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  1. To back up your point about putting a writer (namely Bendis) in a box, when I started getting back into LEGOS again and wanted to make videos with them I didn’t have a lot of LEGOS. All I really had was a Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Harry Potter, and a bunch of no-name minifigures. That’s all I had at the beginning. Because of the restrictions I had it FORCED me to create new characters and funny/interesting stories. As I got more and more LEGOS I noticed that I was just throwing well-known characters into my videos and wasn’t really as creative as I was when I had very little to work with.

    Good Last Rants guys!

  2. MicahSkin says:

    It’s just Joey Q having a mid-life crisis. He can’t go around banging everything with a pulse, so he makes his characters do so.

    • MaximusRift says:

      Actually, I would think Peter’s love life is as boring as it was before. I mean, have you seen him get it on with any female in any other book?

      • Well, in Amazing Spider-Man, Peter, after attending his aunt May’s wedding with J. Jonah Jameson’s father, ended up having a drunken one-night stand with his roommate, Michele Gonzales, who he initially thought was Mary Jane. (It was later revealed he actually got drunk off of half a glass of champagne and 11 more glasses of ginger ale that Michele secretly replaced with as a joke. Apparently, he can’t tell the difference.) He also been having a “friends with benefits” arrangement with the Black Cat, who since she no longer knows who Spider-Man really is, says he has to keep the mask on the whole time they have sex.

        • That is so out of character for Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Whoever thought that was a good idea clearly doesn’t know Spider-Man and doesn’t care. Same goes for the “editor” who let that slide by. I know I’m being harsh here, but if Marvel doesn’t know how to handle their flagship character than something needs to change. Understand that I’m a bleed red-and-blue fan of Spider-Man 🙂

          • Which part? Peter having a drunken hook-up, or him having “masks only” causal sex with the Black Cat on a regular basis? Which, as a fellow die-hard Spider-Man fan, I agree that both ended up being pretty awful.

            • Both parts pissed me off equally. Peter is smarter than to have pre-marital sex and smarter to be more careful not to have a druken hook-up. That’s just the tip of the iceburg of reasons why I stopped reading ASM. Help me, Dan Slott! You’re my only hope!

              • MaximusRift says:

                So basicly; Black Cat is a whore and Peter can’t tell the difference between Champagne and Ginger Ale. Wonderful. ;p

              • SmokeyClocks says:

                why is it dumb to have premarital sex?

                • Well, all the sex I will ever have in this lifetime will be premarital sex. I don’t have so much a problem with premarital sex as I do with Peter Parker just sleeping around because he’s…Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man.


                  • Deemar says:

                    I’m blocking OMIT outta my mind and focusing on what Slott is gonna do to fix this shit.

                  • SmokeyClocks says:

                    that’s what i figured most of you meant but i wanted to give comicbookguy a little shit for his wording of it. As a former man whore i took offense. I agree though with your overall sentiment.

                • Mike F says:

                  I’ll never get why some people act like sex is some kind of sin. Its the closest way for two lovers to be with each other and has been proven scientifically to be healthy for you (in terms of hormones being released and your heart working up to the point of preventing heart disease.) Plus your body needs it. Its not Satan making you desire it, your body needs it cause its normal. Its sad, to think some people out there fear it, when really its the one thing they should never fear. If your smart, you’ll seek protection before it.

                  I shouldn’t get to serious about this here tho, its not related to the video I guess.

                  • I know I’ve gone on record saying that pre-marital sex is wrong and that’s my belief. I believe that you should have sex when you’re married. That’s all.

                    • Venom829 says:

                      I share the same belief CBD.

                    • Not to throw a wrench into things, but where in the Bible does it say that a man cannot have sex with someone other than their wife. And if indeed it does, why did Solomon, wisest of the wise and blessed by God with that wisdom, have several concubines with which he would have sex on the roof of his palace for all to see?

                      And who married Adam and Eve? I mean, you assume God did, but why doesn’t the Bible say so? And Why did the Kings of Israel have so many wives to begin with? Does God condone polygamy?

                      For those who say that it’s ‘Old Testament’ law, then you are also saying that God changes His mind on things.

                      Can someone explain this to me?


                    • Mike F says:

                      I just think its more fitting with Marvel’s line of characters. They are the underdogs of heroes. Not like DC (perfect and flawless) they have some bad blood and feel more human and relateable. And I just think, in my belief, if you love someone, and want to express it, then God would understand.

                    • Those are some good questions E. I can answer you King Solomon question: It’s because he was HUMAN. No human, except Jesus, is perfect. As humans we all screw up, God doesn’t expect us to be perfect because He knows we can’t be. As for your other questions E, I’ll have to look into that.

                      I’m sorry if it seems like I’m turning this descussion about comics into debates about the Bible.

                    • Deemar says:

                      Solomon has a strong pimp hand.

                    • Seeing how I am never getting married I guess I am going straight to Hell. Good times.


                    • Jose, I never said you were going to Hell for not being married! I really didn’t want this discussion to go this way…

                    • Mike F says:

                      If god doesn’t expect us to be perfect then wouldn’t he understand why someone might have sex before marriage?

                    • Of course God would understand. Who knows love better than He does? That’s not an excuse to do it though. But if you commit your life to Him and repent for your sins, you’re fine.

                      If you don’t. That’s ok and I totally respect that choice. I may not like it, but I respect it.

                    • SmokeyClocks says:

                      if hell is real jose, i’ll cya there

                    • I don’t think we will be alone my friend.


                    • Pobra says:

                      I know i’m chiming in a bit late here, but as a wise man once said, “if heaven’s for clean people, it’s vacant.”

                  • Deemar says:

                    Preach on brotha!

                    Nothing wrong wit a little bump & grind.

              • tomstewdevine says:

                I am not married, yet I have been with the same women for six years and have a three year old daughter and another due around Halloween. We own a house together, our cars together, our bank accounts together. We have committed our selves to each other, but we don’t feel the need to complete any sacrament, and get married. Why would we? If we did do you think something magical would change, obviously not. All I’m saying CBD is there are a lot of ways the live your life and you can’t condone someone because they live differently, such as have one night stands or have pre-marital sex. Sex is a great thing that two people can share, and just as long as both people have consented to it, there is nothing wrong.

                But don’t worry CBD you are still a very cool dude in my opinion, and there is nothing wrong with any of your views. Just don’t look down on spidey because his may be different.

                • If it ever feels like I’m condoning you guys please understand that I’m trying not to. I may not agree with some of you guys’ life-styles, but I totally respect them. I will NEVER hold any of you guys in low regard just because you have different beliefs or live differently than me. If you’re happy with your life than by all means continue to enjoy it.

                  Keep in mind that I respect each and every one of you guys and will never condemn any of you just because you did something that I think is wrong.

                  • I appreciate the way everyone has been respectful to each other in this matter. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for your beliefs as CBD is doing and it just goes to show how everyone here on the CCW blog is way more mature than on some other blogs/boards.

                    As for my questions earlier, CBD, don’t worry, I already know the answers (I grew up in a very religious family) and just wanted to point out some of the nitpicks I have. Yes, Solomon was a human being, fallible as any of us, and yet God never saw it necessary to strip him of his wisdom, even though he ‘sinned’ in some of the most offensive ways possible. His own father, King David, coveted a woman, had her husband killed, then took her as his bride, and God still loved him more than any other human being in the Old Testament. So you see, all this goes to show me is that PEOPLE tend to judge others for their ‘sin’ more harshly than God does.

                    Keep on keeping on my brother,


      • SmokeyClocks says:

        the problem with peters love life also comes from the fact that there are 5 different writers and each one of them has been developing a different love interest for him simultaneously so you really cant take any of them seriously.

        • Deemar says:


          The Spidey brain trust of writers was good for fresh stories, but bad for a focused title.

        • Then maybe an actual editor should keep the writing styles similar. Because of my personal beliefs I believe pre-marital sex is wrong. When I see my favorite comic book character running around with his pants down it annoys me.

          • Luiz de Mello says:

            Not to nitpick too much, but if an editor would just bar his pre-marriage sex because of his personal belief it would be the same type of bull behavior JQ has. But I agree, sex or no sex, an editor who does his job would keep the behavior, whatever behavior, consistent.

  3. good rant guys. again about the books people buy and then complain about them OH YES. hahahaha i love these videos. i think i’ll start cutting down books.

    and i said this last week but before i started watching this show i was a real marvel zombie. but now some of my favourite books are indies thanks again guys

  4. hackslash2020 says:

    I’m in the same boat Pobra. buy that peace of Spidey crap every week too.
    But man, is OMIT a good reason to quit. And I am. Sorry Dan!

    I’m really downsizing on the Marvel books. Thanks CCW. FU Marvel. I went from 20 titles to 8 and very soon 5. So now I can turn my attention to comics that make me actually feel richer after buying.

  5. iqy92 says:

    Wow, a fat guy caused peter parker’s marriage to end. I knew the explanation was going to be stupid but not that stupid. I’m so sure that joe Q. intentionally used a stupid explanation just to dickslap every fan of spiderman.

    Anyhoo, i was wondering what are your thoughts of dan slott taking over the spiderman book? I’m kinda dissapointed he was chosen, Joe kelly was by far the best writer on the brain trust but i guess he might be a busy with his indie work. His best work are indie books anyway like 4 eyes, bad dog and i kill giants (awesome book, has a fantasy anime look that reminds me of the wizard of ozz comic books)

    I was wondering if jose, elliot or anyone from the ccw community knew of a graphic novel called wilson by daniel clowes. i saw it waterstones, and it is amazing. it is such a unique, funny, thoughtful, book that its hard to describe it. I really want to buy it but im outta cash but its not that expensive, £13 i think it was. its basically the events of the life of one character seperated on a single page.

    • Wilson is on my “Must Need to Read” list.


      • iqy92 says:

        Thanks for replying Jose, its cool to see that people giving attention to these type of book. BTW i couldn’t help myself, i had to buy it before i left work. I am going to buy many other books by daniel clowes if they are as awesome as wilson.

        I am a huge fan of yours and elliots video but they highlight the vast problems i have with superhero comics that i’ve decide im going to take a break from superhero comics and buy indie books and graphic novels. I’m even getting sick of all these batman books,(loved it when it was only morrison wrtiing the batman stories, not all these other writers like tomasi, dini, etc. i dont count tony daniels as a writer, that would be an insult to the others). im still going to want to know whats been going on but i think im and my wallet are too tired superheroes mainy because of the prices, editoral decsions, continunity errors, saturation of mini series and batman, wolverine, spiderman, Green lantern comics and these stupid events (Shadowland has made me drop DD which hasnt happended in that past 5 or 6 years).

        I know this sounds a bit rambly but i don’t want to be ‘enabler’ of what is happening in this industry. I may be wrong about how I think the superhero comics are, obviosuly there are great comics such as Batman and Robin, invincible iron man, invicible, etc. but there are only handful compared to huge amounts of unthoughtful, lazy rubbish there is.

        • Insideman says:

          iqy192… Read WILSON as fast as you can! It’s perfection. Also “Pussey!” And “Ghost World” the book! (The film which basically introduced Scarlett Johansson and has Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi in it too).

          Peter Bagge has done all kinds of killer stuff too.

          • tomstewdevine says:

            That film’s story is a little different from the book, but the tone of the film is right exactly like the book. I really enjoyed the both, and Buscemi is great in it.

            • Insideman says:

              I agree Tom… They are a little different. (They would have to be as the mediums can be very dissimilar depending on the works involved) But Clowes also co-wrote the screenplay– hence the same tone.

          • iqy92 says:

            Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll definatley look into them.

    • SmokeyClocks says:

      i think we are all missing the actual point that joey q is trying to get across, and that is the rampant problem of obesity in America. omit is obviously a very well crafted social commentary.

  6. Pobra says:

    hahaha, called OUT!!!
    come on guys, i gave up all Bendis books (aside from Scarlet) and I’m DONE with Millar, allow me my one guilty pleasure! 😛

  7. You guys and your comic book addictions! 😉

    When it comes to comics on Wednesday I really have no addiction. I seem to be able to drop a book if it’s crap. But when it comes to buying comics at Half-Price Books my collector habits tend to get the best of me and I end up buying stuff I know I’m not going to enjoy a lot just based on the fact that I want to read it regardless of what I know if I’m not going to like it.

    It also depends on what team/character I want to read about. I’m a very moody person when it comes to what kind of book I want to read. Which I suppose is a good and bad thing because my reading experiance never really gets seriously dull. Unfortunately because of the change of things I want to read my money goes away quickly.

    I live in Minnesota and we have 7 Half-Price Books stores here, so that also doesn’t help me keep a hold on my money. Currently I’m in an X-Men and Avengers mood. Thank God for Busiek’s Avengers!

  8. Insideman says:

    Great Rant Guys! Loved that righteous indignation Jose! 😉

    Elliott brought up a SUPER IMPORTANT point in this video… That even though Quesada has made a HUGE DEAL out of “unmarrying” Peter and MJ… NOT ONE SINGLE IMPORTANT STORY POINT HAS HINGED ON THIS MATTER! NOT ONE!

    So if the writers felt “hamstrung” by the marriage– what SIGNIFICANCE has UNDOING the marriage brought to the STORIES??? NOTHING… Other than, as Jose said– Peter gets to screw a different girl in every issue.

    So you won’t stand for certain things being shown in your comics, Joey Q– But it is OKAY for Peter to have a PROMISCUOUS SEX LIFE?

    I live in Los Angeles, asshole… and I still have friends becoming violently sick when infected with AIDS and STILL DYING from complications due to AIDS…

    And Dude, I’m NOT gay! So while I have LOTS of FRIENDS (and acquaintances) that ARE gay– THEY are NOT ALL GAY… But they have STILL become INFECTED WITH AIDS after having UNPROTECTED SEX.

    You can STOP smoking, asshole… And some CANCERS are EVEN CURABLE NOW… But NO ONE… And I mean NOT ONE of my friends is getting CURED of their AIDS infections… I don’t care how MANY YEARS the drug cocktails (that can leave them too sick to work or too lethargic to walk) add to their lives… They are STILL MOST LIKELY GOING TO DIE SOONER THAN ME.

    So if you’re going to have Peter Parker sticking his DICK in every piece of strange mange thrown in his path– ESPECIALLY when he is SHIT-FACED DRUNK… Make a point of mentioning a CONDOM– or CONDOM USE– Fucker! I can tell you that, SADLY, I have had a LOT of unprotected DRUNK SEX… and it is only by the grace of the sexual roulette wheel that I haven’t contracted ANY STD– let alone a PERMANENT Sexually Transmitted Disease or worse– gotten AIDS.

    So pardon me getting on MY soapbox guys… But fuck the smoking AND the drinking… You can STOP those behaviors but I don’t know ANYBODY that is going to STOP HAVING SEX (and whether they’re getting as much as they want is beside the point).

    Peter’s peter is getting ALL IT CAN STAND!

    And besides this LOOSE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR being COMPLETELY UNLIKE ANY ITERATION OF THIS CHARACTER… You are sending the WORST, MOST DEADLY MESSAGE you can to “impressionable” teen-age BOYS (primarily)… Because Peter (or the woman) ought to be mentioning the NEED for a glove EVERY TIME they FUCK.


    So thanks Joey Q– Jose & Elliott just made me realize I have a WHOLE NEW REASON to NOT respect– and to DISRESPECT– you!

    Shit, now I have to go write a LONGER RANT on my Blog (that’s for you DEEMAR)… And then I am going to FUCKING TWEET Quesada with the link for my post my damn self!

    And anybody who thinks I won’t, doesn’t fucking know me. 😉

    • It sucks when your form of escapism reminds you of a part of your life you’d not like to re-visit. I’m a Christian and pre-marital sex is wrong and I believe that. You can’t imagine how I felt when my favorite comic book character was running around getting drunk and sleeping with women he wasn’t even married to. Instead of him using a condom, how about just not having that promiscuous bullcrap in the story. That’s a thing that always bugged me about Invincible for a while is when Mark would sleep with his girlfriends. But ever since that issue where Atom Eve gets pregnant I grew a lot of respect for Kirkman for not avoiding some of the consequences of pre-marital/unprotected sex.

      I’ll have to do a post about this on my blog, too 🙂

      • Insideman says:

        I can dig that cbd… I don’t share your viewpoint so couldn’t comment on the subject from that angle… But given your viewpoint, I can definitely see how you would find it offensive.

        Get to writing! 🙂

      • i never knew you were such a devoted christian that article is definately going to be interesting i’ll check that out later today

  9. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    I buy (not so) Amazing Spider Man to see what happens. If at the end of (V)OMIT then I will quit at #650 and never look back again. I will be gone from (not so) Amazing as a reader until Joe Q. quits as EIC, fired as EIC, Peter gets a new long term girlfriend or the married to Peter/MJ is restored.


  10. vegedge says:

    anyone reading necronomicon from alan moore ?

    its kinda scary and amazing. alot of weird metatext stuff and off paneling that makes it seems so freaking eerie.

    good stuff.

  11. Edward2962 says:

    “That cow has left and is off eating cheeseburgers” Ha!

  12. Deemar says:

    Elliot having Bendis write ASM would solve the sales problem, but it would also cause me to have a stroke.

  13. Johnny Cockburn says:

    wow. that last rants make me i never got into spidey growing up because it seems like i’ve dodged a huge stinker of a bullet.

    the x-men franchise is my personal shame. no longer however, but oh boy, back in the day, forget it. at least i accumulated most of my collections through 1 dollar back issue sales.

    • Deemar says:

      Did you ever.

      • Johnny Cockburn says:

        i wish i can say that i’m doing much better these days but nope. i’m currently buying more comics a month then i EVER have in my entire life. and although im down to only like 4 marvel comics a month (x-factor, new mutants, secret avengers, thanos imperative (nova and guardiands o.t.g. are on hiatus, x-force just wrapped up and atlas is done in 2 issues so those don’t count)), i have over 20 DC books on my pull list. and i’m ashamed to say that a lot of them are Brightest Day tie ins. however, they’ve actually been pretty good…cept for Brightest Day itself.. but I can’t help it. i’m a sucker for pretty much anything Flash or GL these days. Emerald Warriors? gonna get it. Flash: Speed Force? gonna get it.

        Hell, if The Atom got his own series, I’d probably sign right up.

        BUT, at least my taste in things are evolving. If you talked to the Oz (me) from 5 years past and told him that future Oz was buying a Green Arrow book, a Birds of Prey book, a legion of super heroes book, a batman book AND a Flash book, Oz of the past would spit in future Oz’ face.

        and then probably tell him to avoid that one bitch with the two lip rings….

  14. NoEmoDaredevil says:

    The only thing that would entice me to give ASM a try again would be to throw Fraction on the book. Sensational Spider-Man Annual is still one of my all-time favorite reads. It was incredibly emotional and made Peter Parker look like a badass without going out of character. I doubt this will happen since Fraction will be on X-Men, Iron Man, AND Thor. Is he planning on leaving any of those books soon? He could probably benefit from getting of Uncanny.

    Marvel has me invested with Daredevil and Secret Avengers. That’s it. To this day I’m still amazed (no pun intended) that I dropped ASM. I haven’t bought an issue since 600, and that was just for the sake of having issue 600. With the news that Marvel is teasing a “new man without fear” I’m urged to cut down to ZERO Marvel titles. They need to watch their shit…I’m really getting sick of their lack of character…both in the books and in the office.

  15. Luiz de Mello says:

    I have to agree when J. says limitations promotes creativity. At least for real good creators imo. That is, creators who can work not only with their own things and fresh new settings, but continue someone’s else work and have that sensibility to sync his view with that of previous creators and the public while also inserting his own approach to it. Don’t get me wrong, a creator who cannot find creativity in limitations can be very good, he will just not be excellent in my book. He, or she, may be excellent in doing somethings, but overall the ranking goes down.

    But then there is that what E. pointed, if you go on in the continuity stuff, you need to let go stuff for some of your characters (but in the other hand you get other options you wouldn’t otherwise – Namora’s resisting mental manipulation is a fine simple example where it adds more due to continuity). It is impossible to have it both ways with the same version of the character. That is when we go back to editorial not doing their jobs, they need to decide what they want: a continuity or a Warner Bros. cartoon? They’re trying to have both and it simply doesn’t work for too long. Then we go back to writers too, because if they are feeling limitations are hindering them, there are essentially two possibilities: a) there are too much limitations, then it is a problem with the ‘design of the limitations’ (to make it short) and they need to be fixed (but this shouldn’t happen so frequently like this) or b) the problem is the writer who can’t understand that story he had in his mind isn’t supposed to be told with the characters he is working with, then get another story or work with other characters, make new ones, something gotta change.

  16. A.M.D says:

    I could not agree with you guys more re: Amazing Spider Man & Marvel Continuity. In fact it has gotten so out of hand that some irrate Spider Man fan threatened to hit Joe Quesada with a brick at San Diego Comicon (I’m not making this one up guys), and that there are 150 pages on some comic website that I will not mention (cough CBR cough cough) on threads regarding OMD and the dissolution of the marriage between Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson. I have pretty much echoed the same statements that you both have said at the end of your rant (If you {the fan boys} don’t like the direction that Spider Man has taken with OMD, don’t buy or read Amazing Spider Man, nobody is forcing to buy Spider Man.) I like what you followed it with, which was for fanboys to take money what they would spend on Amazing Spider Man & buy Hotwire, or Invincible (or Guardians of the Globe or whatever Robert Kirkman is doing), if fans feel compelled to buy Marvel comics, buy Agents of Atlas, (dare I say if Agents of Atlas had the rabid fanbase that Spider Man has, I doubt it would have gotten cancelled) buy Thunderbolts, (another well written book by Jeff Parker). If Spider Man fans want to see a somewhat new take on the theme of “Power & Responsibility” they should pick up Avengers Academy (again a well written book {this one by Christos Gage} despite what Jose M. says about Mike McKone’s artwork), if Spider Man fans feel they need to see a married (well relatively speaking anyway)couple in action buy Hawkeye & Mockingbird. I mean people Amazing Spider Man is NOT the only comic book on the stands, if you do not like Spider Man, instead of complaining, let Marvel know how you feel about Spider Man by voting with your dollars, I do not envy Dan Slotts position on Spider Man post OMIT at all, and he is forced to defend editorial decisions on said unnamed comic website (cough CBR cough cough) I apologize if my post is a little on the wordy side. Kudos to CCW for “telling it like it is” (which Marvel’s continuity is so 1974).

  17. Deemar says:

    Something pretty damn cool!

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