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  1. kurumais says:

    i read through the punisher book at the comic shop it was fun the punisher as the omega man but i really couldnt see the difference between that and marvel zombies other then they didnt look like zombies

    • Pobra says:

      While the concept may not have been terribly original, the execution of it was admirable and quite entertaining imo. And it does have a unique twist that sets it apart from other zombie-ish books. And also, like the guys said, it gets to the core of the Punisher as a character, which makes it that much more engaging. But i’m most excited for the eventual confrontation with “zero”. 😛

  2. kurumais says:

    what does everyone think of shuri? i dont mind her and her issues before doomwar were good but she just pales in comparison to T’challa as a character. just think of E’s description of T’challa… you can’t even come close to that describing shuri. basically all she has going for her she is a female black panther . i was hoping doomwar would bring back the real panther.

  3. kurumais says:

    speaking of doomwars can some explain exactly when doom was kidnapping and experimenting on asgardians. i cant seem to fit that story in with doomwar and the siege


  4. Stamps says:

    I’m one of the trade-waiters. My shop didn’t have the last issue so I’m going to (for once) get the trade.

    Does anyone know when it’s going to be released?

    God I wish that all the other Marvel books could be just like Doomwar. I would read Marvel books so much more.

  5. Wow…it really is refreshing to see reviews by people who really GET what comic creators are doing. Glad you enjoyed the wrap of DOOMWAR…and the launch of MARVEL UNIVERSE VS THE PUNISHER.

    • i loved the book mr maberry (do i say mr maberry or johnathan mmmmmmhhhhh) anyway i loved the book and can’t wait for issue 2. i think’ll go praise it on my blog bye

    • Maestro777 says:

      Wow…It’s kind of off-putting to imply that people who didn’t like Doomwar or it’s conclusion really didn’t “GET” what you as a creator did with this story. You’re not always going to get glowing reviews.

      Not all of the criticism you’ve received as regards Doomwar has been constructive but it’s worth bearing in mind the fact that a lot of the negative reactions to Doomwar stem from the somewhat one-sided battle between T’Challa and Doom that was definitely leaning more in Doom’s favour up until the last issue.

      Besides, it’s not like you were expecting universal adulation for this finale as you yourself stated quite clearly that some people would not be happy with the way you concluded the book.

      The Punisher vs Marvel Universe is definitely an engaging piece of work that I’ll be following avidly but Doomwar was a major letdown for me.

    • Deemar says:

      Thankyou for writing BP


  6. Jeremy says:

    There’s a continuity problem in Punisher vs MU. The Punisher said he blew up The Thing, but then we can see The Thing’s head on a pike at the end of the issue.

  7. I bought Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher and I enjoyed it. I’ve never really been into the Punisher’s character, but Maberry’s twist at the end has me interested in wanting to know what’s going to happen at the end and how Frank is going to redeem himself (if he can).

    Thank God that there was no eight pages of just Punisher shooting people with little to no dialogue 🙂

  8. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Great video guys!

    I just finished both of these books earlier today and they were both very enjoyable(especially the end of Doomwar, probably my favorite Marvel book of the year).

    Reading Doomwar made me wonder though, because as far as I know Mr. Mayberry only worked on Black Panther before, but yet every character’s voice in Doomwar felt right. Mayberry showed a great control and comfort with the different characters used in the story. Just great stuff

    Oh and has anyone seen that there will be a new Jonathan Mayberry written Black Panther mini later this year? After Doomwar I am so excited for that book

  9. manaconda! says:

    i really really really really didnt expect to like the punisher book, but i really really really really did, the art was outstanding also!

    i hope it does well.

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