Indie Flick Friday (Watch These Films Now Before the American Remakes Fuck Them Up)

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Indie Flick Friday, Movies, Trailer
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  1. Deemar says:

    To be fair David Fincher is involved with Tattoo chick so I’d give him the benefit of doubt

    • Don’t care. Remakes are shit. American remakes are fucking shit. Doesn’t matter who is involved. And fucking Fincher SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

      This film is perfect. You can NOT improve on it. Hollywood is making a remake for ignorant shits who are either illiterate or too fucking LAZY to read subtitles. Sorry but high art can not be appreciated by the ignorant. Let them rot in their pathetic, meaningless, bland, one dimensional, tea bagging, Rush Limbaugh loving lives. So why fucking bother?


      • Deemar says:

        Dude I think I felt a little bit of spittle land on my cheek.

        Very strong feelings on the subject.

        Ok The Departed

        remake, and awesome some would argue better than the foreign made original.

        Robert DeNiro led remake of Cape Fear definately rivals the Robert Mitchum original.

        Denzel Washington Manchurian Canidate definately superior to the hanfisted (slightly racist) Frank Sinatra original.

        It’s apple and oranges

        • Morlock50 says:

          Unfortunately, for every well done remake, you can find at least 15 examples of remakes that were fucked up (french comedies seem to get it the worst). Even if the movie is done well, in many cases, it usually is not as good as the original (why should I watch Quarentine when I could easily rent “rec” and get the material at the source. Because it’s in english?!) Americans, as a whole, do not like subtitles in their movies, which is a shame, because they miss out on some great movies that way. My entire moviegoing experience changed for the better when I started watching foreign films.

      • Insideman says:

        This is what I have been saying FOREVER: Here’s what HOLLYWOOD doesn’t get.

        If you’re going to remake any movie… Simply don’t remake the GREAT– or even the GOOD– ones.

        ONLY remake the BAD ones that contain good or great ideas but suffer overall from poor script, direction or actors.

        ONLY BAD MOVIES with GOOD IDEAS need to be REMADE. We don’t need frame by frame remakes of Psycho for chrissakes… And we don’t need a movie remade just because it isn’t in English. As an industry we foist ALL our movies on foreign countries… All they do is READ our films… So I totally agree with Jose on the “reading” thing. I often hear, “I don’t READ movies.”

        The first thing that slams into my brain the second I hear that is, “Xenophobic Prick.”

        Of course, some foreign filmmakers are more than happy to take the Krazy Ka$h from Hwood (or even DIRECT their own English remake– that’s got to be the HEIGHT of repetitive masturbation). But to some, Hwood money means nothing more than they have the freeedom to make MORE movies in their home countries– their way. Ricky Gervais revels in the US “Office” money but privately he’ll tell you a lot of the US content is for shit… but he still hopes they make it for another 20 years.

        Now THAT kind of honesty I can get behind.


  2. Heck says:

    Okay, so a woman came up to me tonight at work and asked if we had any copies of “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” in English. I told her that it’s a Swedish flick and that you can probably dub it (though I don’t know why you’d want to). She got angry and asked why movies are made that aren’t English. I couldn’t help but just laugh a bit. She told me that the film was disgusting and that she wanted her money back. I had to explain to a 40-something year old woman that English is not the only language in the world.

    I don’t get it. Maybe it’s cause I’ve always been a big fan of french cinema, but I have NO problem reading subtitles. None at all. I don’t get why people are so against it.

  3. Heck says:

    It might not be foreign, but it’s one of my favorite films and I’m sure Hollywood will fuck it sideways someday soon.

  4. Morlock50 says:

    Btw, Let the Right One In is a great movie. I dearly hope Hollywood doesn’t try to remake this.

    • IronMuskrat says:

      To late Morlock50 =(

      • Morlock50 says:


        • Morlock50 says:

          So I’m imagining the studio heads watching the original and saying, “Hey, this would make a great remake in the States! Of course, we have to add alot more gore and shocks (the kids love shocks). And we gotta tone down the romance between the two leads (those soccer moms won’t approve of that scene in the boy’s bed, after all). And we definitely have to cut out all that artsy-fartsy lyricism and character development and … talking, and whatnot. I mean, art is fine and all, but we gotta make some cash! If we can crank this out by summer’s end, we might be able to grab that Twilight demographic!!! Start thinking about sequels, boys!”

          I hate Hollywood!

  5. Edward2962 says:

    Girl Who Played with Fire is making the rounds now! I’m gonna try to see it this weekend!

  6. In China They Eat Dogs. Old one, but fun if you like dark humour a la Pulp Fiction.

  7. Insideman says:

    For what it’s worth, I picked up Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Blu Ray today!

  8. Insideman says:

    By the way, Swedish chicks are sweet.;-)

  9. mitiators says:

    Let the Right One In is amazing, easily one of the best vampire movies ever. The American remake looks so pointless. They are trying to recreate shots as exact as possible to the original. Why? The movie is only 2 years old! 2 years! Reading can’t be that hard for people. How about this, I have trouble understanding the Jersey Shore cast, so how about there be an exact recreation but with a cast speaking with a mid-western accent. Lame.

  10. Insideman says:

    OK, this is a GREAT thread for this… Those who don’t mind passing on their recs… How about recommending your 5 favorite Foreign Films of all time? I say 5 because of the various opinions in the CW Nation– and I still need to pay my mortgage!

    They don’t have to be science fiction or horror… Just great.

    Unless, of course, anybody knows if there is a 1-800-Cash-4-Hardcovers business out there! 😉

    Just when I think I’ve seen ’em all, I remember I haven’t seen “Let the Right One In”. So I just got it on Blu Ray too. (Thanks, Mitiators!)

    And thanks for helping to educate me!

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