CCW Weekend Open Thread

Posted: July 31, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. This has been out for a while but it’s pretty funny πŸ™‚

  2. TheRichestManinTown says:

    Walt Flanagan was right!

  3. Insideman says:

    BTW, Thanks for starting a new thread Jose!

    If I had to wait a minute for the other thread to load each time– every time I wanted to post (like I did)… I would have slit my wrists in protest. (And I have a fast internet connection!)

    So I thank you, my family thanks you– and Blue Cross thanks you. πŸ™‚

  4. kurumais says:

    watching ICHI on hulu thumbs up from me i always liked the blind swordman movies and this is a
    nice addition with a female twist

  5. kurumais says:

    hey j and the rest of the let the right one in fans;

    what did you think of the let me in trailer?
    im curious

    • Looks like Let the Right One In. Also looks completely unnecessary. I wont be seeing it.


      • Insideman says:

        Yeah, I can’t believe I just got the original on Blu Ray and now they’re doing a shitty US remake.

    • Morlock50 says:

      I say “Let me out…of the theater”

        • kurumais says:

          why is it shitty? the director is by all accounts competent i havent seen the either of the movies but comparing the trailers they both look well done and chloe moretz is pretty good actress.
          i can understand preferring the original over the copy but the remake is automatically shitty?

          • Insideman says:

            OK, although I think Jose would agree with my sentiments, kurumais… You got me.

            Let’s change my “shitty” comment to:

            “lacking in ORIGINAL intent”


            “possibly shitty– like 99.9% of all US remakes are”


          • Insideman says:

            BTW kurumais– I beleve it was YOUR suggestion that prompted my remembering I hadn’t seen the original and then buy it… So work with me here. πŸ™‚

          • Morlock50 says:

            Well, Jose said it best. If it’s a shot for shot remake (like Psycho) then it’s definately unnecessary. If it’s an “americanized” version, or a version to appeal to people who don’t like subtitles, then why would I watch it, having seen and enjoyed the original? As Insiderman said, Hollywood doesn’t have a sterling track record with remaking foreign films, and nobody wants to see a shitty remake of a good film. I’d honestly feel the same way if there was a remake of a classic film like The Godfather being made.

          • SmokeyClocks says:

            I guess I wouldn’t say it looks shitty but more wholly unnecessary. The original came out not that long ago so updating it isn’t really needed. Other than a few changes this appears to look like a somewhat straight up adaption which in my eyes is not needed because the movie was perfect the way it was. So yes it might not be shit because the source material was very strong but it is an unnecessary remake unless you are too lazy to read during a movie

  6. Insideman says:

    And if anybody wants to know how hot it has been in LA for the last two months… And how much it costs when your fridge is freezing over and refuses to turn off– The EXACT amount is $413.45 for 60 days.

    That doesn’t include the cost of the NEW fridge, of course. ($883– and that’s with free delivery and a 10% discount.)

    To put this into perspective, I could have bought 324 OVERPRICED Marvel comics with that money and suffered through 2,268 NEEDLESS ADS stuffed in the back of each book so the HOUSE OF IDEAS could “justify” charging me an extra dollar per comic.

    Hey, Marvel– here’s a story for you!

    When I was a a kid, I got a $5 a week allowance. Today that would buy me ONE comic book. After tax, I would have just enough change left over to phone my parents to come BAIL ME OUT OF JAIL because I was caught breaking into the local pharmacy stealing drugs to sell– so I could feed my comic book habit.

    How many comics will you be printing every month when ZERO kids can afford to read them anymore… And your current customers are all 90 years old and pissing themselves in Nursing Homes?

    How many are you going to be selling then? YOU FUCKERS!

    • One of the great things about living in Illinois is that we don’t tax dated periodicals. But ya, my electric bill has been ridiculous as of late too. Thank god there is no such thing as global warming or else we would really be fucked. Oh wait…


    • Deemar says:

      I didn’t you do what I did for comics as a kid.

      I robbed the weaker kid coming outta the store, simple and easy.


    • IronMuskrat says:

      As a kid I was really screwed when it came to money, i had a double addiction of comics and Dungeons and Dragons, compared to the cost of a TSR rulebook or module a comic book was pretty reasonable.

      Of course kids theses days seem to have an endless supply of cash to buy whatever they want, which is amazing to me since none of them seem to bother getting any kind of job, even in the Summer,at least in my family.


  7. MyComicLife says:

    Hey Jose, i just came across this anime called detroit metal city (DMC), its about this guy who has a double life, one as a death metal lead singer/guitarist, and the other is this sissy clumsy nerd. Its by far one of the most hilarious animes i have seen. The japs even made a life action adaptation out of it which came out last year. Its really different from all the animes i have seen. check it out let me know what u think of it.

    By the way…i just read x factor 207….its good to see that peter david is bringing us back to the main story again…and non of that second coming bullshit. i good read it was.
    hey can anyone point me to another peter david book that is awesome,,,im sad to say that i have only read his x factor series…. really interested to c what he has done before.

  8. MicahSkin says:

    Anyone wanna feel like a little bitch?

  9. phil says:

    For Deemar…
    And he actually does…..

  10. Edward2962 says:

    Hi, I saw Best of Archie featuring Dan DeCarlo HC at a mainstream book store today.I was intrigued but I don’t know if I want to spend $30+ on it. Does anyone know of any plans for it to be released in paperback down the road?

    Also, the next thing I might finally get around to checking out is Unknown Soldier. Does anyone have any opinions on it?

  11. Insideman says:

    Edward, IDW is SLOW to release trade paperbacks of their Hardcovers– but they do normally do it… Maybe 10 to 12 months later?

    Dreamland has it for 35% OFF– $16.24!!!

    I would buy the hardcover for that price– skip the GN version! (You could almost get 2 for 1 at $16.24!)

    Unknown Solider is a great series– very dense and sometimes a little slow. I only read the trades so I don’t know how the book’s recent cancellation will affect the story.

    Does it look like the story will be finished? Maybe a floppy reader could help us out!

  12. cballsack says:

    Anyone up for seeing this?

  13. Edward2962 says:

    Frank is one of my comic book heroes and I’ll defend most of his work up to and including DK2. But what gets me is where he says Batman fighting the Riddler is silly, but his story about fighting the “existential threat” that’s out to destroy us stars a lone “crimefighter”. Yeah,that’s the ticket… (that’s actually one of the things that bugs the hell out of me about ASB+R but that’s another thread)

    Also,I don’t believe that he pushed Batman “as far as he could go”. I’m with the posters who think DC told him no.

  14. TheMSpot says:

    Just got done watch Valhalla Rising, I have to say it was OK, pretty decent, not as entertaining as Bronson and I have not seen the Pusher trilogy so I don’t know how all these movies compare.

  15. Jeremy says:

    When you really think about it, are there REALLY any likable characters in Watchmen? If I had to choose someone I guess I’d choose Dr. Manhattan. He’s the only one who really does any good in the story, but even he can be some what annoying at times.

    • Heck says:

      In the flick, I thought Rorschach was likable in a way. He was the only one who stood up for the common man and tried to do the right thing. Manhattan killed him to keep it all a secret.

      • Heck says:

        In the comic, you’re really not supposed to like anyone. They are all flawed to the extreme and none of them are really justified in what they do.

        • Edward2962 says:

          Alan Moore gave an interview in Amazing Heroes way back and said basically, he was trying to imagine what these ppl would be like if they were real and IF these people WERE real he wouldn’t want to be in the same room with any of them too long.

    • TheMSpot says:

      I’d choose Nite Owl. Because he seems the nicest of the bunch.

      • TheMSpot says:

        To me Watchmen is a cautionary tale of not only is dressing up in a costume and beating up criminals illegal, it’s crazy.

        I try to defend this book as much as possible even if Moore won’t, but I have to hand it to Moore he tries to avoid Watchmen as much as possible and treating it like a monstrous offspring. Where as if it was Bendis or Miller they would pimp that shit for every dollar it was worth.

  16. TheMSpot says:

    Fucking Bendis! The Red Hulk, really!?

  17. Venom829 says:

    I just came home from the movie Inception…WHAT AN AWESOME MOVIE IT WS!!! OMG I LOVED IT HARDCORE!!!!!!!!

    • Edward2962 says:

      Dude,on one hand that’s way cool,but on another they should’ve used your name or least initial!

        • Insideman says:


          I can’t stand articles that don’t give PROPER attribution… I know he/she gave a general link to the site but to ascribe the quote to an anonymous CCW*TV Doctor Who fan was lazy at best… Especially given your weekly Doctor Who episode threads and your intense discussion and promotion of the show in general… Plus at least one MAJOR VID between you and Elliott on the subject as well– right?

          Anyway, I hope you don’t mind that I set the record COMPLETELY straight:

          ” Red Eye Rogue- That β€œfan” was CCW*TV co-founder, consummate culture critic and masterful Blog Overseer Jose Melendez who– through his weekly postings– helped people understand the MAGNITUDE of Doctor Who Season 5 and the deliriously wonderful contributions of new show runner Stephen Moffat.

          Check out the CCW*TV Blog at the link above or the weekly videos Jose and CCW*TV co-founder Elliott Serrano tape on their dedicated You Tube channel:

          There is actually a LIMIT to the number of words you can use in Red Eye Rogue blog’s response area. Thank god THIS blog didn’t have that or I would have been FUCKED a long time ago. πŸ˜‰

          • No, I don’t mind at all. And thank you for doing that. Really. I was going to comment on it myself but…I don’t know. I would never not credit someone with a quote I used on here and that Red Eye blog LOOKED a bit more professional than this one so I really didn’t want to get into it. I mean, the commenters name WAS “Comic Culture Warrior” so do not know why they assumed it was just some random fan. At the end of the day I guess I am kinda flattered they used my “opinion” to sum up what they, too, thought. Though people should ALWAYS get credit where credit is due. I am a bit more reserved and humble than I appear to be on the show I guess.

            Thanks again for taking the time to write that.


            • Insideman says:

              Not a problem. I would do it 100 times in a heartbeat.

              Working in a biz where your average “friend” would bend his OWN MOTHER over a pool table to win favor with JJ Abrams– I tend to jump at any chance to help or “defend” the QUALITY PEOPLE in my life.

  18. generaldark says:

    saw batman under the hood, it was a good movie. perhapes too much action for me and not enough charecter moments. i still liked it and was very pleased with the voices of the joker and batman. im tired of kevin conroy. hes getting to old and weird sounding when it comes to batman. I read ROBW #4. loved that but hate how thomas wayne was colored different near the end making it confusing. Wish bruce would have said something in the issue.

    Wonder woman was decent. i’ll stick with it.

    JL generation lost was a great read this week. still hard to see how they can drag this story out for so long.

    GLC was awsome! great touching moment with henshaw when he was talking about him not being invited to the death of the universe. i felt bad for him when he said that 😦

    still got to read yours truly jack the ripper and dust to dust do androids dream electric sheep.

    OH! im deciding to stick with green lantern. larfleeze is back and i just love the cleverness of geoff johns and that charecter. the whole santa thing was funny. Mankes art didnt piss me off this time. the faces where decent lol. also the blue mascot visited livonia michigan! i looked out the window tho and i geuss i missed it :(. anywaise the story IMO is picking up both in GL and i have a feeling in BD #7.

  19. Edward2962 says:

    tryin’ to keep the sing along comics related

    now,I know there’s been at least TWO marvel comics starring Alice Cooper,but I’m not sure that’s up everyone’s alley.I AM a big fan of West Side Story…

  20. Edward2962 says:

    Ah! Here we go!

    love it to death by alice still rules..

  21. They sang the Teen Titans theme so this counts. πŸ˜›


  22. Deemar says:

    I can’t sleep

  23. generaldark says:

    finished reading yours truely, jack the ripper #2. Its interesting. i feel its kind of rush with the conversations and the plot but overall its interesting. i geuss the next issue is the last and i will be getting it and see how it all plays out.

  24. kurumais says:

    so finally saw LET THE RIGHT ONE IN excellent flick beautifully shot some shots i wanted to stick my hand into the screen feel that bracing cold and pure snow
    defintely one of the creepiest movies i have ever seen im not big on gore so i like horror movies like this much better
    i also like that the movie was actually quite different from what i got from the trailer in terms of the 2 kids characters and their relationship definitely more creep and horrific in the movie. i guess with all these fluffy vampires around i was expecting a kindler gentler monster.
    but to be honest i dont think it was so good that it was untouchable in terms of a remake or a translation. and while the girl was quite good i think chloe moretz is a probably a better actress. the kid that play oskar was very good the american kid has his work cut out for him.
    but to be honest when oskar was swimming in that weird sissy way i wanted to bully him too.

    i do have a question about the scene with oskar’s dad and his dad’s buddy i dont want to put any spoilers or suggestions out there for folks that havent seen it
    if anyone wants email me at id appreciate it

    if i were you i would see this movie especially before the american version comes out

    • One thing that I am wondering about is IF the new version will deal with…


      …redneg s’eripmav eht


      America being America I highly doubt it.


      • kurumais says:

        nope you cant read the book unless you can read it in the original swedish no translations or interpretations allowed

        • Umm…it’s the same as reading subtitles. Nice try though.


          • kurumais says:

            no subtitles are out too orthodoxy is in around here

            • kurumais says:

              I was just trying to poke fun at what may be a bit of intransience on some folks part around here im sure I was just imagining it I apologize
              The way I see it with the American version where once we had one movie now we have two . you aren’t losing a movie you are gaining one . could the American version suck sure but we wont know until its out, and even if it does well we still have the original. So how are fans of the original losing out?

              On top all that the author lindqvist gets Hollywood money good for him. Im always happy for folks who get Hollywood money. this is opening new doors and opportunities for him as well. I haven’t read his books or stories but from the movie he deserves it as much as any storyteller so that’s all to the good .

  25. kurumais says:

    ok after watching let the right one in i started thinking about my favorite/best vampire flicks
    here is my list not in any order
    near dark
    let the right one in
    the original nightstalker tv movie with karl kolchak
    fright night i know it goofy but a lot of fun too my brother and watched it a million times in 80s and im excited about the remake with david tenant and colin farrel mclovin as evil ed is perfect the whole cast looks really good

  26. Morlock50 says:

    So, get ready CCW…..Kick Ass The Second is coming……..

  27. Pobra says:

    sorry, but someone had to post this eventually…

    “it’s so intense”… πŸ™‚

  28. did anyone see that new bbc film “frequently asked questions about time travel” it was very good and i recommend it to anyone who enjoys british sci-fi as i know there are some massive doctor who fans on here.

  29. Insideman says:

    Got several new posts up on the Swear All You Like Blog… Including one and how Digital Comics are going to kill your comic store (at least as it is now):

    Be sure to check out the site NEW MOTTO at the top of the left sidebar– kindly written by none other than the distinguished Mr. Jose Melendez himself!

  30. Venom829 says:

    I cannot stop listening to this song, I even downloaded it, I’m on a huge addiction to it:

  31. TheMSpot says:

    boredom over 9000.

  32. Mike F says:

    Just started watching a new current anime called “eden of the East”

    DAMNNNNNNN this show is rocking my world. I RARELY watch current animes but damn…

    Highly recommended.

  33. Insideman says:

    My first REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR for the Swear All You Like Blog! He’s VIDEO GAME crazy. Check him out at

    And leave him some comments… I don’t want to have to spend half of tomorrow making up commenter names! πŸ˜‰

  34. cballsack says:

    Just read this on Erik Larsen’s Twitter page. I never knew this.

    “The main reason DC ditched the Eagle on WW was because they couldn’t register that eagle as a trademark–so they changed it to a stylized WW”

  35. cballsack says:

    Also, I was just looking up jobs I can do from home, and I found this, in case anyone’s interested. I know most of you on here are huge anime/manga fans.

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