in ashes to ashes series 3 i forget his name but he’s a preety amazing actor

  44. Insideman says:

    Do you ever feel like this, Jose?

  45. Pobra says:

    Man, you can miss a lot in one night around here πŸ™‚

  46. So, I have mentioned before how I really no longer go over to our youtube boards because it gets kind of annoying over there from time to time. But since E is in San Diego I have to upload vids and approve comments while he is away.

    Here is an example of WHY I no longer go to the youtube boards. I’ve had “problems” with this commenter before (like months ago when I was still commenting over there). Now, could I have handled the situation better? Probably so I guess I am partly to blame:

    Theshadowquestion: So when are you guys going to review something that’s not DC or Marvel or Invincible? What are your thoughts on other titles. ? I love the Bendis bashing and now the Geoff Johns bashing but yeah how about reviewing something like Hell-boy or The Goon.

    comicculturewarrior@Theshadowquestion: When you guys going to stop complaining about what we review? No matter WHAT we review there always has to be a complainer. We have reviewed PLENTY of indie stuff in the past and when we taped these videos NO good indies came out. Don’t like what review, don’t watch. It’s pretty simple really.


    Theshadowquestion @comicculturewarrior: Calm down dude just asking don’t have to be an ass about it.

    comicculturewarrior @Theshadowquestion: Well, if you actually looked at some of our other videos before you asked your question you wouldn’t have come off so ignorant. The fact that you were too lazy to do that and felt the need to criticize our reviews is why I was such an “ass”…dood.


    Theshadowquestion @comicculturewarrior: Sure thing Pedro sure thing…dood.

    comicculturewarrior @Theshadowquestion I’m sorry? Is that some form of racism? Calling me Pedro? Nice.


    • Pobra says:

      Jesus Christ… a perfect example of why I no longer have any use for youtube myself.

    • rush says:

      Dude I cannot believe he actually posted that!!!!! I guess it’s fuckin easy to talk smack when people hide behind an alias.

    • Deemar says:

      Yeah I caught that Pedro crap.

      Youtube cesspool of hate


    • Insideman says:

      Despicable, immature racist assholes.

    • Morlock50 says:

      One of the best things you guys did was to start posting the videos here as well as youtube. I think it further developed the little “community” we’ve got here, and we don’t have alot of trolls like that guy coming on here and spoiling things. I agree with Pobra, I hardly ever look on youtube anymore because of the lack of civility. Sorry that happened, Jose.

  47. Pobra says:

    Hey Insideman, i figured we could continue our convo down here.
    Come to think of it, American Son was kinda terrible wasn’t it? Been a while since I’ve read it. If you’re interested in reading some VERY good Joe Kelly issues, seek out ASM #617 and #625. The two issues he did that center around the Rhino. They are basically one story, so don’t ask me why they were so spaced out, but they are easily the best Spidey issues i’ve read in a looong while. I also quite enjoyed the Zeb Wells, Chris Bachalo Lizard arc that came out right before the much maligned Grim Hunt.

  48. The Amazing Mike says:

    Hmm So I’m going to create a Werewolf character on Champions Online… Should he have a power suit or Martial Arts and a Gun? I’m leaning towards Martial Arts.

  49. Insideman says:



    FUCKERS! 😦

    • I read about this earlier. This is the FOURTH Vertigo book to get the ax in a short amount of time. People laughed at me ac couple of months ago (mostly on this facebook comic group I visit every once in a great while) when I said that Geoff Johns and Dan Didio were going to slowly kill Vertigo. Doesn’t seem too funny now, does it?


      • Insideman says:

        I don’t find anything they’ve done to be humorous. I called them DC Dipshits in the post… I liked the two D’s– as in Dan Didio.

      • Deemar says:

        It’s looking that way.

        Swampthing is headed back to the DCU

      • TheMSpot says:

        The one saving grace for DC comics, creative wise at least for me is the Vertigo imprint. First Air, then Unknown Soldier, now this. DC is slow killing the Vertigo imprint one series at a time. All these are 2.99 books I’m assuming they will be replaced with 3.99 books, and that will be the final nail in the coffin. But hay at, least Sean Murphy is doing a John Constantine/Hellblazer so that is something to look forward to.

      • Mike F says:

        I consider Johns the biggest “little” kid in the industry. I mean just looks at his work, its all very childish. He makes death seem over dramatic and yet can’t let ppl stay dead so he immediately brings them back. Can’t keep track of his own words so he just revises them. He’s not a bad guy tho, just an awful addition to DC’s company.

    • i feel sorry for your loss insideman maybe it’ll come back look at atlas

  50. TheMSpot says:

    Anyone else catch Christina Hendricks on the View today?

  51. cballsack says:

    Can you guess what the best selling single issue of all time is? Cuz Marvel wants you to know.

  52. cballsack says:

    I finally read the first trade of Chew, thanks to this site always mentioning it. It was excellent, so thank you all. The last dozen or so trades I’ve read have been very meh and I’d grown extremely tired with the comic book genre, so it was nice to read something that was well done, and it’s good to know that quality stuff is still being made.

  53. Adam727 says:

    Jose, are you going to write up a review for OMIT ?

  54. Insideman says:

    Jose, the Katy Perry post was alluding more to the tremendous volume of vacuous comments the woman has made about her own desirability… Always happy to play the prick tease the entire. It’s was not meant to objectify her as much as to call attention to her willingness to objectify herself… AND ruin what little singing voice she has.

    I’m new at this game. I appreciate you pointing out how my motives could have been misconstrued so I erased the post entirely. No reason to give people a bad taste in their mouths… At least anymore than I already have πŸ˜‰ (And ESPECIALLY when it was unintentional.)

    • Oh shit Insideman. I didn’t mean it that way. Fuck.

      I was not criticizing your poll and I was just being honest. I am just a very self deprecating person and that’s why I don’t feel like I can judge anyone else physically…even in jest.

      I do know that she is someone who thinks she is “better than most” and I do not personally like her myself. I’m sorry if I insulted you in any way. Seriously.


      • Insideman says:

        J- You didn’t insult me. I actually appreciated the comment. I could have written the same post and poll without noting her shitty complexion (Oops!)– Focusing more on her smoking… Which is what I really thought was absurd– given her profession and the way she was sucking on that stick.

        I’d rather NOT have the post there than have somebody else misconstrue it. That’s not what my blog is about. I call it like I see it but I am constantly having to edit myself out of cheap shot territory.

        Not always successful, either… As that post proved. Lesson learned.

        If you get a chance, look at the other t-shirts I made up. Those are funny.

  55. Insideman says:

    On a completely different note… Have you ever read the Parasyte Manga series? Whattya think?

    I am debating getting it because of great reviews and the fact that it looks weird– and that’s right up my alley. From what I read, the premise sounded crazy.

    Also, I contacted R and am having him get a Berserk collection together. They are all readily available. I know you told me that you didn’t get into the story that much (which chills me because I really respect your opinion) but I was personally very attracted to the art and I thought it might be more fun to read straight through.

    Plus Chris Warner (Dark Horse editor) is a friend of mine and I did not have a clue he edited this series.

    • I only read like the first 3 or 4 volumes of Parasyte when it came out years ago. I did like them but I never got back to reading the rest of the series.

      I think the art in Beserk is great. I just didn’t care for the story.


      • Insideman says:

        I guess I’ll flipping through the Berserk’s rather quickly then. πŸ˜‰

        That Parasyte series does look interesting… If I get that, I see no reason to get anymore more of the older books… I might have the excellent ones. (At least the ones published in ENGLISH translations that you can still find copies of… Damn that “Eagle” series!) With these new buys, I should also have enough “classic” Manga to last a lifetime… Especially with all new volumes of continuing books and all new series coming out all the time.

  56. kurumais says:

    somerandomguy’s new video about comic con is terrific

  57. Insideman says:

    Jose, not a foreign film… But I bet you would have liked to have seen this… Especially with what happened at the end of the screening:

  58. Friedmiester says:

    Decided to get my longbox full of Batman books out and re read Grant Morrison’s run on Batman through the most current issue of Batman and Robin. Right now I’m just wrapping up R.I.P. and let me say that it is literally 100x better the second time reading it. After re reading Grant’s earlier issues leading into R.I.P. it really shows how far back Grant dove into Batman’s history to get his ideas. Fantastic stuff. Makes me appreciate Return of Bruce Wayne/Batman and Robin even more.

  59. Well, I was just about to post Last Rants until I noticed that Elliott used the same exact title card for it that he did for the GLC review. So, ya, he fucked up and will not be posting the vid like that. I am sort of anal about those types of things. Sorry.


    • Insideman says:

      So… Does that mean no rants until “Mr. San Diego In His Pants” gets back?

      (Ya could always change it or repost it later… I’m still editing my blog posts I wrote a week ago.

      • Ya, I am really conflicted about posting it. On one hand it is a good vid but the title card mishap is just inexcusable. We could fix it and repost it later but then we would lose all of the hits and the discussion that the video garnered. I sent E an email and I’m waiting to hear back from him as what he would prefer I do. Since he is in San Diego it could be a while before I get a response.


  60. Adam727 says:

    When I read this issue of Spider-Man 638, I wanted to flip out. So this is what Mephisto wanted? Out of all the serious things that could have been done, this is what he chose? I haven’t read Spidey since OMD & I can see why. This was awful!

    Response to my comment:
    This is absolutely the way he’d do it. Something small and insignificant (like a door unlocked or misstep) with pivotal consequences down the line. Something big would have drawn the attention of Dr Strange (or some other mystically sensitive hero). As a Spiderman fan, it’s a very inglorious way to see what happened but it does make sense.

  61. The Amazing Mike says:

    I forgot to mention that my library had the Matt Fraction Iron Man Omnibus. I’m a happy camper.

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