Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: July 26, 2010 in DC Comics, Marvel, Vertigo

Another week, another shipment of new comics. Overall this week is kinda meh. Sure, I am buying some good stuff but no indies. That is a disappointment. Anyway, here’s what I will be buying:

Action Comics #891
American Vampire #5
Fantastic Four #581 (Jonathan Hickman)
Green Lantern Corps #50
Secret Avengers #3 (Ed Brubaker)
Wonder Woman #601

Don’t know why I am still picking up Fantastic Four but hopefully this issue will remind me. Can you tell how truly apathetic I am about this week’s new comics?

Anyway, what are you getting this week?


  1. Mike F says:

    Action comics for sure. Wonder Woman for sure. Green Arrow for sure as well.

    I Might pick up the Flash (with the hopes that it has improved since #1, doubtful yes but still hoping)

    Yeah, I’m starting to die down my love of USA comics to be completely honest. Been reading more books and manga than anything. But I am definitely not buying as much as I did last year…

  2. megamanx4ever says:

    AvP Three World War #5
    Green Lantern #56
    Haunt #8
    Pilot Season Stellar #1
    Spawn #198

  3. tomstewdevine says:

    Action #891
    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #4
    First Wave #3
    Green Arrow #2
    Jack of Fables #46
    Justice League Generation Lost #6
    Wonder Woman #601
    American Vampire #5
    Unknown Soldier #22
    Fantastic Four #581
    PunisherMax #9
    Secret Avengers #3
    Uncanny X-Men #526
    Wolverine Weapon X #15
    Abe Sapien The Abyssal Plain #2
    Buzzard #2
    Rasl #8

    One huge week. I can’t wait.

    • Iqy says:

      You buy unkown soldier, wow that’s amazing, a book that is possibley the best in the Market (IMO) needs to sell more

  4. No Invincible?!? 😦 I thought it was coming out this week… why must this book be late all the time? WHY???

    Guess I’ll be getting:

    -Wonder Woman#601

    Since I have a extra $3 to spend do you guys have any recommendations for me? Thanks!

  5. Heck says:

    Zatanna #1 (2nd Print)
    Wonder Woman #601
    Hotwire Deep Cut #1

    I digg me my female characters 😛

  6. rush says:

    Wonder Woman #601
    American Vampire #5
    Abe Sapien The Abyssal Plain #2
    Buzzard #2
    Fear Agent #28
    Incorruptible #8
    Neil Gaiman Dangerous Alphabet
    Walking Dead Vol 12 Life Among Them

  7. Bboyce109 says:

    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #4
    Flash #4
    Green Arrow #2
    Green Lantern #56
    Green Lantern Corps #50
    Justice League Generation Lost #6
    Justice League of America #47
    Wonder Woman #601

    Fantastic Four #581
    Secret Avengers #3
    Uncanny X-Men #526

  8. mbell028 says:

    Hey What’s up guy’s? this week I’ll be getting:
    Action Comics 891
    American Vampire
    Secret Avengers 3
    Unknown Soldier 22
    Wolverine Weapon X 15

    Good week of books for sure I just got a few graphic novels in the mail today so I got a lot of reading to do.

  9. kurumais says:

    billy batson and the magic of shazam
    cap 1940s newspaper strip
    thor might avenger 2
    action 891
    secret avengers 3
    justice league generation lost 6

  10. Insideman says:

    Light week– for me. Very welcome… but it’s weird because the companies usually DUMP HCs and GNs at the end of the month.

    What I don’t understand: FOUR older X-Men reprint books. FOUR. In one week. They couldn’t have been spread out a little? Over a few weeks at least? I’m not getting any of them– but I feel for anybody who is.

    Army of Darkness League of Light
    Azrael Deaths Dark Knight
    Complete Jon Sable Freelance Omnibus Vol 1
    Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 39
    JSA Vs. Kobra
    Marvels Project Birth Of Super Heroes HC
    Mondo Urbano
    Night of the Living Trekkies
    Secret Warriors Volume 3: Wake the Beast HC
    Siege Battlefield HC
    Valentine Reloaded
    Vampire Tales Vol 1
    Walking Dead Vol 12 Life Among Them

  11. rush says:

    I’m surprised more folks aren’t picking up Fear Agent.

    • Heck says:

      I was thinking of picking up the trades. You recommend it?

      • tomstewdevine says:

        I heard in a interview that after issue 30 Reminder will be putting it into one book so I will be waiting for that.

      • rush says:

        Yes, I like this book a lot.

      • Insideman says:

        Fear Agent is a FANTASTIC BOOK Heck!

        It made me a solid fan from the first trade. I hope Dark Horse brings out an Omnibus edition– or some other kind of hardback. I am ready to buy it TWICE– it is that good.

        • Heck says:

          I will have to check this out then. I’ve seen it on the shelf and always thought about picking it up. Looks neat. I’ll give it a read!

  12. Locusmortis says:

    Fantastic Four is really hurt by neil edwards art, I reckon hickman is just keeping things ticking over and building till Steve Epting comes on board with issue 583. No offence to neil edwards but he’s just not ready for big comics like Fantastic Four and his previous short stint on Mighty Avengers

    • IronMuskrat says:

      I agree.


      • Locusmortis says:

        I don’t really like criticising newer artists like Edwards because everyones gotta learn somewhere and I’m sure he’s got bills to pay an all that but at this stage of his career I don’t think he’s good enough. Marvel would be better served putting him on a lower tier book till he improves. Fantastic Four is definitely treading water at the moment but I feel its worth sticking with it till Epting arrives.

        Note that I have no problem criticising established talents like Bendis, Loeb and Millar because they can take it and they’re long enough in the industry now for us to know what they are capable of.

  13. IronMuskrat says:

    looks like a light week for me…

    Wonder Woman #601- Keeping my promise to give this title a chance.

    American Vampire #5- Cool book.


    Fantastic Four #581- but I doubt it.

    and I might give Action Comics a whirl.


  14. Not a good week for comics for me:

    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #4
    The Punisher #19
    Secret Avengers #3
    Wolverine Weapon X #15
    Buzzard #2

    I picked up the 600 page Martha Washington book last week by Miller and Gibbons. I’m really enjoying this, which is kinda weird because I’m not a big fan of Frank Miller.
    Highly recommended, also because the book is fairly cheap.

  15. Chris says:

    Rasl #8 and my LCS is getting me a copy of Red Mass for Mars #4 this week so I can finally finish that! Two years for 4 issues is good going Hickman!

  16. phil says:

    If I can scrape up the doe;
    Wonder Woman
    Haunt…Just want to see if it looks better since one of the cooks has left.
    X-men…though unlikely, I’m intrigued by the vampire angle
    Scarlet… Against my better judgment
    JMS’s Superman
    (V) O.M.I.T …If the art”s as hype as folks say, that’ll be enough

  17. Morlock50 says:

    Scarlet #1 (based on Elliot & Jose’s review)

    Wonder Woman #601 (I was really planning on holding off and buying the trade, but I’m very interested in the new direction. Also, I feel kinda obligated to support WW after so many of her fans have declared that they’re jumping ship based on a ten page preview. Sigh.)

    Marvel Masterworks: Thor (Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. Kirby was the greatest artist in comics history IMO)

    Agents of Atlas (The original mini-series GN. Better late than never, eh?)

  18. Stamps says:

    It’s like Batman heaven for me this week.

    Here’s what I’m getting:

    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #4
    Batman Widening Gyre #6
    Detective Comics #867
    Gotham City Sirens #14
    Green Lantern #56
    Green Lantern Corps #50

  19. Mike F says:

    Pilot Season Stellar

    seems really cool. I wanna get it, but I dont think my shop will have it. 😦

  20. pilkk90 says:

    geen lantern 56
    lantern corps 50
    wonder woman 601
    ultimate mystery
    angel 35 (cant believe they dont review this)
    artifacts (really hope they review this)
    haunt 8
    spawn 198

  21. MicahSkin says:

    I’m reading through Justice League #47 before buying it. I’ll be damned if a new comic store is gonna screw me out of money and call me a f****t w/o me reading it first…

  22. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    UNCANNY X-MEN #526
    X-MEN FOREVER 2 #4


  23. generaldark says:

    Action #890 (2nd Print)
    Action #891
    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #4
    Green Lantern #56
    Green Lantern Corps #50
    Justice League Generation Lost #6
    Wonder Woman #601
    do androids dream electric sheep dust to dust.

  24. TheMSpot says:

    Secret Avengers #3

    I guess I will be trade hunting or on the look out for back issues that I may of missed.

    • TheMSpot says:

      I was just looking at the October solicitations from Marvel, and there’s something that kind of bothered me why is Greg Rucka working for Marvel?

      • It’s either a mis-print or Marvel offered him a lot of money to write a book. What comic is Rucka working on

        That does bother me too. Didn’t he say he was going to only be working on independant books for a while?

        • TheMSpot says:

          The book is called I Am An Avenger.

          Yeah, I was wondering what happened to working on those “independent books”

          Money talks I guess.

          • Insideman says:

            I bet Greg is FAST ENOUGH to write 1 mainstream and some independent books too, 😉

            Personally, I love his writing so much– he could work for Archie and I’d buy it… So working for Marvel is a good thing. Maybe one less Marvel book will suck now.

            • TheMSpot says:

              I don’t doubt his speed, I just want to what’s keeping him from writing Batwoman, but still has the time to do a anthology book for Marvel. It’s nothing against Rucka, it was just an observation that bothered me for some reason.

              • TheMSpot says:

                edit: I just want to know what’s…

                • Locusmortis says:

                  That story could have been in the can for a long time. Remember, one of the reasons for the breakdown between Rucka and DC was that they didn’t renew his exclusive contract so he could have written that story in the last couple of years and Marvel dusted it off now, got someone to draw it and slotted it in.

  25. Pobra says:

    Batman: R.O.B.W. #4
    Fantastic Four #581
    Flash #4
    Green Lantern #56 (forgot to drop it last week, i’ll pick up this issue then i’m done… i swear! :P)
    Green Lantern Corps #50
    Secret Avengers #3 (really liked #1, #2 was very ‘meh’ for me, therefor #3= last chance. I’d be more forgiving if it was 2.99)
    Wonder Woman #601 (missed 600, but i really want to give JMS’s WW a chance)

  26. Constantanius says:

    Nice almost all DC this week except the pesky Marvel book that is too good to drop.

    Action #891
    Flash #4
    Green Arrow #2
    Green Lantern #56
    Green Lantern Corps #50
    Justice League Generation Lost #6
    Justice League of America #47
    Wonder Woman #601
    Secret Avengers #3

    Ash Saves Obama TPB (Cause I missed it last week even though I broadcasted all over Facebook about getting it lol)

  27. TheRichestManinTown says:

    Batman: Widening Gyre #6! Kevin Smith is coming into town tonight, which is too bad, it would have been cool to talk to him about the whole series.

  28. Johnny Cockburn says:

    off the top of my head
    gl, glc, secret avengers, new mutants, thanos, x-factor, birds of prey, bd, generation lost, atlas, and some other shit.

    props to jose for picking up ww 601

  29. Johnny Cockburn says:

    oh shit i forgot. stuff of legends and walking dead v12

  30. Johnny Cockburn says:

    actually i forgot even more. i shouldnt really be online when im drunk

  31. SmokeyClocks says:

    Batman R.O.B.W 4
    Green Arrow 2
    Buzzard 2
    Secret Avengers 3
    American Vampire 5
    Haunt 8

  32. Morlock50 says:

    Looks like quite a few CCW posters planning on picking up Wonder Woman. Cool!

    • Read it earlier today. I liked it more than the last few Simone issues. As long as people go in with an open mind they should hopefully enjoy it. The issue makes it a point to say “This is not reality”. Let me know what you think after you read it Morlock.


  33. The Amazing Mike says:

    Wow Nothing? Maybe I’ll pick up something random… I get a free Back issue from my shop though :)!
    Got some stuff from the Library to keep me occupied this week I guess…
    Speaking of which, I picked up “Nation X” just because it was a bigger book to keep me occupied, any good?

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