CCW 3.83: LAST RANTS PART ONE – Spider-Man has “One Moment In Time”?

Posted: August 9, 2010 in CCW TV, Last Rants, Marvel, Rants and Raves, video
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  1. Mike F says:

    Maybe if the villain was really hurt and crying and shit and Peter felt like he needed to help him, get him to a hospital or something, but a fat guy falling on him?


  2. Venom829 says:

    I’ve realy been looking forward to this debacle being ripped apart on CCW TV! Thanks guys, that was a fantawesome rant Jose!

  3. Does anyone care why they didn’t get married?We don’t need to know why they didn’t get married.It’s completely unnecessary.They should have done this right after OMD.I still wouldn’t care,but at least it would’ve happened while OMD was fresh in everyone’s minds.

  4. I could’ve probably crapped a better Spider-Man story 🙂

    I’m sure everyone in the CCW Nation knows where I stand with OMIT and how much I hate it, so I won’t repeat myself again. But after I read the issue I tried to think of something better reason for Peter missing the marriage and within a MINUTE I thought of something that could’ve been better.

    My idea was that maybe Spider-Man got in the middle of a battle with say Doc Ock, Electro, etc. and wanted DESPERATELY to go to the wedding, but wasn’t able to because of the villain(s) battling him and endagering innocent lives. With great power comes great responsibility.

  5. NoEmoDaredevil says:

    Glad to see OMIT was ripped apart by you guys. I haven’t purchased anything Spider-Man related since Quesada dipped his pen in the mythos. I was a pro-marriage reader and the reasoning and execution for getting rid of the marriage turned me off ASM.

    I was wondering how the CCW guys felt about the marriage. Were you supporters? Were you glad to see it go?

    • I supported the marriage because it WORKED. It made sense and opened the door for new Spider-Man stories to tell. I know Stan Lee defended OMD saying that the reaction to OMD was similar to the reaction when Peter married MJ. While that may be true, the marriage worked. OMD didn’t and never will work.

      To tell you the truth I wasn’t born yet when Peter married MJ, BUT some of my first Spider-Man stories were when he was married to MJ and I accepted it and grew up loving it. Don’t even get me started on Spider-Man shacking up with Black Cat and that other lady…

  6. Stamps says:

    Nice pipes Elliott. If this whole comic book thing fails there is sure to be an opening on a cruise ship somewhere for a lounge singer 😛

    I knew this was going to be a shit story. It was over and done with and they just HAD to bring it back up. The only Spiderman I knew was pre-OMD. After OMD happened I really haven’t read Spiderman since and I had no desire to reopen old wounds. That’s why I didn’t buy it.

    A fucking fat man…really. Please tell me this was a damn joke.

  7. generaldark says:

    elliot i will pay for your next comic con ok? i will not allow favortism on the show!!

  8. hackslash2020 says:

    omd and omit felt forced, unnecesarry and unnatural.
    First we get OMD then 40 issues later MJ comes back into Peter Parkers life at aunt mays wedding and it took another 40 issues to write this crap. She is not mentioned in ALL the other issues at all. Why cant they do a subtle MJ story spread out over 100 issues, instead of cramping it into only a couple of issues. Poor MJ. Poor Dan Slott.

  9. wasn’t there some rumors that steve ditko left marvel beacause he didn’t want peter parker to graduate from high school,as well as the identity of the green goblin argument?

    • Yeah, the main reason he left was because of the identity of the Green Goblin argument, but it seems like there was more reasons than that.

      • yeah it was one of the reasons. but i think a lot of things built up like j.m.s. leaving for dc

        • What I love about Stan Lee is that he always talks about how Ditko made the Spider-Man we know and love today. Everywhere I go Ditko is always respected, especially by Stan Lee even though they argued a lot. It’s sad that you can’t find that level of respect today, especially in the comic industry.

          • i liked the fact that stan had ditko’s name put in the titles of the movies it sounds so much better when they include the artists

            spider-man created by stan lee and steve ditko

            • I loved that too. My dad would always clap in the theater when we saw that credit was being given to Lee and Ditko. I also feel good when they include the artist as well.

              Do they create the creators in animated movies that are based on comic book stories?

              • i don’t know,maybe?

                i watched an episode of justice league that was based on the alan moore’s story “for the man who has everything” and at the start it said “based on the alan moore story”

                oh and in the opening credits for under the red hood they have “based on the graphic novel by judd winnick”

                which he wrote it to which made it really good beacause he could reimagine the death of jason todd and make the story better.

                what was the opinion on here?

              • Oops, I meant CREDIT not create… lol, I need an editor 🙂

  10. MaximusRift says:

    Jose, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have echoed everything I have hated about Joey Q’s decision making in Marvel. I was beginning to think it was just me being intolerant. I tried to read the issue but just thumbing the thing made me sick. It’s incredible that people haven’t noticed that there has been no payoff to OMD/BND.

    And for the record, I think comic book writers should be bound, shackled and possibly whipped. ;p I’m sorry, but I’m tired of the “continuity is hard” excuse. If your idea is so awesome, then do it Out Of Continuity. There are plenty of stories told out of continuity that are awesome, so I fail to see why writers have to F’ up continuity other than boasting their idea is the official one.

  11. Well, to be fair, Spidey wasn’t just knocked unconscious by Electro’s fat stooge falling on top of him. The crook also threw a cinder block at Spidey and hit him in the head, which caused Spidey to become dizzy and disoriented. Never mind, of course, that Spidey has a sixth sense which alerts him to danger ahead of time, and has lightning-fast reflexes that, as the previous issue to this one showed, makes him capable of dodging bullets. Which means he could have easily dodged a comparatively slower moving brick. And that’s not even getting into the logistics of an ordinary guy being able to throw a bulky object weighing close to 30 lbs at least up into the air, and covering the distance with enough speed and accuracy to actually hit someone in the head as if he were throwing a mere baseball.

  12. Pobra says:

    Man, I fell your frustrations 100% guys. OMIT just tears open the wounds still left from OMD and rubs salt in them. I also had trouble getting through the issue. Did i miss my shout out btw? 😛

  13. vegedge says:

    when dan slott takes over ASM in october as the sole writer. i am sure alot more people will accept the book. his arcs were by far the best of all of BND.
    it will add a consistant tone and i cant wait.

    i hope you guys review his first issue, or any issue to be honest. it would be cool to see.

    • Insideman says:

      vegedge… Like Jose, Spider-man is my favorite superhero. Has been since I was a little kid.

      While I TOTALLY AGREE with your post, I still think Dan Slott is a MEDIOCRE Spider-man writer AT BEST. He may be the greatest writer on something else but I read his work Spider-man and feel he’s attempting to “ape” some classic riffs on the character.

      So it’s sad to see us left with Dan’s work as the writer to “shoot for” at the “top” of this very big shit pile.

      Then again, without having to be part of a rotating “Brain Trust” (an enormously asinine idea to begin with… “dueling egos” and all)– he may finally up his game and shine. We’ll have to see.

      But so far– based on his work right now… I wouldn’t put Slott anywhere near my Spider-man writer Top 10 list.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      I haven’t read a whole lot of spider-man, But I really like most of the Gauntlet stories. My favorite being the Rhino(Joe Kelly) one and the Mysterio(Dan Slott) one.

  14. Edward2962 says:

    Maybe Joe Q can initiate MARVEL Hypertime, that way every old story still exists. (smiley face)

    • Locusmortis says:

      Jose is 100% right, this is Joe Quesada spitting in the face of the pro-marraige fans. Its his juvenile need to say “I was right and you fuckers are stupid schmucks!”. Its a completely loathsome attitude and I hope fans continue to drop Amazing in droves.

  15. Deemar says:

    Spider-man was taken down by the morbidly obese.


  16. kurumais says:

    can someone please tell me what mj said to mephisto? im quite curious if no one minds the spoilers. can it be as bad a husky guy landing on peter?


  17. cballsack says:

    So weird to hear Jose do the dumb fanboy voice for a change.

    As I said before, I was never a fan of the marriage, but once it happened, you could never undo it. One More Day was garbage and OMIT is even worse.

    • kurumais says:

      the reason i liked the marriage it was the ONE good thing that happened to peter! seeing peter do the right thing and get the short of the stick all the time, in each and every story just got exhausting. i was like finally they gave this guy something for all his troubles.

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