Posted: August 12, 2010 in CCW Review, CCW TV, Opinion, Reviews
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  1. Pobra says:

    agreed on all points guys. Not the mighty Layman’s best work. I do feel like the art hurt the book as well, i would have much preferred to see someone like Paco Medina on it, who could have captured the tone of the writing a little better.

  2. IronMuskrat says:

    Great review as usual!

    You guys pretty much summed up my feelings on this book..

    I love Chew and what John Layman and Rob Guillory have been doing on that book and I want to support John in his writing endeavors, but..

    A $4 comic that is is one-shot story connected to an ‘event’ that I have no interest in is a non-starter for me.

    I will make it up to Mr. Layman however by buying the Chew Omnivore hardcover at some point.


  3. Deemar says:

    Yet again I dodged a bullet! Even though John wrote the Bullseye One-shot, I just couldn’t force myself to spend money on it.

    Either way great review and as always E&J saving me from another wasted dollar.

  4. kurumais says:

    yeah this is a huge event plain and simple shadow land sounds like a fun idea but way too many books to follow.
    a thing that bugged me is this thing just started and marvel started running those who will be the next man without fear promos. WTF?? can the audience just enjoy this before you start pushing your next gimmick?
    and i liked the promos the black panther and the falcon ones looked great but its too much there is nothing but events left in comics.

    nice review fellas you covered a lot of ground good job

  5. cballsack says:

    Aww, you both got haircuts. Cute.

  6. Urban Commando says:

    Are you guys reading (or planing on reviewing) Hawkeye & Mockingbird? I have been really enjoying it, of course I am biased as Clint Barton is my all-time favorite Marvel Character.

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