CCW 3.77: LAST RANTS! The return of classic Brian Bendis?

Posted: July 25, 2010 in CCW Review, CCW TV, Last Rants, Marvel, Opinion, Reviews
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  1. Deemar says:


    J you had me cracking up “Pizza….”

    I avoided Scarlett and I’m still gonna avoid it.

    It may be a return to form for Bendis, but guy has burned that bridge with me he sucked both money and a basic love of Marvel outta me.

    He’s in Claremont/Bryne territory

    • Insideman says:

      Yeah, D.- Jose’s Pizza rant was perfect.

      I’m actually glad you guys liked this book. I want the comics I buy to be good, better.. whatever… And I really don’t care who writes them (except for a few assholes who’ll remain nameless)… So more power to him. If he keeps it up.

      Hopefully the book WILL sell well and the person (or persons)that convinced BMB that the Avengers stuff was the way to go (be it himself, Joey Q or the kids over on the Jinx boards) he’ll finally realize that there is a MARKET for “this” Bendis too.

      I’m sure he remembers the checks from his “Alias” days. I’m certain he likes the “Avengers” checks better. Maybe NOW– if this book is well received– he’ll think it might be time to bring some of the “old Bendis” back into the mainstream stuff… That his current fans will be more accepting (read as “continue to buy”) his new/old writing persona and approach now that he has really made a name for himself “sales-wise”.

      If it’s not just an old script like Elliott said. 😉

      The one scenario you didn’t float guys– that he is so busy he has someone “ghost write” some of his titles and he just “plots” and “edits” them to fit his “style”.

      I’m not shitting you… I can tell you stories about some famous comic book writers… 🙂

      I am NOT saying Bendis does this– but I AM saying it happens (a lot depending on the circumstances) and obviously– it is a hell of a lot easier to do something like this when you’re a writer than when you are a penciler.

      Money is powerful MOJO that causes good and bad people to do all kinds o crazy shit.

      • tomstewdevine says:

        I will take that bait……Lets here some stories about those famous comic book writers.

        • Insideman says:

          Tom, I’d love to– but I might actually want to work in that industry again! Not being coy– but suffice to say that drug/alcohol addictions, messy divorces, unscheduled illnesses and just being plain OVERBOOKED hit comic industry professionals all the time. A lot of fans seem to forget this.

          So rather than delay a HIT TITLE, scripts are written by “Ghost Writers”… Because they would rather have a big writer’s name on a book than a small writer’s name… Especially if they are in the middle of an arc.

          Also, I have known OVERBOOKED writers to do EXACTLY what I describe above. Plot– then tweak– scripts written by someone else… So the script fits the BIG WRITER’s “style”. They DON’T normally TELL the companies about this practice, of course.

          And what fledgling comic book writer wouldn’t jump at the chance to tutor under a huge name… Especially if that huge name promises to help them get the new writer their own writing gigs “when they’re ready”?

          That’s how you SEAL LIPS (at least publicly) forever.

    • phil says:

      @ Dee-mar Claremount/Byrne huh? Well I get Claremount. I was feeling a bit nostalgic so I picked up an X-men essentials, the 1st one featuring the new X-men. I started re-reading the comic stories that I loved in my youth, and as I was reading each successive story, the one thing that struck me was ” man, I actually liked this $#!=, but that’s Claremount.

      Why Byrne? You hate his art? OR Is it his association with Claremount that rubbed your rhubarb the wrong way? Inquiring minds want to know, Dee!!

    • Venom829 says:

      Heh, lol! I beleive I am going to have pizza tonight and watch this video at the same time!

  2. Had I known that Elliott was just going to post this video without bothering to fix the opening title card I would have posted it myself two days ago. Should have figured as much.


    • Deemar says:

      Damn Elliot! heh

      This was a very fair and balanced episode I gotta say

    • Sonavabitch! I fixed the title card but I guess I uploaded the wrong video. Will upload a fixed version later this week from work.


      • Deemar says:

        It puts the lotion in the basket!

        Glad you caught the Nic Cage as Hulk funnie in time E. I’ma have to tag those as “NewsFlash” or “Timely/Current relevancy” in your inbox

        • Yeah, problem was that San Diego got in the way. Thank the free wi-fi at the San Diego airport for my being able to get this one posted today.


          • Deemar says:

            True dat, so how was it at SDCC?

            Was it on the Redeye dime, I hope so I here its like $2000 and up to go to Comic-Con

            • Nope, paid for out of my own pocket. But since I did work it, I’ll write it off on my taxes next year.


              • Deemar says:


                I hope you got some good footage and interviews.

                I’m not gonna ask you on specifics (save that for later content) but I will ask what was the single most defining moment, panel, star, event, property etc… for you at SDCC?

                What sums the year’s Con up other than EPIC PEN STABBING!

                wtf happened there

                • Single most defining event for me was when John Layman won the Eisner Award for CHEW. I saw him right before he went to the award ceremony and I told him he was gonna win. He insisted he didn’t care, but goddam was he giddy when he won.

                  Two years in a row I’ve seen friends win the Eisner (Art Baltazar won for Tiny Titans last year), and it feel really good.

                  John also said some really nice things to me afterward as we were all partying together. There are few guys in this biz better than him.


  3. TheMSpot says:

    Holy shit times broken? Classic rant.
    Good to see I haven’t missed much, and it’s good to see that I didn’t waste my money on a Bendis book.(yet to be proven) Because even though it’s been sitting one my desk since it was released I just haven’t gotten around to reading it. I’m going to have to agree with Deemar he’s going into Claremont/Bryne territory.

    • TheMSpot says:

      I was wondering what your favorite Bendis book Jose?

      • Deemar says:

        Foodie Avengers of course

      • It’s a toss up between Jinx and Torso. Maybe leaning a bit more towards Jinx.


        • Insideman says:

          That’s also very much like you to like– ad mention– the word balloon technique, Jose.

          I remember years ago that I was introduced to DC LETTERING LEGEND John Costanza. John was THE letterer– when you actually had to physically still draw letters on pages and place them on the artwork.

          I went NUTS on this guy (in a good way)– telling him how much I enjoyed his lettering, how I couldn’t stand bad letterers and that he was one of the absolute greats and that it was a true honor to meet him… As he made thousands of my comics that much more enjoyable with his excellent craft and understanding of layout and technique, etc, etc.

          And he was… stunned. Like speechless stunned.

          My friend thinks I actually scared him– like a stalker. 😉

    • Deemar says:


      the last 7-8yrs of Bendis has slowly widdled away all enjoyment of anything Avengers, even my enthusiasism for the movie is tempered by my hatred of the last few years of that comic.

      Bendis with the combined 1-2 punch of Rulk and OMD had me buying more DC for a year or two. Nah Bendis is a like a battery on the tongue.

  4. generaldark says:

    scarlet reminds me, look wise, of joanna dark from the perfect dark nintendo 64 game lol. anywaise i thought this book may be crap but i geuss i was wrong. i dont know if i can see my self getting this tho.

  5. Morlock50 says:

    I wouldn’t put Bendis in the Claremont/Bryne ashbin just yet, because I still think he is a talented writer. The big problem I have Bendis (and Marvel as a whole) is that he actively chooses to write for the lowest commen denominator instead of giving his best effort on the Avengers books. If he put the effort into some of these other books that he did with Alias and the first year of Ultimate Spiderman, then he would truly earn the accolades and mega sales he receives. I may have to pick this book up in order to encourage him.

  6. MyComicLife says:

    Nice review….i just had a thought…..i think bendis really starts to shine when he concentrates on one alias, scarlet etc etc…..but when he has a bunch of characters in a group or team, thats when he starts going all shitty.
    I really liked his idea on explaining scarlets life….quick but really effective.
    about the art..hmmm im not sure i liked it…i know maleev is a good artist…but i just dont know why he soo desperately relies on photographic references. he was taking it alittle to far in this one. i mean some panles looked good …others just weird. i know they r approaching a realistic feel to the whole plotline but it just doesnt feel right. The cover that he did is really awesome….im sure he didnt use any photo montage in that. It has a certain touch of quality that photographs can never achieve,,,i just wish that the rest of the comic was drawn that way.

  7. Johnny Cockburn says:

    i think i’m going to be ill…

  8. tomstewdevine says:

    REALLY!! So I’m going to pick up a Bendis book, ON THE SUGGESTION OF THE CCW DUO, WHAT?????

    but I will have to check it out if you guys say so. I specifically didn’t pick this up at first so It better be good.

    • Constantanius says:

      Agreed I never thought I’d hear those words come from Jose, Elliot yes but not Jose lol

      • If a book is good I do not have a problem admitting it. Was I surprised that I liked it? Yes, very much so.

        We have been criticized for not giving certain creators a fair shake. I think this video proves that is not the case at all. If a book deserves to be praised, regardless of who is writing/drawing it, we will do so.

        If we can’t be honest with you guys, what’s the point of doing the show?


  9. Edward2962 says:

    Time broken, you want some pizza? Time is Broken! It’s sausage Pizza! LOL!

  10. Mike F says:

    I liked it. And I kinda liked his work on SPIDER-WOMAN(just sayin) but beyond that SCARLET is pretty decent.

    Funny to think that your review on the Jinxboards was accepted by his fanboys but when I post it to his twitter he blocks me, haha.

    Still, great review guys!

  11. kurumais says:

    isnt bendis justifying a lot of scarlet’s violence and terrorism with her reaction to misogyny?
    spider woman got better as it went along i really liked i loved alex’s art
    latest issue of powers was very good i skipped issue 3 i thought i would end up dropping it but 4 actually felt like powers again

  12. DidioForever says:

    I wasn;t planning on it but thanks to you guys I’ll give Scarlet a go,

    I was really into all of Bendis’ pre-New Avengers stuff, I hope I enjoy this book half as much

    I think this proves my theory that his problem is with writing established characters.

    He doesn’t really care about the superhero characters he writes at Marvel enough to learn about their classic traits, histories, or even current continuity – but at the same time he can’t take the kinds of liberties he’d like to take with them. So you end up with a gang of non-entities, like the scene in Being John Malkovich when he goes inside his own head.
    “Bendis, Bendis?”

    His best stuff has been with Powers and Alias where he’s created his own characters and had the liberty to do what the hell he wants with them without having to consult a handbook, wikipedia, or his non-editor editors. It’s just the way he writes, it’s very stream-of-consciousness style, which is why so much goes to shit when he’s writing within the Avengers-verse.

    DD was the exception, but he had a field day with Matt Murdoch because that character has always been flawed and always been on the edge, which suits the kind of stories that he likes to tell.

  13. Pobra says:

    Great review guys. I agree on all points, though i feel like i was slightly more offended by the back matter than you were, which is a little surprising. I feel like it was ten pages (or so) of Bendis patting himself on the back and charging us an extra dollar for it. But the comic portion really was GOOD Bendis and was quite refreshing to see after all this time. I’m in for issue 2.

  14. hey jose can you pass the info to elliot to e-mail me back i e-mailed him in june.

    i’m not complaning i can’t imagine how busy he is with san diego,his column,his blog his montly and this site and other things so tell him if he does have some spare time for a fan tell him to e-mail me. it would mean a lot to me thank you.

    and another great segment i think why bendis is doing this is beacause he’s lazy with avengers and new avengers and ultimate stuff, he just wants money where as he wants to tell a good story in scarlet.

  15. agent42q says:

    I liked the review, but didn’t agree completely…
    If you care what this little agent thought

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