CCW Weekend Open Thread

Posted: August 7, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. cballsack says:

    Has anyone read the comic Kill Shakespeare? Saw it in the comic book shop today. Looked interesting. Good or rubbish?

  2. Venom829 says:

    This was a week of some very thrilling news I was glad to hear about:

  3. TheMSpot says:

    Anyone else watching My Big Breats and Me on BBC America?

  4. Venom829 says:

    I am addicted to this song it is that good:

  5. Deemar says:

    You guys will never guess what I’m doing this morning.

  6. Because no one has posted it in a few weeks.


  7. Insideman says:

    I kick a lot of shitty comic retailers in this ass with this post:

    What were your final thoughts, Jose? I’m glad I used anti-social correctly. I haven’t been able to use the write the word irony in a creative sentence since we started conversing! πŸ˜‰

    • Final thoughts? You need to open a comic shop and hire me as your manager.

      But seriously, I’ll probably comment further on your post when I sober up. Maybe sometime late tomorrow. πŸ™‚


    • cballsack says:

      I can’t believe someone tattooed the Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy on his ass.

      • Venom829 says:

        That guy should have just gone out and looked for a girlfriend.

        • Chances are good he didn’t find one hence the tattoo.


        • cballsack says:

          That tat pretty much precludes him from dating a girl under 200 lbs.

          • Hey, ballsack, what do you think of your boy Justin from CBC rapping? You probably bought that song on Itunes last week, right?

            Ya, ya, I know you don’t have a MP3 player but you still love him.


            • cballsack says:

              Haven’t been to any of their shows in weeks. Can’t afford to do anything until I find a fucking job. This economy is brutal. I’ve been looking since the end of March and things are starting to get really tight for me. But I’m sure Justin did a fine job.

              • Deemar says:

                Now I feel bad about my good fortune, I have to choose between two jobs.

                It’ll work out Sacky

                • cballsack says:

                  Hope so, dude.

                  • Aw hell, I didn’t know about that. Fuck, that sucks. Shit…


                    • Heck says:

                      I totally feel you on the lack of funds dude. This economy is balls. I’m lucky that I could even find a job out there.

                  • Deemar says:

                    It’s all about who you know and who owes you a favor Sacky, start going through that cellphone and call in favors.

                    Or just ask friends and family for leads on work.

                    • cballsack says:

                      Trust me, dude. I’ve been harassing people to death. I worked in finance, then (stupidly) quit my job to travel for a year. I had no idea the economy would still be this fucking brutal. Every company in my old field has a hiring freeze. It’s ridiculous. I even tried applying to every comic shop in NYC, figuring I could easily get a job there until I found something better, but even they’re not hiring.

                    • Deemar says:

                      Damn, I don’t know what to say.

                    • Hey ballsack, wanna move to Texas and open a comic shop?


                    • cballsack says:

                      It’s funny… two days ago, my parents informed me that they’ll selling the house I grew up in and want to move either to Southern California or Texas. And I think they’re leaning towards Texas. My dad’s always loved San Antonio.

    • Heck says:

      I’m about to just start buying my shit online. I’m sick of the shops around me. I used to be good friends with the owner of my LCS (I’ve been going there for what seems like forever) but now he’s slowly leaving and the co-owner is dick.

      He’ll pull shit for me that I dropped months ago and then expect me to buy it. I hadn’t noticed till the other day when I looked through my stack and saw Green Lantern issues. I’ve never read Green Lantern.

  8. Insideman says:

    Are we talking any girls? Because I’m pretty sure a hooker would at least laugh at it– as long as she was paid up front.

  9. Insideman says:

    So Mark Millar’s Nemesis is going to be directed by Tony Scott. Any chances that’ll drag Mark into films full time? Most of them already stink.

  10. The Amazing Mike says:

    The second issue of OMIT surprised me by being just as bad as the first.
    However I impulse bought the shit outta Marvel Universe Vs. Punisher and liked it, plus got an issue of Scarlet for free. Not a bad week.

  11. You know, Ironmuskrat and I put a lot of time and effort into actually writing capsule reviews this week and no one is giving a shit…except for MSpot. Just needed to vent.


  12. Deemar says:

    Alright I’m outta here, talk too you guys Tuesday, unless I find a spot with wifi in Savannah.

  13. Heck says:

    Step Up 3-D gets a 9? This culture is so sad.

    I feel sorry for Grace having to go through that.

  14. kurumais says:

    J when you get to episode 9 of persona trinity soul it will crack you up
    karl pilkerton is a genius
    ricky and steven owe him an apology

  15. Pobra says:

    Ok, so I know i’ve been talking about Scott Pilgrim quite a bit lately (who hasn’t?), but i just finished reading the first few chapters of vol.6 and i’m realizing just how important and special this book really is.
    Now, i may be partial being that i’m in my 20’s and from Toronto, but even if you haven’t seen a thousand awesome bands at Lee’s Palace or experienced the soul crushing gauntlet that is Honest Ed’s, there is still going to be something there for you.
    I have to thank Jose and everyone else who talked it up and convinced me to step out of my super hero comfort zone and give it a chance. It is seriously like my Watchmen. Easily in my top 5 maybe top 3, favorite things i’ve ever read (and i’m not even finished it yet).
    I’ll be sure to follow up when i do finish it, but damn, it is so sad knowing that it’s so close to ending. I almost don’t want to finish it! It’s going to leave a void in my very being! This book warms my cold, cold heart. πŸ™‚
    Thank you Bryan Lee O’Malley.

  16. Pobra says:

    just to further entice you to migrate north J :

    and of course, we tend to produce women like this:

    • Insideman says:

      Yes, he does. I also hope the public never tires of Walking Zombies or gets upset if Invincible doesn’t age past 25… Because he has NAPALMED EVERY FUCKING BRIDGE he’s ever traveled.

      Of course, if the Walking Dead TV series ends up half as good as the comic. He never has to worry for money every again.

    • phil says:

      Kirkman beyond a shadow of a doubt is in my top 10 favorite writers of today. That said I don’t really have a counterpoint to what he said. I do think what he said was a tad disingenuous though.
      Is Marvel stretching the parameters of what is all age accessible? No doubbt.
      Is much of what Marvel is doing and some of what DC is doing, gratuitous? Abssolutely
      But the question that I would ask Mr. Kirkman is “does he go into comicbook shops around the country and make sure that his “independent” work is set outside of arm’s reach of children that in most cases could pick up an issue of Invincible and see Omniman beat the tar out of his son too within an inch of his life as easily as they can pick up an issue of the Avengers and see the Sentry disembowel Ares.
      Now I can only speak on the shops here in Michigan, but the ones that I’ve seen thus far, Invincible hasn’t been at the very tops of the shelves..making it near impossible for a child to reach.
      So while Kirkman may technically be right with his statement, I do believe he’s viewing things from a skewed perspective.

      Man, I was trying so hard to be a non contrarion for the month of August πŸ™‚

      • Insideman says:


      • I believe Kirkman is talking about tentpole franchises at Marvel and DC like Spidey, Avengers, Batman, Green Lantern and the like so I do not think he being disingenuous at all. He is not talking about indies or Vertigo. He is talking about those big name comics that have been around for decades and SHOULD be able to be read be all ages. He says in that quote he is NOT writing Walking Dead or Invincible for all ages.


        • phil says:

          From jump I pretty much figured he was talking about the big 2’s mainstream popular titles, and I never had any qualms about the fact he was writng his comics for an older audience. His personal philosophy in fact is under no scrutiny.

          What I question is his naivete if he thinks little Johnny or MarySue can’t reach the latest ish of Invincible as easily as the latest issue of Ultimate Avengers.

          From what I’ve seen The Walking Dead is generally moved to a less accessible area in most comic shops, but Invincible is usually fitting somewhere with the Mainstreams. So even if Rob is contending that M and DC are overstepping their bounds by having questionable material within younger folks reach, perhaps he should take a more proactive approach and insist that Invincible not be sitting right next to the material he finds so objectionable.

          He’s trying to ride the moral highgrond by saying at least he’s writing for an older audience, but he’s not keeping track where his product is being placed. It makes him come across like he’s blowing smoke!

          • Kirkman has NO control where retailers shelve his book. It’s a bit ridiculous to throw that fault on to him. He is NOT talking about the “physical” access to the books.

            I think you are missing the point a little bit. He IS talking about the MAIN books. HE IS talking about Spidey and the rest of the titles I listed above. If little JOhnny saw Invincible on the rack next to Spider-Man 9 times out of 10 Johnny is going to PICK Spider-Man or Batman or ANY superhero who has a fucking tv show, movie or lunchbox OVER Invincible. To put Invincible in the SAME category as those other books makes no sense.

            Kirkman is talking about violence and mature situations IN MAIN STREAM comics. Invincible in no where close to being main stream. Kids should be able to read the monthly Spidey or Avengers like we did. The fact that those books are no longer suitable for all ages is the point Kirkman is making and he is right.


            • phil says:

              Clearly we’re not gonna change each others’ mind on this subject, and while there’s more that I can add .. I figure life is short and we both probably have our dead horses that need continued beating elsewhere πŸ™‚

              Besides it’s time for me to start scrambling up some tofu for breakfast

  17. Venom829 says:

    Well I am off to party like crazy at a fair, see ya’ll later! πŸ˜› SO EXCITED!!!

    • Pobra says:

      have fun V! just remember, hard liquor and amusement park rides do not mix… wait, of course they do!

      • Insideman says:

        They usually end up with the ferris wheel riders below you getting a pre-eaten churro/nacho bath too. πŸ˜‰

      • Venom829 says:

        Oh I am back! And I didn’t drink, watching one of my friends aalmost puking his guts out cause he was so scared of heights was enough to make me snot want to drink. I wanted a beer or two, but watching him one the rides was SOOOOOOOOOO funny, I had to keep alcohol out of my system.

  18. Pobra says:

    All right guys, I’m off to my mom’s house for some drunken video game action with my bro. Have a good one lads and lasses.

  19. Insideman says:

    My GF just came back from the grocery store and the fucking elevator was out. I brought all the stuff up three flights of stairs (my condo has 20+ foot ceilings so it was really like 6 flights of stairs).

    I can guarantee you I do not want to eat ANY of that shit that badly.

  20. Insideman says:

    Jose, why don’t you ever mention Walking Dead? I know you love Invincible so I have always found it odd that you don’t mention WD or Wolfguy.

    Being a newbie to the nation– I’m sure you have explained this… But not to me.


    • I read Walking Dead at the beginning and loved it…but then Tony Moore left as the artist and I just could not get into the new art. I will eventually get back to it and catch up with the trades but that’s why I am currently not reading it.

      Astounding Wolf Man is a decent book for the most part but, again, just never really got into it.

      I hope this answer pleases you and your ego. πŸ™‚


    • Mike F says:

      Insideman You’ve been here long enough that you cant use that excuse “newbie”

      your officially infected πŸ˜‰

  21. Alright, I am closing up shop here at work so I’ll see you guys later tonight…if anyone decides to show up.


    • Mike F says:

      By showing up do you mean open chat tonight ? πŸ™‚ Or another epic match of us in Street Fighter?

      I’m just glad I got my cable back, now I caN watch some adult swim anime.

      • No, I was just talking about on here. Really got nothing going on tonight. I am going to try to beat FFXIII. I keep thinking I am at the end but it just keeps going.


      • Mike F says:

        Have you been liking it tho? From all I saw, it lacked a certain “zest” that previous FF games had. I really only ever loved 6, 7 (kinda) and 10. The others were still good and all just not my cup of tea.

        Would you safely say 13 is worth renting? Or am I better off just going with Demon’s Soul (which I CONTINUOUSLY) keep putting off -___-

        • I have been liking it a lot. I liked XII a lot too and every hated it.

          Totally worth a rent but it does take a while (like 10 hours or so) till the game really gets good. A bit easy at the beginning. I am quite happy I bought it. Haters gonna hate I guess.

          As soon as I beat this I am going to start Demons Souls.


          • Insideman says:

            Yes, I am waiting for both these titles to hit price lows. I’ve never really played RPGs before but at the right price,I’m gonna get them.

            Just like my books, I have a backlog!

            No surprise there, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

          • Mike F says:

            The hardest part for me is not hearing Uematsu in the game (same with 12.) You get so use to hearing a musical messiah and then well… yeah

            ANYWAY, Demon’s Soul is from what I hear, a dark glorious J-RPG and I’ve been craving one for a while now. We’ll have to do some raids or missions together πŸ™‚

            (I think once u hit a certain level you can play with other online characters.)

            • Mike, I really dig the music in XIII and will pick up the soundtrack. I haven’t bought a game OST in a long while. Check out some of the music on youtube. The new “battle theme” is good. Not gonna lie, the music has a very different feel from Uematsu but I still enjoy it. Some of the music has a anime OST feel to in in a good way. Kinda like the Rahxephon OST.


            • Mike F says:

              Who’s this artist? That was rather good. The first and third I enjoyed. It’ll be a while before we hear music as good as FFX but this was nice actually. Thank u for the enlightenment!

              Speaking of anime too, have you heard of EDEN OF THE EAST? Its a current anime that aired last year. We’ve discussed before, I recall, about how 90’s anime is the best and current animes can’t top it. Well, damn. EDEN OF THE EAST is amazing Jose! It has the same spirit, energy, and motivation that GHOST IN THE SHELL and AKIRA had but with a more humor and political approach. Tonight I’m finishing up with episode 11 and can’t WAIT to see how it ends man.

              I’d be a bit curious to hear your thoughts on it…

              • Masashi Hamauzu. He was actually the co-composer on FFX.

                Haven’t seen Eden of the East. It’s THAT good, huh? My curiosity is piqued. I’ll have to look for it. Thanks.


              • Mike F says:

                Episodes one is a confusing one. Episodes two and three are so fucking good man. From there on out its all subjective to the viewer but 2/3 were my favorite thus far.

                Clearly its not the next EVANGELION but its good for a current anime that’s for sure.

                • So, none of that loli shit, right?


                • Mike F says:


                  Well, there’s one scene (possible spoiler – but no plot details revealed) with a women acting like viki vale in the all star batman comic (if you can catch that reference) but that’s it. AND she’s a grown woman, and it kinda relates to the story, its not random crap.

                  its actually more political than anything.

                  I just finished the series just now, and overall I’d say its a decent anime. In the beginning its definitely better than the way it ended for me, but the ending was good, the Japanese seem to have a good grip on resolution, something you’d never find in a Millar comic.

                  But I’d say this is a rare gem in a decade of poor follow ups to legendary shows.

                  • Cool. I’ll check it out.

                    Man, I must be getting close to the end here in FFXIII because the game is really handing me my ass. Fuck it got REAL difficult.

                    Have you ever played Suikoden Tactics?


                    • Mike F says:

                      Suikoden Tactics!!

                      Haha, man, I remember that game. It felt like it was written by Neil Gaiman or something haha. But like most rpg’s, Suikoden Tactics brought out all my anger ><

                    • Ya, Suikoden Tactics got crazy hard at the end. I love that game though. One of my favorite RPGs ever. I made it through the game without anyone dying.

                      Found Eden of the East. I’ll watch the first couple of episodes later tonight and let you know what I think.


  22. Edward2962 says:

    I just saw Girl Who Played With Fire. Check out my review then go see the movie before Reese Witherspoon stars in the remake!
    If the link doesn’t work click on my name.

  23. TheMSpot says:

    Has anyone else read Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer?

  24. Morlock50 says:

    It’s a boy!

  25. Constantanius says:

    Is anyone else reading Iron Man Legacy and if so are you enjoying it? I just thought of this while viewing some old ccw episodes where the guys are raving about Invincible Iron Man and was curious as to whether anyone had tried Legacy out.

    • I read the first two issues of Legacy and though they were just ok. There is really no need for another Iron Man monthly.


      • Constantanius says:

        Yeah I would have liked to start reading Invincible when it first came out, just so happened when I started looking at Marvel, Iron Man Legacy was at #1 so I jumped on it, and have enjoyed it so far. I did just pick up the Invincible Annual so may start on that book as well if I like it.

  26. TheMSpot says:

    Did anyone here ever play any of the Driver games?

  27. TheMSpot says:

    What are your thoughts on Batman Inc. Jose. Do you think it will succeed or fail?

    • From what I have heard about it? Fail.


    • kurumais says:

      ive dropped morrison ‘s batman like 3 times while ive enjoyed batman and robin quite a bit and i finally figured out why after reading batman 700
      morrison has no desire to write batman as is, he wants to do a what if, elsewhere world, all star, batman book. it strikes me as odd because morrison jla was one of the “defining moments” for the contemporary batman. if not defining certainly solidifying. and now it seems morrison wants get very far away from the persona he helped to popularize. the characterization i like by the way. now he is talking using the kids toon brave and the bold as an inspiration? they should give him an out of continuity book so he play all he wants it will sell.

  28. Mike F says:

    Can anyone confirm if the Ed Brubaker CatWoman comics are worthy of reading/buying?

    • I can’t. BUT I can confirm that the Will Pfeifer and David Lopez Catwoman issues are TOTALLY worth buying!


      • Mike F says:

        Looks promising by the covers already! Thanks!

        On an unrelated but I’m sure, always fun to know fact, I hit shuffle on my Itunes and Konya Wa hurricane from bubblegum crisis just came on. πŸ™‚

        Little things like that you know?

  29. Heck says:

    I just watched Benjamin Button again and now I’m fucking sad. 😦

  30. Venom829 says:

    If I could only make a new word to describe my Saturday…huh…I have it… my Saturday was Fantawesome! πŸ˜›

  31. Adam727 says:

    Hey guys!

    I was wondering if someone could name some good trades with Invisible Woman. Something that displays her powers.

    I mean she is the strongest on the FF, right?

    • You don’t need to buy a trade. Go by Spider-Man/Fantastic Four issues #1 and #2 written by Christos Gage and drawn by Mario Alberti. It’s a new mini. Invisible Woman kicks some ass in that series.


    • kurumais says:

      the kids line marvel adventures has a very interesting take on sue she’s an avenger with a crush on captain america

  32. Venom829 says:

    So after last night, I decided it’s time for a new word to come to the CCW Blog, and I just made a post about it, and you can see it right here

  33. I’ve been reading some things lately:

    – X-Men Legacy by Mike Carey. Meh.

    – Busiek/Perez Avengers. Very good. I did not expect to enjoy what I’ve read of their run as much as I did. I expected a good read, but this took me by surprise and I will definitely keep reading their run.

    – Hobgolin Lives by Roger Stern. I love how it took fifteen years to reveal Hobgoblin’s true identity. Still, Hobgoblin is one of my favorite Spider-Man villains. Can you imagine if it took 15 years to reveal Rulk’s identity?!? lol

  34. Hey EA! Where the HELL is the new SSX you stupid fucks? Your company is dead to me until I get a new SSX.


  35. Because it’s informational…and stuff.


  36. cballsack says:

    Found this on some site:

    Iron Man 2 wasn’t the movie Jon Favreau wanted to make. Marvel interfered heavily with his work on the movie and turned the project into an infomercial for The Avengers. Favreau felt the movie was rushed into production (and if you followed the development process you know it was) and they pushed him into making it without a fully realized script. Iron Man 2 wasn’t the movie he wanted to make and because of that, if there’s an Iron Man 3, there’s every reason to think he won’t be back. Marvel doesn’t want to pay him and Favreau may not want to deal with more Marvel interference.

    Favreau really wanted to direct The Avengers but Marvel didn’t want to pay for him. Their negotiations with Favreau to secure him as the director of Iron Man 2 were difficult and Favreau worked out a deal that got him paid more money. Marvel wasn’t willing to pay that kind of money again when it came time for The Avengers, and so even though Favs wanted to direct their superhero team-up movie, they didn’t want him. Instead Marvel has made it a point to seek out cheaper talent to direct all of their subsequent movies. Joss Whedon was hired to direct The Avengers and while he’s a mega-talented director he’s also a much cheaper hire than someone like Favreau.

    • This is quite interesting.


      • Insideman says:

        I haven’t read the article yet– but everything cballsack wrote from the article sounds spot on.

        Otherwise, this hypothetical different director BS will ALL end the minute Downey Jr refuses to do Iron Man 3 with anybody but Favreau. They can replace Norton (who WAS a huge pain in the ass) by Downey is the CURRENT FACE of their STUDIO.

        They will NOT replace him anytime soon. If he wants Jon, Marvel will do whatever they need to keep Jon. Period.

    • Heck says:

      You’d think they’d be smarter than this. If Iron Man was soo successful because of Favreau’s hard work… why would we interfere with more of the man’s hard work?

      • phil says:

        You know Marvel’s not gonna let a little thing like a successful movie and a proven director stop them from fudging things up. Just wait ’til I3…when Bendis makes his directorial debut! What could go wrong? Well off the top of my head, I’d say; We’d get a half hour movie that on for four hours. Let the implosion begin.

    • Luiz de Mello says:

      And here I thought that being bought by Disney would improve the quality of their movie department.

      • Insideman says:

        Where did you get that idea, Luiz?

        it will be the EXACT opposite! Of course, they may also teach Kevin Feige how to pay people what they’re worth… Which will be a good thing.

      • phil says:

        @ Luiz,

        I’m still waiting for Disney Zombies. I can envision it now;

        Mickey: Hiya kids, have any of you seen my dog, Pluto? No? You know why?
        Well I’ll tell ya, kids. If you look in Mickeys bathroom…… you’ll see that I didn’t flush. You see all those floaty bits kids? That used to be Pluto.

        Come back next week kids, when I’ll do what Minnie has always wanted me to do, but I don’t think she’ll like my way of “eating” her

        Well gotta go now kids, Porky’s passing by. I know he’s a different company, but I’m so much feeling like bacon, right now

  37. Constantanius says:

    Here’s an interesting article I found on BBC News

    Seems the US Military is turning to Manga to teach Japanese children about US/Japan relations

  38. Morlock50 says:

    I would like to thank everyone on this blog for their kind thoughts and good wishes toward my family. I honestly don’t know how much I’ll be able to post in the future, but I want you to know that this blog, and all the posters are awesome!

  39. Heck says:

    Looks like Superman can’t jump! Plus, by the look of the wardrobes, he’s trapped in the 80’s.

    I like JMS, but this storyline (while a good idea) is just being really poorly written and conceived.

  40. Insideman says:

    I kicked MORE retailer ass in PART 2 of “Quit Giving Your Money to Assholes!” Seems everybody reminded me of two very important points I left out of the first post:

  41. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Has anyone ever read any of the Jeffery Brown books? Can anyone recommend them?

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